How to Handle a Submissive Hubby


I couldn’t believe it had gotten to this point. My wimp of a husband was constantly nagging me, questioning my whereabouts, my intentions and it was starting to annoy me. It almost felt like he was trying to control me, although I knew he wasn’t. I knew deep down he was a submissive and although it had been a while since we had talked about it, I remembered him telling me about some of his fantasies of submission. He had wanted me to cuckold him, force him to submit. At the time it seemed too kinky to me, but the more I thought about it the more interested in it I became.

Specifically, the benefits for me! He had encouraged me to find another man that would satisfy me. I didn’t see the point, as he was doing a pretty good job. Ha, Ha…that was until I actually tried it! I never knew I could experience such a sexual release. Perhaps it was because the sex was that good or maybe it was because of the extreme kinkiness of the whole idea and its effect on my mind. But whatever the reason, the results were still the same. Mind blowing sex, multiple orgasms (yeah, real ones) and no strings attached. Just crazy sex with guys that I thought were hot and of course larger/more capable than my husband.

Which brings us to the here and now. It seems he is getting the impression that I am really enjoying this and now he wants to control the situation a little. Always questioning where I am at and what I am doing….. who is he kidding? He wanted this and our relationship has been improving. So, I decided real quickly that maybe he just needed a refresher as to who was actually in charge here. A real refresher, like he has never experienced. It was going to be extremely hard for me to do this to someone that I truly loved so much. But I knew it was what he wanted and what we needed. Our relationship was going to remain a female led relationship. Mainly because it worked better for us and he truly enjoyed his role much more than he did before. I had always forced him to be the man, to make all the decisions. But he didn’t want to be in that position, it wasn’t natural for him to lead a lady, and it was affecting my self confidence. The change has been great for us and I intend to keep it that way.

I had done a little research and knew from past experiences that until I truly put him in his place, nothing would change. You see, my husband is no wimp and is pretty fit, and very masculine outside of our home. And I definitely didn’t want to change that. But inside our home, I ran the show and I needed to set the record straight. It had been a long day and he had been at it again. You know, questioning, annoying, etc. So I decided today was the day. I had already made some preliminary plans. You see we had done some role playing before, so I had all the gear at home (the handcuffs, restraints, strap-on, etc). In thinking about all this a few days prior, I had already rounded up all of my toys and had staged them already, so that I would have easy access to them. I was on the way home from work and I knew the kids were asleep. So I knew, I could have my way with him. He had no clue, which made it that much better. Boy was he going to be surprised when I dropped that knee on him.

I arrived home and greeted him as usual. We went through our daily updates and wandered up to the bedroom. He was wearing some baggy shorts, so I knew that the timing was right. I sat next to the bed and called him over; indicating that I thought something was on his face. As he walked over, I stood up and began to inspect his cheek. As I was doing that, I started to kiss around his neck and looked down to gauge my positioning. Perfect! I quickly brought my knee up into his crotch, as if he was karşıyaka escort a strange man about to rape me. I really didn’t know if I would have the courage to take the chance, that I may inflict that much pain on him.

You see I am not a mean person and don’t enjoy seeing him in pain, but I knew that this was what he wanted and needed. Otherwise, it would not have the truly desired effect on him, mentally. We would continue to waver on who was actually in control unless I drove my point home and let him see that I was capable of it.

The immediate reaction was as planned, he curled over holding his crotch & now aching balls. I grabbed my handcuffs from under the mattress and jumped at the opportunity, forcing him to the floor, forcing him over so he was face down on the floor, pulling his hands behind his back and putting my full body weight on him as I sat on his back. I grabbed his wrists and placed the cuffs on one hand, then the other. Now his hands were secured behind his back. I kept my body weight on him, holding him down while I removed his shorts with my hands and feet.

Oh yeah, between the moaning, he was complaining and asking questions but I didn’t say a word, yet. Next I grabbed the mask from my bag of toys and put it over his eyes. I guess anything will work, as long as he can’t see what’s happening. Pulling on his wrists I told him to get on his knees. Once there, I went around and kneeled in front of him. I gently leaned into his neck and said, “how do you like me now?” He smirked a little, but I didn’t need an answer as his little penis was answering for him. He was already supporting a semi-hard penis. It was obvious that he was enjoying it, even in pain.

So I proceeded to start fondling his balls. He jumped when I first touched them, afraid I was about to hurt him again. I wanted this to be somewhat of a sensual domination, so I leaned in and started whispering in his ear. I let him know that I remembered the conversations that we had about his submissiveness and that I was starting to become annoyed with his behavior. I reminded him that from now on, he was really going to be my bitch. No more pretending! From now on, I was absolutely in charge and that if/when he ever crossed me or disrespected me, he better be prepared for similar consequences.

He didn’t answer, so I proceeded to cup his little balls and start to squeeze. When he started to feel the pain, I again asked if he understood. No response, so I really squeezed this time and he quickly answered, “Yes, maam.” I reminded him that I was a lady and that he would treat me with the upmost respect in public and in our home. I asked, “Do you understand?” Again, I squeezed his balls to which he reacted rather quickly with a “Yes, Maam.” I reminded him that he should NEVER disrespect me in our home, in front of our family or friends nor should he ever do anything that would embarrass or hurt my feelings in front of others.

I was starting to like this control and couldn’t wait to squeeze those balls to which I got my affirmative response, “Yes, Maam.” Just to make sure he knew I wasn’t afraid to crush his balls again, I released them and gave him a really hard smack right on the balls with my hand. He curled over and I grabbed him by the hair and brought him back up to look me in the eyes. I removed his mask and I looked him right in the eyes, smiled and said, “Who’s the bitch now?” I quickly grabbed his balls to squeeze them again and heard him quickly say, “Yes, maam.” I then pushed him back down on his face and put the mask back on, so that I could get to the next part of my plan. I was going to make sure he never forgot this.

I kartal escort kept my eye on him and retrieved some of my other restraints and the vibrator, lube and rubber gloves, which I had stashed. I came back over and removed my clothes and sat on his upper back, facing his feet. I took the lube and started massaging it around his asshole. Yeah, he knew what was about to happen but there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.

Most girls know nothing about anal for a guy, so I had taken some time to read up on it and find out exactly what I should do. I gently and sensually massaged around his asshole, occasionally inserting my gloved finger. I reached up under him and pulled his cock and balls out so that I could work them as well and if needed, get his attention with a little pain. Taking my time I made sure to lube him up good and to get his asshole loosened up some.

I kept talking to him about how much I knew he was enjoying it and that maybe even I should call one of my girlfriends to come over. That she would probably get a kick out of seeing him like this. She would probably laugh, seeing me fuck his ass like a little bitch. Better yet, I was going to have one of the guys I had been fucking come over and watch. I wanted them to see his pathetic cock and see how much of a bitch he was. After ten minutes or so and once I had loosened him up, I took my vibrator and slowly started massaging it into his asshole. I kind of let it find it’s on way as I guided it into his ass.

On a side note, a vibrator is ok, but a rubber dong, rubber dildo or stap-on will bend a little more and conform to his body.

I continued teasing him about being my little bitch, calling him a little faggot and teasing his cock and balls. I told him that the next time I would have a boyfriend come over so that I could suck a real cock while I fucked him. Or better yet, make him suck my boyfriends cock while I fucked his ass. Oh yeah, that’s what I was going to do. Fuck him in the ass and make him suck one of my black boyfriends while I took pictures.

I continued the teasing and sensual fucking of his asshole for probably ten minutes. I knew that he was getting aroused, so I stopped for a moment and gave his balls a nice little slap, just to cool him down. You see, a guy can’t cum if he is in pain. If you inflict pain you are very likely to kill his orgasm, because you replace the nice thoughts of having an orgasm with pain. I demanded that he not cum however. He was to let me know if he was getting close to cumming.

Then I got up and rolled him over to his back. I wanted to sit on his face for a while and toy with his little penis and balls. See how close I could get him to cumming. I knew it would be hard, because he would constantly be wondering if I was going to slap his balls again. He is a great pussy eater, so I had hopes of getting some sexual pleasure out of this and possibly even having an orgasm.

I wasn’t quite able to get off but I did administer some more teasing & torture and got a great deal of oral pleasure out of him in this position.

I took the leg/ankle restraints and attached them to his ankles while I had him on the floor. Once I had them secured, I grabbed the cuffs and instructed him to get on his knees. I reminded him that if he failed to listen promptly he could expect a swift and painful punishment. I guided him over to the bed and instructed him to stand up. Once he was standing i forced his face down on the bed, while he was still standing. He knew what was coming next.

I had him in the perfect position to take his ass again, while I played with his balls kastamonu escort and jacked his cock. I grabbed the lube and used my glove finger to get him ready again. I used my free hand to massage his balls and jack his cock as I finger fucked him and got him ready. Once he was lubed I began to take him again. I really wish I would have taken him with a strap-on now. To me, that would have been even better. Oh well, next time! Anyway, this was simply a step to add some more submission (him bent over the bed, at my mercy) and get him ready for me to take him in the bed. I wanted to take him in his ass, while i was on top of him, looking him in the eyes and jacking his cock. I wanted to make him have an orgasm while I was fucking him.

At this point, I could easily coax him into doing what I wanted, as I had unrestrained access to his balls and after the pain he had just suffered he wasn’t about to provoke me now. So I placed the wrist restraints on him. I had him get up on the bed and sit on his butt. I secured the wrist straps to each of bedposts on the headboard and then I pulled the ankle straps and attached them tightly to the lower bedposts. I then got behind him and as I removed one of the handcuffs I pulled the wrist strap tighter so that he didn’t have time to get loose. Once I had that arm secured, I pulled the other wrist strap tight. I didn’t give him any wiggle room. He was spread eagle and ready for the next part of this game.

With his mask on, he could only guess what I was doing now. I still wanted to get off though, so I got back on his face again in a 69 position and told him that he better get me off this time or I would really destroy his balls. I alternated between lying on his chest and sitting on his face/riding his face. I basically fucked his face to an orgasm. I instructed him to lick my asshole and pussy while I got off.

In the interest of time and I was getting tired now that I had gotten off, I opted not to fuck him to an orgasm tonight. Sorry, hubby! I was already in a 69 position and had great access to his cock so I just started sucking him and jacking him. Telling him how much I enjoyed having him as my bitch. I reminded him that he better never break the rules again. As I sucked him and teased him, I could tell he was starting to get close. I couldn’t wait. He had no idea; he was going to be eating his own cum.

I continued sucking and as I felt him tense up and his balls tighten even more, I knew he was about to erupt. As he started erupting, I gave him another hard slap to the balls just to make sure he didn’t enjoy it too much. He let out a little yell, but it was muffled quite well by my pussy on his face. As he finished, I turned around and leaned over his face & grabbed his balls at the same time. As he opened his mouth to protest, I planted a nice wet cum filled kiss right in his mouth, tongue and all. I placed my other hand over his mouth and dared him to spit.

As he lay there spent, I got up & got a rag to clean off his shrinking little penis. You see, I had yet another plan he wasn’t expecting. A few months ago we had purchased a Chastity Device. We had played with it some and he had worn it some, but I was about to secure it on him again. Whether he wanted to or not, he was going to be locked in chastity when I let him get up.

I didn’t know how he was going to react if I just released him from his restraints, so I figured if I had him in chastity then he would be less likely to cop an attitude. After all, he better be nice to me if he wants to get out. So I got the lotion and the chastity device and returned to the room. With him still restrained I sat on his face again. I proceeded to lube his cock up, apply the locking ring and then the tube which I secured in place with the lock. Oh yes, he started protesting when he realized what I was doing. But that’s why I had him restrained. And he won’t be getting out of his chastity device again unless he lets me restrain him first.

Until we meet again!

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