Maiden Maid


It’s the day I always looked forward to. Every Saturday morning my parents travel to our village to attend to our farm there. I have tuition on weekends, so I don’t go with them and gets the whole house to myself for every Saturday. After tuition I invite my best friends to my house and we do what ever a bunch of college going horny guys would do. Next month I will be 21. My parents have agreed to buy me a bike. I am waiting eagerly for it.

From next weekend my Saturdays are not going to be fun as my mom has got us a maid who will attend to my needs at weekends. All my plans and fun parties with my friends have ended. Now I have to be at home and watch boring TV all weekend. Also the maid gave me no hope of having fun. She was not so good looking. Our maid was in her late 50’s and gave the impression of a strict and boring lady. Her name is Nazrin. She hails from the other end of the town we lived and her family consisted of a son and daughter, the son being the eldest. Her husband died in the communal riots of 1980.

For the next few weeks our maid and I occupied the house during the weekends. The maid was not as boring as I thought first. She was always there to attend to my needs and was my companion for viewing TV. She liked English movies, though I had to tell the story as it unfolded. I think she liked the steamy scenes that popped up once in a while in those movies. During those scenes she was seen very much immersed in it. Once in a while her 20 year old daughter used to come to visit her. Her daughter and her son lived together in her house now. Nazrin’s son worked in my dad’s office as a peon. His name is Amjad and his sister’s is Nayna. Nayna used to stay in our house once in a while. She and her mother stayed in the bedroom adjacent to mine. On other days Nazrin was alone in that room. One day Amjad met with an accident while going to the office. He was taken to the hospital and doctors prescribed a 6 month rest for him. My dad granted him a sustenance allowance for these 6 months. Nazrin had to go and stay with her son as he needed help even for his personal calls. So as an alternative, Nayna came with us to help in our household matters. She was a great cook and my mom took a liking to her immediately. She was a good looking girl too; perfect ass, beautiful boobs and hard tits. Any guy would fall for her.

At 34-28-32 she looked stunning. She was but a short gal (just around 5 feet). I was so much fascinated by her charm. She looked really pretty in her light colored churidars. Now I have started to look forward to being alone with her on weekends. I loved being with her. She was a bubbly energetic being. Her sexy body was the major attraction. My eyes graced through her ample body every time I was alone with her. Like her mother she liked English movies and its steamy scenes. I got many DVDs for her to watch. I bought A-rated movies deliberately to arouse her sexual feelings. I desperately wanted her in my bed.

I wanted her to sleep in my room so that I could advance on her. One Saturday evening pursaklar escort after my tuition, while we were chatting in the kitchen, I asked her whether she was afraid to sleep alone. I think she knew what I was planning in my mind. But thankfully she went with it. She said that she was afraid a bit, but can manage. She wore a mischievous smile all along our conversation. I was getting aroused thinking of what could happen if my plan worked out. I told her that if she wanted she can sleep in my room. She told me that she can’t accept this arrangement as she is a servant and this would be taking an undue advantage of the acceptance my family gave her. I said to her, “Nayna, I don’t find any problem in it and I am comfortable with this arrangement. I only want good for you”. I was desperate; I wanted her more than anything. She said that if it will be okay with my parents then its fine with her. I had to make her come sleep in my room, so I told her a lie that I have got my parent’s consent in this.

That night I went early to my room and waited for her to come in. She came after some time and arranged her bed on the floor next to my king size bed. I told her if she wants to relieve herself, she can use my bathroom. She happily went into my bathroom and started reliving herself. I had made a hole in the bathroom door, through which I saw her naked and reliving her bladder. It was my first look at a real naked pussy. I was harder between my legs than any other time I could remember. I was on my bed when she came from the bathroom. I was so horny now. I had to relive my tension, so I went into the bathroom and jerked off thinking of fucking Nayna. But to my dismay it was of no use, my wanton need for her was still keeping me hornier and hard.

During the night Nayna couldn’t sleep as she was feeling cold from being right below the fan. She got up and looked at me; I was wide awake due to my horny hormones. I was watching her the entire time. I asked her what the matter was. She said that she couldn’t sleep due to the cold. I told her to come and sleep alongside me in my bed. She had a startled look on her face first, but then it changed to a shy smile. I told to get into my bed. It was the only encouragement she needed. Her body smelled heaven lying beside me. I wanted to jump on her and fuck her like hell. But slow and steady wins the race. I lay still in my bed and feigned sleep. She now relaxed and slowly fell into a deep sleep. Gathering courage I put my hand on her bare belly. She was wearing a long black skirt and a yellow blouse. There was no movement from her side. Encouraged by this, my hand went upwards to her breasts. I couldn’t believe my luck, she was wearing no bra. I softly touched her tits, massaged both her breasts. Her tits were real hard. A small gasp escaped from her as I pinched softly on her tits. I knew I am having the treat of my life. I was getting bolder by the minute. My hand now traveled downwards. It stopped at the triangular treasure. The skirt was between my hand and rize escort her love triangle. I was so excited that my hands were trembling. I found the knot of her skirt and loosened it. At that movement she turned toward me in her sleep. In a flash I withdrew my hands. She gave me a real shock. But she was still in deep sleep. Is she faking sleep? I really don’t know, but I was enjoying her. After few moments of caution I went back on to her skirt covered pussy. I reached inside the now loose skirt. My hands found a thick bush of pubic hair, that I had seen few hours back through the hole in the bathroom door. She had no panties on. I think she too wanted something sexual to happen. It was a wonderful sensation. Wandering through the thick forest of pubic hair I reached her love hole. I touched softly over it. It was my first pussy adventure. I inserted my middle finger inside her hole. My thumbs were feeling her clitoris.

Suddenly she woke up and held my hands. I was really frightened. The intruder had been caught red handed. To my utter surprise she was now guiding my green finger further inside her hole. She was with me to the full in this sexual adventure. I couldn’t have any better luck tonight. I switched on the bed lamp. I looked into her eyes. She had that eager look in her eyes. I was certain that she will become mine tonight. “Oh God, how best could I thank you.”

Her hands reached into my boxers and got hold of the boner of the year. Her other hand started peeling off my boxers. I helped her out by sliding down the boxers off my legs. Now I am fully naked in front of her. She smiled at me and started to take off her blouse and skirt. For the first time in my life I saw a fully naked woman. She was a stunning view in the bed lamp’s pail light. Her hands touched my hard dick softly. Her fingers graced the tip of my hard-on. She moved like an expert whore. Within moments her sexy lips were on my prick. She licked the entire length of my 7″ inch long hard dick. I was treading the sexual heights of my young life. Her tongue playing on the exposed pink tip of my dick was pushing me to the culminating point. Then she did the kinkiest thing I ever could ask for. She squeezed open my pee hole and put the tip of her tongue in it and teased me. This was the last straw; I threw my orgasmic juice into her eager mouth and face. It was a lot of cum; I have never seen so much cum coming out of my dick in all these years of masturbation. It took me few minutes to get hold of myself. When I came back to reality, she was relaxing her head on my chest.

I am no expert in fucking a woman, but have read and seen much to know what a woman wants and what excites her. I kissed her full on her lips. I tasted my juices. It got me more excited; my friend was slowly coming back to life. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth and we kissed deep and passionately. It lasted for over few minutes. Slowly I licked her neck. She moaned with pleasure. Her breasts tasted good. My tongue traveled all over it. Alternatively my hands were working ankara rus escort on the free breast. Her tits were as hard as pebbles. Now I was between her legs, she was holding me tight to her with both her legs. I softly bit her tits. She arched up to me; her soft smooth flat belly touched mine. Our private partners came into contact. Both of us shivered in anticipation. I licked down to her navels. Her navels were a perfect piece of her sexy sensual body. I lingered there for few minutes.

Time had come for me to enjoy the most beautiful treasure of my life (at this time). Her pubic hair was a bit of a distraction, but that didn’t matter as this bush held something which would give us both the pleasure of our lives. I touched her clitoris with my tongue. Her heightened excitement at me finding her treasure hole, made me harder. Tonguing her further I reached her pussy hole. Juices were oozing out like wild streams. I tasted her, she was wonderful. I opened her with my tongue. My tongue licked every part of her pussy walls. I took her pussy lips in my mouth and chewed it softly. She moaned aloud like a slut. “Amal, I need to pee” she told me. “I too need to pee, let’s go into the bathroom”, I said. A plan was forming in my mind. My fantasy may come true on my first night with a woman itself, how lucky I am.

I took her in my hands and carried her to the bathroom. Inside, I put her in our bath tub. She looked puzzled. I asked to sit inside the tub. I then joined her inside. I lay between her stretched legs. My prick was at touching distance from her lovely pussy now. I told her sit on my dick. I helped her on to me. Her hot pussy felt so wonderful on my dick. I and my dick were enjoying the feel of her hot pussy. She was not so tight but not loose too, she was perfect. I told her to pee on my dick. She looked at me with disbelief, but as if in a trance she obeyed me. Her hot piss hit me like a fountain, at the same moment I peed into her. “Oh Amal, it feels so good” she said in between her excited state of sexual arousal. Our juices flowed out on to my body; the feel of our juices on my body was very really erotic. I thrust my dick hard into her and fucked her real fast. She too thrust back helping my dick go deeper into her love hole. Our hot piss juice mixed and formed the trigger for a massive orgasm for both of us. We came together and it came for what looked like ages. It was amazing. She fell on to my chest and we kissed passionately. Exhausted from the absorbing fuck, we lay in the tub for some more time.

We then got up and washed ourselves. Clean we hit back the bed. We lay in the bed hugging each other. “Amal, you were wonderful. You are a better lover than my brother”. I was stunned to hear that piece of information. She then told me how her brother seduced her and how he taught her all the art of fucking. It all occurred while her mother was working with us. Lying on my bed with Nayna I was looking forward to the coming Saturdays. I was a happy guy now. I loosing those Saturday parties with my friends was nothing when compared to what I got from loosing it.

Tomorrow I turn 21. My parents are going to buy me a bike as agreed. But Nayna was the best birthday present I could have got. I would remember her and this day all my life. Nayna was my maiden fuck, my maiden maid.

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