24hr Hall Pass


Sam and I had been dating for about 3yrs and she became increasingly demanding in bed over that time. If I didn’t make her cum before I left for work, she would spend the day eating my head about it. One day I literally just wasn’t in the mood and left for work without even having sex with her, and the shit started almost right away. We were arguing about anything and everything, and eventually I was so pissed off I said “You know if you really want to fuck, you have a 24hr hall pass and can fuck as many guys as you want” her reply was simple and short “Ok fine”. I didn’t get another text until 6pm that evening which said “I’m going to visit Anie”. I replied right away asking her what they were going to do, she didn’t reply which was extremely odd. Of course I had totally forgotten about the fight that morning and what I’d said.

I sent Sam several texts before I went to bed, and just assumed that she was having a good time with Anie. The next day I sent her a few texts and got no reply until 8pm, and it just said “25”. Of course I replied “what???” Sam just replied “Going to bed, tell u in the morning”

Well I didn’t sleep well, so I was up and at Sams by 4am. Amazingly she was awake with coffee in hand waiting for me. We kissed and had probably the most passionate sex we’ve had in a long time. Then she asked me if I wanted to know everything, and of course I said yes.

Sams story

I went to Anie’s and told her about our fight and what you said. She suggested we go to the swingers club, as she has always been curious to what happens in one.

Anie hooked up with a hot black guy minutes after we got there, and left me alone at the bar. I was approached by a few guys and turned them all down, well Anie was out in the back having fun.

subayevleri escort When Anie got back to the bar she was still naked and just grabbed my hand and told me I had to check out the back area. She dragged me to the back of the club and tells me as we’re walking that you have to be naked to get into the back. I just wanted to go back to the bar, but she wouldn’t let me. So I took off my clothes and went out back with her, and all I could see were people fucking. I got so turned on I started playing with myself, and before I knew what was happening the hot black guy Anie fucked earlier had his huge cock deep inside my pussy and was fucking me so hard and fast my legs gave out from the orgasm’s. I had sex with 7 more guys there before they closed the doors at 3am.

Anie and I went back to her place, and she did nothing but complain about how sore she was. I was still really horny because condom sex really does nothing for me and you can’t have sex without one at the swingers club. The only guy out of the 8 I fucked that did anything for me was the black guy Anie fucked. So I posted an ad on Craigslist and I got a hotel room.

The first guy to reply to my post was actually staying at the same hotel. We met in the hotel lobby and went back to my room. Got in the room and made out for a bit and I could feel his cock getting hard. So I got on my knees and pulled down his pants, and OMG his cock was the size of my forearm!!! I could barely fit the head of it in my mouth. Honestly I was a little scared and nervous about his size, but I still wanted to feel it inside of me. I got on the bed and took off my pants, and grabbed his cock guiding him inside me. It really hurt at first, but once he managed to work it all the way inside me and yenidoğan escort got into a good rhythm I couldn’t stop cumming. It was absolutely amazing how good his huge cock felt pounding my tight wet pussy. I lost total track of time and I have no idea how many times I came on his magnificent cock. Then he let out this primal moan and I could feel his cock pulse as stream after stream of his hot cum filled my pussy. He came so much I thought it would come out of my nose. As soon as his cock stopped pulsing he got up, pulled up his pants dropped $300 on the dresser and left without saying a word. I had 4 more guys from my Craigslist post fuck me and fill me with their cum before I had to check out at 11am, but none of them are worth talking about.

I got home and figured since I hadn’t started using my hall pass till 7:30pm, I should keep going. I didn’t feel like having strangers come to my apartment, and I didn’t want to go get another hotel room. So I thought I’d give Kenny what he always wanted. You remember Kenny? The guy I was kind of seeing when we first met, who I never slept with because I didn’t find him attractive. Well we’ve been emailing back and forth keeping in contact and he always carries on about his big cock and sent me a picture once and he wasn’t lying.

Kenny got to my apartment around 1pm and we chatted for a bit, and I don’t think he would have done anything to be honest. So I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up a bit, since I was leaking a lot of cum from the other five guys and I was really messy down there.

I came out of the bathroom naked and told Kenny here’s your chance. That man was stripped naked and sucking on my boobs before I got the last word out. He sucked my boobs for a bit and fingered yenimahalle escort my pussy, but it really wasn’t doing anything for me so I stopped him and took him to my bedroom. I got him to lay on the bed and mounted his cock. It definitely wasn’t as big as the first guy I let cum in my pussy, or even as big as the black guy from the swings club. But it was still the third biggest cock I’ve ever had and it felt good in my pussy. He came really quickly and I had to suck his cock and get him hard again for a second round. He lasted ok the second time but he isn’t that good in bed so I was a little disappointed and frustrated because I didn’t get to cum. So I told him I had to go do something and kicked him out.

I contacted my Turkish friend and asked if he had any buddies that would want to fuck me. He said he could set something up and told me to come to his place. So I took a shower and cleaned my pussy as well as I could. Then I put on that corset outfit you like with the garter belt, but didn’t put on the panties. I put my long rain coat on over top and headed to his place. When I got there he had 9 friends waiting and they all cheered when he took my coat and saw what I was wearing. Then he guided me to his bedroom and told me he would start sending his friends in. I honestly think they were lined up at the end of the bed after the first guy, because it didn’t seem like any time between one finishing and the next one starting. They fucked me without any break at all till 7pm, it was 3hrs of solid fucking and several came inside me more than once.

So on my 24hr hall pass I fucked 24 different guys, took 21 loads of cum in my pussy and made $900.

The reason I sent you the 25 text was because you were going to be the 25th guy I’ve slept with this week.

Sam and I broke up a couple weeks later, because she started working for an escort service and I just couldn’t deal with dating an escort. I do still see her from time to time when she’s working close by, and she gives me a friend’s discount and tells me about all the guys she’s fucked that day.

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