The Regional Directors’ Meeting Ch. 04.5

Big Tits

I spooned Cindy for a good half hour while her breathing returned to normal, her body occasionally twitching as she recovered from her climax. Finally she sighed.

“That was … the strongest orgasm I think I’ve ever had,” she whispered in the darkened room. “But now I’m ready for the next step.”

I smiled in the dark and kissed her neck.

“Here we go.”

I sat up, rolled Cindy onto her front and straddled her hips. I began massaging her neck with one hand, leaning on the other. Then I massaged her shoulders for awhile as she sighed contentedly before moving my hands steadily down her back. I used long, firm strokes, stroking the sleek, firm muscles on either side of her backbone.

Arriving at her butt, I massaged one firm globe deeply then moved to the other while Cindy gave quiet little moans of pleasure. Finally I pulled her hips up until she was on her knees and I was kneeling between her widespread legs.

“Wait,” she said suddenly, and crawled over the get something out of the nightstand. She handed me a small bottle that in the dim light I could see was lube.

“Do you mind?” she asked. It’s easier when I finger myself with this.”

“Of course,” I replied. “I want this to feel good for you.”

So again she dropped down with her forearms on the bed and her Dizi izle butt high in the air. She looked back over her shoulder and said, “Please, I can’t wait!”

My dick was rock hard and bobbing slightly with my pulse as I coated it with lube, then dripped more of the slick stuff in the crack of Cindy’s ass. She moaned with anticipation as I spread lube down her crack, especially around her tight little asshole.

I put the head of my dick against her little hole and pushed, but the lube sent it slipping away. Another attempt ended the same. So I found her hole with my thumb and slowly eased it past the hard little rim of muscle that guarded her ass.

“Ohmygod!” she cried quietly.

In and out my thumb went, loosening and opening her ass, pulling against her rim each time.

“Oh fuck, Mark, PUT IT IN ME!”

Inspired by her eagerness I pushed her ass cheeks wide and settled the head of my dick in her now much looser asshole. I pushed in by a fraction and she gasped. I pushed harder and the head of my dick popped past her rim into her channel. A third push and I was inside her by three inches. A final hard thrust left me buried in her ass with my hips hard against her buttocks. She keened a high, prolonged whimper of arousal.

I pulled out a couple of inches and thrust into netflix izle her again. Then another withdrawal and thrust, then another. Soon I was fucking her ass steadily and I could feel and hear her climaxing under me, crying out in ecstasy while her body writhed and her hands clawed at the sheets.

“Ah! Ah! AAAAHHH!” she panted. “Yeeeessss!”

“Don’t stop! Don’t Stop! Oh I need this! Mark! Yes! Yes! Aaaaah!”

Her orgasm tailed off gradually and I stopped thrusting, but left my hard dick buried in her ass. I could feel her ass squeezing my dick rhythmically matching the spasms of her orgasm.

“Oh Mark that was so good! Stay in my ass! You feel huge inside me that way! God it’s like your dick goes all the way up my body!”

We stayed that way for a minute or two while her climax faded and then I felt her move. She was pushing her ass against me, then pulling away. Pushing back, then pulling away, fucking herself with my dick. Pushing. Pulling. Pushing. Pulling.

“Now Mark!” she cried out. “Fuck me! Fuck me in my dirty ass! Deep and hard! FUCK ME!!”

I slammed into her with a grunt, pulled out and slammed into her again, the front of my hips slapping against her firm buttocks. I could feel the head of my dick sliding gloriously against the inner walls of her Fragman izle butt. Her hands were underneath her working on her pussy.

“Come inside me!” Cindy gasped between thrusts. “I want you to come in my ass! Fill my ass with your hot juice!”

Needing little encouragement I started pounding her ass faster and faster, my dick pulling out of her with a faint slurp followed by the slap as I pounded into her.

I gave a loud groan as I felt my sperm shoot down my dick to fill her butt. What a feeling knowing she wanted my cum to fill her ass! Cindy heard me and started her own orgasm as the two of us thrashed and cried out together, fucking spastically as she sank down on the bed and I collapsed on top of smooth, slender body.

We laid that way for what seemed like and hour as my dick shrank and slipped from her tender asshole and I kissed her shoulders and the back of her neck. Deep and ragged at first, her breathing became steady and soft. I thought she might be asleep until she whispered.

“My god that was everything I dreamed of all these years, Mark. Your big dick in my ass, sliding faster and deeper and harder. It hurt a little bit, just at first, but I came so, sooo hard! I’m still shaking.”

“And knowing my ass is full of your cum … that I milked your balls dry …I can’t describe the feeling.”

I didn’t have anything to say, except that her ass was warm and tight and I’d be happy to fuck it any time. But it was her night so I said nothing and then she was asleep so I covered her with a blanket and went home.

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