My Cuckold Life Ch. 06


I watched intently through the mirror as Kate straddled Gavin again, her beautiful pert arse looked amazing as she was clearly rubbing her smooth pussy over his cock, getting herself wet enough for him to enter her.

Although I could only see the back of her I could tell she had her tongue down his throat again, I could see the slight movement of his arm as he rubbed her pussy.

I suddenly realised that there had been no talk of a condom, which admittedly concerned me slightly. I hadn’t noticed her grab one when she was in the bedroom, I was hoping Gavin had one.

The continued to make out and play with each other for a few more minutes when I noticed Gavin lean over to the pocket of his jeans and pull something out. ‘Phew’ I thought as I clearly saw him rip open a condom wrapper.

The sight of Kate’s arse was unbelievable, as she lifted herself up to allow him to put on the rubber. My heart skipped a beat as I watched her lower herself down on him and allow his penis to enter her.

She gasped as she took him inside and slowly began to ease her way down on his large member. She hadn’t been used to one that size since she’d been with me, although she’d told me her last boyfriend was quite well endowed, which always made me uneasy, yet it turned me on to hear about it.

I heard Kate begin to moan loudly as she upped her pace, she hadn’t let herself all the way down on his cock yet either, I could see a good few inches of the base of his cock that still remained outside of her beautiful vagina.

After a couple of minutes she started fucking him harder, allowing him all the way inside her, she became a lot more vocal as she bounced up and down on his cock with real vigour. “Oh yes.” She moaned. “Oh my god you’re so fucking big.”

My cock was rigid, yet all I could do was watch, I couldn’t even stroke it. It was so frustrating, yet strangely ankara yeni escort an even bigger turn on.

Kate rode Gavin’s cock for a good ten minutes or more before I heard her cum for the first time. She fucked him like a porn star before letting out a huge groan and announcing that she was going to cum, I watched as her rhythm became less consistent as she screamed the place down.

His cock was clearly reaching places up inside her that mine had never been, I knew she liked a real deep dicking from time to time and it was something I couldn’t really give her. Kate was always quite vocal with me, but I’d never heard her scream like that before.

She was orgasming purely from penetration, which again she’d never done with me, I assumed she was just one of those girls who could only cum clitorally, but I’d just been proven wrong. I didn’t know how to feel, but my rock solid cock told me that I was fucking loving it.

Kate climbed off Gavin and collapsed on the sofa to recover, after a few seconds I saw her hand pull the condom off his dick and begin to stroke it again, she was really working his foreskin.

She then went down and started sucking him off again, she looked over to the mirror and I caught sight of her as she took his beautiful big penis in her mouth. She was watching me as she was sucking his dick.

Kate gave Gav what sounded like an amazing blow job as I watched in the mirror, it wasn’t long before he let out a moan and I could see that he was cumming in my girlfriends mouth. Kate is unbelievable at sucking cock, she always completes the task with her mouth and this was no exception.

After Gav had finished filling Kate’s beautiful mouth with his cum she got up and walked into the bedroom. I looked up at her and noticed she still had her mouth full, she had a wicked smile on her face. She yenimahalle escort sat down on my knee and moved her mouth towards mine.

As she pressed her closed lips against mine I could smell his cum on her breath, I kept my mouth closed though. Kate mumbled something I took to be an instruction for me to open my mouth, which I ignored. Then she put her hand on my naked crotch and grabbed my balls firmly, mumbling something again, to which I still bravely or perhaps stupidly ignored.

Then she squeezed my balls hard and I immediately opened my mouth in pain. She then locked her beautiful lips to mine and gave me an utterly amazing cum kiss as the contents of her mouth flooded into mine. Oh my god it was the sexiest, kinkiest, dirtiest, yet completely mind blowing moment I’d ever experienced.

Kate left me handcuffed to the chair with Gavin’s jizz dripping down my chin and went to rejoin her lover. They sat naked on the sofa and had a drink while I sat on my chair, frustrated and still unable to touch myself.

I knew that Kate was going to have him again, she looked in the mood to go all night and I was sure she was going to bring him into the bedroom as soon as he’s recovered. Which she duely did.

Kate undid my handcuffs and ordered me to lie on the bed, she the climbed up and straddled me, lowered her beautiful pussy over my face and told me to lick her. I could smell the rubber from the condom on her vagina as I ran my tongue over her clit.

“Fuck me Gavin.” She said and I felt Gav come up behind her and place the tip of his cock around the edge of her cunt, just millimetres from my face.

“Oh CHRIST” she shouted as he sunk his big dick deep inside her cunt. “Fuck me!!”

I felt his balls on my chin as he slid his long length inside Kate and I continued to nibble away on her clit. I couldn’t yozgat escort see if he had a condom on as my eyes were up by Kate’s tummy,

Then Kate lifted her body up so I could get a close up view of his cock entering her. This time he wasn’t wearing a condom. Kate obviously wasn’t bothered about it and in my He heat of the moment I decided not to let it bother me either.

It was a sight to behold, watching this huge long cock penetrate the love of my life so deeply. She was panting loudly and telling him to fuck her hard, which he did. His cock slid out a couple of times and he, presumably on purpose wiped it across my face. I’m not going to lie, I really wanted to suck it.

After a few more minutes I heard Kate cum again, I licked her clit as Gav continued to fuck her dripping wet twat. This time she screamed louder than the last, I could barely breath as she came hard over my face.

Gavin’s cock slid in and out of her for a few more minutes until he announced he was going to cum again. He fucked her hard and then right at the last second, pulled out and shot his load over my face.

I opened my mouth willingly and tasted Gavin’s creamy semen for the second time that evening, as he wiped his softening cock over my extremely lubricated face.

I was a mess, much to the amusement of Gavin an Kate, they teased me about how I was now a ‘little faggot cuckold’ and told me that I would be sucking lots of cock and witnessing Kate get fucked many more times that holiday.

Kate then made me stand up and make myself cum as she and Gavin kissed. I wanked my inferior cock to a wonderful orgasm as I watched my girlfriend passionately snogging her lover. My spunk shot beautifully out of my dick and splashed across the tiled floor. Kate then ordered me to get down on my knees and lick it up.

That night I slept on the sofa while Kate and Gavin shared our double bed, I woke up to the sound of her orgasming again in the morning, but unfortunately I didn’t get to witness that one. I just layed on the sofa and stroked my cock to the sound of my unfaithful girlfriend getting her wonderful little pussy stretched my her well hung lover. Absolute heaven!

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