I’m A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 03


The next few weeks were kinda weird. I think Doug felt funny about talking about Alison while I serviced him and how his thoughts of her were now out in the open. Now that I knew how he thought of her, I noticed him checking her out and how his eyes would drift towards her tits when she wore tight shirts. When he talked to her, he was the perfect gentleman though, looking at her eyes when they talked. I could see the effort it took to restrain himself. Alison didn’t make it easy though, with occasional mild flirting with him and wearing tanktops and shorts in the yard.

I continued to be at his beck and call, going to his place to service him when he called. When Alison would go out, he’d be at my door within a half hour, cock out, waiting for my mouth to engulf it. I was now able to deepthroat him and we both enjoyed the feeling of his balls bouncing on my chin as I pleasured him. I know that he enjoyed the power kick from having me on my knees, commanding me to suck his big black cock and swallow his loads.

One day, Doug called and Alison comes outside and tells me he called and has a job for me. I chuckle inwardly and when I finish what I was doing, head over. I walk inside (knocking is no longer required) and see Doug and another guy sitting on the couch, watching a baseball game. Doug introduces me to Matt, a 40-something black guy about my height but in very good shape and fairly muscular, who looks at Doug and says “Is this the guy?”. Doug replies yes, and Matt raises his eyebrows and says “All the way??? Really? I think I’m gonna get some of that”

I look at Doug and he shrugs and tells me it slipped out when they were talking about their sex lives. At this, Matt stands up, pulls the leg of his shorts up to take out his cock and says to me “Look what else slipped out. Get over here on your knees and start sucking this” while he grabs his balls and cock and waves it back and forth. I look at it, and although it’s not quite as long as Doug’s big cock, it is just as thick, nicely shaped, with a nicely shaped mushroom head. Like Doug, his balls were shaved and he had a nice vein running down the length of his shaft. The one difference though? His balls are huge! They seem like two tangerines in his hand! My thoughts of disbelief that Doug told someone about our arrangement conflict with the desire to get on my knees and service Matt.

Doug breaks the silent pause with a command to me, “You know why I called you over. Get on your knees and give Matt what he wants. kilis escort Now.” he orders.

I walk up to Matt and he puts his hand on the top of my head and pushes me down to my knees so that I’m now looking directly at his growing cock, now about 5″ and resting like a lazt “S” on his ball sac, facing my mouth and awaiting entrance. As I noticed earlier, his balls are huge, much bigger than Doug’s and shaved. I think to myself that he must have some bulge in briefs and excitedly picture that. “I hope I’ll get to see that”, I think. Later that afternoon, I do. He commands me “Go on, open your mouth and say ‘ahhh’ and I’ll give you a treat”.

I obediently open my mouth and he drops his cock on my tongue and begins to slide it in and out, hands on his hips in a domineering posture. I eagerly let him thrust in and out and I enjoy the feeling of his manliness sliding on my tongue, getting wet and harder with each thrust. I feel him grow harder in my mouth and he begins to pick up the pace, telling Doug that he was right, that I am doing a good job so far. “Well, let’s see just how good he is bro”, he says to DOug. He grows to a full 6½” and I eagerly show him that I can take him all the way in, feeling his enormous balls hit my chin with each inward thrust. From my perspective on my knees and with his hard cock in my mouth, his balls hitting my chin on each upstroke feels like a wrecking ball trying to break it’s way into my mouth. I can smell his manliness when his cock is tickling the back of my throat and I begin to use my hands to caress his muscular chest and work them to his ass, at which point I pull his cock all the way into my mouth and just let it sit there for a moment, letting his balls rest on my chin.

He looks at Doug with a huge smile and says “Damn, you’re right Doug, this boy can suck!! This is fuckin awesome” as he pulls his cock out of my mouth and pulls away from me. “Lick my balls” he commands and I move towards him again and get down lower so I can lick and tongue his balls. I can’t fit them both in my mouth together, so I go to town on them one at a time. They’re so big and I take my time to make sure that I coat his nutsack with my saliva and devote time to each ball, licking and caressing it with my hungry tongue. I run my tongue up and down his shaft, popping his cock head into my mouth and drawing him all the way in before I quickly take him out.

He says to me “What the fuck!? You’re gonna tease me? No fuckin way!” and he backs kıbrıs escort off. I lean forward to engulf him again and he backs off and says “No! Beg for it! Beg to suck my cock! Beg me to suck my cock or I’ll put it away right now!! I’ll jerk off in the bathroom and leave you hanging if you don’t beg for it.”

I never realized how much I’ve come to enjoy sucking DOug’s cock and pleasing him and now, sucking Matt’s cock and pleasing him while DOug watches, well, it’s only a moment before I start pleading to Matt, “Please Matt, let me suck your magnificent cock. Put that big cock in my mouth and let me please you. Let me lick those big balls of yours. Let me make you cum down my throat. Let me please you. Please Matt, put your cock back in my mouth. I want you to fill my mouth with your cum.” I crawl towards hm, but he backs off slightly, holding my head away from his large manhood. The talk excites him, and he says he’s thinking about it. But what really set the two of them off was my next comment.

I plead a little more, telling him that he tastes and feels so good and that I want his balls on my chin again. Then, it slips out, “Please Master, fuck my mouth”. He looks at Doug, shocked and laughs, and says to DOug “You got yourself a great situation man, a fucking great situation. This guy blows you whenever you ask? Fuck, I’m jealous.” He then takes my head and shoves his cock back in and starts pumping, hands on his hips again, commanding me to suck his cock. His precum is flowing furiously now and I think that he has to be close to cumming. His commands excite me and I start moving my head in tune with his thrusts, never letting his cock out of my mouth, caressing his enormous balls to work his load out.

Suddenly, I feel something on my shoulder and think it’s Matt, grabbing me to force his cock to the back of my throat just before he cums. But it’s not, it’s Doug’s monster cock, growing larger and larger while resting on my shoulder. The head nearly reaches my mouth and Doug rubs it on my cheek, making slight thrusting movements towards my face. He straddles my shoulder, balls resting there, and puts the head of his cock on my lips while Matt’s cock occupies that space. My mouth is full with Matt’s cock, which is starting to twitch, but I release Matt and engulf Doug all the way to the hilt.

Matt sees this and is at the point of no return. He means all business and grabs my head, pulls my mouth off Doug’s big cock, and aims his cock towards kırıkkale escort my open mouth. He gets the head to my lips just as he begins to spurt and manages to get his cock all the way in, erupting as it enters my mouth. He keeps thrusting his cock all the way in and pulling it out to the base of hishead, but never lets it out of my mouth. Five, six, seven, eight spurts later, he shoots his entire load into my mouth. Some did leak out, I mean, those balls were huge and made some load. I lick him clean while Doug’s massive and rock-hard cock presses at my cheek.

I turn towards Doug and begin my service of him. He holds my head in place and mouth-fucks me a little, then thrusts himself all the way in my mouth. His balls rub against my chin and when he pulls out, some of the cum from Matt that ended up on my chin rests on DOug’s balls. “Lick them clean!, he commands me. I obediently do so and he rewards me by shoving his cock to the back of my throat again. I continue fellating Doug for a few more minutes and hear Doug tell Matt “Sure. Why not”. I’m not sure what he asked Doug, but I soon figure it out.

Out of the corner of my eye, with Doug’s big cock moving in and out of my mouth with the rhythm of an oil derrick, I see Matt put his shorts back on and begin pacing. It looks like he’s on the phone and I thought I heard him give someone Doug’s address. Doug pulls his cock out of my mouth and smacks it against my cheek and says “Hey! My cock! Pay attention to my cock you cockslut!” I return my attention to his cock and within a couple of minutes, he is erupting in my mouth while Matt looks on, satisfied. I lick him clean as I usually do, and they invite me to sit down for a while and watch the game, telling me that I have time, that Alison texted me saying she was going to run some errands.

After a couple of beers and a few innings, the doorbell rings. Matt jumps up excitedly and rushes to get the door. He comes back to the den, followed by two black guys. He introduces them as Marcus and Kevin, and grins at them. They too are of similar build to Matt, fit, muscular, clean, and about the same age, give or take a few years. He looks at them and then to me and says “Are you ready?” I have a sudden feeling of apprehension and dread come over me, but Doug tells me, “Don’t worry, what happens here, stays here.” and laughs. “You’re just gonna take care of some business with my friends here. Considering how much you like black cock, I thought you’d like to broaden your horizons.”

“Not to mention broaden his mouth, once he gets Kevin’s cock in that mouth of his” chimes in Matt, chuckling.

I look towards Kevin’s crotch, but the basketball shorts he has on don’t provide me with any inkling of what is to come, or cum…

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