Jill vs Chuck


I posted my match with Debra and I got a response from a professional circuit female wrestler/Dom about setting up a similar match. The rules would be the same. Both nude with points awarded for submissions, forced organisms, and achieved organisms. Unlike Debra I really did not have any information on Jill so I really did not know what to expect. The big difference was the fact that we were meeting at her place which had a real wrestling ring.

I arrived at the proper time and was met at the door by a very attractive brunette. Jill looked to be about 5’2 with what looked like c cup. She had a pleasant smile and a very firm handshake. She started the conversation by stating that this would be her first match that she had done that had submissions as well as organisms. She also said “Remember dynamite comes in small packages “For some reason I had a feeling she was probably right. She suggested we disrobe and climb into the ring. We took in each others bodies. Jill was a full c cup, with a flat stomach and what looked like every strong legs. Her arms were larger that Debra’s and I had a feeling they were as strong or stronger. She noticed I was looking at her legs and she said, these are as strong as they look and with that she raised up on her toes to reveal what looked like a 15 inch calf with at least 24 to 25 inch thighs. The sight of this small, konyaaltı sınırsız escort but very strong looking lady gave me an instant erection. We shook hands and started the match

The Match

Jill wasted no time getting started as she charged me low and before I knew it I was flat in the ring with her on top straddling my waist. I placed my hands on her thighs to see if I could roll her off and they felt like steel. Instead of pushing her off she rolled me to the side and secured a body scissors. So, how do like it so far Chuck. My response was cut off as she powered the scissors and drove all of my breath out of me. The pain was unbearable. She let up long enough to ask if I wanted to submit and I probably should have but did not want to give in just yet. Big mistake. Jill started to increase the pressure slowly and before I knew it I passed out from lack of air. I awoke with her sitting on my stomach stroking my fully erect dick. She stated my passing out was a submission and now she was going to get a forced organism. I attempted to hold out, but she lowered her head and in a matter of seconds had me Cumming like crazy. I was amazed. Jill was right about the small package being dynamite. I was going to have a get back in the match or I would end up getting beaten by a woman 10 inches konyaaltı türbanlı escort shorter.

The second fall I locked up with Jill’s hands in the middle of the ring. She was very strong and I could not believe the power in her arms, but I was able to out muscle her and get her on the mat on her back. Before I could get on top of her she sat up, placed her arms around my butt and pulled my stiff dick into her waiting mouth. This totally took me by surprise and before I knew what happened she had another forced organism the score was Jill 13, Chuck 0

I was dumbfounded. This woman was unbelievable.

The third fall had us both being careful. I had to get at least a submission. Jill charged and I side stepped her and got her in a full nelson.. I put pressure into the hold and bent her over to her knees. I pulled her back and with me sitting behind her I secured a body scissors. Okay Jill its time for you to submit I stated. Her response was lets see what you have got? So I squeezed the body scissors as hard as I could but I could not get her to submit. Jill taunted, see, your scissors are not near as bad as mine. So I decided to up the ante. I wrapped my legs around her legs and lifted her back and came down on the mat hard for an ass smash. Jill cried out in pain and before she knew what konyaaltı ucuz escort happened I gave her another shot. I started for a third and she cried out her submission. I released the full nelson and she slumped forward and started to get up on her knees. With her backside exposed to my dick I rammed it hard into her inviting pussy. She was startled but met me thrust for thrust. I could not believe the intensity of this fuck fight. Then she upped the ante. Jill had a vagina that was even stronger than Debra’s and as she met my thrusts she milked my dick by squeezing with unbelievable power. I knew I could not outlast her and after three thrust/milk combinations I lost it. As soon as she had me she erupted. I got my submission, but lost the organisms. Score Jill 23, Chuck 3.

We were both tired and took a rest before the final round. To even have a chance to at least finishing with some dignity I would need to get a submission and somehow get two forced organisms and an achieved one

Jill charged and I ducked, but she got me in a head lock and flipped me to the mat. She dove on to my prone body and wrapped her thighs around my legs for a grapevine. Instead of applying pressure to the hold she somehow impaled my cock with her super strong pussy. I was totally trapped. She looked down and simply stated did I just want to give up now or do we finish this her way. She increased the grapevine and starting milking my dick. I was done and she had me scream my submission just as her pussy extracted my last organism. She then sat on the still erect member and with a rocking motion and screamed her own organism. Final score Jill 36, Chuck 3. I had been totally beaten and I told her I had to have a rematch.

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