My Freedom and Life After Marriage


It had been five full years of dating after High School that were five full years of freedom to thrill, control and to pleasure or avoid, deny and forget any guy chosen.

It was all followed by over ten years of a miserable marriage living with someone that had never really measured up, never allowed and never pleasured. They were years to forget and try to deny until finally freedom arrived again with the chance to soar and partake.

It was now mine to choose again and regain control over nearly any guy I wanted. Now the chance again to experience and give pleasure as it was received. It’s now the opportunity to touch, arouse and drive mad with desire at what I can do and I can do so much while I too receive the pleasure of my effort.

There had been very few bad experiences for me and even those were mostly my disappointment as moments approached and I found out finally what was available. My marriage had been a long bad dream. The marriage had been total dismay and disappointment and I’ll never understand why I started or allowed it to continue so long.

Enough of that! Now I’m free and I love men. Their bodies to me are like sweet, smooth chocolate melting on my tongue as I taste their pleasure. I love a strong chest, strong arms and tight abs but mostly I like his endowment if it too is firm, large and available. I also love to drive a guy insane with lust and my need to see then feel what he’ll do, what he’ll want and how I can control him.

I don’t want to control his life or his will but just his body, his need of me and his pleasure. I want to feel how quickly he responds when he sees me, touches me or feels my touch. If he meets my desires I want to strip him by ripping away everything that covers him as I get to what I want and need. I want him mine for those moments and I want to feel and taste him. If I get my way he’ll receive pleasure above anything he’s known before and he’ll know that I can deliver… if I want it. He’ll learn quickly that he won’t find any woman that can do more of what he’s always wanted.

I’d existed through five years of totally inadequate sex. I’d always been in need of it and then followed more pain as I experienced five more years of unwanted chastity. Sex with the ex had always been determined and controlled by him and I wasn’t allowed to do any of those things I craved most.

I finally kicked him out and filed immediately for a divorce. I’d heard of a lawyer with a good record for woman clients and she was worth every cent when I found her.

The ex hadn’t even contested it or the demands the lawyer insisted on. The house and car payments would continue without question, both of them were mine to meet from our settlement now as I remembered the one good thing about the ex. He had been financially a great choice and even with the huge alimony he wouldn’t really be hurt and I would have freedom while even the house and car payments would be his responsibility to compensate me regardless of my future marital status.

For two months I’d remained celibate after the divorce was final. But then things changed.

My neighbor had a son that was in University a few miles away but made trips home on a regular basis.

The kid was tall and athletic looking and for several years he’d mooned over me but now he was nearly twenty-three. He’d always volunteered to do my yard work and I knew it was free as long as he could see me and frequent my presence. When I wore anything slightly revealing his eyes would lock on it and he would get nervous when I caught him staring.

After High School, when his parents were at work and when he wasn’t working he would hurry over to see if I needed anything. It had always been cute and even arousing but I’d always been fully reserved with him.

Then it happened. He was home from University for the week and after his parents had left for work he made his usual trip over. I’d been in a hurry that morning and thinking of applying for a job that afternoon but that morning I’d pulled on an old, too tight pair of old shorts and an old tee also too tight. I’d put on a few pounds, more than thirty, and hadn’t worn them for years but when I caught a glimpse of my appearance as I walked by the mirror I was pleased.

I thought my extra weight had added just the proper amount of curve as I moved toward the kitchen to make breakfast. Perhaps for a job if I got the right guy to interview me later when I was better dressed then he too might be pleased enough to hire me.

There was a soft knock at my kitchen door and I answered it to see the boy standing there. I smiled and invited him in then told him I was about to have breakfast. As he sat at the table I turned and asked if he’d like me to fix him something too.

His eyes were huge and gawking and I realized I’d not put anything on under the shorts and blouse. I glanced down and noticed my nipples fighting against the inside of my blouse then realized how excited he’d made me.

I turned, held gaziosmanpaşa escort a small frying pan in one hand and smiled as I studied him. A huge bulge had grown in his jeans and he wasn’t able to answer if he was hungry. A wave of interest swept over me and for a moment we studied each other’s body.

I returned to reality before he did and then I smiled more broadly. I swept the pan as a pointer while asking him how school was. The movement of my arm caused my breasts to move and his eyes followed intently.

Finally I gave in and walked closer to him before asking if he liked what he saw.

He was completely embarrassed as he tore his eyes from my breasts and glanced up into my eyes. He still couldn’t speak and finally I told him to stand.

He did as I’d commanded and then I continued by telling him to drop his pants.

He was confused and so I reached over, took the sides of the jeans at his waist and yanked them down. He wasn’t wearing anything below them and I gasped at his size.

My legs trembled and grew weak, unable to hold me up, and I settled to my knees in front of him. It was only an instant before he was in my hands and my mouth moved closer and kissed it.

It’s warmth and freshness was too much and I opened my mouth then took him in. It was the first time since before my marriage and I realized how much I’d needed it. I knew I’d always enjoyed giving head to the right guy and now knew how I’d missed it.

After I’d kicked hubby out I found an adult store and although I felt guilty it was my need that drove me into the store. I selected two items. The first was the largest and most realistic copy of a male’s privates and felt good, real in my hands. The second was a device called an egg that promised on the carton that it would provide the most satisfying experience a woman could have. The guy waiting on me smiled with his own lust as he studied me and then told me it was all true. The guy had then been clumsy enough to ask if he could take me into the back room and prove it.

I’d been tempted but resisted as I paid for them and hurried home.

Both purchases were worth every penny I decided and the huge dildo gave me pleasure as I remembered and practiced with it. After a few days I learned to warm the dildo in hot water at the sink and then while it was still wet I put it to my mouth and took it in. I’d close my eyes and imagine it was real then work with it for weeks until, by the time the divorce was granted I’d been able to swallow it completely. It felt good each time it caressed my throat and my interest had grown like a weed with need of the real thing.

Now with the neighbor’s real thing in front of me I began to work it and in moments I’d swallowed it whole. The kid was a good inch longer than my ex and half again as large. He wasn’t as large as my dildo but was the largest real one I’d seen in person. His balls were warm and swelling in my hands as I worked and was just getting into it when the kid let go.

It was hot, sweet and tasted like nectar even though he’d climaxed too soon. I swallowed everything he had and then pulled back and used my tongue to sweep him clean as my eyes studied his face.

I’d just finished when his eyes opened and he couldn’t talk. I asked if he’d enjoyed it and he managed to shake his head up and down. My hands were still holding it as he’d begun to grow flaccid but now as my hand moved it suddenly began to grow again. He was young but had incredible recovery and in another moment he was hard again.

I laughed and told him how good it had been and then asked him if he wanted more.

Again his head shook eagerly and I told him that this time he would have to control his response until I was ready. I asked if he thought he could do it and he shook his head again as a shy smile formed on his face.

I began again and this time he was true to his word and I climaxed almost continually as I worked. It was nearly everything I’d wanted for the last ten years and yet my body told me there would be more and I’d enjoy it even more after his next climax.

My shorts were completely wet as I continued for more than twenty delicious minutes and my mouth began to ache even though I’d taken the dildo for a much longer ride. I pulled back and gave him permission now as I told him it was okay to release and touch me to express his need through the movement of his body.

He seemed puzzled as I returned but then his body did move and I expressed sounds to let him know it was what I needed. It worked and soon his hands were guiding and manipulating my head as his body drove hard, fast and deep again and again then he’d stiffened and stopped moving while his balls emptied completely.

This was exactly what I’d needed and I felt glutinous in my response. I was warm all the way to my tummy.

When we were both finished I slowly and deliberately took time cleaning him again then hugged it to my cheek and gratefully gölbaşı escort felt its warmth. I began to think now about what I’d done. He was a kid and probably a virgin the way he’d acted and I knew I probably shouldn’t have done it.

Then he was hardening again for the third time and it forced my attention away from guilt and I decided it was probably time the kid was taught and had the opportunity to experience it all.

I asked him to help me up and he did. I asked him if he’d ever touched a woman’s tits and he shook his head indicating he hadn’t.

I asked if he wanted to touch mine and he shook his head eagerly. I told him he could undress me but his shyness and inexperience were too slow as my impatience took over and I began removing everything while he watched. I grabbed his hands then and pulled them to my breasts and closed my eyes at his touch. His fingers found my nipples and he rubbed them until finally I begged him to pinch them.

He did but I needed more and demanded that he squeeze even harder. It was perfect and then I opened my eyes and told him to carry me into the bedroom. As he picked me up across his arms I pulled his face down tight against one breast felt his mouth on my nipple and told him to suck it. He did.

He placed me carefully on the bed while still wearing his shirt. He’d kicked off his jeans shortly after picking me up and now stood naked below his waist.

I quickly jumped up and he didn’t know what had hit him. I’d brought him down on his back next to me. I was far shorter than he but had surprised him and my gaze at his condition aroused me again immediately.

I turned to face him then nudged his legs apart so that I could crawl between them and use my sexual hunger once more on his eagerness. I could have given him another blowjob and totally enjoyed it. It was obvious that he thought I would again but after preparing him I climbed forward and straddled his hips. My other interest had taken the reins as I grabbed it in both hands and quickly guided it into position then began to mount him.

Although he wasn’t huge he was still larger than I’d ever had. I’d become accustomed to my dildo and yet right then he seemed larger than it. I slowly worked him in and settled around it until I rested hard against him.

I asked if he liked the feel and he just nodded his head while his smile grew larger than a Cheshire Cat.

It fit firmly and felt better than any I could remember. It was also very warm as I began slowly rising and felt it slipping out. He was almost out when I dropped around him and he groaned his need and approval.

We fucked for over an hour and he fought courageously to keep from climaxing but I knew he was hoping I’d soon approve and urge him to release.

When I finally gave him permission he came alive and I was fucked harder than at any time in my past. I’d completely controlled him and he was now my submissive. I’d only wanted to control him while giving him oral but for a moment I enjoyed my new status.

The rest of the afternoon was used to teach him the finer points of satisfying a woman and ended with him on top of me but this time he was in control as he gave me his all. I could barely stand the wait to taste it again and enjoy the opportunity to clean him. Mixed juices were nearly my favorite taste.

He was smiling like a kid at his Birthday Party when finally he had to get home.

He would be around for almost another six weeks and spend every day with me while his folks worked. He learned fast and became very good in every nuance of sex as I knew them.

It was weeks of near profound pleasure for me as I slowly recovered from the years of denial I’d been the subject of and I began to realize what a happy union could become.

When finally he had to return to school it was with mutual sadness we bid goodbye. He was about to pull away in his car when I leaned in and told him I might make a trip up to see him within the next month or two. Now he was smiling as he made me promise.

I’d decided then to definitely apply for employment and was surprised when I was hired after my first interview. I explained that I would have to miss a day or two sometime in the next few weeks and my stipulation was accepted without comment.

I was now one in a pool of secretaries but after a month I was called into the boss’s office and he asked me to be his new Executive Secretary.

He was younger than I’d expected and I estimated he was about my own age. He was all business and yet as I began preparation for my trip to the University he asked me to use his first name when we were alone although he wanted me to continue calling him mister when other people were close by. It was all innocent and neither of us seemed attracted to the other.

It had been almost a five hour drive to University when I found a motel near the campus and checked in. It was late Thursday night and yet I called my young lover and we talked for keçiören escort a while. I told him where I was.

He was happy to hear from me then after we’d hung up I was completely surprised when he knocked on the room door a half hour later.

It had been more than a month of abstinence for each of us and we quickly made up for it. He had only one class scheduled on Fridays and he skipped it to remain close and enjoy me. Once more I used nearly every extra moment that Friday satisfying my fetish for his young eager cock.

We ate our meals at a nearby restaurant and then after an extensive sexual workout Sunday afternoon I asked him if there wasn’t a girl he dated or wanted to date at school. He demurred at first but finally admitted he’d wanted a blonde in one of his classes since his first year. He was afraid to approach her.

I explained that he was now a superior lover and knew how, and enjoyed most things that other guys don’t know. I made him promise that he would ask her out within the week and make certain he provided her with all that he’d learned. It was difficult getting him to promise but finally he gave in.

I left late that afternoon and was home just before midnight.

I loved his attention and his body but I’d already made up my mind to stop seeing him. I might do it again when he came home because I wanted to break it to him carefully.

The following Sunday night he called me and described his date with the blonde and the entire night of passion that followed. She had a boyfriend but seemed to want him too. Two days later in the morning he’d gotten up late and was called by a brunette that was a best friend of the blonde.

The brunette wanted to come over and see him but didn’t want him to tell her blonde friend.

She was at his apartment thirty minutes later and she explained how the blonde had told her he was the perfect lover and described her night with him. Now the brunette was envious and hungry to know him in the same way. She’d wanted an experienced and capable lover since she’d first began dating and it sounded like he might be one. Two hours later the brunette was convinced at his abilities. The girl gave him a blowjob and worked to make it good but he said she just didn’t have my expertise.

Late that evening as she was leaving the brunette mentioned and described a girl friend of hers that had always wanted to be with her in a threesome but they didn’t know who or how to invite a guy to join them.

She’d asked him then if he’d be willing and he told me he’d tried to be nonchalant about the idea but secretly he hoped it would happen. The brunette told him she’d let him know before Wednesday and if the other girl was willing then they’d join him Thursday night.

Now it didn’t seem it would be so hard to break it off with my young neighbor and he’d promised to call me on Friday and tell me how it all went.

Meanwhile I was at work again and on Wednesday I went out to lunch and saw a guy that ate there regularly and had often smiled and studied me.

After a few minutes the guy came over with lunch in his hand and asked if he could sit with me.

I smiled and invited him to take a chair and we talked as we finished lunch.

Friday afternoon another guy I’d met at the market called and asked me out. I accepted and he set the date for eight that night. I didn’t like waiting that long but he was my first date since the divorce. I spent more than two hours at home getting ready and deciding what to wear that afternoon.

The guy was okay generally but I was interested in a lot more than he could provide. After dinner I’d quickly got into his pants. He was a disappointment but after a few minutes I gave him a blowjob anyway before getting him to take me home. He thought the oral entitled him to even more back at my place but I quickly set him straight and sent him off.

Over the next few weeks I had another half-dozen dates with a half-dozen other guys and I gave them their reward but they all ended the same as that first one. My proclivity for giving blowjobs had been demonstrated but I’d been only marginally satisfied.

Then at lunch the same tall guy that had eaten at my table before came over again. After lunch he asked me to dinner and I accepted.

After dinner I found that he was even larger than the boy. I felt I was on a roll. I explored him in the car and enjoyed myself before he got a room. His was the most delicious so far and we spent the rest of the evening in passion-filled sex after my initial oral fixation was satisfied. I thought for certain he would be the guy but as the evening ended he told me he couldn’t meet me again for a while because a sooner absence might make his wife suspicious.

The bastard was married! He hadn’t worn a ring and hadn’t given a clue before. I was hurt and angry as I told him what to do and where to go.

I drove home in a funk even though the sex had earlier made me so mellow.

I should have realized guys lie and yet I’d trusted him. Now I resolved to ask every guy that approached me and even check their Driver’s License for marital status before getting involved again. I didn’t need to break up a marriage or provide extramarital entertainment even when my Libido cried for attention.

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