Cammi, Don and Candi Ch. 03-05


CDC003: Getting ready

We stepped out of the shower, and Cammi dried you off so so thoroughly and nicely. You knew you were still Don, but also knew that Cammi was drying Candi – it was soo weird and actually very exciting to you. Yes, let yourself immerse into being Cammi’s girl.

Done drying you, and since it was now Saturday, and would have all day to play, Cammi led Candi to the other bed in the room to sit on as I cooed to you about what my pretty Candi would wear for today. Again panties were brought out – this time lace ones – I have you put your feet in them, then oh so slowly pull them up and on you – up your calves, then the start of your thighs, I am watching you grow from the sensation – finally as they are at the crease between your thigh and where it gets good, you instinctively lift your ass from the bed so I can pull them over you. I make sure you are tucked in nicely, and then smile at you.

“Now my sweet, it is time for your bra – and when you feel your panties and bra rubbing you, I will dress you as my little man, so we can go out for a bit.” – Ohhhh you are going to have panties and bra on as Cammi takes you out into the world outside – here was one thing, but if anyone ever saw you like this out and about. I put a bra on you, but it is soo big on you it doesn’t look quite right. We could stuff it, but then again, perhaps it would be better, and more enjoyable for you to have a good fit one that will rub against your nipples. I unhook it and take it off you. You look at me quizzically as I go over to my desk and take out a tape measure.

“Candi, before we do anything else, I need to know your measurements, so we can get you some perfect undies and clothes.” I come over and sit on the bed and have you stand in front of me. I put the tape measure around your chest, bringing it over your nipples and then in a little notebook jot down that number. Then moving it just a few inches lower, I measure you there. Then down to your waist, and then your hips – which when measuring that my hand brushes against your cock as I include it in your hip measurement. Next around both thighs, and then finally have you turn around and measure from the base of your neck down to your waist. All the time I am caressing and rubbing you as I go, and you are getting hard in your new lace panties.

Finished measuring you, I put your bra back on you and press it so it is rubbing against you. Then kiss you sweetly and put your polo shirt and khakis which you had worn yesterday back on you. Luckily the shirt is large on you so it does not show any signs that you are wearing a bra. I have been naked this whole time, which has not helped you trying to control yourself, which you haven’t really done that good of a job at.

“Candi, can you help me into my panties and bra? You can pick out which ones you would like me to wear – they are all in the top dresser drawer.”

Okay, is Cammi trying to make you cum in your panties before you even leave? Do you want to help me?? Duh… you hurry to the dresser and choose some pink lace panties and a pink bra for me. You come over and kneel on the floor to pull the panties up my legs and on me. Oh, my legs are spread just enough that you can see all of me – oohhh my lower lips are inviting you to come hither, but you just take a couple of deep breaths to steady yourself and finish pulling the panties up on me, hiding my special place from you – for now. Then the bra – I hold out my arms so you can run it up and on me – again hiding such wonderful taksim escort things from your view. You lean around me to hook it on and our chests are rubbing each other as you do.

You are near erupting, this is all too much, too fast, this time yesterday you were just doing a quick jerk off thinking about Cammi (don’t ever let her know that), and now you are in a bra and panties, helping me into my undies. “Cammi, I think I am going to have an accident soon, and do not want a stain on my lovely undies of pants,” you whisper to me, so embarrassed that you have to tell me this.

“Oh baby, I guess we are going to have to add condoms to our shopping list, so you can wear one to catch your accidents. But stand up sweetie and let me take care of that.” You stand, and I undo your khakis and lower them to your knees, and then with the panties the same. And then, OHH MYY my lips are on your glans, taking it into my mouth and sucking as my fingers grip your shaft and jerk it. Am I doing this for you? You cannot believe what is happening and moan loudly. It does not take long as you had been startled by what I did, and feeling your cock in my warm mouth, sucking you and rubbing my tongue along the bottom of your glans, then taking more in, the bottom of your shaft. Nope, not long at all for you to spill everything out. And as you do, I gulp and swallow and take it all in. Except for the last bit, which I leave on my tongue and lips, for you to taste for yourself as I pull you down to me and kiss you deeply, you taste yourself on my lips, and then my tongue. Damn, don’t get hard again already.

I lean back and smile at you – ohhhh this is okay with Cammi, being Candi will have its merits even more than you could imagine. I pull your pants back up, and the lingering stickiness of your cock just rubs itself dry on your lace panties. You sit back down on the bed, slowing your breathing, and watch as I go and get a short dress from my closet and put it on, then slip into some shoes. Yours are right below you and you slip them on too – but suddenly your sneakers just don’t seem right – but guess they will have to do for today.

I smile at you and tell you, “let’s get out of here, I’m starving and want some breakfast.” You just smile back – you have been smiling since I took you into my mouth – “But Cammi, didn’t you just have some breakfast?” you ask flippantly. The return stare you get makes you realize that you might be in trouble later for that comment, but then I just smile at you and open the door. You are about to go out into the world with panties and a bra on.

CDC004: Breakfast

So, my hand on your ass, oh and the panties on you, I lead you out of our sweet safe dorm room. Yes, you are dressed as Don right now, but the panties and bra underneath are Candi. You want soo much to be Don for Cammi, but realize, for now, you need to be Cammi for me to like you – and how you melt into her so easily.

Cammi, taking your hand, leads you out of the building, down the street and into the diner. I pull you over to a booth in the back where there is not anyone really around. I sit down across from you and ask you what you would like to eat. Not even getting a chance to look at the menu, you tell me just some eggs and toast. I just smile at you and say, “Oh baby, do you need me to order for you?” All you can do is just nod in return.

(What is happening to you – no you were never really an aggressive man, but how are you giving in so easily???)

I order some scrambled eggs, kadıköy escort toast, and a side of bacon for you – while I have the full breakfast plate for myself. While we wait for the food to arrive, I reach my hand across the table and take yours. Whispering so low that only we can hear – and there is nobody nearby – “Candi baby, can you, will you, be mine?” Feeling my hand so warm and clutching – Oh my –– Cammi does sooo want you –- all you can do is just nod to me – the whole idea of what is ahead for you is just too much for you to even vocalize.

I just smile knowingly at you –- yes somehow, I know exactly what and when you need things. Like right now – out in public, but not – you have to acknowledge what you really desire – what you have just learned about yourself – or did you know and suppressed it?

All you can do, with all your emotions erupting, is just in a very hoarse voice say “Cammi I am yours – however, you want – or need – me”.

What are you just committing to? Are you that so enthralled with Cammi that you agree with anything to be with me?

Our food comes, and you pick up a piece of bacon and bite off a piece and start chewing it. “Can…Don, not such big bites, you don’t want to choke.” I pull your plate to me and cut the bacon into little pieces, your toast into triangles and break up your eggs into small bites also. I slide your place back in front of you, saying, “Now baby, eat your food nicely, or do I need to feed you?”

While the idea of being fed by me excites you, no not in public.

You shake your head no and pick up a triangle and dip it in your eggs, and then just nibble on it to show me that you will eat properly. “That’s my good babe” as I begin to eat my food. Though a couple times I fill my folk with some hash browns and hold it to your mouth telling you to try them, they are so good. Feeling me place the folk full of food into your mouth is all you had thought it could be, and you have to move your hand to your crotch to press against your cock and will yourself not to harden.

I just chatter away about going shopping after this to get you the right things, in between the bites of food fed you, and you finishing your own. When we finish, I take my napkin and wipe your lips, “Oh sweeties you had a little egg there.” You blush a little from how I am treating you, and when the check comes I pay it.

Which you realize is probably a good thing as you do not have your wallet with you – you hadn’t taken it when you hurried to my room last night.

“Cammi, I’ll pay you back when we get back to the dorm…”

“Honey bun, you aren’t paying for anything today, that is for me to take care of my little bunny.”

You find the terms I am calling you rather juvenile. You can’t help it, I say them to you in such a loving way, they just seem right, you don’t mind. I am calling you them, and always low enough others cannot really hear. I stand, take your hand and pull you up, and keep holding it as we walk out of the diner, and down the street.

CDC005: Cammi takes Candi shopping

We go to my car and get in, as you reach to put your seat belt on I take it, and clip you in, then kiss just the tip of your nose. We drive to the mall and head first to the department store, to the lingerie department.

We stand close together as we sift through the different panties, in your size – I tell you in the car what sizes you should be. We are close in size, but you are flat chested and needed halkalı escort bayan some padding when we get to that.

Among the panties, I showed ones which would fit you and I like. You shyly indicated ones you thought are nice. All together we picked out fourteen pairs – enough for two weeks. I had you take them up to the counter to ask them to hold them while we continue to shop.

Next are the bras, I show you the size I think will fit you “And remember we will get some extenders for your back so they fit correctly.” I whisper in your ear.

Oh, my breath on your ear, your neck. Control yourself, Don, you tell yourself.

Altogether there were six new bras for you, which again I made you take to the counter.

Then I lead you over to the nightgowns and pick out four different ones.

One is a sheer pale pink one that can see through and will come just below your knees. One a yellow baby-doll style. One a white cotton one, which will come to just above your ankles, with buttons all the way down the front. And finally, a short one, that barely covered your ass, in bright red.

These you also take the counter as I move over to the hosiery area. There I pick out some white, black and nude stockings, and three garter belts – pink, white and black.

How much am I buying for you? You wonder.

Carrying these now, we both walk to the counter where I pay for the things and then hand you the bags to carry, take your hand again and lead you to the dress department. There I pick through the various dresses, sometimes holding one up to you to look at, seeing if the color is good on you.

After picking out ten new dresses, all which you think will look fabulous on Cammi too, we take them to the register and I pay for them. I tell you to take the things to the car for now and meet me back in the center court.

While you do that I hurry to the shoe department and pick out shoes in your size – some spiked heels, some thicker heels, and some flats. And I bought a couple of pairs of loafers and sneakers, which while on a feminine side a bit, you can wear when Don unnoticed.

I go to meet you in the center court and hand you the bags. “A surprise for you later,” I tell you.

Now I take you to the men’s department, where I pick out new clothes for Don. You can tell some of the pants will be tight on you, the shorts are all different pale plaids or light colors. Then new polo shirts, in pinks, and light blue and green, a few t-shirts which were similar. You are starting to see, that even when you will be allowed to dress as Don, the clothes, coloring, and style, will still lean to a more feminine look.

“Oh Cammi, what new world are you leading me to?” is all you can think.

All these things we carry back to the car, get in, and I drive us to a drugstore. There I tell you to go and buy a large box of condom and lubricant – I hand you money to pay for them. Meanwhile, you see me elsewhere in the store and when you meet me at the entrance, I have a large bag too.

“Let’s get you home my sweet, I can’t wait for you to have a fashion show for me of ALL your new things. Well, maybe just one special outfit for today, and the others we will save the others for another time.”

Driving back to the dorm you find yourself a little concerned about how much money I have spent on you today, hundreds and hundreds of dollars. But then you do know that I come from a rather wealthy family and do have a huge allowance to spend.

You will just have to be sure you show me how happy and thankful you are for the gifts. And that is big a box of condoms I had you buy – what all am I planning for you? And the lubricant? From what you felt last night, I didn’t seem like I would need any really.

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