Andria’s Girl


Andria Cummings Opened her office door and looked into the waiting room. Beth Davidson was at her desk. It was five P.M. and Andria gave a sigh of relief seeing that the room was otherwise empty.

Beth looked up the see Andria. “I think that’s everyone for today.” She said.

Andria walked into the room. She smiled at Beth as she stopped beside her. She eased herself up onto the end of the desk as Beth watched. “It’s been a horrible week.” She crossed her right leg over her left. She was wearing a fairly short skirt which was nothing unusual for the dean of women at Harrison University.

“You’ve seen fifteen girls today.” Beth said.

“And they were all complaining about such ridiculous and petty problems. She held out a hand and Beth took it. She stood up, looking to Andria. Andria pointed over her shoulder. “Door.” She said.

Beth went to the door and Andria smiled as she heard the lock click. When Beth returned to in front of Andria, She eased up close to her boss. Her hand caressing Andria’s arm. Andria lowered her leg, moving them apart. Beth escort london moved between them. Now, their faces so close together, Andria could feel the warm breath from Beth’s mouth.

She felt the girl’s lips kiss her neck. They were moist and cool. Beth always made those little sounds. Coos and hums. Andria could even sense Beth’s breathing increasing. With a finger under Beth’s chin, Andria lifted that lovely mouth so her own lips could reach them. She kissed the girl with a short simple peck. “My office.” She whispered.

Beth grinned, and as easy as that, she moved away from Andria and disappeared into the inner office. Beth was a first-year freshman at the university and Andria had spotted her the first day of Registration three months earlier. Medium height, slender, and incredibly beautiful. She was standing in line, a short dress displaying much of her wonderful athletic legs. A tee shirt that fit snug enough to outline her small but perky breasts unfettered by a bra. Nipples seemingly aroused by some unknown cause.

Andria waited a few minutes dubai escorts considering her good fortune before she slid off of the desk and walked toward the door to her office. When she entered, she was unbuttoning her blouse. She stopped beside her desk and toed off her loafers. She looked toward a sofa along the far wall. Beth was laying on it, already undressed, smiling. She was a sight of naked loveliness. One leg out straight. The other bent at the knee, her foot on the floor. One arm tucked beside her on the cushion, the other cupping a breast.

Andria walked over beside the sofa, tossing her blouse as she came. She unhooked her bra, letting it drop behind her. Fingers finding the zipper on her skirt, she eased it down and as she gave a slight wiggle, easing it over her hips. She stepped free of it.

Andria looked at Beth. She leaned forward placing a hand on the back of the sofa. She then placed one knee be side Beth. She waited. Watched.

Beth reached with both hands. Her thumbs slipping into the top of Andria’s panties. Ever so slowly she Escort Dubai drew them down over Andria’s hips. She actually licked her lips as Andria’s sex first came into view. Brazilian smooth, small labia, her glistening pearl already emerging from beneath its hood.

Andria straightened enough to allow those panties to fall to her feet. She kicked them free. “I hope you don’t have plans tonight.” She whispered. Her left leg crossing over Beth’s middle. She didn’t wait for a response. Two of her fingers slipped into Beth’s mouth ending the conversation. She worked them around in Beth’s mouth. When they reappeared, they were slippery with her spit. Beth watched as those wet fingers smeared the moisture along the length of Andria’s sex.

Andria eased forward. The fingers of her right hand began lacing themselves into Beth’s short hair. Andria tightened her grip. Her hand roughly twisting her grip. She grinned once more and lowered her pussy to Beth’s waiting mouth.

A very ridged and impressive tongue emerged from her lover’s mouth as she settled onto her. It entered her vagina, stroking into her. Andria began a slow slide back and forth as Beth fucked her. “Um, you do that so good.” She whispered.

An hour later, Andria was nearly redressed. Beth, still nude on the sofa, was smiling.

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