Two Days In The Sun


I had no idea what was going on. I had gone to bed safely in my home and when I awoke, I found myself stripped naked except for shoes and I was alone somewhere out in the bush (I’m from Australia, so “the bush” means hills, dirt, dry grass, a smattering of trees, shrubs and bushes, and a bunch of creeks for water).

Naked! Alone in the bush! A summer day with not a cloud in the sky! WTF!? There was no breeze so I was sweating already. Seeing no better option I started towards a nearby copse of trees. There is nothing so uncomfortable as walking around naked in dry heat with your thighs playing tennis with your genitals.

As I walked past the bottom of a hill I heard a strange noise. I looked to the top of the hill and saw another sweaty person shimmering in the sun. So it seemed I wasn’t alone in this strange predicament. I started up the hill and noticed something else. It was a girl! WTF!? As we got even closer I recognised her. It was Angie, a girl I had known for long time.

“What the fuck is going on here!?” I shouted as we got nearer.

“I have no idea!” she shouted back. We both stopped when we got close.

“Well,” I continued,” you’re the one who has property, do you know where we are?”

“No this place doesn’t look familiar to me.” I was then that we both realised the situation we were in. We both turned around quickly, blushing.

“Uhh,” I started nervously. Angie and I had done quite a number of things together but we had never been in any sort of intimate relationship. “Uhh,” I continued,” so, uhh, do you know where the road might be?”

“Um, no,” she responded,” I was heading for those trees over there.”

“So was I.” This was a really uncomfortable situation! “I suppose that we should keep heading there.” What the HELL?!?!!?

“Okay,” Angie said. SHIT!! “Umm, uhh, who should walk in front?” AHHH!! HELP ME!

“Uhh, I will.” Okay, no distracting ass in front of me. Not able to think of anything else to say, I started walking. I could hear Angie’s heavy breath behind me. Despite having no visual distractions, my mind started conjuring images of myself and Angie, covered in dirt, fucking under the burning sun.

I couldn’t help the erection that sprung up in front of me. Walking naked in the sun with a 7″ tool swaying in front of me, and a naked girl behind me. I couldn’t understand it, I had always liked Angie but had never thought of her as a sexual creature. Seeing her naked completely changed that.

Angie was not what you would call attractive. She wasn’t ugly, just plain. But her body was exceptional! Well toned and muscled, taut skin, great hips and a slim waist. At least that was what I knew up to that day. Adding to her plain image was her wavy brown hair and brown eyes. But naked she was spectacular! Beautiful C cup breasts that didn’t sag in the slightest, with nipples that seemed to stick out all the time and a very neatly trimmed bush.

Knowing this I was thankful when we approached the trees. Maybe I was just too horny, but I stopped outside the copse and did something daring.

“Well,” I said,” you’re the jungle girl, maybe you should lead the way.” I couldn’t believe that I had said that! But Angie must have agreed because she led the way. I had a wonderful view of her tight, juicy ass as she walked through the bush in front of me.

Suddenly, we came across a clearing (Not that the rest of the bush was all that thick). There was a creek running through the clearing so it seemed a perfect place to stop. Angie startled me when she spoke.

“Have you noticed something strange?” she asked me.

“You mean aside from the fact that we’re out in the bush with no clothes on?” I retorted.

“I haven’t heard any birds or insects at all.” HUH!? I listened. She was right. There were no sounds of the bush. That WAS strange. Though I couldn’t let that worry me now. I went to test out the creek. It was a couple of metres wide and it was chest-deep. So I had a little swim. The water was surprisingly cool, and I extended an invitation to Angie to join me.

What luck I must of had because she kicked off her shoes and waded into the creek. Seeing as we had no soap we had to make do with rubbing ourselves clean with our bare hands. I playfully splashed Angie, and she splashed me right back. This continued a little while lessening the sexual tension that had built up between us.

Unfortunately, neither Angie nor myself could remain playful for too long, so we were soon out of the creek replacing our shoes. The cold water had purged some of the sexual energy that we both had so neither of us became too bashful about our common nudity.

“Do you think we’ll be able to find a decent place to sleep tonight?” I asked her a bit tentatively. escorts in london “After all, we have no camping gear.”

“As long as we can find another place with a creek nearby, and I can start a fire, we should be okay.” That was reassuring, but there was still another concern.

“What about food?”

“I’ll think of something.” Okay, I admit it, that was a little disheartening, but we moved on. I had been wrong though about the water washing away the desire to fuck Angie out in the bush, it had just held it in abeyance. We were now walking side by side, and seeing her tits jiggling with every step did not help. I’m sure now that my semi-hard dick swinging in front of me was not very helpful to Angie either.

Finally though, we found a clearing. Good thing too, because it was approaching dark. There were some wild fruits growing around the clearing that Angie said we could eat, so we weren’t starved. Not for food anyway. Angie was right about being able to start a fire. Her marvellous body glowed in the firelight. I was sitting in the dirt with a most obvious erection.

Angie sat in the dirt opposite me, the fire between us. She was staring over the low flames at my dick. I looked down at where her crotch met the ground. There was a damp patch in the dirt! I looked up and found Angie staring into my eyes. She smiled slightly and stood up slowly.

My breathing quickened slightly when Angie slowly walked around the fire and sat down in front of me. She reached out with one hand and gently gripped my cock, then she slowly moved her hand over the length of it. My breathing quickened even further, and she gradually sped up her jerking motion.

“Angie,” I sighed when I was about to come. She got the idea and released my dick from her grasp. I sighed deeply. She lay back on the ground. I crawled over her, and kissed her deeply. She made a slight whining noise, and returned the kiss with fervour.

We lay like that for a while, her breasts pressed hard into my chest, while we kissed each other, flicking our tongues about each other’s mouthes. Angie liked to suck on my tongue as if it were a cock. I ran my hands over her body, gripping her thighs, buttocks and breasts. Her nipples were so hard, I just had to pinch them and twist them between my fingertips. This elicited a more fervent suck, and a guttural noise in her throat.

I withdrew my tongue from Angie’s mouth and raised my head. We must have exchanged a lot of juice because, all around her lips, down her cheeks and dribbling down her chin was a great deal of our saliva. I licked my lips and found that I too had spilled a little. We smiled at each other. I slowly progressed downwards, kissing her neck, her chest, between her breasts – stopping to flick from side to side, circling her areolae with my tongue – then continuing over her flat stomach, and finally to her pubic mound.

Angie must have been incredibly aroused and creaming profusely, as all of the dirt that had clung her pussy lips had been washed away by her juices. I inhaled deeply, and was greatly satisfied with her aroma, and my dick (which had, by now begun to soften) reawakened with passion. I gently parted Angie’s legs, marvelling at her perfect skin, and bent my head closer to her cunt.

I wanted to give her at least one great orgasm, but I didn’t want to draw anything out much so I started into licking immediately. From the sound Angie made when my tongue first hit her pussy, she wanted to come quickly too. If I mentioned her incredible aroma, it paled in comparison to the taste of her cream. It was smooth, delicate, not harsh, and subtly sweet, not overpowering – it was beautifully delicious (I would only later wonder how a girl with such a plain face could have such a perfect body and delicious pussy juice).

I continued lapping away at her steaming pussy with great zeal. And the moans and gentle, breathy pants emitted from the centre of my attention only excited me further. Soon I was on par with her natural lubricants, lapping it up just as it came out. Angie’s hips were bucking at my face and I could see various muscles in her legs, abdomen and pelvis were contracting and relaxing sporadically.

“Oh, GOD!!” Angie cried out and, before I knew it, she was exploding! My head was pushed from her crotch with such force, it took me a second to realise that my face was drenched, and come was spurting from Angie’s cunt! I couldn’t believe it! Angie was a squirter!

I quickly forced my face back into the line of fire. Her thick vaginal come was spurting out with great force, and I managed to catch some in my mouth, but the rest drenched my face and hair. If her lubricants were delicious, her cunt come was positively exquisite!! I just escorts in london enjoyed the taste while she bucked and moaned and squirted out her love.

When she was close to subsiding, I placed my mouth over her clit and hole and sucked at her cunt. I don’t know how but she cried out again! Louder this time, but there was no more come to be had from her, just cries of “I love you!” and “That feels so good!!” as she rode out her multiple orgasms. Wave after wave rode over her, all her muscles rippling as she very gradually came down from her rapture.

When she was finally lying still, I sat up to survey the scene. With my legs apart, my balls lay in the dirt and my still erect cock looked like some bizarre plant. The fire had died down slightly, so in the glow I examined my lover. Angie looked even more glorious than when I first saw her. She was covered in sweat, so much that she looked like she had just come from a shower, and her skin shone from the dim firelight. There was a massive dark patch in the dirt between her spread legs, a mixture of her sweat, my sweat, and a hell of a lot of come.

At the thought of her come, I remembered my face was covered with it. I decided it would be unfair of me if I didn’t share it with her. I crawled over her, past her heaving breasts, up to her face, which now looked a little less plain to me. Her eyelids parted slightly as I lowered myself onto her, my dick resting at her cunt. She obviously knew my intentions, because as soon as I lowered my face, she began kissing me and licking her come from my face.

When she was done, Angie lowered her head back to the ground, her eyes glazed over. She whispered something, but all I could catch was “…inside me..”, then she fell asleep. I figured that nothing would compare to that amazing experience, so I slowly slid my stiff cock into her soaked pussy, then rolled over so she was lying on top of me. Cradling her in my arms, I too drifted off to a blissful sleep.

* * * * * * * * *

There was one part of me that kind of assumed that I would awaken in my own bed to discover it was all a dream. However, if it was a dream, it was far from over.

“Hunhwhazza?” I mumbled as I slowly phased into consciousness.

“I said, ‘do you like that?'” It was Angie’s voice.

“Like what?” I again mumbled as it slowly came to me that it was morning and I was still out in the bush. Gradually the world came into focus. Angie was still lying on top of me, my dick was still hard (or hard again) and it was still in her pussy. Then I felt a strange sensation. It came again and I realised that Angie’s vagina was contracting around me. It must have been from those PC muscle exercises that one hears about.

“Yes, that feels great,” I replied, still only slightly awake. Angie’s muscles continued to pulse as she pushed herself upright, impaled on my cock. She slowly and gently rocked her hips back and forth, and in light circles. My hips thrust into her in response. It didn’t take long for me to come. As I shuddered inside Angie, her tits jiggled and bobbed slightly. It was an exquisite orgasm, a calm wave rippled through me as I spurted into Angie’s pussy.

It didn’t take long for the feeling to subside either. I exhaled deeply and Angie stood slowly, letting my dick slide out of her cunt. While she stood up, my come dripped out of her open cunt onto the ground. It was a most bizarre sight, my come dribbling out from between her pussy lips and down her legs. She didn’t make any move to wipe it away. She just walked off with my sticky come rubbing between her thighs.

I stood as well, my semi-hard dick glistening and swaying with my movements. I turned to find Angie squatting near a bush. She was facing me, with her knees spread out and a strange grin on her face. The grin was momentarily replaced by a grimace, then it returned. I looked down between her legs and saw a golden stream shooting out from her pussy!

She continued smiling as I watched her pee, her urine mixing with my come stuck to her thighs. It wasn’t sexually related, but it also didn’t seem gross either. I decided to relieve myself as well. She watched in equal fascination as a stream of piss flowed from my dick. When she finished she stood, and she just seemed to glow. Angie became the bountiful earth goddess, ripe and fresh and most of all, very juicy.

We cleaned ourselves off in a nearby creek. However, unlike the previous day, the water did nothing to calm our sexual desires. We could barely keep our lips apart and our hands off each other. I noticed when we finally did quit the creek and stopped kissing that we had again covered our faces with saliva. It must have been the way that we were kissing.

Angie and I decided then that escort service there was nothing better to do than move on. We left the clearing and the copse in search of civilisation. It wasn’t long into the walk before I had another erection. Angie walked by my side, leading me by my cock.

Angie stopped by the base of a hill and kneeled on the dry grass. The sun was burning brightly and the sky was clear, so we were both sweating profusely. But I didn’t mind when she started sucking my dick, it provided an easy distraction from the heat.

But it wasn’t long before I was ready to come. I warned Angie of this but she didn’t stop. I had thought that she stopped last night because she didn’t want me to come on her, but soon my knees were buckling and I exploded into her mouth. After that first shot she pulled her mouth off my cock and took my come in the face! The sight of my come landing on her face made me shoot off even more until her face was dripping come!

This must have been how I looked the previous night when she squirted on me. In fact she stood up and went to kiss me. At first I was repulsed by the idea, but considered it only fair. So I kissed her and licked my come off her face and then kissed her again, giving her my come. I’ll be honest, I was disgusted but thought that if she was willing to eat her own come, I’d eat mine for her.

After our little come-swapping episode, I said rather nonchalantly,

“I think you tasted better than me.” To which she responded,

“I’ve only ever been able to ejaculate when masturbating. Last night was the first time it happened with a guy.” I was rather taken aback. I was the only guy who could get her off as well as she got herself off. I was the best lover she’d had! It was then that my cock revived and I remembered my desire to fuck Angie in the sun.

I approached Angie and kissed her, meanwhile tracing my hands over her shoulders, down her sweaty back to grip her firm ass. This elicited a low guttural noise from Angie’s throat. I slowly danced her back and laid her on her back. Then I positioned my concrete solid cock against her swollen pussy lips and thrust. I slid in so easily that Angie grunted at the force of my thrust.

Empowered with the knowledge that her pussy was lubed to the max I began thrusting like a maniac and immediately Angie screamed in joy. I repeatedly banged her soft pussy and her screams only stopped when she took a breath. I sat up to get a better view of her cunt and saw that her lips and clit were so engorged with blood that the slightest touch would rock her with orgasm.

I continued ploughing into her and diddled her clit, which sent her screams soaring up an octave in pitch. It was beautiful seeing my cock sliding in and out of her red pussy, with her gorgeous tits bouncing, and her face contorted with the immense pleasure that coursed through her body as it was continuously racked with orgasm. And I was still nowhere near coming.

After five minutes of continuously pounding her cunt, with her unending wails filling the empty sky and our sweat glands working overtime, I decided on doing something different. I pulled out and flipped Angie over, she was wheezing during the brief reprieve but it was soon to end.

Her ass cheeks were covered in dirt, stuck there by sweat, but as I kneaded them I saw that there was plenty of fluid between them. I wasted no time and placed my cockhead against her anus.

“Wait!” Angie cried breathlessly, but I had already popped into her asshole and was sliding up her tail pipe. As soon as I hit the sweet spot in her ass she heaved in a great breath, pushed up onto her hands and knees and screamed mightily as I rammed up her butt.

I humped her ass in fast strokes as Angie screamed out “No! Stop! Ow!!” I watched how her tits moved while I listened to her screams reverberate off the surrounding hills. Despite the obvious pain in her voice, I knew Angie was enjoying it because after a minute of my balls slapping her sensitive pussy she started squirting again.

“OH GOD! OH GOD!!” Angie screamed, and I later realised that I was screaming too. The sensation of her pussy squirting onto my balls sent me over the top with an earth shattering orgasm and I poured all of my love into Angie’s ass, filling it with hot sticky come.

I must have taken hours for the euphoria to wear out, but by then I was unconscious on top of Angie who was likewise dead to the world, my cock firmly planted in her asshole as we lay beneath the burning sun.

* * * * * * * * * *

(NOTE: It kind of spoils the story so you don’t have to read it)
When I awoke I was alone, at home, safe in my own bed. I must have been right about it being a dream. I quickly checked to see if it was a wet one, but I was lucky, no nocturnal emissions for me. If it was a dream, it as a pretty darn realistic one. I set myself on my boring mundane daily routine, ready to fit back into normal life. But I did notice that I had a pretty good tan.

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