Christmas Party in AC


Christmas Party in AC M/F Feet, Nylons, sexual content!

My company chose to have our annual Christmas party at a Casino in Atlantic City this year. They rented a large conference room, had a DJ, food, drinks, and provided rooms for every employee and their guest. They also provided a voucher for $200 each for gambling. My wife and I were excited to attend.

We got dressed at home and jumped in the car to make the long drive down the Parkway to Atlantic City. On the way we stopped and grabbed a bottle of wine for the room.

My wife looked stunning in a Red dress that fell just above her knees but with walking slits on both sides, with sheer barely black pantyhose with those sexy lines up the back that were sure to turn heads, and brand new black peep toe pumps that showed off her brightly painted toes under the nylons. She looked amazing. I chose dress pants and a long sleeve button up shirt and a blazer, with no necktie.

As we drove, my right hand wandered from the steering wheel to my wife’s left nylon encased knee. I massaged her knee, my hand slowly moving up her leg and pushing her dress higher up, exposing her thighs.

“Wow, wait till my coworkers get a look at those legs!” I said, smiling.

My hand traveled further up her thigh, enjoying the silky feel of her legs, and as I moved my hand between her legs I was shocked to find an opening and feel bare skin. My wife had cut open the crotch of her pantyhose, and was not wearing any panties.

She quickly brushed my hand away. “Just watch the road you!” she barked with a smile, reclining her seat and then slipping off her heels for the long ride ahead. “Oh my God these shoes” she exclaimed. “I hope I make it through the night in these.”

I smiled, knowing that she seemed to be in a naughty mood, and later that night I would get the chance to take those sexy shoes and nylons off her, and enjoy her sexiness.

We arrived, checked in, and went to our room, where we dropped our bags and my wife freshened up. I placed the wine in an ice bucket on the credenza.

We made our way to the party, arriving 5 minutes late. Once there we made our way to the bar and got our drinks — a Gin and Tonic for me and wine for my wife. As we walked through the crowd I noticed several men glance at my wife. As she walked the slits in the dress allowed a great view of her stockinged legs. She did look great!

We mingled for a while, and at one point my wife excused herself to go to the ladies’ room, and then to the bar for another drink. I asked her to get me another Gin and Tonic, and away she went.

After about 2 minutes I spotted a coworker of mine named Chris that I would sometimes go to lunch with. Chris was divorced, age 40, and was 5 feet 6 inches tall about 240 pounds. He had been through a very rough divorce, and I felt bad for him because he was really a decent guy, but just had no luck dating. He was a nice enough guy, but in all honesty, he was not a good-looking man, and between that and being on the short side he had trouble meeting ladies. Chris was a bit overdressed as well in a suit and tie. He always tried too hard, and it showed.

One thing about Chris though, he had quite the eye for pretty ladies, always pointing them out when we were out and about. I walked over and said hello, and we started to chat.

He asked where my wife was and I explained that she had just went to the ladies’ room.

As we chatted I could see Chris scouring the room and admiring all of the well-dressed ladies in their best holiday attire. After a minute or so, Chris spots a lady at the bar.

“Hey, look at that one at the bar in red! Wow, what a set of legs!” he said.

I turned to look, and noticed that it was my wife he was talking about. I laughed, shaking my head. “Hey bud, that’s my wife” I said, laughing so he would not feel embarrassed.

“Holy shit dude, I am so freakin sorry” he said.

By now my wife was approaching with our drinks. “Hey it’s no biggie, I will introduce you”.

My wife arrived and I introduced her to Chris. She extended her hand and Chris nervously took her hand and shook it, avoiding eye contact. My wife glanced at me as he did this, and the 3 of us walked to a table and sat.

My wife sat in between us to my left and Chris’ right, her chair pulled away from the table and her legs crossed left over right, as Chris and I chatted about work. I spotted him glancing down at her legs a few times, trying to be inconspicuous.

At one point, she started to rotate her right foot so that her foot popped out of her shoe, dangling from her toe, and I thought Chris was going to lose his mind. He nervously looked away, and made a comment about going to gamble.

Chris nervously stood up, and we followed suit. Chris hurriedly walked toward the casino floor, with us a few feet behind. I looked at my wife and smiled, and she smiled back. I think she knew what was making him so nervous.

As we walked toward the Casino Chris excused himself to use the bathroom. This gave me and anadolu yakası escort my wife a chance to chat.

“Did you notice how he reacted when you dangled your shoe?” I asked.

“Yeah, he is so cute! Poor guy he got so flustered, but he seems sweet!” she said.

“Yeah he is a nice guy, but he doesn’t do well with the ladies, poor guy hasn’t been laid in years!” I said, expecting my wife to agree with me.

Instead, she surprised me. “Aww, poor guy, maybe I will give him a thrill.”

I could tell by the mischievous look in her eyes that things were going to get interesting.

Chris emerged from the restroom and we made our way to a Blackjack Table. Chris and I sat next to each other, and my wife pulled a chair over and sat between us, and promptly crossed her stockinged legs.

Chris and I both put our $200 on the table and got $25 chips, and starting betting. As we played I kept catching Chris stealing glimpses of my wife’s legs, and then I would catch her smirking.

We played for about 30 minutes, and the drinks kept coming. At one point Chris was so distracted by my wife’s legs that he stayed on 9 (he had a 6 and a 3) and lost the hand.

My wife seemed to enjoy distracting Chris, and at one point starting dangling her shoe from her toe again. Chris, buzzed now from the drinks, was openly staring at my wife’s leg and foot now.

Seeing this, my wife let her shoe fall off her toe to the floor. Chris jumped off his chair to retrieve her shoe, and then gently slipped the shoe back on my wife, but not before he ran his fingers over her stockinged foot. My wife giggled and wiggled her foot playfully as he put her shoe back on.

Chris was so distracted by my wife’s little shoe game that he took a hit when he should not have and lost all of the chips he had remaining. We decided at that point to take a break and walk to a nearby bar, even though I was up quite a bit.

We made our way to one of the couches surrounding the circular shaped bar and sat. My wife sat next to me to my right, with Chris to her right. The server came over and took our drink order, and my wife wasted no time kicking off her heels, and putting her feet up on the couch, her back now leaning on my right arm, facing Chris.

The server returned with our drinks. We toasted, and Chris was now blatantly staring at my wife’s legs and feet, smiling. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and Chris pounced.

He looked at my wife and patted his lap, saying “I have been told I give the best foot massages, that is, if your husband doesn’t mind”.

“Oh, he would not mind at all” she said. “We are all friends here, right?’ And with that my wife moved her feet to Chris’ lap.

I returned a few minutes later to find my wife’s feet on Chris’ lap. I looked at her and she flashed a big mischievous smile. I smiled back and sat.

Chris gently took my wife’s feet in his hands, and began rubbing his thumbs in a circular motion on the top of her feet. As he did we continued to chat, mostly about work and the Casino.

I watched as Chris’ hands moved slowly over my wife’s lower legs and feet, from her calves down her ankles to the tops of her feet and then to her toes. He stopped to squeeze her toes for a moment, and then his hands continued to the bottoms of her feet, his fingertips slowly grazing along her soles.

When he did this my wife made a slight squealing noise and shook her feet. Chris noticed immediately and his eyes lit up. “Someone’s ticklish” he said with a big smile on his face. My wife pulled her feet away, and sat up and finished her drink. As she did, Chris stood up, his erection in plain view through his pants now.

“I’ll get us another round” he said as he sprinted towards the bar. I then turned to my wife.

“Hun, you’re going to give him a heart attack!” I said, only half joking.

“Oh stop, I’m just teasing the poor boy” she said with a wicked smile. “But I am getting tired, maybe I will go back to the room and lie down while you gamble some more, ok?”

Not sure where this was going, I looked at her with a puzzled stare. “Ok, I’ll walk you to our room” I said.

“No, you go gamble, Chris can walk me to the room. Who knows, maybe I will ask him to come in and massage my feet a little more. He seems to like that.” She said, with a big smile on her face.

The idea of Chris being alone with my wife and playing with her stockinged feet gave me an instant boner. Yet, I knew she had drank a lot, at least 6 or 7 glasses of wine, so I wanted to make sure she knew what she was doing.

“Well, OK, if that’s what you really want. You sure about this?” I asked.

“Uh-huh” she nodded, and came over to me and kissed me with a passion. “I’ll take care of you later” she whispered, as she softly ran her hand over my crotch.

We stared at each for a few moments, and then Chris returned with our drinks. My wife stepped away from me and feigned a yawn.

“Oh my, I am exhausted” she said, as she ankara anal escort sat and started to slip her heels back on. “I think I’m going to go back to the room to lie down hun, is that ok” she looked at me, smirking.

“Well, I wanted to gamble a little more honey, why don’t you head up to the room and I will be up later? What about you Chris, are you going to gamble anymore?” I said.

Taking my queue, she looked at Chris “Oh, He’ll gamble all night! Would you be a gentleman and walk me to my room” she said, smiling.

“I’m out of money so I’m done gambling, but if your husband doesn’t mind I can walk with you”.

“No go ahead, I’m feeling lucky, maybe I will hit it big!” I said, as me and my wife exchanged smiles.

“Ok then, Chris will walk with me. I just want to stop at the gift shop and get a small bottle of conditioner, I forgot to bring some” she said, giving me the queue I was looking for.

“Oh, OK sure, you guys go ahead, I ‘m going to head back to the table. I stepped in to my wife and kissed her on the lips.

“I’ll be up later, text me if you need me” I said, and then turned and shook Chris’ hand.

“Hey thanks for walking her upstairs bud, maybe we can get together tomorrow morning for breakfast?”

By now Chris was totally inebriated, his cheeks red and his eyes glassy. He managed to slur out “You too”, still staring at my wife.

They turned and starting walking towards the gift shop, and I proceeded to walk back towards the gaming floor. Once they were out of sight, I sprinted to the elevators, and hurried toward our room. Once there, I found a spot down the hallway out of sight near the vending machines. There I waited….

About 7 or 8 minutes later I could hear the elevator doors open, and I could hear my wife’s voice. Chris had walked her to the door, and was attempting to say Good-Night. As horny as my wife made him, he was still being a gentleman.

“Did you want to come in for a few minutes? My husband is going to be downstairs for hours” said my wife.

“I probably should go to my room” said Chris.

“Oh, don’t be silly, come in, at least have 1 drink with me?”

I guess my wife was convincing because then I heard them both enter the room and the door close.

“Have a seat” she said, “I just need to put the conditioner in the bathroom”.

Once in the bathroom, my wife called me from her cell.

“Where are you?’ she asked.

“I’m down the hallway by the vending machines” I replied.

“OK, stay nearby just in case.” She said, then hanging up.

With that, she exited the bathroom and proceeded towards the main room, which contained a bed, the credenza with drawers and a fridge, a desk, and small love seat.

Chris had sat at the desk in the large comfy chair there as he waited. My wife walked in and went to the end of the bed and sat, crossing her legs.

“There is wine on the credenza, why don’t you pour us 2 glasses” she said to Chris, who sat on the edge of the desk chair, staring at my wife’s legs.

“Chris? Wine?” she said again, smiling.

Snapping out of his trance, Chris rose and walked over to the cabinet and proceeded to grab the 2 clean glasses next to the ice bucket, and then opened and poured the wine. He turned and handed my wife a glass and then sat again on the chair, nervously drinking his wine like it was juice.

My wife sipped her wine, watching Chris as he intently stared at her legs. She put her glass down on the floor and proceeded to take her heels off.

“Oh my God, those shoes” she said, rubbing her own feet. “Would you mind rubbing my feet a little more?’ she asked.

“Of course, said Chris, as he nervously jumped up from the chair, spilling some of his wine as he did.

“OK let me get comfortable” said my wife as she put her glass of wine on an end table and climbed up on the bed.

Lying on her back in the middle of the bed with her feet just hanging off the end, she pulled her skirt down as far as it would go and closed her eyes.

“Ok, I’m ready” she said.

Chris sat at the end of the bed, next to my wifes feet with his back to her, and turned his body slightly to the left. He leaned over her 2 legs, resting on his left elbow, where he could massage her legs from the knee down, using his right hand to massage.

He slowly worked his hand down the front of her leg, over he calf and ankle, and up the top of her feet, and then back, as my wife cooed in pleasure. He took turns, slowly and gently sliding just his fingertips over her nylon encased legs, then up the top of her foot, then over her toes, each time stopping to squeeze them. Then he slowly moved his fingertips down the bottom of her feet, and she squealed and kicked her feet.

“Hey, that tickles” she said as she giggled.

“I’m sorry” said Chris with a grin, “I will try not to tickle”.

Chris rubbed the front of her legs and tops of her feet for the next 5 minutes.

“Oh my God that feels soooooooo good!” she said, ankara anal yapan escort wiggling her toes and moaning softly. “Let me roll over so you can do the backs of my legs too” she said.

Chris sat up, and she rolled over on to her tummy. Chris resumed his position leaning over my wife’s legs, and started to slowly run his fingertips down the back of her legs, following the line in the stockings from the back of her knees to her heels, then back up.

He did this several times as my wife cooed and squealed in pleasure. Then, he did it again only this time he did not stop at her heels, instead he continued over her heels and on to the bottoms of her feet. As he did, my wife squealed and giggled, and a big smile appeared on his face.

He slowly worked his fingertips up and down the bottoms of her feet from heel to toe, and laughed quietly as my wife giggled and squealed.

“Chris, oh my God, that tickles so much!” she said, lifting her head off the pillow and looking down at his wide back. “I know” he said, and he continued grazing his fingertips over the soles of her feet.

I moved down the hallway to just outside the door, listening intently. I could not believe what I was hearing — Chris was tickling my wife’s stockinged feet, and I was incredibly aroused. I wanted to open the door and watch, but I didn’t want it to stop! Instead I sat there and listened.

My wife kicked her legs and feet as Chris continued to tease the bottoms of her feet. With his body leaning over her legs she could only move so much. Chris smiled a huge smile, now focusing exclusively on the soles of her feet as she squealed and giggled.

“Chris, pleeeeaaaassseeeee” she begged in between giggles.

“Tickle tickle tickle” replied Chris, now using his fingernails.

My wife was now laughing hysterically, and was now frantically trying to free herself from Chris. She tried to roll over but Chris put his weight on the back of her legs to stop her. She then reached back with her left arm and grabbed Chris’s shirt, and tried to pull him back. Chris responded by turning and grabbing her left wrist with his left hand.

“Oh, someone thinks she is stronger than me!” he said.

“Noooo!” my wife yelled as she struggled to get her left wrist free from Chris’ grip.

Chris then quickly climbed to his knees and then swung his right leg over my wife’s body, straddling her body and pinning her down with all of his weight. As he held her left wrist tightly, he reached down with his right hand and grabbed her right wrist, pulling both of her wrists behind her back, then grasping both her wrists in his right hand as he hurriedly removed his tie with his free left hand. My wife continued to squirm under his weight.

“Chris, what are you doing” she said in between grunts as she struggled to get free.

Hearing this and wondering what was happening, I got out my room card and gently opened the door. With the door barely open I could see in the mirror that Chris had my wife pinned down and was now trying to get his necktie off, and I realized what Chris was doing — he was going to tie her hands behind her back. My arousal increased 10-fold! But what was he going to do once he tied her hands? Was he going to tickle her more, or was he going to try something sexual? I knew I needed to watch.

Chris looped his tie around her left wrist tightly, then around the right, knotting it tightly. Then he looped it around both of her crossed wrists and tied it again tightly. She was not going to get her hands free. Chris leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“Now those sexy little feet of yours are all mine” and with that he slowly moved down my wife’s body, his weight now resting on the back of her legs just above the knee.

He leaned back with his right hand and started to tease the sole of her right foot.

“Tickle tickle tickle” he said, as she tried to kick and shake her foot.

He then grabbed her ankle, bending her right leg at the knee, pulling her foot up next to his body, and put her ankle in a headlock. He then used the fingers on his left hand to furiously scratch the bottom of her right foot as my wife laughed and squealed.

At one point she screamed “NOOOOOOOO” so loud I thought security would come.

My wife’s laughter was getting louder and more frantic, and while I was incredibly turned on, I also did not want it to stop, so I decided to try something. I called the hotel from my cell, and asked for our room. I could hear the phone in the room right and then the tickling stopped. Chris climbed off my wife and turned the TV on, raising the volume, before he answered the phone.

“Hello” he said. I tried to disguise my voice.

“Hello sir, this is the front desk, we have had noise complaints from other guests about your room, is everything ok?”

“I’m sorry” Chris said “I must have the TV too loud. I will turn it down”.

Feeling accomplished, I hung up the phone and returned to my spot just outside the room, quickly slipping my card in and opening the door ever so slightly.

Chris hung up the phone and walked over to the bed.

“You’re being too loud there have been noise complaints” he said to my wife, as she tried to catch her breath.

“Chris, please, no more tickling! Untie me, pleaaaasssee?” she asked him in almost a whisper, her voice cracking.

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