Long Way Home


It was a Monday night. My pay had come in finally and we needed some grocery items at home. I didn’t drive and the bus service had finished running an hour earlier. It was summer so the evening was still sunny. I had my earphones in my ears and the music was playing loudly. Every now and then I would sing along to it. IT was in another language but I especially liked the video clips and the music was catchy.

An hour later, I had finally got to the supermarket. Man was it hot. The sun was still high. Sunset wouldn’t be for at least another 1-2 hours yet. I grabbed a trolley and started getting some of the items we needed right away. It ended up being a bit more than I was expecting. I paid for the grocery items and packed them in the bags. This was going to take some time for me to get back home and I didn’t have enough for a taxi. I would have to pace myself. Juggling the bags and my phone, I started the trek back home.

About 20 minutes later, I had finally got to the old church. There were some seats inside the gate so I put the groceries down and rested for a bit. When I felt I could go on, I stood up and grabbed the bags again, the plastic was cutting into my fingers leaving red marks. I walked through the rest of the church and carried on walking.

A short while later, I finally made it to the long road which I had to walk down to get home which was all the way at the end. I tried to walk as quickly as I could, stopping every 10 or so steps to put the groceries down to give my fingers a break. The sun was starting to set by now and I was starting to feel tired. I was only a quarter of the way home. Not too far down the road, a car was driving along on the other side of the road. IT drove up a bit, turned around and came to a stop by me.

“Hey there. You got far to go?” said an elderly man.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Would you like to have a ride then? I could drop you at home?” Normally I would turn down lifts from strangers, but I was sore and I was getting tired, and I wasn’t even halfway yet. The elderly man looked like he was in his 60s at least.

“Oh, yes please.” I responded. He popped his boot open and helped me lift the bags of groceries into his boot, then he opened my side of the door and let me get in before he shut the door, walked around to his side and got in. I put my seat belt on as did he.

“So, where am I taking you?” I gave him the directions he would need. “That’s not a problem though I do have to ask if you don’t mind if we go on a tiki-tour before that. I have won an auction and I need to go pick up the item before 8:30pm and it’s already 7:55pm. It’s gonna take me at least 30 minutes to get there if I can leave there now.”

“Sure, you’re the driver.” I responded. He indicated to turn back around and followed the road. He turned down many side streets and finally, we ended up in the country. We came upon a long driveway that had a long line of trees. The driveway seemed to go into a bunch of trees up ahead.

We finally made it through some of the trees into a clearing. There was a man leaning against a truck that seemed to be waiting. The clearing had a dirt circle that looked like a lot of vehicles had worn down the grass over time. The old guy parked up with my side closest to the guy who was waiting.

“I won’t be long. Here. I’ll turn the radio on for you.” He turned the key so the radio would play, turned it up a bit and put his keys into his pocket. He climbed out, shut his door and walked over to the guy. They stood talking for a bit, then the old man came back to his car. He climbed in. I turned my head ordu escort to watch the old man climb in and as I did, the other guy had come up to my door and started to open it. I panicked as I realised what had just happened and I tried to undo my belt to get out. The old man was kneeling on his seat and he grabbed me with both arms and pushed me back into the seat. “You’re not going anywhere unless you’re told to.” He said.

“Please don’t.” I whimpered. The younger guy now grabbed me while the old guy undid my seat belt. He opened the glove compartment and pulled out a knife. My eyes grew wide as he unsheathed it and pointed it at my throat.

“Shut up and get out. If you don’t, I will cut you!” The younger guy still had a hold on me. The old guy withdrew the knife a bit so I could get out and the young guy hauled me out and dragged me to the back of the truck. The old man came over and opened the back of the truck.

“Get in!” Said the younger man. I climbed up the back and walked inside shakily. The truck had had some work done to it. It was lined. Four leather bindings hung from the roof of the truck. “You can scream all you want to, cry all you want to. This truck is sound-proofed so no-one will hear you. Now take your clothes off and don’t take your time!” The old guy brandished the knife at me as if to prove a point. I quickly did as I was told to do. “Good.” The younger guy went towards the back of the truck and grabbed a switch. He pressed a green button and the bindings started to come down. I went to try and hide myself as best I could turning sideways and trying to cover myself with my hands but the old man stopped me.

“Don’t do that and legs apart now!” Feeling completely exposed, I did as I was told. “Now lay down on the floor on your back!” Again, I complied. The floor felt hard. The younger guy came over and bound my wrists and ankles in the leather straps so that I was star-fished. He then went back to the switches and the bindings started to go up, pulling me upwards as well.

“I’ can put this down now.” Said the old man. He sheathed the knife and put it into a compartment on the side. Both of the men started to strip down.

“Please don’t.” I begged. Both men laughed. The old guy came over first and forced a ball gag into my mouth and tied it up so all I could make was inarticulate noises. Then both of them together started exploring my naked body with their hands. The played with my clit and breasts.

“Old man…she’s getting wet.” I half cried out and half moaned as their fingers started to prod my anus and my pussy. I could hear them both breathing heavily with excitement and lust.

“I got her so I get to go first.” Said the old man. He loomed over me between my spread legs and I felt his penis as it started to push against my pussy. I tried to clench my butt and pussy tight but this only seemed to excite him and I felt him push his penis hard into my pussy. His cock was large. He started to slide his cock back and forth in my now wet pussy. My own breathing became laboured and I moaned. My body betrayed me and I felt excitement, fear and pleasure all at the same time. Over and over he slid in cock back and forth in my wet pussy. An age must have passed but the old man had excellent stamina for his age. “I love young cunts. Yours is so tight and yummy!” I felt the ball gag get taken from my mouth. I had shut my eyes and didn’t want to see anything. Now my moans and screams came out louder. This seemed to excite the old man more and his thrusts became deeper and faster. Abruptly, the old man stopped. “Get in now. I want to watch osmaniye escort too.” The younger guy came and took his turn between my legs. His cock was thinner but longer. He placed his cock at the entrance of my pussy and rammed his cock straight in. I arched my back and cried out.

“Yeah. You like that a lot don’t you bitch!” He said “I’m gonna fuck your brains out so hard!”

“How much do you like this bitch?” Said the old man.

“please stop.” I said. The old man bent down and slapped my arse hard.

“I’ll ask again bitch. How much do you like this?”

“A lot.” I replied.

“Do you want us to stop or do you want more?” He was leaning over me in a menacing way.

“I want more.” I responded.

“There. Not so hard to tell the truth. I could tell you like this by how much you’re moaning and screaming. Well I can tell you that you’ll get your wish bitch.” Over and over, they took turns. I writhed against the restraints and with each thrust they did. I loved the feeling of being fucked and hated that I liked it so much.

Finally they stopped and the young guy loomed over me.

“We’re gonna untie you now.” I was lowered to the ground and they both undid my bonds. I didn’t feel scared anymore. In fact, I felt elated and free and I wanted more.

“She looks like a dog on heat old man!”

“Yeap. I think she wants more cock!” They both came over to me. One against my front and one against my back. They pressed up against me.

“Mmmm. I love a willing slut!” I didn’t care what was being said anymore. I was horny. I wanted to feel them back between my legs, to feel their throbbing cocks pounding my pussy. “Do you want us to fuck you?” I nodded and replied.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me please!” The old man moved away to the side of the truck and pulled down the side were a bed came out. I was grabbed by the hair spun around and made to wait while the old man sat down. I was forced downwards and I felt the old mans penis push against my mouth.

“Open up bitch.” The younger guy slapped my arse and as I opened my mouth, the younger guy shoved my mouth down over the old mans cock. The old man took my hair in his fist and started to move it.

“Suck it bitch!” The younger guy pushed his penis against my pussy and started to thrust hard. I cried out and the old guy moaned with pleasure. The thrusts were hard and made me cry out against the old mans cock which in turn made him moan with pleasure. “Oh god that feels so good!” Thrust after thrust came in waves. They both stopped and swapped over. Now I was gagging on the younger guys cock while the old man fucked me from behind. Sometimes he would thrust his cock into my pussy, then he would take it out and push it into my anus while he fingered my pussy. All I could do between gagging was scream and moan.

I have no idea how long this went on for but finally they stopped. Finally, they were spent.

“You know old man. She’d be good for a party!”

“Nah. More for us this way!” They looked up at me. You can lay down on the bed if you want. Our cocks need a break.

“But god your cunt is so gorgeous!” I lay down out of exhaustion. I had to admit that I did like this and if I was being honest, I was sad that it was actually coming to an end. All this time I had had a sub-conscious fantasy of being kidnapped, bound, gagged and raped without realising it. Pity it was time to stop.

Ok our pretty sexy bitch. You need to get dressed now.” My clothes were tossed in different areas on the truck floor. I went to the closest item, and went to bend over. The ostim escort old man grabbed me and I felt him slide his cock in again. Oh my god! That felt so great. I became loud as he thrust his cock back and forth inside me.

“Oh god! Don’t stop please!” I cried out. “Fuck me, oh fuck me, oh god yes!” The thrusts got harder as the old man got excited.

After a short time, the old man slid his cock out and I whimpered sadly that he stopped. I went to pick up another item of clothing and the younger guy came up to me. I had started to stand up when he grabbed my neck, bent me over and he too thrust his cock into me. I cried out again and now I begged him not to stop.

“Horny little bitch aren’t you?” Over and over his cock thrust into my pussy and I cried in pleasure as he drove his cock in each time, I could feel his excitement eache time I moaned and cried out.

They took turns waiting for me to grab an item then fucking me from behind. Finally, when I had grabbed the final item, the old guy picked me up and put me on the bed on my back. He climbed between my legs and fucked me again. Oh my god! I never wanted this to end. This was great!

“Please don’t stop!” I begged as he shuddered and gave a couple of jerking thrusts. I felt his cum spill out of my pussy as his cock, now limp, slid out with the cum.

“I can’t help it.” I felt sad that he had said this. “God your pussy is perfect!” He fingere my pussy and it sent me off on a climax.

“I have to get the truck back to the garage. Gotta get up early in the morning.

“Yeah, and my wife will have a field day if I’m too late!” Said the old man. They helped me to get dressed and then they got dressed. The young guy opened the door at the back and helped me down. I felt shaky, but it was a good shaky.

“I still have to get home.” I said to the old man. “No problem. Then if I ever want another fuck, I’ll know where to get you from. Would you like that? Or maybe I could come in and fuck you in your bed?”

“I would like that a lot!” I said, “but I can’t.”


“No. I have my mum and older children at home.”

“Well maybe I can find a way to kidnap you then, or I could quietly fuck you in your bed.”

“Maybe you could do both?” I said hopefully.

“We’ll I’ll drop you off tonight and if I want a midnight snack, I’ll see I can sneak into your room and fuck you quietly. If that’s not going to work, I’ll just have to arrange to kidnap you. Maybe we could do both.

So now, some nights I have the old man sneak into my room and he will fuck me in my bed. IT’s a mission trying to stay quiet, especially when I want to cry out in pleasure. Every lunchtime, he picks me up from course and we have a quickie in his car in a secluded spot until I have to head back to course. Twice a week he picks me up from course when I finish and we go to a house he rents that has basic furniture. His wife does not know about this place and he plans to keep it that way. We usually spend hours fucking knowing it will be days before we can be free to fuck again. He’s told me that it’s been 10 years since his wife and him had sex. I’m glad he picked me up that evening. I discovered that I had secret inhibitions and lusts that I craved and he fulfils that for me. Sometimes he will bring a buddy over. Very ocassionally, he will bring over a friend to his house and we will have a fuck-over. I’d say sleep-over, but no one sleeps. His friends are different ages and different kinds. Some are older than him, some are younger, some will be business men, other almost bums that have decent hygene. They’re not always white, some have been Asian or even Maori. As for tonight, he’s promised something new.

Before all this, I would have said no. Now I am curious and eager to please him and myself and explore what possibilities there might be.

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