Tied to a Table


‘Bend over’.

Just hearing him whisper those two words into her ear made Ellie weak at the knees. The tops of her thighs were already pressed against the table, so when Sam pushed lightly against her lower back, she bent forward willingly until her forearms carried her weight on the table top.

‘Good girl’.

She knew he was admiring the view. Her short skirt would be riding up far enough for him to see the tops of her lace holdups; she never wore tights. She felt his fingers trace the line between the lace and the skin of her thighs, moving both hands up underneath the skirt to grasp her slim hips.

‘I forgot to put underwear on’. She bit her lower lip and smiled. ‘Oops’.

‘Bad girl’, he smiled. His hands didn’t stay on her hips though, but moved up to her t-shirt, bunching the material over her head. She pulled it off completely, discarding it in front of the table.

For a moment, she couldn’t feel his touch on her skin, then she felt one hand grasp her neck gently, causing a shiver of pleasure to shoot down her spine. He moved his hand down, mimicking the lines of the tattoo on her upper back, and stopped at her bra, deftly releasing the catch. Now she felt both hands reach around to cup her breasts.

In one movement, he pushed his hips against her, letting her feel the heat of his erection straining through his jeans, and bent over to press his lips against her ear.

‘Close your eyes’.

He saw her lips form that cheeky half smile that always meant she had naughty thoughts on her mind, and she complied.

‘What have you got planned’?

‘You’ll see’, he replied, moving to the front of the table and picking up one of the long pieces of soft material he’d placed there before. First, he got rid of her bra, noticing her quiver a little as her nipples grazed against the wood of the table. Smiling already at the effect the next sensation would have on her, he made a figure of eight around her wrists and tied the ends together so her hands were bound in front of her. Her shocked little gasp told him that she hadn’t expected this, but that it was having the right effect.

‘You can open your eyes now’.

Ellie opened her eyes to see Sam standing in front of her. His t-shirt was already gone, and the top button of his jeans was undone. Normally she would have spent some time enjoying the sight of his toned body. But what caught her attention now were the two other pieces of material he held in his hands. He’d done a good job on her wrists; she could support herself on her elbows, but couldn’t free herself. She had a vague idea of what was coming.

‘Two more to go’. With that smile that made her insides burn, he moved behind her again. She knew he could see just how excited she was, since her skirt was still bunched up over her hips. She was exposed.

She heard him kneel behind her, on eye level with her bared pussy and ass. But although she was already aching for him to touch her, he only softly dragged his fingers down her right leg, stopping at her calf. She felt him wrap the material around her ankle and pull it towards the table leg, where he tied it. Moments later, her left leg was escort service similarly bound and she was acutely aware of just how wide her legs were and how she was now utterly at his mercy.

Sam leaned back and admired his handiwork. ‘That is one fine view’.

Just knowing what he was looking at made her moan slightly. She realised that he could now tease her to the edge of her sanity if he chose to. As frustrating as the thought was, the anticipation of what was to come made her already throbbing pussy even wetter.

She heard him move towards her again, felt his hands move up her thighs. His thumbs tantalisingly brushed her exposed lips before his hands continued to her round cheeks, pulling them slightly more apart. She felt his breath so close to her skin, and tried to push her hips towards his mouth but was stopped by the knots on her ankles.

‘Oh god, please…’ her voice was barely a whisper.

Fortunately, the view of Ellie spread like this was too hard for Sam to resist. He touched the tip of his tongue to her clit and pressed. Ellie nearly came instantly from that first touch.

‘Fuck yes’.

He lapped in small circles around her clit, taking note of her small mewls of pleasure. Unable to hold himself back anymore, he pulled himself closer and buried his face between her legs, urgently pushing his tongue past her lips and into her waiting pussy.

‘Oh. My. God.’

Ellie relished the feeling of his tongue moving inside her. She was never sure who enjoyed this more – but right now that wasn’t important. What was important was that Sam had moved one hand down to continue the circles on her clit while he drank her juices, pushing her to the brink of orgasm with each thrust. Knowing she was close, he wrapped his lips around her swollen clit and sucked.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck!’ Ellie felt the orgasm spike through her body, down her stomach and to her legs. Sam kept sucking, letting her ride the pleasure as he felt her juices wet his face.

When her legs had stopped shaking, he moved his face a few inches back and began tracing his fingers along her slit, enjoying the wetness and already imagining what it was going to feel like when he pushed his cock deep inside.

Ellie was obviously thinking along the same lines. ‘Sam, fuck me’.

Sam’s only answer was to slide two fingers smoothly into her pussy, and to curl them forward to press against the small mound inside.

‘Ohhhh’. The sound came from both of them. As Sam started to move his fingers in and out, Ellie’s breathing quickened and she strained against the ties on her wrists. She longed to be able to rub her clit, knowing she would orgasm again quickly.

Sam knew this too, but he had other ideas. Ellie felt his breath on her skin again, this time higher.

‘Yes’. This time it was hardly a whisper, but Sam heard it. Teasingly, he licked the skin just below her little asshole. This was a side of her he’d been intensely pleased to discover. Ellie had been just as pleased to find that someone else shared her most secret fantasies and desires, especially when the reality turned out to be even better than she’d imagined. london escorts

Still moving and curling his fingers, he flicked his tongue on the skin around her asshole, using his free hand to spread her cheek to give him even better access. Flicks became longer licks, and finally he placed his lips firmly around her tight entrance and pushed his tongue directly onto her hole.

Ellie cried out in ecstasy. The combination of her still throbbing clit, his fingers pushing against her g spot, and his hot, wet tongue in her ass had her writhing on the table. Sam reveled in how responsive she was, how wet she was, and the taste of her pleasure in his mouth. Each time he pushed with his tongue, he felt the slight resistance before the little hole opened to accommodate him. Each time his tongue penetrated her, Ellie’s body twitched in delight, as she felt Sam’s tongue open her and dart inside her, setting off sparks in the sensitive nerve endings of her ass. Sam felt like he could eat Ellie like this for hours, but his cock was straining harder and harder in his jeans, aching to finally be inside her. Without breaking his rhythm of fingering and tonguing, he moved his other hand to open his jeans.

As he pulled briefly away to step out of his jeans and boxers, Ellie responded to the lack of stimulation with frustration. Although Sam could hardly resist the temptation to instantly slide his hard cock into Ellie’s waiting pussy, he took the moment to enjoy the sweet torture his absence was inflicting on the brunette tied to his table. He could clearly see her swollen lips and wet pussy, and her asshole was still twitching, begging for him to come back. When he did move closer, he only pressed the very tip of his cock to her lips, watching as his precum mingled with her wetness. He slowly moved his cock head up and down, to her asshole and clit, before resting again just at the threshold of her lips.

Ellie was practically begging. ‘Oh my god please, just fuck me Sam’. The tone of her voice removed his last drop of willpower and he plunged deep into her, grabbing around her belly to increase the intensity. Ellie’s breath was half gasp, half scream. Sam’s perfect cock always instantly hit the right spots, and the feeling of his thighs pressed against hers when he was all the way in just added to the pleasure of being filled.

Excruciatingly slowly, Sam pushed yet a little deeper, before pulling far out and entering again. His cock was finally coated in her juices, and he used his position from behind her to control each thrust. From here, he could push in deep and hard, feeling Ellie’s muscles contract tightly around him. He kept a slow pace for a short while, then started gradually getting faster and faster, until the only sounds were of skin on skin, and the gasping breaths of Sam and Ellie.

Ellie could feel another orgasm building and tried again to push back more than the bonds would let her. Sam’s hand stopped her, resting on one ass cheek, and he slowed his own pace.

‘No…’ Ellie’s frustration was apparent.

Sam’s only answer was with one finger that began circling her small asshole. Each time he neared it, it london escort twitched in anticipation. Ellie held her breath as she felt his finger rest directly on her hole, quivering in excitement. Sam timed the push of his finger exactly with his next thrust, so that Ellie was suddenly filled with his cock in her pussy and his finger deep in her ass. She exhaled sharply as her nerves tingled and spikes of pleasure coursed through her. Sam moved his finger, relishing the feeling of his own cock through the thin membrane, and began to move his hips back and forth again. The feeling of both holes being filled was too much for Ellie. He felt her muscles contract, and her back arched as the orgasm hit her. Her sensitive nerves in her ass and her wet pussy throbbed like they were charged with electricity. If at all possible, she felt herself getting even wetter as the orgasm continued. It was all Sam could do not to join her, but he knew where he wanted to cum. Ellie wanted it too.

‘Sam, put it in my ass.’

It turned Ellie on incredibly to ask him – almost as much as the request turned him on. He knew that he wouldn’t last much longer, so he didn’t hesitate. His cock thoroughly wet from Ellie’s last orgasm, he placed his tip on her asshole and pushed.

Ellie tensed briefly as the head stretched her sphincter, then relaxed with a satisfied sigh into the still unusual feeling of a cock in her ass. Unusual, but fulfilling and indescribably pleasurable. How did people go through their lives without ever experiencing this? Sam gave her the few short seconds she needed to adjust, then guided his cock into her ready ass, watching each inch disappear and listening to Ellie’s cries of pleasure the deeper he went. When she could feel his balls resting against her clit, she knew she had him. They both rested a moment in that position. Sam’s cock was held tight and hard by Ellie’s muscles, and Ellie could feel every inch of him pushing against her insides. Sam had planned to start slowly, but the tightness of her ass was too enticing to take his time. As he began to thrust, Ellie pleaded with him, ‘untie my hands’.

Smiling, he leaned over her back, altering his angle and pushing even deeper. Ellie moaned in delight against the table under his weight, and kept still while he undid the knot. As soon as she was freed, her hand moved between her legs and she started playing with her clit, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Sam needed no more encouragement. He pushed deep, pulled almost all the way out, and pushed back in one more time as his own orgasm hit him. Ellie felt the final swelling of him deep inside her and let her own orgasm come, tensing even harder around Sam’s cumming cock.

She felt him fall forward onto her. Pressed once again to the table, she felt the slickness of his skin, the beating of his heart, and the tightening of his chest muscles against her back as his orgasm powered through him. Using her free hand, she grabbed his hip and tried to pull him yet deeper, craving every sensation of him cumming in her ass.

When their breathing had slowed, he unwillingly pulled out, stroking his hands over her back and ass cheeks as he bent down again to free first one leg, then the other. Legs trembling, she stood up and turned around to face him, smiling a little as she felt a small drop of his cum leaving her ass. She pressed her chest to his, took his hand and led him towards the shower.

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