A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 8–Finale)


A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 8 – Finale)

Note from author: To all my readers, I hope I don’t disappoint with this close to the story. I’ve been using this series to explore my own desires and fantasies, and to think about what place they have in my life. So, the last chapter contains some musings from John that reflect my own—hopefully they aren’t too pretentious. The whole reason I wrote these was to capture things that I often fantasize about, and try to think through who I am. I kept a good portion of this erotic, but the last chapter’s sexual sections are broken up by John’s musings, which I’ll warn about ahead of time. I’ve appreciated your comments and messages (both positive and negative). Thanks for reading.

Chapter 1

Dressed up, she looked older than 18. The dinner was nice, like always, and the conversation, which touched on a lot of different things, was interesting, like always. John enjoyed his dates with Jamie. They had been seeing each other for months now.

“You know, John, I really like spending time with you. I wish we could hang out more” she said, sitting in the car seat next to him.

“Yeah, I know. It’s always good” John replied, with a sigh. This can’t go on indefinitely. I have to tell Bianca. I should have stopped having fun with her the moment I started having feelings for Jamie. Bianca and he had now had sex a few times. More or less, he limited himself to indulging in what she could do with her mouth, and what he could do with her breasts, but more than once he hadn’t been able to keep himself from full-on copulating. Bianca wasn’t overly happy about the situation, but she didn’t seem to complain. Yet if she found out he was fucking her daughter……. and at the same time as her? Good god this is going to be hell. If I let Jamie go I might….might….be able to keep Bianca for awhile…..

But why? She was hot, but he wanted more than just sex now. Danielle had set his mind in focus with that.

He pulled up his car behind Jamie’s, near his house.

“Would you be okay with me telling your mom about us?” John asked. Jamie looked at him with eyes a little wider. He really is serious….

* * * * *

Jamie thought back to the class the day after John had met with her teacher. She had noticed that her teacher seemed to have a hard time sitting down—she grimaced each time she did. She also was walking a little oddly too. When class ended, Danielle called Jamie over to her desk before she could leave. “Listen, about the other night….that thing between us. I’m sorry, it won’t ever happen again” she said, clearly unhappy with being humbled or forced to apologize. “I would still like you to come meet with me, if you wish. I promise to keep my hands to myself.”

“Danielle,” Jamie said, her voice steady, but quiet. “Whatever, that was really perved out, but John told me I’d best try to learn from you, and do good studying. So I will. I enjoyed our study session before you, like, did what you did.”

* * * * *

He seemed powerful. John just fixes things. He made Danielle change, which was crazy—she was so hardcore—and he made me keep studying with her…. Even the fact that he made her do things she didn’t want to do kind of smote Jamie in the heart. He was really cool. And he liked her.

“I seriously like you,” John said, looking at her, his hands still on the steering wheel. Jamie smiled widely and nodded. She was feeling very passionate, and definitely re-thinking her whole disdain for marriage. She leaned over and they kissed, her hand fumbled around at his belt, and a moment later her face was in his lap. John’s head tilted back and his eyes closed. Jamie’s lusty sucking and his contented groans both voiced the same thought. Yep, I’m serious.

Chapter 2

John sat in his office. Alright, time to clear things up with Bianca.

He opened his door and said, “B, you want to come in? I got something to talk to you about.” He returned to his desk and sat down. A moment later, Bianca walked in. She was wearing heels, a tight red skirt that showed her figure nicely, and a white blouse that was unbuttoned a little, showing that delicious cleavage. Her hair was up. She was gorgeous.

“What did you want to talk about?” she asked, walking close to him, and leaning up against the desk.

“I…well….I was going to say that….” John started, uncertain as to how best to proceed.

* * * * *

Damn it, why’s she have to be so hot?! John angrily thought to himself, as his hands spread Bianca’s ass cheeks and his tongue lashed at her pussy lips. He pulled her lips into his mouth and sucked on them greedily. His head was up against one arm of the couch, and her knees were on either side of his pecs. Mid-way down the couch, her lips were sliding up and down his cock, her tongue teasing the tip. As they 69’d each other, John’s hands left her ass, and traveled down to her boobs, which were hanging nicely, begging to be played with. He squeezed at the top of her breasts, where they met her chest, and pulled down, massaging as he went, like he was milking her. Bianca moaned into his cock, absolutely loving the treatment her breasts were receiving.

Lifting her mouth off of his soaked member, and looking back, the horny secretary moaned: “Mmmmm you’re treating me… sigh … like a…..ohhh milk cow there……..mmmmmm MM! I’m your secretary remember?” She smiled, then her mouth opened as his fingers tugged at her nipples a little. He would pull on one, squeezing it, then pull down the other, and squeeze it, then pull both and squeeze, like he was milking her. His hands than returned up to the top of her boobs to start their descent again. “You’re not…..going to get any milk, ahhhhhhh from me, sorry,” she said playfully, before returning to his cock. Again, his fingers ended up fiddling with her nipples for a second or two, only to let go and grasp the soft tits from the top. Again, he slid his hands down them, squeezing and kneading as he went. He twisted her nipples softly when he reached them. Bianca was making all sorts of happy noises as he touched her.

John chuckled a little How can I say no to this? “No worries, I figure, if I milk you there, then I can lick up what comes out here…” and his tongue clarified what he meant by cleaning up the female cum that was all over and around her pussy. She cried out in appreciation, and then reached down farther between his legs, and proceeded to squeeze and massage his aching balls.

John groaned into her pussy. His balls were full of cum. Her fingers circled them, grasped them, squeezed them gently in her fist. John’s legs were moving in random directions and his eyes opened, as she very softly twisted her grip on his testicles, and pulled them away from his cock. His eyes rolled back and closed when she slid his cock almost all the way out of her mouth, keeping the tip in so she could suck it hard and lick the underside of the crown and poke her tongue in the hole. She loved playing with testicles. She had practiced on her husband, and was having fun seeing how far she could take her play with her boss’ most sensitive parts.

John continued his milking of her tits. When she felt his fingers reach the tips yet again, she waited for him to pinch her pleasantly sore nipples, and when he did, she tightened her clench on his balls accordingly. John reacted to her attack on his balls by tightening his pinch of her nipples, and letting out a deep groan into her pussy. She responded to that by tightening her clench even more, and moaning over his cock.

Bianca softly lightened her grip on his balls, which were packed full of sperm, but pushed her thumb in circles into one of them, massaging it perfectly all around. John responded by loosening the pinch on her nipples, and lightly running his thumbs around her aureoles. Both of them were moving their hips slowly in no particular pattern—simply reacting to the different feelings of pleasure hitting them.

Having his balls massaged and his dick sucked was fantastic, and John had been diving into her pussy like a madman. He had really given both her pussy and tits a good working over.

John finally had his fill, and gave her ass a friendly couple of pats. She got up, and John sat back on the couch, Bianca plopped escort london down next to him. He put one arm around her shoulders, and reached with his other hand between her legs. This was immediately a little more uncomfortable for her. He was right next to her, her face was just under his (as he was taller), and the situation was just more personable than oral sex, or having him suck on her tits. With the arm around her shoulders, he moved his hand to the side of her head, and stroking her hair, pulled her face towards his chest. His fingers moved in on her pussy.

He couldn’t help himself, and quietly started whispering in her ear how big and soft her tits were, and how long and fit her legs were, and how wet and tight her pussy was, and how hard she made his cock. He used the filthiest language he could, and she was frustrated with how it turned her on. A finger pushed in between her labia, and her legs opened a little more to accommodate his hand, which then forced another finger in as well. She cuddled up next to him, letting his fingers have their way down low. She reached for his cock and stroked it. His balls needed to release their load.

.John pulled his hand out from between the woman’s legs, took her by the waist, and pulled her onto his lap. She understood what was to happen. She raised herself over his waiting dick. I have to stop having sex with him. This is terrible. Oh that felt so good on my boobs and pussy though. But I’ve got my husband and, as she thought, his cock split her pussy open and entered. Her mind stopped thinking immediately, and was filled solely with the different sensations that accompanied his large member being stuffed into her.

John gently massaged her ass as she raised and lowered herself on him. He occasionally reached up and grabbed at her bouncing breasts, but for the most part her ass got the brunt of his hands’ work. I need to tell her, I need to tell her. But now its too late today, we’re, he smacked her ass a few times and she sped up her humping on him, we’re already fucking. But if I don’t today, I won’t ever. I know it. It has to be done.

“Bianca,” John said, looking up at her. She had her eyes closed. Her hands were up, running through her hair, her head was back a bit. She was luxuriating in the feeling of his cock filling her. “Bianca!” he said louder, and reached up and pinched a nipple a little.

“OH!” she snapped out of her fog of pleasure and looked down. Her hands went down to his shoulders. His went to her hips. She ground her ass down into his lap for a few seconds, then returned to riding him.

“Okay, this is going to be weird, but,” John started.

Oh god he wants to stick something up my ass doesn’t he? I don’t want…oooohhh this feels so good, fuck it. “Fine, fine, John,” she interrupted, “but…just stick a finger or two up……. there. Up my butt. I don’t know …..if I can take your…….your cock.”

John decided on holding off with his announcement another minute. His hands reached around, and started pushing into her asshole, as it rose and fell. Both hands grabbed a butt cheek, and spread them, but the middle fingers of both hands were intent on entering her most private of places.

“Ah!……Oh!………AH!………OHH!” Bianca exclaimed, as each finger penetrated together, stretching her anus significantly. She stopped fucking, half way down his cock. Her mind needed to focus on what was happening to her abused ass. John decided to stick with one finger, pulling out the other. He wanted to try and get deeper in there. Bianca had her eyes closed and was breathing deeply. Soon it was up to to the knuckle. “Ohhhhhhhh….that feels so…..weird,” Bianca said, breathlessly. He pulled it out, which evoked a sharp exhale from the secretary, but as soon as her ass was empty, the finger from the other hand plunged in. “uhhhhhhh…” her eyes widened as his finger explored deeper.

He continued the pattern, moving a finger in her ass, then pulling it out and inserting the other. Back and forth, between his two fingers, her asshole was stretched and penetrated. Sometimes he’d stop before re-entry, and lightly circle his finger around her anus, gently pushing in, but not entering, giving the general area attention, before re-focusing on the penetration. It hurt, but it was a good hurt. Bianca slowly began moving up and down John’s cock again, still having to deal with the assault on her ass.

Amidst her cries of discomfort mixed with pleasure, John tried again. “Well, actually that’s not what I was going to say….” Bianca lowered herself all the way onto his cock, and began grinding on his lap. His balls were starting to feel the need to empty themselves. “I’m actually……well……I’ve been going out with……..” Bianca’s grinding slowed a little, he had got her attention. His finger was all the way in her ass. “Um…..well……..your daughter.”

Chapter 3

The grinding stopped. She sat on his lap, his cock deep inside her pussy, his finger deep inside her ass. “What” she seaid. Not even really a question. More like a statement. It was a very intense “what.”

“Yeah…um…..Jamie and I,” John looked at the woman on his lap, her eyes were staring intently at him. Her body wasn’t moving at all. He needed to get it all out, and now. “We’ve been going out for awhile, and we get along really well, and we like each other a lot, and its kind of serious, and I didn’t want you to know, well, cause of obvious reasons and” as he said “’cause of obvious reasons,” he pulled his finger out of her ass. He didn’t make eye contact the whole time.

“You perverted bastard! Have you slept with my daughter?! What do you mean cleaned your……oh god, you hired her company when I mentioned it……….last year!!! She was 17! How long?” Bianca yelled at him, her eyes definitely angry. “My little….”

“Hey! I said I like her! We really like each other and…” John felt like he was talking to his mom about a girlfriend she disapproved of. “Come on. Bianca, she’s an adult and…”

“An adult?! Not legally. I’m turning you in. I’m going to the cops right now.” Bianca got off of him quickly and walked towards the desk’s phone.

“Whoah! Hold up, hold up, what about…” John started.

“I don’t care about the job. This was too far John. I’ve let this go to far. I should have left the first time I saw what kind of guy you are. I’m…” she lifted the receiver, but John grabbed it and slammed it down. Bianca whipped around and looked at him, straight in the eyes. His cock was softened up.

“Bianca, I…..” John tried to say, but Bianca gave him a look that said she wasn’t interested in what he had to say.

“You touch my girl, you’re done. And you………you had your way with her” Bianca’s voice was shaking. “I’m not listening anymore, I’m out, and you’re done.” She started to pick up her clothes.

Alright. She needs to hear me out. She’s right, its a fucked up situation, but Jamie and I have something going, and she needs to hear that John didn’t want to do this to a woman that was his girlfriend’s mom, but he had to take control of this situation, otherwise it would blow up. This was a definite problem that needed a quick solution.

“Just look at this Bianca. It might make you listen to me” he removed his computer’s screen saver, and started clicking through files. Bianca put her blouse on first. Her skirt still lay on the floor. She was buttoning it up, but looked towards the screen. “Does this look familiar?” John asked.

A video popped up of Bianca sitting on the desk, her legs spread, with John between them, his face buried in her breasts, kissing and licking them. Her arms were holding him.

Bianca, her eyes glued to the screen, dropped her hands from her blouse slowly. She watched as another video was pulled up, with a blowjob being performed, quite noisily. John pulled up another of her being fucked over the desk. Then one of the encounter they had had with Samantha a few months prior. He showed her the folder on his computer, and it was filled with dozens and dozens of files.

“You’ve been filming me?” she said, quietly. John’s cock started to twitch. He got that familiar excited, lusty feeling in his gut. He moved back to her, “I’ll send these to your escort service husband.” He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close, his arms wrapping around her. “I’ll send these to everybody you know.” His hands closed on her ass and squeezed. He loved her soft ass. She looked so hot with her mostly undone blouse on….nothing else. He started moving her to the couch. Bianca looked up at him, quiet. “I’ll show Jamie and your other kids.” He sat down on the couch, now sporting a full hard-on. He positioned the unwilling woman over his hard cock, and started moving her down onto it.

“John…” Bianca said weakly. As the tip of his cock touched her pussy lips, she knew there was nothing she could do. Those videos took away any power she had. “Why would you bring Jamie in…..wasn’t having me and even Samantha enough? Why even bring Samantha in?” She put her hands on his shoulders and tried to keep his cock from entering her. She needed an answer.

He would give the answer on his own terms. He started pushing her down onto his cock, despite her resistance. “I love fucking you,” John said. “Fucking Sam had its moments too. But there’s only so much fucking you can do.” John was slowly sliding her down onto his cock. Bianca’s eyes closed and her mouth slightly opened. His cock, combined with his complete, unyielding control, was causing decadent waves of arousal to wash over her. He’s been raping me and Sam, and probably Jamie. I have to stop this. I’ll sacrifice everything for…….oh his cock is so big…….I’ll sacrifice everything for Jamie…ahhh

John was thinking as he spoke. Something that had started with his encounter with Danielle was coming together in his mind. He was having a complete revelation. “I enjoy this, I am enjoying this right now” he said, bottoming out in his secretary’s pussy. “But its not enough. Even though fucking you is incredible, I don’t love you. You enjoy fucking me (Bianca winced, but didn’t deny it), but you wouldn’t do it if you didn’t have everything else going on.” He started thrusting into her. She rocked back and forth and up and down as he started picking up speed.

“I have dinner with your daughter, we hang out, we talk. I’m interested in her life, and she’s interested in mine…” he described to the mother, thrusting with more and more force as he clarified things in his mind. “With her its not even about the sex. The sex is a side to…..to……I don’t know, a, better thing.” The thrusting was having an effect, and Bianca lowered her head, her arms wrapping around his neck, trying to process what was going on, with the large cock possessing her.

“You know what? I like your ass,” he squeezed it firmly and she mewled slightly. “I like your pussy,” he continued, reaching down to play with her clit. She cried out a little. “I like your tits. A lot.” He grabbed each, giving them playful shakes, and tweaking the nipples gently. Bianca moaned in pleasure. “But I think I love your daughter” he said quietly. Bianca lowered her head to his shoulder.

It was a strange situation, but John didn’t even see it that way. His mind was reflecting on what had happened over the past year. “I’m ready to give up all of this, for just that, right now.” He was moving past his office. He was passing by everything that stoked his lust and heading towards something that made him want to live.

Bianca held tight. His cock was all the way in. The emotions in her: anger, shock, betrayal… all merged with a strange affection, contentment, and lust. She whispered in his ear, “You had better take good care of her. You had better not hurt her.” She started humping him, harder, faster. He thrust back, harder and faster. She said, defeated, “I’ll let her…..ooh…..decide…but having both of us…….god John, that’s the worst……most perverted……thing you’ve ever done…..”

He reached up and grasped at her breasts, “If it works out,” he gasped, his balls about to burst, “….if Jamie wants me…..then what happened between us…uh…..was the best thing I’ve ever done.” A moment later, both of them stiffened, as he released his cum, and she received it. His balls had never had so much in them, and when their contents entered Bianca, they rocketed in. It felt like some one was taking shots with a super soaker into her womb. Each rope of sperm was hot when it hit her, and cooled to warm as it settled inside of her. John groaned and cried out, but Bianca buried her head in his shoulder quietly.

She remained on his lap as he finished his climax. They talked about the situation, his cock slowly softening inside her. Finally, Bianca got up, cum dripping out between her legs as she was putting on her clothes. How did life turn out like this? Its the strangest thing…. “If you really loved her, you’d stick with her John.”

“I won’t do anything with you again Bianca. I promise.” John said, and he meant it. “You’ll have to understand, I mean, look at you,” he motioned at her, as she was getting dressed. She looked down at her body. “Can you blame any young guy for wanting that?” he asked her, a dead serious look on his face.

She looked down at her breasts, her flat stomach, her athletic legs. “Okay. I get it. I get it……. You men….” she said, something of that sexy, amused/slightly exasperated tone returning to her voice. She had to admit that she was flattered by the handsome young man, and besides…He won’t have any trouble pleasing Jamie, that’s for sure. And he’s smart and successful, and works hard. And…..wow, I can’t believe I’m okay with this. Kind of okay. She looked at him. John had something else to say: “Of course, if I propose or something and she doesn’t want me, you’ll be bent over my desk in no time.”

She turned to look at him, expecting that fun-loving grin. It was there, but a little different. She smiled back: “Fair enough.”

Chapter 4

“Well John, I’d like to thank you for taking care of this. We’re back on the right track. You saved the company,” Mark said, alone in the office with John. Samantha was occupied. “You know, we really appreciate it. Its even nice of you to meet up so early like this….before your wedding. I mean, I know you don’t like to hear it, but if you ever, well, if you ever want us to pay you back, you know, in some way (he lifted his eyebrows at him), I’d love….well…Samantha would be pissed at me saying this, but you know….”

“I’m going to be a married man today Mark” John said, feeling a twinge of hypocrisy, but still annoyed by the overall weirdness of Mark. “I’m done with your wife. I am.”

Mark looked downcast. “Well,” John continued, “Maybe we can work something out. I’ll see what I can do.”

Mark walked out the door. John smiled to himself, shaking his head a little at the absurd husband, and picked up his cell.

* * * * *

Later that morning, John was getting his tuxedo on. He was alone in the room. His groomsmen were otherwise occupied. Bianca and Jim walked in. Bianca was in an extremely attractive bluish dress, form fitting, low cut. Jim was in a tuxedo, as father of the bride. “Hey John, you’re a good man. I didn’t know what to think of you at first, but with all you did to pay for my medical expenses, and the job you’ve given Bianca, well, I have complete confidence you’ll be a good man for my little girl,” his disdain for the college kid somewhat a thing of the past. John had done a lot for him.

Jim smiled, and John smiled back. One of the groomsmen yelled something from the hall, and Jim turned to look. “He’ll be a good man for her,” Bianca said warmly, reaching out and giving John’s crotch a quick grab. John gave her a friendly but stern look, and she withdrew her hand quickly, smiling and raising her eyebrows a couple times quickly.

Jim went out to the hall, the wedding planner had to talk to him.

“Bianca, you need to control yourself. Last thing I need is a boner walking out there. All I want to think about is Jamie” he said. Bianca smiled. Things had gotten a lot better between her and her husband now that he was almost recuperated, and her relationship with John had normalized somewhat.

“So,” Bianca said, looking at the clock, it was getting close to the time they had to take their places. “I hope this marriage is everything escorts in london both of you dream of it being.”

John turned a little away from her and looked down. Everything I dream of? He thought of what he had dreamed of, and gotten. Having sex with two wives of other men, because they needed him. Forcing a lesbian into sex with him. Getting a blowjob from a daughter while her mom was in the room. All with little or no consequences. These were things that he could only have dreamed about a couple years ago. But over all, these dreams worked out to be less than satisfying in reality and in duration. What good is a fantasy in reality, if it only leaves me feeling empty?

“I’m not worried about my dreams,” he said quietly. Bianca looked at him, a little askance, not quite understanding what he meant.

* * * * *

Mark answered the knock at the front door to his house. An athletic looking, stern-faced, very attractive African American woman greeted him. Samantha peered out at her from the living room. “Can I help you?” Mark asked politely.

“John told me about your financial irregularities that he helped you out with” she said, walking into the house, uninvited. Samantha walked over.

“Oh god, are you the IRS?” the concerned wife asked.

“No, but I could go to them at any time. I have all the necessary information. But John assured me you’d cooperate fully. My name’s Danielle” the history teacher said. She had been completely humbled by her experience with John, and had found she reveled in the powerless situation he had put her in. She wanted nothing more than to please him, when he was using her. But for some deep-seated reason, that experience of being powerless just made her want to assert herself even more with these people. She walked towards Samantha, and wrapped her arms around her, grabbing her ass roughly, and moving in to kiss around her neck.

Samantha yelped at the attack, “Mark!…..uh, seriously, help me out here…..we’re…done with John aren’t we….we…..(her clothes were being pulled off of her)….please, stop, we’re all okay with….the money, we….”

Danielle pushed the smaller woman onto the couch, and began sucking and slurping on her breasts. Mark had closed the front door and walked back to the living room. He just saw his wife’s legs above the back of the couch, kicking helplessly, and the top of Danielle’s ass, waving a little, as she enjoyed her tits. His dick twitched a little in his pants.

Danielle held the woman down, and made her way down to her pussy. God it feels good to be back at this. It went beyond enjoyment for her. It was life.

* * * * *

“I think….I think dreams aren’t always what’s best, because they’re so often self-serving” John mused. Bianca reached out and straightened his bow tie, almost subconsciously, listening to what he had to say. “Or maybe I just have the wrong dreams. Its hard to enjoy something that’s outside one’s self. Find some meaning outside my own pleasures and desires. I don’t know. Maybe I’m waxing a little too philosophical,” John was lost in his own thoughts. He barely felt Bianca’s hands picking a speck of dust here and there off of his tuxedo. “I’ve seen people…..hell, I’ve been that person, who got turned on by something weird, by that rush. Even hurting people. Using them. What is it about it that gets to me? And why is it so hard to turn away from?” John’s thoughts were meandering. Bianca looked up at him.

* * * * *

Danielle was standing, Mark was kneeling in front of her, his face buried in her pussy. Samantha was kneeling behind her, her face buried in Danielle’s ass. The two tongues working in both of her holes felt great. Degrading the husband and wife felt awesome. Danielle moved her hips in a circle, feeling the wet tongue in her ass, and the lips kissing her pussy…it was delicious. She had a hand on each one of their heads, pulling them into her.

“That’s right guys…………..here’s a history lesson for ya…….um………….yeah, keep lickin’ Samantha…………………now kiss my clit Mark….yeah, yeah…..oooohhhhh……..well, (gasp), the emperor Caligula once fucked a guy’s wife right in front of them, on their wedding day….mmmm……let’s reenact (she chuckled a little) with me being the emperor……..” the history teacher was having a great time.

Caligula rings a bell. I know about him Mark thought, his mouth working over her clit, before returning back to her pussy. Well, all I remember is some quote about him…..(he pushed his tongue up and down between her labia)…a slave or something said it….. “Caligula was like, Tiberius’ servant for awhile right?” Mark lifted his mouth off of Danielle’s pussy to make the comment. The teacher grabbed his head and forced it back onto her mound. “Shut up Mark, but yeah, you’re right, basically. It was a bad time for him before he…..oooh….became emperor………maybe that’s why he took…..such advantag…e….mmmmmm good job Sam!”

That’s right! I think a servant in the palace once said of Caligula, that there was “no better slave, no worse master.” Maybe Danielle knows that, maybe I’ll tell her…. Mark decided not to bring it up. Better to lick her pussy like she told him to. Who knows what she’d do if he pissed her off too much?

* * * * *

Bianca walked with Mark out the door, towards the chapel. “What, are you trying to find God John?” Bianca smiled. He could use it. Heck, I need to get back to that. Get some cleansing. She looked down as they walked.

John laughed. “Ha! Maybe. I think my first step will be just loving somebody. For real. Somebody other than myself. And I’m going to want what’s best for her. No matter what.”

“Yeah, even if she gets you mad, always be gentle John” Bianca said seriously. “I know you have some tendencies….”

“Yeah, I know. But that’s what I’m talking about.” They were in the greeting area. The wedding party was assembling, in formation, to walk into the chapel. Sometimes husbands don’t need to beat their wives to be abusive John reflected, They just need to be self-serving.

* * * * *

Mark lay back and watched Danielle mounting his wife. She was forcing Sam to munch away on her pussy. Samantha did not enjoy it, but Danielle sure did. She ground her crotch down onto the abused wife’s face. Danielle looked back at Mark.

His hand was in his pants, quietly stroking.

* * * * *

Bianca was sitting in her seat. As were the rest, John was walking down the aisle, family and friends on either side, smiling up at him. How did I ever do all that stuff? I feel more excited and nervous about marrying this girl, then forcing other women to have sex with me. Its crazy….how many guys would fantasize about all of that stuff….and yet…..I’m giving it up…………..giving it all up? Yeah, all of it. John didn’t really regret what had happened, honestly. But he was glad to be done with it all the same.

Standing at the altar with the reverend, John was waiting. I had something so many others would want. Something I wanted…… He didn’t know why he enjoyed what he had done so much, but he did. He didn’t know why he was getting away from all of it with such excitement, but he sure was.

The music changed. The doors opened. All the faces turned back to see the bride enter the place. She was stunning, no doubt about it. Jamie was coming down the aisle, face covered in a veil. A flower girl in front of her, drawing some amused laughs.

John’s mind was distracted now. He was thinking a million thoughts. Perhaps leaving his lusts and conquests behind gave him something to live for. Maybe abandoning his fantasies, and living for her, and for Bianca, and for Jim, and for something higher, was a dream that was more easily accessible than any he had had before. But then again, maybe it wasn’t that easy, in a world of self-indulgence?

Fantasies are all about what pleases one’s self, John concluded, as his young bride ascended the stairs to his side. He was young, but he’d lived long enough to understand that fantasies reflected his heart. Pride, fear, hate, self-love. To have a real life, really, is to let those go. I’ll try to give up wanting all that stuff, if it helps me to make her happy. John looked at Jamie with a smile.

If that was the decision life presented him with….he was pretty confident with his choice.

All things considered, it was a reasonable deal.

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