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She grunted, a deep sound emanating from somewhere between her chest and her stomach.

“Does it hurt?” I asked. “Should I stop?”

“No.” She grunted again, shifting slightly. I could feel every perturbation of that shift right up the shaft of my erect cock. “Don’t stop.” That didn’t answer my first question.

I pushed, forcing another millimeter of my erection into her ass. The tightness surrounding me was extraordinary, prompting intense feelings, almost pain. I’d never done this before.

She grunted yet again, sucked her breath in sharply.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, goddammit, yes. Just do it.”

Her voice sounded pained. I pulled back slightly, then pushed harder. Her body gave way, shifting forward, then came up short. My cock inched inside of her tight ring. My eyes were transfixed by the lines of her back, the undulating muscles right beneath the skin, accented by the shadows thrown by the single lamp in the room.

She let out a new noise, something more akin to a cry than a grunt, an inarticulate expression of pain, perhaps exertion, maybe desire? Her ass was high in the air, blending into the smooth curve of her back, dropping to her shoulders, which were almost touching the mattress. Her head was turned to the left, brown hair escorts in london swept back out of the way. She wanted me to see her face.

I pumped slowly, trying to get all the way in.

“Are you in yet?” she asked.

“Not quite.” I replied through gritted teeth. The sensation was unlike anything I’d experienced before.

Casual acquaintances, we had met at a party held by a mutual friend. A conversation about sex got started between herself and several other women, to which I listened passively for a while, until she had asked the others if they had tried anal. There was a round of laughter, some rolling eyes, some comments about pain, shit, and the willingness of men to fuck any hole offered to them. I chuckled at that and she turned to me, asking if I had done the back door deed. I replied in the negative. The conversation moved on, but I watched her, caught her watching me.

Promising, I thought. Might be some fun to be had. More idle thought than anything substantive — I was not much for picking up women I barely knew.

Eventually I said my good-byes and was almost to the front door when she appeared at my elbow.

“Never?” she asked, taking my arm.

“Never what?”

“Never fucked a woman’s ass before?”

I blushed escorts in london a bit, felt a warmth gather in my balls.


“I’m also a virgin,” she said, and her hand slid from my arm, over my hip, and around to cup my ass, squeezing gently. I turned to look at her, open mouthed.

“Want to?” she asked, squeezing harder.

“What?” I was a little in shock, a little turned on.

“Want to fuck me in the ass? We can lose our virginity together.”

I stared at her for a moment. There was a half smile on her face, but her eyes showed an odd determination. She let go of my ass, took my hand, and placed it on her own. It felt firm and warm through her thin dress pants. I gave it a squeeze, then slid my hand down the curve of her cheek until my fingers were directly between her thighs, and applied pressure. There was heat emanating from beneath the fabric. I was fully hard now. Her eyelids drooped in reaction to my fingers pressing into her crotch, then flew open again.

“I mean it,” she whispered.

Another grunting, strangled cry. I was feeling a little guilty that it was apparently hurting her, but she had told me to keep going, so I did. I was close to being buried inside of her ass, a thrilling notion for me. It felt good, damn good. escort service Powerful.

“Are you sure this isn’t hurting you?” I asked again, wanting to be certain. Suddenly, she raised her shoulders off the bed, rising up on her elbows, pushing back against me. That did it. My cock was in to the root. A rush of sensation charged through me, left me shivering. She pulled a pillow in under her chest. I grabbed her hips more tightly, and began to draw back. She moaned, then grunted very loudly as I pushed all the way back in. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

“I’m fucking you in the ass.”


“Does it hurt? Tell me the truth.”

“Yes, it does.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“God, no. Do it. Fuck my ass.”

Her voice sounded tight, like the sphincter now gripping my cock. This was causing her pain, and apparently no small pleasure. The idea that it hurt, but that she wanted it, wanted more, hit me like a tidal wave.

I began pounding into her, my face drawn in a grimace of determination. The pleasure was unlike any I’d experienced. Her reaction was equally unknown to me, but it spurred me on. Her grunts grew louder, mixed with cries of pain, moans of pleasure, and entreaties to never stop, don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me. I felt like a god with her skewered on my cock, begging me to do it harder, faster. A familiar tingling numbness engulfed my cock, so intense that I could no longer tell where I ended and she began.

“I’m going to cum in your ass,” I panted.

She began to howl.

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