Cleaning up Bob’s Mess Ch. 03


The next morning, I didn’t have class until later and when I awoke about 9 am and came out to the living room, Brenda was sitting on the recliner with nothing on but a long football jersey, used like a night gown that barely covered her panties, that black silk thong which was easy to see, and a pair of tight, white, nylon knee socks that were scrunched down around her ankles. Quite simply, she looked fuckin hot. She was sitting there eating a bowl of cereal while watching TV.

“How’d you sleep?” She asked. “I slept great.” she added with a sheepish grin.

I knew she was implying that she had slept well because of the great orgasms she had during our three way sexual tryst. We started talking about what happened and she became very excited.

“I couldn’t sleep last night because all I could think about was you deepthroating up and down on Bob’s long cock. I even masturbated a couple more times, in the middle of the night, thinking about it. I know eating cum is one of Bob’s fetishes but I think watching a guy do it is also a fetish of mine,” Brenda discussed. She then asked, “What fetishes do you have?”

I thought then answered, “Well… I have a wide range of fetishes. I basically love to be humiliated and dominated by a guy or girl. I love big cocks and swallowing cum in my gay sex life and I love women’s feet, nylons, high heels, and water sports in my straight sex life.”

Brenda put one foot in the air and pointed her sock covered foot and asked, “So, does this turn you on?”

“Absolutely,” I replied. “I’m getting hard just seeing it.”

“Water sports? What is that?” Brenda smiled and went on to the next question.

“I like being pissed on by women. I find it dirty and humiliating,” I answered.

She chuckled, “That is wild. I thought you were talking about swimming or something.”

Brenda sat the bowl down on the coffee table and said, “Hey, I got a great idea. Bob always sleeps in the nude when I’m around so let’s go in his room and wake him up with a double team blow job. He always wakes up with morning wood and with you and I working together, I bet we could get him off pretty quick. What do ya say?”

“Let’s do it.” I replied. I thought anything that will keep me close this gorgeous thing, I am all for it.

We quietly walked into Bob’s room and sure enough he was lying on his back sound asleep with his long dong sticking straight up pitching a tent in his sheet.

Brenda giggled and said, “See, I told ya so.”

We tip toed to the bed and she pulled back the cover, then looked at me and whispered, “God, I never get tired of seeing that long fuckin cock. It is a beautiful thing.”

She looked back at Bob’s exposed dick and turned toward me and whispered, “Go get on the other side of the bed and we will suck it together. We can take turns like we’re sucking a lollipop.”

I quietly walked around the bed and we both leaned in at the same time to meet up at Bob’s stiff pecker. Brenda went first and wrapped her gorgeous lips around the head and started bobbing up and down a few times. She pulled off of it and nodded at me. I then wrapped my lips around it and took my turns going up and down. We alternated a few more times when Bob starting moving around and woke up.

At that point, Brenda and I were both mouthing Bob’s hard dick at the same time by using our lips puckered and placed on each side of it. We were essentially “jerking” him off with two pair of lips sliding up and down.

He said while he yawned, “Now that is a great way to wake up.”

Bob just laid there in the bed, stark ankara escort naked, while his girlfriend and I pleasured his cock. He would sometimes sigh or moan and occasionally squirm but remained careful not to accidentally knock us off his prick.

He would also offer some verbal request like, “Just like that or oh yea, don’t stop.”

Brenda then stood up and walked over to Bob’s dresser, opened the top drawer and pulled out a tube of Astroglide, and what looked like a butterfly vibrator. After watching her get those items out of the drawer, I went back to sucking Bob’s erection.

She excitedly said, “Let’s really get this party started.”

Brenda then walked over to the wicker chair that Bob kept in the corner of his room and carried it over and sat it down at the foot of the bed. She then ordered Bob up on his knees and to scoot back to the head board. As Bob followed Brenda’s instructions, his long dick that was jetting straight out from his body, just bobbed up and down as he scooted.

She then ordered me, “Mark, take off your clothes and get on the bed on all fours with your ass facing Bob.”

I stripped, climbed up on the bed, and got on my hands and knees as my ass was facing Bob with my head facing the wicker chair. Brenda then squeezed a big glob of lubricant in her palm, walked over to Bob, grabbed his rock hard prick, and stroked it while spreading the lubrication all up and down. Brenda then used the rest of the lubricant by smearing it on end of her trusted vibrator. She then laid down with her back on the wicker chair and her ass on the end of the bed. Her pussy was facing me while I was still on all fours.

Brenda directed, “Ok boys, give me a show. Bob, I want you to take that huge pecker of yours and put it in Mark’s asshole. While he is doing that, Mark, I want you to use your tongue on anything that I offer you.”

Brenda who is gorgeous and has a killer body is lying there in front of me still wearing a short football jersey, her silky black thong, and those socks on her amazing feet. She raised her ass and slid off that thong. At that point, I was so turned on, I would have done anything for her. She handed me the thong and said, “I want you to sniff this thong I have worn all night and lick the juices off of it. It will make you more relaxed while you get used to Bob’s size. I eagerly held it up to nose with one hand and inhaled the erotic scent of Brenda’s gamey pussy juices. I just wanted to eat it.

Bob held the base of his slippery, hard cock and guided it until its head rested directly on my butt hole. He manually swirled it around until my hole was fully lubricated and then slowly started to force it in. It hurt something awful but I will say sniffing and licking on Brenda’s thong crotch really did help me stay sexually charged. Bob’s huge cock head finally popped in. I told him to stop for a moment until I got used to his size. Meanwhile, Brenda was doing the exact some thing with her slippery vibrator. She was working it around her pussy lips and darting it in and out.

“Mark, I want you to go ahead and take all of Bob’s length. Don’t hold anything back you two. Bob, when he gets used to your thickness, pound that hole like you do my pussy,” Brenda instructed. “And Mark, do not feel ashamed if you get to the point you really like Bob’s dick. His cock is so big and satisfying; you may end up asking for it every day. Just give in to that feeling,” she added.

At that point, Bob grabbed my hips and slowly eased the rest of his length into me. His pubic hair was now touching the top of my ankara genç escort ass crack. He just held it there for a moment as I could also feel the early morning warmth coming from his thighs. Since Bob has a long cock and an unusually disproportional large dick head, I could actually feel the outline of the head up in my bowels. It felt very spongy but stiff. The pain had subsided and now he started slowly pulling it out and pushing it back in. He was fucking my ass hole very softly and smoothly. It was a good thing there was plenty of lube.

Brenda was absolutely right. Bob’s cock started to feel very good going in and out of my ass. Most people that have anal sex will comment that they do it but don’t always enjoy the feeling. Every time Bob would pull out, his large cock head would massage my prostate and with his constant pumping rhythm, it really started feeling great. Judging by my now rock hard 7 inch cock, I was loving it.

I now understood why Brenda loved being fucked by Bob. He supports the length needed to satisfy his lovers but it’s not too thick to cause constant pain. You add his upward curve and a huge head to massage the inside of whatever orifice he’s fucking and you have a great lover with a perfect dick. Bob continued to pump my ass slowly although I could feel he was starting to pick up the pace.

“Damn, his ass is so tight and warm! I feel like it is completely massaging my dick. A perfect fit.” Bob said to Brenda.

Brenda was now buzzing her vibrator on her clit at a good pace as Bob pounded away at me. This was an amazing, sexy sight. Here is this beautiful girl with flowing blond hair, legs up in the air, masturbating, no more than a couple of feet away from my face. Her toes were pointed and I could still see her painted toe nails through her tight nylon socks.

“Go ahead Mark, start whacking off. I want you see you two cum at the same time again,” moaned Brenda as she continued to pleasure herself.

Brenda started grunting as she held her breath, “I’m cumming!”

After her first orgasm, Brenda started her lusty dirty talk like she did the night before, “Oh, fuck his ass, baby. Slide your hard cock way up there. Can you feel that Mark? It feels like it’s in your belly doesn’t it?”

Brenda was right and her dirty talk was about to send me over the edge. Bob was pounding at a pretty fast pace now. The feeling inside my rectum was wonderful. I actually felt like a woman getting fucked doggy style because of the great sensation Bob’s cock was producing.

“Baby, where you want my cum? It’s getting close. Someone decide pretty quickly because it’s almost here.” Bob panted.

Brenda replied, “Honey, go ahead and shoot it way up in him. He needs to know how to take sperm like a woman. When you’re ready to release, go ahead and cram it in as far as you can.”

“Whatever you say baby,” replied the now sweaty and out of breath Bob.

Now let’s reevaluate the scene that was occurring at that point. Here is Bob on his knees, on the bed, holding onto my hips for dear life, pounding my asshole like he hadn’t had sex in a year. I am on my knees, with Brenda’s thong now in my mouth, with my ass taking a pounding from Bob, holding myself up with one hand, and me furiously stroking my prick with the other. Brenda is laying on her back in the wicker chair, with her ass on the bed, legs in the air, and masturbating herself with her butterfly vibrator, cumming every couple of minutes. What a spectacle!

“Oh yea, Oh yea! I’m gonna cum!” Bob announced desperately.

“Wait! antalya escort Wait for Mark. I want to see you guys come together. Mark are you close?” Brenda asked while looking me in the eye.

“I’m almost there,” I replied in almost the same tone as Bob.

Just then, Brenda stretched her leg and took the thong out of my mouth with her sock covered foot and slung it over to the side of the bed. She then placed both nylon covered feet, directly in my face.

“Sniff and lick em baby!” Brenda said to me.

Brenda knew that was one of my fetishes and that was the extra sensation I needed. I violently started to jerk and cum. Brenda quickly placed her feet together right under my prick. I started shooting all over her sock covered feet. As I was doing this, Bob also started to cum. He grabbed my hips and slammed me back on his cock so hard, I felt like his balls were also up my ass.

“Aaauugghhh!” Bob screamed, as he started to blow his seed. His first shot was so hard; I could literally feel the warmth of it hit me somewhere up in my bowels. He then continued to cum wave after wave. As Bob was violently emptying his nuts, he had to grab my hips and hang on tightly, just a like a bull rider, so his erection had no chance of slipping out of me.

When Bob and I had finished cumming, Brenda had one last request.

“Mark, I want you to go a head and clean up my feet. You made a mess all over my socks and you are responsible to clean them off.” Brenda commanded.

Bob was still behind me with his now softening cock still up my ass. He was sweating profusely and it was dripping off his forehead and making a pool in the small of my back. He slowly pulled his dick out of me and sat down on his ass with his back against the head board. His half hard cock had his cum and lube glistening off of it and even had a couple of goo globs stuck to the side.

I could feel Bob’s warm slime in my ass but he had blasted so far up me, I didn’t feel there was chance that it would leak out, so I went ahead and sat on the bed. However, I could feel a small glob of his spunk on my balls for when he pulled out, he dragged some of the cum that was attached to his cock head with him and it landed on my hanging balls.

Brenda laid completely on her back with her socked feet that were now wet with my cum. Since her socks were nylon and white, the wetness made her socks look transparent. That was ok because you could see her gorgeous feet and toes even better. I started sucking and licking my scum off her feet. As I was doing this, she was diddling her clit with her first two fingers. My cum tasted ok but not near as good as Bob’s thick semen. I continued this for about 5 minutes until there were no more clumps on her socks. Her socks were still wet and she told me to take them off of her and I did. I sat them on the bed and turned around to look at Bob.

Bob had regained his normal breathing and was still very sweaty. His cock was hard again from watching me clean my cum off of Brenda’s feet.

“You have just a little more cleaning to do,” said Bob.

I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth and sucked the remaining cum that had collected in his pee hole. I also licked all the cum globs that were on the sides. I was worried his cock would have an odor from coming out of my ass but surprisingly, it did not but I did get some of the Astroglide in my mouth.

My job was finished. I got up to leave the room and Brenda said, “Wait a minute.”

She scooped up her cum soaked nylon socks and her pussy smell thong and handed them to me.

“I want you to have these so you can use them to jerk off the next couple of days,” Brenda said.

I felt that was very nice of her and took them with me as I left the room. It was only the first week of my junior year in college but I knew I was in for a wild ride with these people.

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