Going Down In The Streets


I’ve always been a pretty lucky guy growing up in the more central part of Detroit still in the area. I’m about 6′ 6″ 200 lbs so not a model or any thing but not bad. I’ve been struggling with girls since my last girlfriend Bridget dumped me out of nowhere after 6 years together. Cold heartless bitch… sorry, where was I? Oh yeah! So the struggle, I was getting a number like once in ten girls the rest I just got rejected immediately until the night of my 26th birthday I tried the very last club in the area.

There she was at 5′, the blonde bombshell of my dreams staring at me which was a good sign, then came the joke. I didn’t hear it but when a girl says something and the rest of the girls she is with laugh is not a good sign. So I go up to the bar, order myself Bud Light and find a comfortable spot in a booth.

3 beers later, out of nowhere, the bombshell appeared in front of me then sat down across from me in the booth and introduced herself as Michelle. “Cody,” I half yelled, so she could hear over the music.

“Do you want to get out of here?” I asked. She agreed, as long as we went to her place. My mild buzz got me just happy enough to play along until I sobered up real quick. After going into the master escort ankara bathroom, she came out in a full latex suit and a strap on with another suit in her hand. I started to stutter. She told me my stammering was really turning her on and she handed me the suit and told me I wouldn’t get laid till it was on. I waited a bit and she just stood there glaring. Reluctantly I brought the suit to the bathroom and put it on.

The suit felt weird, like a full body compression suit with holes for my dick, asshole, mouth (the suit forced me to keep my mouth open enough for a dick or strap on as I found out), and nostrils. I laid down on the bed on my stomach. Suddenly, I was pulled by my ankles off the bed, leaving me bent over the bed with my legs spread wide due to the height (my knees didn’t reach low enough). I felt 2 things, lube on my asshole being smeared in and around the opening, and a gentle hand stoking my dick and playing with my balls giving me a nice boner.

As suddenly as everything else happened that night so did all that end. Or so I thought until that massive strap-on slammed full length, full force, one fluid motion up into my lubed ass. I screamed bloody murder as the rubber esenyurt escort dick sat in my ass for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, the pain faded. I wasn’t enjoying it but it didn’t hurt. Michelle seemed to sense this as she began a slow, gentle rhythm in and out of my ass.

Then the next step to making me her bitch… Tits! She had a pair of massive fake tits. They had to be something like DDD, and they were heavy. After rolling me over like a shish kabob, she filled two pockets on the inside of the suit that I hadn’t noticed before. The suit stretched and squeezed the false boobs but neither the breasts nor the suit broke. She then must’ve taken a picture because I heard the classic snap of a cell phone camera. As she kept fucking me, she got harder and faster and start using fuller strokes.

She began playing with my dick and at this point I had started to enjoy it, at least until another dildo was crammed down my throat making it harder to breathe, but still manageable. Michelle still stroked my dick. I could feel that I was getting close to my orgasm. I could tell that she had come several times now and that she was getting close again. The rhythm of everything: eskişehir escort her hand, the strap on and even my hips grinding in the flurry of sex just got to me. I came so hard that I shot streams to my face. The dildo was removed from my mouth just in time for me to catch a ton of my own sperm. The next thing I knew, I had a big wet kiss and was rolled over on top to share my salty catch with her. Her rubbery cock was rubbing against my semi-hard penis and my ass now felt empty.

After that she asked if I would like to move in. I couldn’t say yes fast enough, so I sold my apartment and moved in. I found a pair of large dildos and some new rules in an opened envelope on the table:

“1. No clothes to be worn in the house unless we have company.

2. There will be a dildo in your ass at all times no matter what.

3. You will be fucked regularly.

4. You will learn to eat me out properly.

5. If any rules are broken you will pay”

I was incredibly turned on by this. I knew she would be pissed if I didn’t start immediately, so I stripped and stuck the dildo in my ass slowly. I then waited on her bed for her until I heard the door open. Then I realized why the rules were already open when I heard a purse and keys being put down then the sound of a belt drop to the floor, then a soft moan that I knew wasn’t Michelle. Next I saw Michelle’s surprised roommate we stood equally surprised and naked with dildos in our asses. We were speechless from the shock. Needless to say I have had fun since then.

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