Cum Sluts Anonymous 1: Ralph


I needed help! I was over the edge and no matter what I did I couldn’t stop. I had to have it. It consumed my thoughts every waking hour and it haunted me in my dreams. The desire for it overrode all other concern; it interfered with my job, and with my relationships with others – if they couldn’t help me get more of what I needed I had no time for them. Alcohol? Cocaine? Heroin? No, nothing that simple, my problem was much more insidious. Plentiful, easy to obtain, it was free, totally legal and I craved it every morning, noon and night. The evil life destroying substance was sperm! Jizz, spunk, trouser snake milk, sponk, cum, call it what you will, it was destroying me and the only person who was happy about it was the person who had started it all – my wife!

It was a story that is repeated across the face of the Earth every day; a husband who becomes just a bit too wrapped up in climbing the corporate ladder and a wife who becomes neglected because of it. She allows herself to be seduced and finds she likes sex with other men, and in some cases, many other men. The inevitable happens and the husband finds out. In most cases it leads to separation and then divorce, but in my case it only led me down the road to hell. A business trip out of town, a cancelled flight, a return home to find two strange cars in the drive, and four surprised people – my wife, her two lovers and me – started it all. The incident still seems unreal to me even after five years. Me standing in the doorway to the bedroom watching two men fuck my wife in what I have since learned is called the Classic Double Penetration – one in her cunt and one in her ass – and her looking up to see me standing there. No sign of surprise, no fear, no worry, just a big smile on her face and the words “You’re just in time dear, I need a cock in my mouth. Hurry honey, bring your cock over here to me.”

And instead of the anger and outrage that I should have felt at seeing what was before me I meekly stripped off my clothes and did her bidding. For the next three hours the four of us acted like dogs in heat and when the two men had gone and my wife and I were left alone she made me eat her cum filled cunt – and I was lost. I loved it. Sid (short for Sidney) continued to take on new lovers and I would find her waiting for me on the bed, legs spread, cum leaking from her cunt when I got home from work. I started leaving work early so I could get home just as her lovers left so I could get to her while the cum was at it’s freshest. Soon I was hurrying home to clean her out after her afternoon bout so she would be fresh went she went out to get more cum for me. Sometimes she brought them home so I could watch, participate and then feast. Other times I would wait at home while she got fucked on the back seats of cars, in motels and hotels, and on several occasions in adult movie houses. When she got home I would bury my face in her pussy and suck her dry. It got to where the only thing important batman escort to me was for Sid to get fucked so I could have my cream pie.

The day finally came when it dawned on me that my behavior was self-destructive and that my life was going to go into the toilet if I didn’t do something. I was talking with my best friend over drinks one night about my problem (we had no secrets from each other) and he made the comment that it was too bad that there wasn’t a self-help group for cumaholics like there was for alcoholics. I thought about that for a bit and then said, “Maybe I should start one. But how would I find others like me?”

He laughed and said, “Don’t look at me. I love to eat my wife after sex, but I’m the only one doing her – knock on wood! Why don’t you ask Sid?”

I looked at him as if he was crazy and he said, “I’m sure that there are guys who want to go down on her when they get through with her. Maybe one or two of them have the same problem you do. All you need is one more to start a self-help group. Or maybe Sid runs into other wives when she is out prowling who are doing the same thing. Can’t hurt to ask.”

That night when Sid came home with her cum filled pussy I told her about my talk with Louie and asked her what she thought about it. She told me that she did run across several other women who seemed to be married, but who were still out looking to get fucked. She said she would get to know them and find out what their stories were. I was surprised when she came home the very next night with a strikingly beautiful redhead and nine guys, one of whom was the redhead’s husband. After an orgy that lasted almost five hours, Sid and Nancy, John and myself (redhead and her husband) were lying on the bed relaxing when Sid suggested that I eat Nancy to see what cum tasted like from a redhead and John could do her to see what it was like coming from a blonde. Nancy tasted great, but I didn’t see where red hair made any difference at all. I think Sid just wanted to have another man eat her pussy.

Later the four of us talked and it turned out that John did indeed have the same addiction that I did and he too was desperate to get it under control. Nancy, unlike Sid, wanted to cut back on her extra marital sex. She enjoyed it, but was only doing it for her husband. She was becoming more and more worried about disease and maybe running into a weirdo so she was all for the idea of John joining a self-help group. Sid on the other hand admitted that she wasn’t about to give up extra cock, but that she would help me as best she could as long as I understood that her sex life wasn’t going to change. Three nights later she brought me the telephone number of a woman she kept running into and said that the woman would be interested in talking to me. I did and found out that Mary’s husband wasn’t the cum junkie – she was.

That Friday night John, Mary and I held the first meeting of what was to become bayburt escort Cum Sluts Anonymous. We flirted briefly with finding a name more elegant, but Mary said we should give the group a name that was a true reflection of the members and their problem and in the end John and I agreed. We shamelessly stole from Alcoholics Anonymous some of the precepts of self-help. For instance “Cum Sluts Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their problem and help others” is straight from AA.

Our primary goal is the same as AA’s – to stay sober (not the right term, but you know what I mean) and to help other cumaholics achieve sobriety. We recognize that cum slutism is an illness, a progressive illness, which can never be cured, but can be arrested. Also like AA there are no dues, and no bylaws that say a member has to attend a certain number of meetings. The only requirement is the desire to stop your own addiction and by your participation help others to beat back their own demons.

We start each meeting by asking those present if they would like to unburden themselves of their story. It is not necessary that they do so, but we have found that it is easier to accept that the people at the meeting can help you if each of you knows the others story – it puts you in the same boat so to speak. At that very first meeting I told my story and admitted that I had a problem. John was next and though the later stages of his story was similar to mine his start down the road was different. For years his greatest desire was to see Nancy with another man and for years she had resisted giving him what he wanted. Finally, sure that he would refuse and that would be the end of it, Nancy said she would do it, but only on the condition that John sucked the other man’s cum out of her pussy when she was done. She was surprised when he agreed to her condition and then even more surprised to find that she liked fucking another man. John in turn was surprised that he loved the taste of Nancy with another man’s cum in her and he asked her to do it again and Nancy was only too happy to oblige and soon he was on the same road I had traveled.

Mary’s story was similar – that her husband wanted to see her with another man. At first she wasn’t interested, but as her husband kept after her to do it she got more and more curious about what sex with another man would be like. She had been a virgin when she had gone to her marriage bed and other than in an occasional XXX rated video she had never seen a cock other than her husbands. She finally agreed to do it and it was a disaster – for her husband. By sheer luck of the draw the man chosen had a cock twice the size of her husbands and she had enjoyed it so much that her husband had felt threatened and had never asked her to do it again and he became so insecure that he didn’t function very well after that. But you can’t put bebek escort the genie back in the bottle once you let it out. Mary’s husband had not counted on Mary liking it so much that she wouldn’t need to be asked again, she would just go out and do it on her own. Mary liked the taste of cum straight from the cock and she made it a point to suck her lover’s to completion before she would let them fuck her and then she would lick them clean when they were through. Her husband was not happy with the situation, but he had started it so what could he do?

After a year he finally dug up the balls to tell Mary to stop or end up divorced. Mary loved her husband so she said she would quit running around – and she did – for all of two months. One day she was shopping at the mall and ran into one of her old lovers. One thing led to another and she ended up in a hotel room with him and when it was over she was on the prowl again. Where before she had done her fucking with her husband’s knowledge, now she did it behind his back. Where before she had gone out in the evening, made her selection and the brought him home, now she did it during the day while her husband was at work and on the two nights a week he went bowling. The only constant was that the more she got the more she wanted.

She started keeping a diary of the men whose cocks she had sucked and making notations against each name like “tastes salty” or “cums buckets, but taste is sour.” By her own account she had three hundred and nine names in the diary. Clearly Mary was going to need a lot of support from me and John to arrest her problem and quite frankly I wasn’t sure that she could do it.

CSA is not against all sex, just certain parts that can be destructive if left uncontrolled. For example, neither John nor I have quit having sex with our own wives, nor have either of us tried to stop our wives when they want to go out looking for other cock. We are only trying to stop the self-destructive urge to eat them after other men have cum in them. With Mary the problem wasn’t just sucking cum out of cocks, she wanted to feel that cum sprayed inside her cunt and ass. She could maybe get by with just making love to her husband (if he could get it up for her) but he was only interested in sex once, maybe twice a week and that just wasn’t going to be enough for her. But we would try to help her save her marriage even if it meant that we would have to fuck her every once in a while (hey – we only swore off cum sucking) to help her take the edge off.

Ironically, we got several our new members from one would wouldn’t join herself – my wife Sid. She sent us two more women and three more men. The group continues to grow and I really think we are doing some good. For most of us it is a day to day thing and the times I’ve been tempted to go down on Sid on one of her many nights out have been many, but a phone call and a conversation with another member of the group has always been enough to see me through the crisis. The time span between those calls has been getting longer and longer and I am looking forward to the day that I will never have to make that call again. Until then I’ll just have to do the best that I can – one day at a time.

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