Caught in the Act

Non Nude

This story is completely fictional. All persons depicted are over 18 years of age. Names have been changed to protect identities.


Hi, my name is Ron. This is the story of how I started fucking my sister-in-law.

Let me start with descriptions. I’m 27 years old, 5 ft 6 in tall, 185 lbs, average build. My wife, Ashley is 31 years old, about 5 ft 6 in tall, 220 lbs, on the bigger side(I prefer my women that way). Her sister, Arielle is 24, about 5 ft 5 in tall, 160 lbs, slim and toned (I can still appreciate them if they’re not big).

My wife and I live in a 1 bed/1 bath apartment in western North Carolina. It’s sorta small, but it’s enough for two people. Then her sister moved in. I didn’t complain much, only because she is hot as fuck. Arielle moved up from south Florida, so she was tanned from hanging out at the different beaches down there.

Anyway, moving on. Arielle crashed on the couch, and didn’t bother me much. The one thing I didn’t like about her was that she left her dirty laundry in the bathroom whenever she would take a shower. We had laundry baskets she could put her stuff in and we’d wash it for her, but she didn’t do it. It bugged me badly for a couple weeks, until I noticed her dirty panties were also in the pile of clothes. I’m in the bathroom for one of my jerk off sessions(cause where else am I gonna get that kinda privacy). I notice her panties in the pile of clothes, and decide to grab a couple pairs and take a whiff. The smell that entered my nostrils was the most heavenly smell ever created. The strong odor of her pussy gave me an instant erection. I rubbed one out in record time, and her panties never left my nose.

This afyon escort became a regular thing for me. Go to the bathroom at night, find some dirty panties, rub one out into the toilet, throw her panties back into the pile to avoid suspicion of them being touched, then wash my hands and act like nothing happened.

This continued for about a week this way. Then I became more ballsy. I started using one pair of panties to jerk my dick, while sniffing another.

The pair touching my cock always got pre cum on them. A couple days of that, and I stepped it up again. I started shooting my cum into her panties instead of the toilet. Arielle must not have noticed, because she never said anything.

Then one day, I forgot to lock the bathroom door. That’s when my life changed. I was pressing a pair of her dirty panties against my nose inhaling the pungent aroma, while using a pair of lacy silk thongs to jerk my cock. I was close to cumming, and in walks Arielle. My cock that was previously rock hard was suddenly soft. Arielle tells me to stop, and to join her in the living room.

I throw her panties back into the pile, pull my shorts up, wash my hands, and walk out of the bathroom and in to the living room. She asks me how long I’d been doing that. I tell her several months. Then Arielle said something that I never expected. She said that if I wanted to smell her dirty pussy, I just had to ask. Arielle said she would have gladly let me smell her dirty cunt any time I wanted to.

Arielle takes her clothes off, then strips me of my clothes. She tells me to lie down in the floor. I do it. She then straddles my head, and I’m staring at her dirty pussy. agrı escort I can definitely smell her aroma from my current position. I then hear plastic rustling, then the familiar flick of a lighter. She’s lighting a black&mild. I hate the way those smell. She moves off of me, takes a deep drag of her cigar, leans down and blows the smoke right into my face.

Then she straddles my head again, and sits on my face. She tells me that it’s now my job to clean her dirty pussy and ass, and I can only use my tongue. So I get to work eagerly. I start by licking the dried pussy juice resting right outside of her soft pussy lips. I flick my tongue up and down her pussy lips, occasionally getting my tongue to delve into her smooth love box. After about five minutes of me lapping her delicious pussy juice into my mouth, she decided I was done with her sweet cunt.

Arielle moved off me again, and blew another cloud of smoke into my face. This time, the smell turned me on. She turned around and sat back down. But this time, she sat her asshole near my mouth. She told me to lick her ass crack clean. So I did. I licked it up and down, even tonguing her little brown button for a few minutes. Arielle began to moan as she smoked her cigar and blew the smoke down into my face.

Another five minutes or so, and she deemed my cleaning sufficient, and got off my face. She hadn’t touched my cock the entire time she was sitting on my face, despite it being rock hard and staring right at her. She said she’d reward me for such a good cleaning job. She moved down to my hard dick, and grabbed it with one hand. She lit another black&mild, and blew the smoke across the head of my cock. Then akdere escort she took the head in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it, causing me to arch my back in pleasure. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock, working with her tongue when my head was almost out of her mouth. She took another drag, then took the entirety of my 8″ cock into her mouth. I felt her nose hit my pubic bone, and my cock was against the back of her throat. Smoke was billowing out of her mouth, and her gagging was causing her throat to send vibrations up the shaft of my dick.

I could feel myself getting close to cumming, and Arielle could feel it too. So she took another drag, put just the head of my dick into her mouth, and worked the shaft with her free hand. Arielle was twirling her tongue around the head of my cock, hitting only the sensitive spots. Smoke was once again billowing out of her mouth as she was doing her best to make me shoot my load into her mouth. Another minute or so of doing that, and I did blow my load, right into her mouth. Arielle worked her tongue on my dick to milk every drop of cum I had.

As soon as I had no more cum to shoot, she took another drag of her black&mild, moved back up to my face, and kissed me. I opened my mouth to kiss her back, and I got a mouth full of smoke and hot cum. I swallowed the cum, inhaled the smoke, and returned her kiss with ferocity. I shoved my tongue into Arielle’s mouth in search of more of my cum. When I had swallowed all of my cum, she pulled away and took another drag of her cigar. This cloud of smoke, she blew directly into my mouth. I tasted the flavor, then swallowed. She did this until she was finished with that cigar.

By this time, my cock was rock hard and ready to go again. Arielle looked down at it, grasped it in one hand and began to stroke it back and forth. Arielle looked up at me and said that she wasn’t done with me yet.


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