Chapter 01: Hard Times


This is a story of an adventure I did not even know I was about to embark on with my girl friend of 2 years. As a fairly new couple in our mid-twenties, our sex life is great. I enjoy fucking her daily and the feeling is mutual. You can call me Mark. I am 6” tall, medium build and my cock is just about 8 inches but not quite. My girlfriend, Dana is simply amazing. First off she is 5 foot 6 inches tall. Her breasts fit well in a 36C bra and she has nice blonde hair. She’s shaped like an hour glass: Any guy in his right mind would not dare stop to check her out from her plump tits down to her small waist and down further to her busty hips and ass. She’s a perfect fuck and we are very much in love.

We are currently both working our way through college living in a studio apartment. It gets hard sometimes, especially in this day in age where the economy shows no mercy to us. Sitting at the kitchen table and budgeting for the next weeks living we find ourselves stressed out. This usually leads us to the bedroom. We release all the worries in the world during sex. Dana loves it when I pick her up and throw her to the bed. I almost always pin her down to the bed and take her as she watches us in the mirror behind me. We try a plethora of positions and ways of having sex just to have some variety in our sex life. Our next step was to use some sex toys in the bedroom but we could not afford to buy them. We were content with this because we both felt that we did not need them anyway. Making love to each other was enough for the both of us. Until one day…

Like I said, the economy was beating us down. Keeping our moral up was a task in itself. Little arguments took place and less sex as well. We needed more money to survive but we had no solutions. Dana’s friend Rachel tried to talk her into stripping on the side. Dana decided to consider the option and talk it over with me. I told her that I was really uncomfortable with her showing off her body like that to other men. I thought to myself, that I did not mind her showing off her lushes curves in public. She usually dressed in moderately revealing clothing. She immediately aksaray escort backed off the idea and I thanked her for loving us both enough to consider it and talk it over.

A few weeks later it was another one of those nights sitting at the kitchen table budgeting our next week together. College tuition and the price of living keeps us bound to the almighty dollar. We were beginning to take on too much debt. It was enough to keep us very worried and on edge all the time. It was such a dire situation that I she brought up stripping again for money. I paused for about two minutes to think it over in my mind. Then I stood up and picked up Dana. I carried her to the bedroom. We had the roughest sex that we have ever experienced. All that stress was being released with each trust inside of her. With her thick legs in the air and my juicy cock inside her, she whispered in my ear: “So what do you think? Should I dance?”. I could not think at a time like this but I answered anyway: “Yes, yes, yess”. I unloaded myself deep inside her and then we fell asleep together.

The next night Dana was not home. She must have already began dancing that night. I did not want to go to the club and watch. I could not stomach watching other men stick money in skimpy underwear. She would come home with rolls of cash. Her hot body was helping us stay out of debt and live more comfortably. It got to the point where we were finally able to buy some sex toys: a cock ring and 6 inch vibrator. We used those toys frequently each week,

I decided that I was going to visit Dana at the strip club one day. She was the main attraction in the club. I had no clue. Men of all ages were flocking in to get off on my girlfriends sweet tits and busty ass. She looked amazing in her high heals and wrapped our that stripper pole. I watched her open up her legs to men all night. The best part was that I was the one taking her home that night and fucking her. The rest of them could only beat off later on.

Life was good with Dana being a stripper until her friend Rachel tried to talk her into having sex for money. alsancak escort I could not believe when Dana came to me with this proposition. We weren’t struggling to make ends meet anymore, so I could not understand why she wanted to make more money fucking other men. I told her “Absolutely not.” I would start stripping before she became an escort. She took the refusal very well and said, “Okay baby, just a thought. I don’t want us to be struggling in the future.” I assured her that we would not and that I was grateful for her stripping ever night to make us both a good living. She responded “I actually really enjoying dancing every night and helping us both pay the bills.” I was so happy that I fucked her on top of the kitchen table. I thrusted inside her so much that the old rickety table broke. But we kept on fucking on top of it until we both came.

A month went by when all of our comfortable living came to a screeching halt. Dana had broken her leg running to class that morning. She did not see the puddle of water on the side walk, so she slipped and fell; breaking her leg and scrapping her cheek. Thankfully she was okay. The emergency room doctors said she would be able to recover fully in the coming months. Relief set in when I heard those words but not when we were both sitting around our new kitchen table looking over the medical bills from Dana’s fall. With no health insurance, we were back to square one. I had to step it up and take care of Dana and myself.

A couple weeks went by until our bills were not being paid and I was really struggling to keep us on our feet. It finally got to the point where I knew I was not going to have enough money to buy gas to drive to school and put food on the table. I had to think of something to do quickly. I asked Dana if I could start dancing and if she knew of any male strip clubs anywhere in town. She was very grateful that I would offer up myself like that for our well-being. She immediately called her friend Rachel to look into any male strip clubs. Dana was on the phone for a good hour before she hung up with Rachel. During her amasya escort phone conversation I saw her writing down a number. I was excited because this meant that I would have an extra job aside from delivering pizzas.

Dana sat me down next to her on the couch and explained to me that there was no male strip clubs. The closest one was 100 miles away and Rachel did not have any connection there to get me a position as a dancer. She gave me a kiss on the lips and said “but there one thing that I want you to consider because I think it is a good idea that Rachel brought up to me on the phone.” Dana added, “Now do not be upset because I sacrificed my dignity to start dancing in front sleazy drunk men and this is about the only way we are going to start making some money. We need you to step up and provide for us.” I responded: “Okay, what is it?!”

Dana: “I know you are capable of this because you have the body of a model”

Me: “Okay. Spit out already.”

Dana: “There a neighborhood only three blocks from here that has a thriving market for young handsome men like you.”

Me: “Whaa?”

Dana: “Now sit there and think about it. I will still love you and nothing will change between us.”

Me: “No, I wont.”

Dana: “If you don’t do this for us we will not last together. Now think about those consequences”

Me: “…Okay. I’ll do it until you are well enough to dance again. I’m doing this for us.”

Dana grabbed me and gave me a big kiss and a hug. That night she laid me in bed and sucked on long cock until I came in her mouth. It felt great to get all that stress out of me. As I was finishing my last throb of cum in her mouth I ask her “How many women do you think will approach me for sex while I stand on the corner tomorrow night?” She came up from servicing my cock and locked lips with mine. I opened up to feel her tongue but instead received a mouth full of my own cum. Dana made me eat every single last drop as she kissed me. She looked at me with a big smile and said, “You better get use to that. And tomorrow night when you get home from servicing the streets you better report 80% of your earnings to me because I just got a new job as your manager. Do you understand?”

Me: “Yes. Anything for you my love.”

Dana: “Good. Now go get that 6inch cock we bought with my hard earned stripper money because the tides have turned, Mark.”

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