Mermaid Ranch Ch. 03


I slipped into the pool to wait for the girl to return. About 15 minutes later, I saw a tanned body in a black swimsuit swimming slowly toward me. She was deep underwater coming up along the bottom. I stood in the shallow end with the water to my mid chest – my heart beat loudly and I thought I was about to pass out. She looked exotic and dangerous at the same time. The girl came up to me and placed her hand on my thighs and gripped me firmly. Sinking deeper she reversed her direction so that she was on her back but still just under the surface … just under the surface! She looked up at me and smiled.

Her lithe body swayed side to side as she spread her legs and gently swam so that I was between them. My cock was getting harder and all but poking out of my tightening swimsuit. I reached down to feel my package and it rewarded me with that feeling that only self touching can give you. I wanted to reach inside my waistband and grab my aching penis but her fabric covered cunt was moving in.

Her assistant swam up to me and introduced herself as Maria. She was sexy and business-like as she told me to “strip her suit off” but to her but “keep her head underwater” because “she likes it that way”. The girl put her hand up into her floating hair and spread it out to the sides with her fingers. She smiled at me again and broke me out of my trance.

I did as I was instructed. I reached up and pulled her straps down over her arms and then gathered up the stretchy fabric and pulled it sınırsız escort towards me and down onto her slim hips. Her breasts floated free and I resisted the urge to just reach out and grab them! Putting harder and maneuvering the gathered up fabric over her small round bottom I go it to come to her knees. She bent one leg to help men and within seconds the girl was completely naked. I took here hips again and pulled her to me – she wrapped her legs around my hips and swam with her arms to into me. Her little heals dug into my lower back and her toes kneaded the meat on either side of my spine.

Still staying underwater she reached up and untied the cord on the front of my suit. She yanked it down but my own muscular butt was holding up de-pants-ing progress. I took my dick in one hand and stroked it once – almost too much!!! My swimsuit fell away and started slowly sinking to my ankles. I kicked it off of one foot but it became entangled in the other. Oh well, there it would stay!

My cock was rock-hard and while she was STILL underwater, she guided into her wide-open little pussy. I put my hands up around her armpits with my thumbs feeling her firm wet breasts. She mounted me like an underwater rodeo-rider and the water churned as we thrust in and out a few times! I took a deep breath and tried to slow down a bit but she was just too hot!

Try as I might, I could not hold it and ejaculated into her sexy body only fifteen seconds or so into şırnak escort our (her) actual submerged lovemaking. I almost passed out from the excitement and release! I threw my head up and looked into the hot sun and tears ran from my eyes.

The girl remained underwater clamped on my dick and milking it for all it was worth. She was certainly giving me my moneys worth. She had been underwater for at least a full minute fucking me. That was added to all that time that it took for her to swim over and remove her suit and my pants. She was an awesome mermaid!

My knees went weak and I sank down so that the cool water rose to my chest and then to my chin. The assistant helped steady me from behind.

The girl gently pulled away and sank to the bottom leaving a trail of semen in the water between us. I looked down at my naked and softening cock. I noted the cum drifting out of the head and sticking to my belly and her twat. The girl arched her back and blew out a great deal of her held air. She smiled up at me and lay on her back on the bottom of the pool with her legs still apart.

Waving, she rolled on her belly and calmly swam underwater to the far end of the pool and climbed out. Jeeze this was great! I watched as her perfectly tanned and rounded bottom lifted her up the ladder and out of the pool. She walked regally up the path into the ferns and disappeared.

I hung there for a long while on the edge of the pool lost in thought and near term memory replaying taksim escort the event over and over. I did not notice any other guest or girl and felt invisible to them as well. Eventually I climbed unsteadily out of the pool and walked over to the dressing benches. I cooled off in an outdoor shower, picked up my towel, and headed for the bar to reflect more with a cold drink. I could not wait for day two!

After an evening snooping around town followed by rock-solid sleep, I was on the dive boat before noon the next day. At the end of long day of diving and swimming in the ocean in the hot sun, I was ready for some new sexual relaxation. The club car picked me up at the dock and took me back to Mermaid Ranch. I was through the gates by seven in the evening. The sun was low in the sky casting long yellow and orange shadows over the grounds and pools.

This time I knew what to do – I filled out the little menu card with the following information. (I did not have the trepidation like I did on the first day.) Here is what I wrote in solid blue ink.

Day 2 at Mermaid Ranch

UBJ / 90 seconds submerged sex / nude / shallow pool / no assistant

Total price: $120

I asked for the same young woman as yesterday. The hostess led us out onto the terrace to a large shallow pool with a view of the entire bay. The water was warm and deep and as I stepped in I could feel my muscles relax. Time to get it on with my dream mermaid.

The girl entered from the other side and glided over to me in the three feet of water. She put her face under the water and initiated the contact by sucking on my upturned – but still limp dick. The problem was soon solved as the blood in my loins rushed to build a tower of man-hood.

To be continued:

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