Girl’s Dorm CFNM


Part 1:

It was my senior year of college and She was a junior. “She” was Cher, and Cher was my girlfriend. We met in a normal way; she’d been dating an acquaintance of mine, not really a close friend but it was a small school. She broke up with him a few weeks earlier and later told me she had noticed me and thought I was cute. One night at a party in my dorm she started flirting with me. I got her a beer and she sat on my lap while we played cards. When nobody was looking she’d grind her butt on my crotch. I remember she was wearing a tight red sweater, grey tights, and a black skirt. Even just that first night she teased me a bit, she’d grind on me until she could surely feel I was getting hard then she’d get up to go get a beer, leaving me to try and conceal my erection. A few days later we were dating.

Cher was very beautiful. She had some Caribbean heritage and her skin had just a touch of dusky tan to it which gave her an exotic look in my white washed Midwestern college. Her hair was jet black along with her eyebrows and she had dark brown eyes. She liked to wear very vibrant shades of lipstick to accentuate her thick pouty lips. Blood red, dark purple, flamingo pink, etc. Her body was, what I’d describe as, thick. She was, by no means, overweight; but she wasn’t a stick figure. She had curvy hips with a beautiful round butt. She had perky C, bordering on D, cup breasts with dark nipples. Her thighs were proportional to her hips but she was tall so she had an elegant silhouette rather than anything stocky. She had a very driven and dominant personality. Before transferring to the school where we met she’d gotten in to a very exclusive all girls 2 year college which she described as “Princess School” due to its massive endowments and its propensity for treating its students like princesses. Cher worked hard at everything she did, quite the opposite to my laid back personality and so we complimented each other well. She’d drive me to work harder and I’d help her to relax.

Right upon coming to our school she’d applied for and gotten a position as, what my school called, a Resident Advisor. She was the student in charge of her floor of the dorm she was in, and the dorm she lived in was the all girls dorm. Part of her compensation for this was her own dorm room without having to share with a roommate. We took full advantage of this as I spent most of my nights in her dorm. The joke with the women’s dorm at my school was that if, and when, the fire alarms went off for some burnt popcorn or some such just as many men would come out and stand on the sidewalk as women. This, of course, was an exaggeration. Nonetheless, men were allowed to stay in the women’s dorms with their girlfriends. While the men could use the bathroom as needed, it was a little frowned upon for them to use the showers. However many of the boys did discreetly, myself included. Often I’d shower with Cher.

As I mentioned earlier, Cher was a bit of a tease and a dominant personality even from the very beginning. Sometimes if we were showering together, or even if I’d just gone in alone, she’d sneakily steal my clothes and towels from the bathroom and go back to her room. So I’d poke my head out to find that all my stuff was missing. The first time this happened Cher was standing in the bathroom doorway holding my clothes and towels. She smiled mischievously at me.

“Come and get them.” she said tauntingly.

And she ran back into her room. So, dripping wet and naked, I had to scurry my way down the hall to her room hoping nobody would come out and see me. I’m certain my face was bright red. By the time I slipped into her room, surprisingly, my cock was rock hard from the sexual humiliation and exhilaration. Cher was laughing hysterically at my predicament.

“Looks like you enjoyed that as much as I did!” she said, indicating toward my erection.

This happened over and over, to the point where basically every time I took a shower in her dorm I’d have to traipse my wet and naked self back to her room through the hall. Even if I said I’d just go take a shower at my dorm, she wouldn’t let me.

“No.” she’d say. “You have to take a shower here.”

And so I would, and be subjected to the embarrassment and humiliation over and over until it just became a normal thing. This wasn’t the only thing she enjoyed doing to humiliate me sexually. Even early on in our relationship her desire to dominate me came through. In the first couple weeks I stayed over at her place I’d fingered her and gone down on her several times, yet she’d not reciprocated. She’d confided in me that she was a virgin and wasn’t quite ready yet, though she didn’t hesitate to let me get her off multiple times a night. But I really liked her and respected her desire to wait, so I’d go to bed hard and horny. It was all the worse because my erection would rub up against her body as we slept in each other’s arms on the small college issue beds, as I preferred to sleep in the nude.

The first time I came in her presence is a very vivid memory because I remember it feeling erzincan escort so humiliating but exciting. We were sitting at opposite ends of her bed, both reading some homework or something. I was wearing athletic shorts and she started rubbing her feet against my crotch. In no time I was hard, as her toes slowly moved up and down over my shorts along my shaft.

“Take them off.” she said with a smile.

I did so and my cock popped out. Now is as good a time as any to mention that I’m well endowed. My length is decent, but it’s my girth which is really exceptionally above average. This will be relevant later on.

Cher rubbed her toes lightly along my cock, staring at it with a smile on her face.

“You really make me want to cum.” I said sheepishly. I’m not sure why I was embarrassed to tell her that. I’d made her cum many times. But still, there’s something very sexy about a girl cumming. A guy cumming just makes a mess and looks awkward.

“Go ahead” was all she said, and she rested her foot against my cock.

I looked up at her, a little shyly, but she just smiled and watched me. I tentatively grabbed my cock and slowly started to pump it while it pressed against her bare foot. It was oddly embarrassing, masturbating in front of my girlfriend. She was in her pajamas and there I was naked, touching myself, getting closer and closer to orgasm.

“I’m going to cum.” I said.

“Mmmhmmm” was her reply. Her eyes were wide and transfixed on my cock, my hand jerking it up and down.

I moaned in pleasure as I came, shooting cum up onto my chest and stomach. It was a huge load, and an extremely pleasurable orgasm. Somehow the humiliation of being naked in front of my clothed girlfriend, and jacking myself off right before her eyes was so sexy to me. And I think just as confused as I was about why I loved this humiliation so much, she was confused about why she loved humiliating me like this. Granted, it was only light humiliation, but I can’t think of a better word for it. I think we both realized then that we were better suited for each other than we’d thought. She enjoyed having sexual power and I enjoyed having my sexual power taken from me. I’d always known this about myself, and she probably knew it about herself as well. However, neither of us and ever acted upon or acted out these desires until that moment.

“Did you get any on my feet?” she asked playfully.

“I don’t think so” I said, looking at her feet and breathing heavily.

“Good, otherwise I’d make you lick it off.” She said this smiling as though it were a joke, but I got the feeling she would have actually done it. Later I learned this was definitely the case.

“Go get cleaned up” she said. “And leave your clothes and towels here, I don’t want to get up to go get them.”

And so, naked, half hard, and a mess with my own cum, I snuck through the hallway of the girl’s dorm to the shower to get cleaned up. Then, once cleaned and warmed by the hot water, I drippingly made my naked way back to my girlfriend’s room where she was still reading her book on the bed. However she had removed her pajama bottoms and her panties. I loved the sight of her olive skinned, clean shaven pussy and the very bottom of her abdomen which stuck out from under her pajama top.

“Your little show got me super worked up baby” she said as she spread her legs. “Could you…” she trailed off and wiggled her tongue at me.

I grabbed my towel and quickly dried off, then got down between her legs and licked her beautiful pussy to a few orgasms before we cuddled up and went to bed.

This was just the very beginning of what would become a three year relationship in which Cher was always dominant in our sexual life.

Part 2:

It was only a few days after I first masturbated in front of Cher that we had sex. It’s funny, because I’d had sex before and she hadn’t society describes that as me taking her virginity. But there was no question where the power was in our sexual relationship. I couldn’t take anything from her sexually, she was in charge and I was hers.

As our relationship progressed, Cher quickly found more ways she enjoyed taking control sexually. Her main sources of enjoyment were through humiliation and embarrassment. I also quickly found that I enjoyed these same things very much from the receiving end.

This next story happened maybe less than two months from when we’d started dating.

I never wear underwear, I find it uncomfortable. Cher, of course, knew this and enjoyed taking advantage of it in public sometimes. Many times we’d be sitting next to each other in the school cafeteria or at a restaurant, and she’d reach down under the table and rub my cock over my pants. She’d get me nice and hard and enjoy watching me squirm and try not to let on to the people around us what was happening.

One time we were at lunch with a couple of our friends. We were sitting in a booth. I was against the wall in the corner, Cher was to my right, and one of her girlfriends was to her erzurum escort right. Across from us were a few other friends. Cher reached her left hand down to my lap and quickly found my cock. She started rubbing it and I was hard, my cock sticking down my pant leg in no time. Up until this point, this is what Cher would do. Get me hard in public and watch me squirm; but this time she didn’t let up.

She kept rubbing and I got more and more desperate in my attempts to keep my cool. To make it worse she asked me several questions, trying to get me to talk and let slip some embarrassing noises. She had her sly, sexy grin on her face the entire time and it didn’t help that she was wearing a low cut top so every time I looked over at her my gaze was directed downwards to her ample cleavage. With her continual rubbing I could feel myself getting close to orgasm. I placed my had on her leg and squeezed a little. Her hand didn’t stop but she did say something about it.

“Hey!” she said with mock displeasure. “Are you being naughty trying to reach up my leg?”

She and our friends laughed, I smiled and I’m sure I turned bright red.

“Hands on the table Mr.” she said, again in silly voice that our friends saw as a joke. Nonetheless, I put my hands on the table to try and play it off as though I was in on the joke, hoping nobody realized what the real joke was.

But still she continued to rub my cock. I was getting close now. Out of reflex I reached down and pulled her hand away from my crotch, savoring the momentary relief from the fear of cumming in my pants.

“Don’t” she said in a stern voice, under her breath so only I could hear.

“But…” I began

“Let go” she cut me off, again in a quiet voice which brooked no argument.

I let go of her wrist, put my hands back on the table, and Cher returned her hand to my cock. She was merciless now. She moved her had quickly up and down my cock, faster than she had previously by double. I didn’t last long.

I couldn’t help but make a noise as I came. I did my best to try and cough and clear my throat to mask it. I quickly took a drink of water to try and cover my heavy breathing.

I felt the warm cum in the leg of my pants as my cock slowly began to shrink back down. It only took a minute or two for the warm wetness to become a cool wetness against my leg and I could smell the cum, I hoped nobody else could.

“Well, we have to go.” Cher said.

We didn’t have to go, but clearly Cher wanted me to immediately deal with having to get up and walk out while trying to hide the wet cum spots which would be conspicuously showing through my khaki pants.

Cher’s friend to her right got out of the booth to allow us to leave. We both slid out and as we stood Cher took my hand as though we were going to walk away together. However, as soon as her friend had sat back down Cher turned, still holding my hand, and began another conversation with someone at the table as though it was something she’d forgotten to mention earlier. She squeezed my hand tightly clearly indicating she wanted me to stay right where I was, standing in the cafeteria with cum running down my leg and making spots on my pants.

I desperately tried to angle myself so others couldn’t see the spot on my pants. It was really starting to feel gross now and I just wanted to get back to her room and take the pants off and get cleaned up. I don’t know if anyone did notice, but finally, after a few minutes, Cher said her goodbyes and let me out of the cafeteria hand in hand. Getting back to her dorm was an excruciatingly long walk even though it was just a short distance.

As soon as we got back into her room she laughed hysterically and it was infectious. I couldn’t help but laugh as well and we talked about how much fun it was. I really did enjoy the humiliation and embarrassment, even if it seemed horrible in the moment.

As I mentioned, I spent most nights at Cher’s room. She joked about how much she hated that I wore clothes at all in her room.

“You know, if I’m letting you stay here all the time the least you could do is be naked for me.” she say with a smile.

And so after only a couple months, probably right around the time that she first made me cum in my pants as I just described, it got to be that as soon as I entered her room I’d take all my clothes off. She, on the other hand, was almost always clothed. Either in her clothes or in her pajamas. She’d be naked while we had sex, though actually fairly regularly even then she’d keep her top on, and then it was right back into her pajamas. Meanwhile, I was naked 100% of the time I was in her room. Consequently, I was horny and hard around her quite a bit.

When I’d get hard in front of her sometimes we’d have sex. We had sex pretty regularly actually. Though about half the time she’d enjoy just watching me take care of it myself. She’d be sitting, fully clothed, and I’d be naked and hard jacking myself off for her. Sometimes we played a sort of Red Light Green Light game. She’d tell esat escort me to go, then stop, faster, slower, etc. My orgasm was always preceded and proceeded by me giving her many orgasms. Almost every time I came she’d have me lean back and cum all over myself. Then I’d have to make the naked gauntlet to and from the girl’s dorm shower. Cher found this endlessly amusing, but one day she gave me another option.

“I won’t make you run to the shower naked if you do something different for me” she said, that wicked smile on her full lips.

“I’ll let you jack off into your hand. I’ll let you get dressed and go to the bathroom to clean up provided…”

She giggled a little and paused for dramatic effect.

“Provided you first lick the cum up off your hand.”

She let the words hang there as she sat back and smiled a broad, toothy smile at me.

“In fact” she continued as I stared at her, probably with a look of distress on my face. “You should probably do that right now just to show me that you can.”

She sat back, imperiously, waiting for me to comply because she knew I would.

“Stand in the middle of the room please” she instructed, a deviation from our normal position of us both seated on her bed.

I stood, naked in the middle of her room. I grabbed my cock and began jerking it for her. It felt good, as always, but I was so anxious for what was to come. Was she really going to make me do that? Could I even go through with it? I was trembling at the knees with nervousness and she could see I was hesitant.

“I’ll give you some encouragement” she said, and she pulled off her top and bra. Her breasts were beautiful; they were nearing D-cup but were pert and perky and attached to a lovely 20 year old body. “As fast as you can” she said, instructing me on how to jerk myself.

“When you cum catch it all in your hand, then just slurp it up. Do it quick and it won’t be so bad.” she offered as further instruction.

I was standing there, jerking furiously and staring at her breasts, almost salivating at the beauty of my dominant girlfriend. Then the orgasm began to surface. She saw it in my face and shouted for me to “Do it! Do it! Cum and lick it up!”

That was it, and I crossed the threshold. I came hard and concentrated to get it all in my hand.

Ten seconds later and the orgasm was done, with it faded all desire to continue with my task.

“Lick it up!” Cher said, almost giddily. “C’mon, c’mon! Do it! I wanna se you do it!”

At this point I couldn’t help but think that Cher had never even tasted my cum and here I was about to do it for her, in front of her.

I swallowed my pride, and for the first time of many times to come, I swallowed my cum for Cher. I licked it up quickly, trying to avoid it’s gross smell. The taste wasn’t actually even all that bad, it was just the slimy but sticky texture and the knowledge of what it was that made me gag.

Cher laughed and was loving it.

“Oh my god baby! That was so hot!” She saw me struggling to finish the last bits on me hand. “Come here, baby.” she said sweetly. I walked to her and she took my hand in hers and looked at it, a few small strings of cum still on my palm and fingers. She slowly worked her tongue around my hand, sucking up the remnants of the cum. She smacked her lips and smiled.

“See? It’s not so bad. Thanks for doing that for me baby. I really enjoyed watching you do that. Next time I think I’ll have you lick it out of my pussy after you cum in me.”

“Wow.” I said. “That sounds hot as hell.”

And we cuddled each other for a while before I got her off a few times.

Part 3:

Cher and I didn’t have any words to describe what it was we were doing. Words for it exist, but we didn’t think about it that way. To us it was just how we lived our sexual lives. Perhaps the most fitting term to describe what it was we did during those college days in her all girl’s dorm was CFNM. Clothed Female Naked Male. This is because, perhaps, the defining element of our relationship during those days was the fact that behind closed doors I was naked, and Cher was clothed. It didn’t take long for this to just become normal for us. And, as illustrated by the cafe handjob, and the constant running around of the dorm naked, Cher enjoyed adding an element of public humiliation to our play. In retrospect, it was probably not the best idea for us to be doing that. Who knows what the administrational consequences may have been if the wrong person would have caught a naked man in the girl’s dorm hallways. A couple girls did catch a glimpse of me I know, but I never heard anything about it. I never thought to ask Cher at the time, but I wonder if she’d already warned them about the things she had me do and they were all just in on the joke.

One time, maybe 3-4 months into our relationship, I was at Cher’s room as usual. It was late morning one weekend day and I had gone to take a shower. By this point Cher was no longer sneaking into the bathroom to take my towels while I showered, I simply wasn’t allowed to bring them with me in the first place. After sneaking to the shower naked, taking a shower, and sneaking back I was a little surprised to find her door closed. She almost always left it open and I would close it behind me when I entered.

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