Me and My Calculus I Teacher Ch. 02


I entered the apartment still stunned by Emma’s kiss. I went to my room like a sleepwalker. Thankfully there was no one else in the apartment. I took off my clothes, wiped off the make-up, and went to take a shower.

I was still amazed at what had happened that night, the water falling on my body and me reviewing the scenes. Emma talked and laughed during dinner at the restaurant, her confessions, the strong wine, the waitresses, and the paintings showing the naked bodies. My teacher’s baffling proposal.

I was washing without paying attention until I saw the kiss scene again, the surprise, her mouth, her tongue provoking new sensations. The soap ran over my body as if it were Emma’s tongue: on my arms, on my breasts, my nipples getting hard. I leaned against the cold wall, the water pricking my body like needles. I was tense, shivering, and crazy, the soap went down to my waist, washed my hair, obscenely opened my lips, and lathered my crotch and thighs.

Oh, how I wanted Emma there, at that moment, kneeling and naked, kissing my thighs. It was getting hectic and intense. I was giving in to the desires that came into my mind. Even after the soap slipped from my hand.

“AAaaahhh! AAaaaannn!!! Emma!”

My fingers disappeared between my legs. I found myself dreaming of her, imagining Emma driving me crazy as if the fingers were hers. I was losing my decency and the shame because of her. I stood on tiptoe as I sensed the eruption coming from my uterus, the rain from the bath wounding my body like darts, and my womb boiling. I squeezed the beak of my breast at the last moment and saw Emma with wet hair laughing at me. I groaned his name through clenched teeth.


I had a liberating orgasm dreaming with her. A hot broth poured down between my legs. It had been a long time since I had touched myself like this. It was so bizarre, so eccentric, Emma was just the calculus teacher, a boring, overbearing woman who had told me her secrets and said goodbye with a ravenous kiss on the stairs of my building.

I sat up in bed tied my robe, combed my wet hair, and pulled out my cell phone wishing she had texted me. Nonsense. There was nothing. I thought about writing, but something held me back.

‘Don’t be silly, let her write to you. Wasn’t she the one who kissed you? Stay calm girl!’

It was hard to resist. I had a crazy urge to call but ended up lying down and sleeping. Completely naked, I rarely sleep like this, I tucked myself between the sheets as if I were a virgin ready to be possessed by an increasingly exciting woman like Emma. I rubbed myself, wrapped myself in the sheets, and ended up sleeping without finishing the immoral fuck with my college professor.

I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling cold, a cloudy dream, my body exposed. I put my hand on my sex, stroking my curly hair, excitement taking over my body. I rubbed my vulva, as Emma appeared to blend into the dream. I offered, I showed my desire, my sex pulsed, and I was getting hot and sweaty again. I imagined Emma’s fingers opening my lips, making me hallucinate as she massaged my pearl. I spread my legs like a naughty girl and felt the teacher’s fingers invading my uterus. My heat wetting her fingers I was being pierced by my new friend. As if she were a male. A thirsty, horny male, eating me ravenously with his hand. Our bodies slapping, our breasts kneading each other. I dreamed of her filling my uterus with her orgasm.

“Emma! Mmmmm!!”

I came again, shamed and restrained, more than disappointed that it was just a crazy dream about her. But it was good, it made me sleep until morning. I woke up late, got ready, and after breakfast went back to my room, anxious to see if there was any message from her.


I lost my patience. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I wrote what came to my brain at the moment.

‘Good morning! Did you sleep well? I hope so. I just wanted to tell you that I loved dinner last night. It was special. Have a nice weekend. Kiss’

Nothing. She didn’t even see. I was frustrated. She kisses me and then disappears! What a crazy thing to do, I thought. I went to do other things, I went to study my subjects. But I couldn’t forget, it was enough to remember the laugh, the kiss, the desire, and at the same time the discomfort of thinking that she was after all my teacher, a woman! How was I going to explain this at home? My father would have a fit! Not to mention the faculty, I would become a laughingstock. Emma, the ‘snake’? I could hear Peter’s laughter, Virginia’s laughing.

I didn’t want to think about that, it was hard to pay attention to my studies. I still touched myself several times over the weekend thinking about her. And I’m not like that.


When Monday came, I had no class with her, yet I thought I could find Emma in the hallways, in her room. Nothing! The door closed, and nobody knew about her.

On Tuesday, which was the day of Calculus I, I was anxiously waiting, sitting looking at the classroom door for Emma to show up with her bossy and escorts in london unmannerly manner. But I was discouraged when Anthony, the substitute teacher came into the room.

“Professor Emma is going to be gone for a few days. Two weeks maybe.”

“Did she get sick, professor?” – One of the boys asked.

“I don’t know, they didn’t tell me anything.”

It was disappointing. I didn’t even pay attention in class. I wondering what happened. Was she afraid of me, embarrassed after the kiss? Emma was thinking that I was an irresponsible girl who said everything. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I was frustrated. This was not what I expected from her. She was so mature, so confident, and… runs away!

“What? What did you say, Olivia?”

“Nothing, nothing! Thinking out loud, thinking about life Virginia.”

“Who would run away from you?”

I didn’t even answer, I kept quiet so as not to make things worse. The days went by, I went forgetting of Emma, I was even ashamed to think that I had such obscene dreams about such a strange woman like her. I felt like a girl fooled by people smarter than me. The problem was remembering the kiss. Ah, the kiss! What a kiss, my God! How could there be a mouth like hers? The kiss made no sense in the whole story. Why wasn’t the mouth of a man, till even a teacher? It would have been much less problematic.

That same Tuesday I ended up sending another message. I don’t know if she was sick, or some other unforeseen event. That’s what occurred to me at the moment. She hadn’t even bothered to read the previous message, but I still sent another, after all, I had a reason.

‘Good morning! The lady is missing. Is there something wrong? Anything I can help you with? Kiss.’

Nothing! Nothing, nothing, nothing. She didn’t even see the message. Emma didn’t want to talk to me.

Dumb, I thought. Idiot! You stand there thinking that everyone is nice. That she only wants what’s good for you, no way. She is only interested in herself. I am such a fool. I wasn’t frustrated anymore, I was disappointed, feeling deceived.

The days went by, the week came to an end and Emma never checked my messages. On the following Monday, I opened my cell phone to talk to my family and saw that the two messages I had sent her were read. But the frustration continued, there was no reply.

Okay! You don’t want to talk, don’t talk! You just can’t call me ill-mannered, uninterested. I just wanted to know what had happened to you. I talked loudly to the walls of my bedroom. That woman was driving me crazy. Never mind, I did my part, if you don’t want anything more to do with me if you didn’t like the kiss, what can I do? I don’t know, I don’t know how to kiss anyone. I’ve never kissed. Shit! Oh, crap!

I sat down on the bed discouraged. I wanted to disappear. Why didn’t I go after her? Why didn’t I yell at her on the day, on the moment? My bedroom door opened with force.

“Are you talking to me? Or are you talking to yourself, Olivia?”

“What a fright, Eunice! Don’t come in like that!”

“Crazy. What, did you get dumped?”

“It’s none of your business. Leave me alone.”

I threw a pillow at the door, she burst out laughing. I sprawled on the bed discouraged. It was a struggle to get up to study. I was looking more and more like a teenager. That woman had the power to make me dependent on her, even without talking to me.

I stayed in this discouragement until Friday. Funny that I got up excited that day, I don’t know why. I was just happier, lighter, for no reason. I decided to innovate and wear a new dress. I put on a flowered dress with straps, I even put on some lipstick. I combed my hair into a bolder style. I don’t know what came over me. I went to college without even remembering that it was the day of Emma’s class.

Everyone is sitting around talking, The boys complimenting my shoulders and my hair. Everyone was joking and laughing when the teacher arrived, but it wasn’t Anthony, I had a hard time understanding that that figure was her, it was Emma! If it wasn’t for the features of her face, her body, even though she looked thinner to me. She was almost unrecognizable, she had definitely changed into someone else.

Emma was still wearing a coat, much more elegant, a light blue tone, thicker wool, fine stuff. The short skirt of the same fabric covers the middle of her thighs, the jacket open, showing the semi-transparent blouse in a pinkish hue. The open button reveals her breasts in a provocative bra. I could see the details of the bra. But the most impressive was his hair. Straight and short down to her shoulders, dyed red. She was well made up, with a creamy red lipstick. She looked adorable. I think I even heard some whistling.

“You see, I didn’t tell you. Time travel exists. The aliens abducted the woman, took her frozen to another planet, and left that ET here with us.”

“Peter stop! Don’t make me laugh. She’s looking at me. – That was Emily talking and covering her mouth and looking at Emma with wide eyes.”

“I Escort in dubai bet she came back pregnant by one of them. That’s why they abduct women.”

I put my open hand supporting the forehead, shaking my head from side to side trying not to let out a laugh. Emma noticed the uproar and gave the class that scolding, as usual.

“What did you say, Mr. Peter?”

She walked over to the desks and stood in the middle between Virginia’s and mine. I felt her skirt brushing my shoulder. The smell of a soft perfume, a delicate fragrance, imported maybe.

“Nothing, nothing! Mistress Emma. I was just telling a story from a sci-fi movie I saw this weekend.”

“Today is Friday, Mr. Peter.”

“Sunday, last Sunday.”

“Make sure you study, Mr. Peter, mister won’t pass. Nobody passes if they don’t study.”

Emma rubbed herself against my body again and moved to the middle of the room. She told everyone to open their books and began to unload the subject. Virginia turned facing me, covered her face with her open hand, and began to mime, her lips moving only.

‘Did you feel?’

I confirmed, moving my head. She continued moving only her lips.

‘Expensive! I bet she’s in love.’

That confirmed what I suspected, I felt proud. Could it be that it was all for me, all that transformation? Then Gustav nudged my shoulder and spoke behind, close to my ear.

“I didn’t speak. Your grade wasn’t a miracle, it was just a thick stick that’s eating the snake.”

It made me lose all romance. I leaned back against the seat and spoke whispering between my teeth.

“Stop Gustav! What a boring thing.”

“Huuuuiiiii! Are you jealous? Do you want me to get you one?”

“Be quiet.”

I turned around trying to pay attention to the class. More and more I was convinced that all this was because of me. Damned Emma made me suffer for her, just to surprise me like that. But it wasn’t only me who was impacted by her transformation, the class was still in an uproar over her, a conversation that made me lose my attention. However, as the lesson went on, things calmed down and we found each other. She looked at me from the corner of her eye, I smiled sideways. A game of tennis, an exchange of signals between the two of us. I was enjoying feeling like a girlfriend.

I was sitting in the first row, crossed my legs, and discreetly pulled up my dress until my knee was visible. I felt Emma take a deep breath when she saw that. The problem is that Virginia saw it too, she examined my thighs. I looked at Emma and controlled Virginia, who didn’t say anything, just checked. There was a question on my colleague’s face. I pretended to scratch my leg and knee and went down the dress. I didn’t even turn my face away, I stayed the way I was. I couldn’t do much. I don’t know what she thought. The subject went on and Emma as usual unloaded a ton of material. She went at this pace until class was over. in The end she put together her books together in her briefcase and went towards the door when one of the boys called her.


She turned around. It was a second of silence.


There came a fiufiuuuuuuuuuu!!! From the back of the room. The whole class, all the boys, all clapping at the same time, in the biggest racket. All I saw was Emma raising her arms, saying something I couldn’t understand, and then she disappeared out the door.

“You’re all worthless, you know that? Just because of that pain in the ass Emma decided to give her wardrobe a makeover. Look at Olivia, how cute, and I didn’t see anyone whistling at her.”

“Come on Virginia. Olivia didn’t dress like an Ogre. I just wanted to know which Shreck saved Fiona?”

“Princess nothing, she is the Dragon, the question is who was the donkey?”

Gustav gestured showing the size of a penis and I lost my patience. I punched him in the back.

“Stop Gustav, what a thing! You two are very childish.”

“Let’s have lunch, it’s about time. Come on Olivia, you two, too.”

“I still think she must be pregnant with an ET.”

I punched Peter in the arm.


I was leaning behind the pillar, looking out over the courtyard. The two goofballs talking and laughing, it had already been more than ten minutes and they were saying something that I didn’t understand. I looked at the time, it was more than two thirty in the afternoon. I looked at the door, it was still closed. And the two of them were talking non-stop, like old misters talking about other people’s lives.

It took another five minutes before they disappeared down the stairs. I checked again and there was only me on the floor. I got to the door and knocked lightly, too lightly. Just as I was about to knock again.

“Come in, it’s open!”

I opened the door, very carefully, and walked to it. Emma, sitting behind the table, turned her chair sideways to me and faced the wall, I could tell she crossed her legs. She stretched one arm across the table and was playing with a pen between her fingers.

“Put your things over there, dear.”

He Dubai Escorts pointed to a small table in the corner of the room.

“Ok. Good morning, I mean, good afternoon.”

I did. And then I came closer, a little awkwardly, and holding one elbow with the hand of my other arm, as I do when I’m embarrassed. Emma smiled and I did the same, relieved.

“You look very pretty. I didn’t know, that you knew I was coming. It was supposed to be a surprise! And you’re the one who surprises me, Olivia?”

“I didn’t expect you, I mean Mrs, here. I don’t know why I woke up happy today, I don’t even know why I decided to put on this dress. Maybe a sign, I don’t know?”

“Oh, the signs! Yes, the signs. I love the signs. Being guided by them. I like it.”

She spoke looking at me, examining me from head to toe. Biting her lip until she turned the chair around and faced me.

“You look, beautiful girl, too lovely.

“No, You are a beautiful one. I didn’t expect it. Nobody did!”

“Tell me what they said about me?”

“Oh, nonsense! Boys, you know how they are.”

“Tell me, I want to know.”

“Oh, some said you were returned by the ET. That you came back pregnant.”

“What? Hahahaha. They are getting more and more inventive.”

“Others said you were the Fiona who was saved by Shrek.”

“The ogre?”

“Some people compared you to the Dragon. They said you fell in love with a donkey.”

She lowered her head looking at her arms stretched out on the table, her hands playing with the pen, and she sketched a smile.

“Those boys are worthless.”

“Some said you fell in love with someone. A guy.”

“True. I did fall in love.”

I took a gasp. She raised her arms together, crossed her fingers on her hands, and support her chin. She savored my astonishment. Emma kept waiting for my question.


“Only it’s not a man.”

Emma looked deep into my eyes and I sidled the look for the window.

“Why didn’t you call me, say anything? I texted you.”

“I couldn’t Olivia, the place I went barely had a cell phone signal. And I wanted some time to myself.”

“Oh, geez! You left me in the dark. I don’t know. You did all that stuff, said all that stuff, and then you were gone. I don’t know what you thought of me. I don’t know if you didn’t like my conversation, my… kiss.”

“And why wouldn’t I like your kiss? I was the one who kissed you.”

“I think a speck got in my eye.”

I scraped my throat trying to disguise that I was sniffling. Damn it! Why did I go crying right in front of her.”

“Damn, is not coming out”

“Olivia, don’t be like that. You don’t have to feel guilty about anything. I wanted to make sure of what I was feeling, and I also wanted to show you who I really am.”

“You made me nervous, you know? I don’t know how you feel about me.

“I want you, Olivia. I want to own you if you’ll have me.”

I gathered my courage and looked at Emma, the two of them talking to each other through our eyes. It was intense. I was becoming overwhelmed. Only I didn’t want it, I was still afraid of it.

“I don’t know if I want it, Emma! I don’t know if I can! If I’m up to what you need. It’s too much for me, you know? I don’t know if I want to be a submissive, lover of an older woman. A mature woman likes you. Even more you.”

“Even more me, why!”

“Sorry, that’s not what I meant. It’s just that I don’t feel ready, you see! I don’t know if that’s what I want. And then you disappear, you run away from me.”

I kept talking and my voice was getting thinner and thinner, and I was crying. I don’t even know why that was happening, it was as if I was undressing in front of her, besides that I was also afraid of what was happening. Afraid of losing control of everything.

“Lock the door.”


“Lock the door, Olivia.”

I turned my back and did as she asked me. I came back, still sniffling, wiping my nose and eyes.

“Sit down Olivia. And tell me, what did you do after the kiss? What did I provoke in you, if I provoke anything?”

“Aaah… I went to sleep. I took a shower and went to bed.

“Is that all you did?”

“What do you want to know?”

I was still the scared little girl, and she was becoming more and more the mistress of the game. Laughing in my face.

“To find out if you’re really into me.”

I bit my lips thinking about what to say. I looked down at my hand smoothing the edge of the table. If I said everything what would she think of me? How would I control Emma from then on? What would become of me anyway? It was a strange game, a game of girlfriends that I didn’t know how to play. A power struggle.

“Oh, I washed and soaped myself and I touched… I touched myself thinking of you, over there.”

“You jerked off thinking of me? Is that what our kiss caused you to do?”

I shook my head in confirmation, shit, she laughed satisfied, leaning against the chair. What would it be like from then now?

“Then nothing else? Was it just one time?”

“No. It happened other times.”


“A few. Why do you want to know, this is very intimate. And you didn’t? I didn’t provoke you with anything, did I? I know, it’s always like that. Nobody wants anything with me. Some even run away from me.”

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