Daddy’s Little Cow Ch. 04


By the time she reached the last step the arousal gel had begun working in earnest. She gingerly walked into the kitchen, her cheeks bright pink, and stood awkwardly trying to find a way to ease the friction against her intimate flesh.

He turned and grinned at her. “I don’t have words for how adorable you are right now little one.” Her hair was still a bit messy from sleep, the t shirt he’d picked out hugged the generous breasts he loved so much and out from under the shirt peeked her cute new diaper. He set down the wooden spoon he’d been stirring pancake batter with and gathered her in his arms. “I am without a doubt the luckiest Daddy in the world.” He kissed her forehead and squeezed her tightly making her giggle.

“Daddy you are silly and wicked, I can’t think straight right now.”

“Good! You don’t need to think straight, I’m making pancakes and they are round!” As she groaned at his terrible joke he spun her around and sat her on a bar stool to watch him cook.

He was grinning and humming as he sat a glass of juice in front of her and bustled around the kitchen.

“Can I have sprinkles Daddy?” She wiggled in her chair, making the diaper crinkle and rub against her pleasantly.

“Yes my wiggly little girl.”

She blushed and ducked her head. “I can’t help it! My cunny is so warm and tingly and I really want to rub it.”

“I know baby, and that’s just how Daddy likes it.” He poured batter onto the griddle, smiling broadly. He could hear the diaper every time she squirmed, her poor little cunny saturated with arousal gel. “I’d say it’s a good thing you’ve got that diaper on. What do you think would be happening to that chair of you didn’t?”

“I’d be leaving a puddle.” She blushed again, knowing she was validating his reasoning for the diapers.

“Exactly. So the diapers were a good idea.” That didn’t seem to require an answer so she sipped her juice and tried not to pout. He wasn’t wrong and she did love the way she felt right now, completely in his control and at his mercy.

He soon had two plates stacked with pancakes. She sat at the table, wiggling with excitement at the fluffy pancakes with rainbow sprinkles he put in front of her.

“Ooooo they look so good!” She squeaked, clapping her hands. He laughed and kissed her head.

“Dig in baby girl.”

As she finished her pancakes her breasts were beginning to ache, his teasing earlier not nearly enough to empty her.

“Daddy?” She laid down her fork and wrapped her arms around her ribs, supporting her swollen breasts.

He wiped his mouth with a napkin, dragging out the moment, “Does my little cow need to visit the barn?”

“Yes please!” She bounced a little in her chair.

“Let’s give beşevler escort the kitchen a quick clean up then and we’ll get you taken care of you juicy girl.”

She felt like he took more time and care than was absolutely necessary to clean up after breakfast. He just enjoyed building her anticipation, she knew, but knowing what he was doing didn’t ease the growing ache in her breasts or the throbbing between her legs.

Finally they headed out to barn, she peeled her T-shirt off suddenly aware she’d have to leave the diaper at the door and dreading him discovering just how much her pussy was drooling. She stood for a moment, fidgeting, unsure if she should take it off herself. He turned back toward her from where he was getting the milking machine ready, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Is. . . Is my diaper considered clothes Daddy?”

“Good question sweetheart, I’m proud of you for not assuming and asking me. Yes it is considered clothes but you are not allowed to change your own diapers, so you did a good job waiting for me to come take care of you.” He finished his preparation, then walked towards his fidgety girl.

“Hmmmmm what am I going to find when I open your diaper? Is it dry?”

“Not completely.” She murmured towards her feet.

“You haven’t peed though? It’s just your juicy cunt making your diaper wet?” She blushed and shook her head. “Do you need to pee before we get you in the milking stall?”

She almost said no, before realizing that yes in fact she did need to pee. She shivered realizing she was about to wet her second diaper. How long before this stopped being so humiliating?

He raised her chin and her eyes came up to meet his. “Yes I do need to pee Daddy.”

He gathered her against against him and stroked her back, her head rested against his chest. “Do you need help?”

“No, I just need a minute to relax, I want to be a good girl for you.”

He kissed her forehead and petted her head and back as she trembled in his arms, taking deep breathes to calm herself. The trembling stopped as she relaxed, she breathed in, then out long and slow.

She relaxed her pelvic muscles and felt her bladder start to release. There was a moment of panic as she fought against a life time of conditioning, then her diaper grew warm against her most intimate flesh as she let go.

“Daddy I need to be changed.” She whispered, her face buried against him.

“Good girl!” He praised, hugging her tightly, “That was much easier than the first time. You are so clever and strong.”

He carefully removed the wet diaper, enjoying the goosebumps that popped up as the cool air hit her wet skin.

“Come now little cow, we’ll put on a clean beylikdüzü escort diaper after milking.”

She obediently crawled into position, eager for the rhythmic tug of the teat cups pulling the milk from her swollen udders. As the pump started up she sighed and closed her eyes, the tingle of let down and the flood of hormones leaving her smiling.

He retrieved some lube from a nearby cabinet and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers. Without saying anything he knelt behind her and parted the soft cheeks of her bottom. She moaned at his touch. His fingers began massaging her pink rosebud, one slipping in as she relaxed into his touch.

Her heart rate sped up, heat flushing her skin as he penetrated her. Denial had her so sensitive and responsive, without going anywhere near her clit he was driving her arousal into the red.

“Mmmmmmm good girl.” He added a second finger, slowly stretching her. The persistent pull on her breasts and his fingers using her so intimately had her quickly approaching the edge. “Look at that pretty pussy, so pink and swollen, it’s literally dripping baby girl.”

He leaned over her as he added a third finger. She moaned louder as he stretched her, his body looming over her making her feel small and helpless against the lust fogging her brain.

“I want you to know I’m not going to touch your pretty little cunny at all today.” His breathe brushed the side of her face, “I’m going to fuck your ass, I’m going to use your mouth, I’m going to cum as many times as I can get it up and every time I cum I’m going to be thinking about that perfect little pussy just begging for attention but not getting any. It’s going to make me cum thinking about how desperate you are to feel a single touch on your aching clit, and how you are enduring without complaining because you know your being such a good girl makes me proud.”

She could feel an orgasm threatening to crash over her, every muscle in her body begging her to let it happen as he slowly withdrew his fingers and pressed his cock inside her willing body.

He watched his cock sliding in and out, she was so hot inside, positively on fire. He could hear her breathing, Lamaze breathing, trying to hold off her orgasm. He wouldn’t last long at this rate, she was driving him crazy today.

“Do you need a break sweetheart? You may speak.” He paused, his cock fully buried in her ass.

“I’m so close Sir, I’m trying really hard not to cum, but I’m so close.”

“You are such a good girl, let’s just sit still for a minute. When you are off the edge let me know. I’m ready to cum so make sure you are safe before you give me the green light, I’m going to ride bilecik escort you hard little cow.”

She willed her body to relax, the solid cock in her ass making it difficult to back off the edge. She could feel him twitch inside her as he patiently waited. Slowly the orgasm threatening her receded, leaving a throbbing arousal that was intense but not unbearable.

He rubbed her lower back, enjoying the warm tightness around his cock, watching as her muscles relaxed and her breathing became regular. Finally she raised her head and nodded.

“Mmmmmmm good girl, brace yourself.” He drew his cock back, then slammed into her, earning a yelp that made him smirk.

She closed her eyes and gripped the floor as he pounded into her, she wouldn’t be able to hold back long at this pace but fortunately he had been serious that he was close himself. In a mercifully short time his cock swelled and warmth flooded her.

“Oh so good.” he groaned as his cock twitched, he patted her rump. “Your ass is going to be so full of cum today, that felt amazing sweet pea.”

She looked over her shoulder and grinned at him. Something about him cumming inside her helped ease the desperate need to have an orgasm herself. She was still incredibly horny, but she had a warm, satisfied feeling of completion.

“Looks like you’re done milking little cow, let me catch my breath so I can get you unhooked.” She shivered as his softening cock slipped from her ass, cum sliding down her thigh. “Such a mess.” He chuckled patting her again as he stood up and zipped up his pants.

She giggled and wiggled her bottom, her cheeks pink as she glowed knowing she’d pleased him.

He helped her out of the stall after unhooking her. She sat and sipped a bottle of water while he cleaned the milk machine and stored the bottle of milk they’d collected.

“We don’t have a diapering station out here yet,” he said as he helped her put her T-shirt back on, “So you’ll have to try not to drip TOO much on the walk back.”

She giggled and bounced beside him as he led her back across the yard half naked.

“Up the stairs my wiggly girl, let’s get you safely diapered.”

She hopped onto the bed and lay back, patiently watching as he grabbed a diaper and pack of wipes.

He spread her legs and gently wiped her down, “Oh! Daddy those wipes are cold!” She flinched as the cold wipe made contact.

He chuckled, “I saw a wipe warmer, maybe I should buy one for my delicate baby.”

“A wipe warmer? That does sound nice.” She mused, her hips moving to follow his hand as he thoroughly cleaned her folds.

“You still look a little red and irritated here, should I apply more cream?”

She whimpered, and looked at him pleadingly.

“I’m just kidding sweetie. You are such a horny little thing, I’m afraid I’ll short out your poor little brain if I over use that gel.” He gave her an indulgent smile as he fastened a dry diaper on her.

“Thank you Daddy.” She said sweetly.

He pulled her up and kissed her deeply, “That’s my girl.”

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