A Wedding Conquest


“I look so good, I’d fuck myself!” I thought as I examined myself in the full-length mirror. Not that I’d taken extra effort in dressing up tonight. When you’re young, good looking, with a tall lean body framed by healthy curves, and money to dress in the most exclusive and expensive designer togs, you’d look good too. And I had all of that in spades.

Tonight I’d freshly perked up my luscious long hair in gentle waves, and had gotten myself freshly waxed in all the important areas. I was thus as bare from neck down as a pre-pubescent girl, except that few pre-pubescent girls could boast the numbers 34C-24-35 on a 5 foot 8 frame. I had chosen to flaunt my body in my new off shoulder aquamarine ‘bandage’ toga from Herve Leger, so form-fitting that I had to go sans underwear, as even my skimpiest and most sheer undergarments would show underneath the ultra figure-hugging dress. To complete the look was a pair of glittery sexy 5-inch Christian Louboutin heels and a chic Chanel patent clutch.

It was the wedding dinner reception of my high school best friend Audrey. At that time we were 2 peas in a pod. Both of us were pretty, good looking, and came from wealthy families. She was the quieter, more studious, more chaste one, while I was the extroverted ‘wild’ one. Between us, we had exclusivity over all the hottest and cutest boys around. Not that we made it easy for any of them…we were the exclusive, snobby and unattainable pair…. we were not going to offer ourselves to those grubby immature boys…we were meant for better stuff! And throughout those school years, there was always that unspoken tension of competition between us. I resented (though I’d never have admitted it in her face) that she had the better grades and was more book smart; while she was always secretly jealous I was ever more popular with the boys. Best friends forever we might have been, but we each thought we were better than the other, thus we were always secretly competing to get the best grades, the nicest wardrobe, and yes, the cutest boyfriends.

So fast forward 10 years, we had drifted apart. Audrey had gone overseas to complete her medical studies, while I had stayed home to graduate as a lawyer. I was still living it up the life of a hotshot intern in the best law firm in town. That I was going to be made partner soon was inevitable…my family had the connections, plus this young glamorous intern in the hottest designer suits showing off her flawless lithe figure had my bosses literally wrapped around my little finger, all hoping in vain to get between my legs. Meantime, Audrey had gotten engaged to one of the most eligible men in town — the iconic son of a preacher father and a government minister mother — religious, impeccable credentials, moneyed – a prefect match for her.

As I walked into the reception hall, I swear every pair of male eyes turned to ogle at me, much to the annoyance of many of their female partners. Not that I was bothered…it’s not my fault they can’t (and don’t) look as good, as stylish as me, and besides, I relished the attention anyways.

The bride and groom had their back to me. As I walked up to them, the groom was the first to turn, and as he laid his eyes on me, I could see them widening ever so slightly in appreciation. As the radiant bride turned, we both squealed and embraced warmly in recognition of our long lost friendship. “Jan!!! I can’t believe it’s been so long…you still look gorgeous!” she exclaimed.

“You look absolutely radiant, Audrey…you beautiful perfect bride!” I commended back, still locked in embrace.

From my position, I could see him still discretely ravishing my body with his eyes. He did it subtly, but it was still obvious to me, and it pleased my competitive streak to no end…here was this guy about to be married to my best friend, yet he’s checking me out! And as an added bonus, he wasn’t too bad looking himself. A little too pale and non-descript to be my type, but certainly not harsh on the eye.

“You lucky girl…he’s such a stud muffin!” I whispered in her ear.

“No he’s not!” she giggled as she whispered back, “he’s such a dork sometimes, and I won’t know about the stud part till later!”

“You mean you guys haven’t…” I asked in astonishment as my eyes widened.

“Nah, we both made a pact when we started dating seriously to save the best till after we got married”, she giggled, “but enough of me, what have you been up to? Still single? Aren’t you afraid you’d soon be left on the shelf?”

“Oh I’m not worried about that at all! Trust me, I’m perfectly happy where I am right now.” I replied, slightly annoyed at her subtle dig.

As we finally disengaged from our long embrace, my mind fixating on what she’d said earlier. kurtköy escort So this silly chaste couple is actually waiting to be married before they had sex? What year were we in? 1890? And this guy is mentally stripping me with his eyes?

The slightest hint of a smirk formed on my lips as an evil thought formed…my competitive streak was back…

“David, meet Jan, my best friend from high school, and Jan, meet David, my dorky husband to be.”

“Pleased to meet you, Jan. I heard so many wild stories about you”, said David as he leaned in for the obligatory peck on the cheek.

“Don’t believe a word, David, I’m the epitome of innocence and virtue”, I replied as I leaned in just that wee bit more to allow my peck on his cheek to be just that little bit more intimate, just enough for him to feel the inviting warmth of my breath on his ear and for him to inhale more of my scent, to appreciate my intentions.

As we disengaged, our eyes met for the briefest of moments, but it was enough for me to notice the widening of his pupils and the flaring of his nostrils. I had awoken the man in him, and we both knew it.


The wedding was drawing to it’s close now. The formalities were over, and the dancing was about to begin. The bride and groom made their way to the center of the dance floor to begin their customary first dance. As it ended and the emcee called for the rest of the audience to join in, I boldly stepped forward while everyone else hesitantly held back.

As I confidently strode towards the couple, a hush descended on the audience, as everyone assuming I was heading for the groom. I walked past and totally ignored a stunned David and instead reached out to hold the bride’s hand, “Audrey, my dearest best friend, may I have the pleasure of this dance?” The entire audience broke out into laughter.

It was the prefect arrangement — I had made obvious to everyone without having uttered a word that I had no interest in the groom, plus as I danced provocatively along with his wife-to-be, I had given him, and everyone else in the audience, the perfect excuse to openly ogle at me.

As the song ended and the dance floor started to fill, I made my excuse to Audrey and headed for the washroom. As I left the room, I made sure to brush past David, and gave him the briefest of glances and the slightest hint of an inviting smile.

I dawdled for a few appropriate minutes in the washroom – if everything goes according to plan, my victim for the night, Audrey’s husband to be, would be standing outside, just in time for me to conveniently ‘bump’ into. I took a deep breath, and stepped out – and there he was. Bingo.

“You dance great! And you’re sweating!” he exclaimed.

“You don’t say! I’m sooo wet!” I replied, suggestively.

“Haha! You need a shower!” he suggested.

“Very clever David, but where do you think I can find a shower in these parts?” I asked, looking at him straight in the eye.

“Well, you can always use the shower in our bridal suite.” he conveniently offered.

“Really?” I asked in feigned surprise, “that’s really generous of you, but are you sure Audrey won’t mind?”

“No, I’m sure she won’t mind.”

“Well…” I paused for a moment for dramatic effect as I pretended to consider his offer, “if Audrey doesn’t mind, then I guess I have no reason not to take you up on your offer! Lead the way!!”

Game, set, and match.


“The hotel gave us only 2 access cards for the bridal suite,” he said as he swiped his card to activate the private lift, “Audrey doesn’t have anywhere to pocket hers, so I’m hanging on to both cards.”

“So I guess from now on we’ll have complete privacy?” I asked innocently, once again gazing up into his eyes as the lift doors closed for the ascent up to their private and exclusive bridal suite.

“Yup, I guess so.” he said, quickly averting my gaze. The silly boy was daring, yet nervous. How charming. “Here we are!”, he chirped as the lift doors opened.

“It’s beautiful!” I exclaimed as I stepped in and turned a full circle, pretending to admire the opulent, stylish, and very expensive suite, but in truth, giving him the opportunity to admire the luscious view before his eyes – me.

“Well…” he started, after a long pause, thick with tension.

“Well…” making my move, “if I’m going to take a shower you’re going to have to undo me.” I took a step closer to him and slowly raised my arms, showing off my delectable figure.

As he slowly unzipped my dress, I could hear his breath quickening as he first discovered that I was braless, then as the zip reached it’s destination near the base of my spine, that I wasn’t only braless.

The tuzla escort figure-hugging Herve was now formless, hanging off my naked frame by just a solitary shoulder strap.

Our eyes locked for what seemed to be an eternal moment, before he succumbed.

He pulled me up against his body and started ravishing me. I did my part and pretended to fight him off, “Oh David, what are you doing? No! Stop it!” I gasped in mock horror as I made a valiant attempt to hold him off. The harder the struggle, the greater will be his ‘conquest’.

He had me now pinned against the wall, and was trying to slip my dress off my shoulders. I made sure I resisted every inch of the way as the expensive dress made its journey to a crumpled heap on the floor.

“Oh my god! You’re amazing!”, he panted as his eyes and hands ravished my naked body, “Your breasts are perfect! And no panties! And you Brazilian-ed!”

“You like my body?”

“Fuck, yes!”

“Nicer than Audrey’s?”

He didn’t reply, but the growing tent in his trousers gave me my answer I was looking for.

I pretended to maintain my modesty by trying to cover up my assets with my arms, but he would have none of it. He took my hand and roughly placed it in his crotch.

“Wow! You’re so big!” I lied as I started to fondle him, making him more excited in the process. As I unzipped him and reached into his tuxedo pants to stroke him underneath his silk boxers, I continued to fib shamelessly, “Ooooh, you’re so big! And hard! Oh, you’re such a man! Audrey is such a lucky girl! I’m so jealous!”

It was obvious he was enjoying it to the maximum, and about to lose it. Even his attempt at raping me was becoming uncoordinated. I was now gaining control of the situation, and he was rapidly becoming putty in my hands. Every mention of his wife-to-be Audrey seemed to turn him on more, and as I stroked him faster and faster, his breathing became more ragged.

Before long, I’d turned the tables. He was now trying desperately to stop me, but I ruthlessly persisted with my teasing and stroking, until all of a sudden, he gave out a long agonized croak, “Ooooh fuuuck!”, as he came.

“Oh what have I done?” I asked innocently as I reverted back to my submissive role. “You came? For me? That’s so sweet!”

It didn’t take long for his embarrassment to turn into the urge to take ‘revenge’. He scooped me up in his arms and started towards the sofa.

“No! No sofa.” I stopped him, looking deep into his eyes, “I want to be on your bed.”

As he threw my naked form onto the king sized bridal bed, I reached down to take off my heels.

“No, leave them on.” he commanded. So this silly boy had a shoe fetish. And why not, I thought to myself as I looked at my reflection in the floor to ceiling mirror. My flawless perfect body lying on their marital bed, from my freshly tousled long hair to my glorious tits to my curvy ass and bare glistening pussy, down to my long slender shapely legs, ending in my Louboutin heels with it’s unmistakable scarlet red base a stark contrast to the virginal white of the bedsheets.

He roughly spread my legs out to expose my naked hungry pussy. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” I exhaled in ecstasy as he dived in with his tongue, his hands reaching up to fondle my bare breasts.

He wasn’t really good, but what he lacked in skill and finesse, he made up for by his enthusiasm. Plus the thought that he was eating my pussy out while I was lying on the very bridal bed where he’ll soon be spending the night with my best friend Audrey turned me on tremendously.

“Do you like my breasts?” I moaned.

“Y-mmmmuph,” he muttered something undecipherable, his face still buried in my crotch.

“Do you like mine more or Audrey’s more?”

“Y-mmmmuph,” from the enthusiastic way his tongue responded, it was obvious he meant yes. But it wasn’t a good enough answer for me, so I persisted.

“How so?” I asked as I squeezed my legs together, forcing him to disengage.

“Your breasts are amazing! Not only are they bigger than Audrey’s, but they’re softer, yet firmer. They’re just absolutely perfect!” he gushed as he came up for air.

“Oh David!” I sighed in happy victory, spreading my legs to invite him back down.

I was getting close to coming, but I needed more than his inexperienced tongue – I wanted him to talk to me.

“Oh David, touch me please!” I panted.

As he obediently obliged, I took the opportunity to ask again, “Do you like my pussy better than Audrey’s?”

“Oh hell yes! She never really likes me eating her, plus she refuses to shave. I much prefer your bare pussy. And she’s never as wet as you.” he blurted.

I don’t think the stupid tuzla escort boy realized that he was blatantly betraying her with every word he was uttering, but I wasn’t complaining — they were precisely the words I wanted to hear.

“Oh David, I’m only so wet cos you make me so aroused. Your tongue, your fingers, you turn me on so much! Audrey doesn’t know what’s she’s missing!” I lied shamelessly.

That was enough to send him back down. He was now using a combination of his tongue and fingers to stimulate me, and it was working.

“Oh David, you stud!” I moaned repeatedly as I writhed about on his marital bad, my Louboutin heels digging into the back of his tuxedo, encouraging him, “Oh don’t stop David! Yes, that’s the spot! Don’t stop….I’m coming!”

My body tensed as I let out a final orgasmic squeal, squeezing my legs together….

“You came? Wow! That’s amazing!” he exclaimed.

“The pleasure was all mine. You have very skilled fingers.” I sighed. It was a good orgasm — the sheer ‘wrong-ness’ of it all added to the thrill. But that wasn’t the end of it – I wanted a complete victory.

I held out my arms, inviting him up for a hug. As we locked arms and our lips met, I kissed him passionately, my tongue in his mouth, my hands caressing his body, slowly making their way to his hardening manhood.

This time I didn’t even need to ask. “Your lips are so soft. You kiss better than Audrey,” he volunteered.

I was tremendously flattered, “Oh David, you like my body better. You like my breasts more. You prefer my pussy. You like kissing me more…looks like there’s only one other thing we need to know…you do like fucking me more?”

As I squirmed myself into position underneath him, I could feel his hardening prick just outside my pussy. He wasn’t quite really yet, but there was something more. He was hesitating.

“Why David? What’s wrong?” I asked breathlessly in a combination of wonton inviting lust and wide-eyed innocence.

“I…later…..with Audrey,” he stammered.

“Oh you poor silly boy…are you afraid if you come a second time with me, you won’t be, erm, up to it later with my best friend?” I asked, pun fully intended.

His silence was his answer.

“Come here darling. Let me tell you something….and I want you to remember this always.” This was to be the final twist in the knife already plunged deep into by best friend Audrey and her marriage.

“I know a sure way for you to get aroused later tonight with Audrey — think of me when you’re fucking her. When you’re licking her breasts, think of mine. When you’re eating her pussy, remember the taste of mine. When you’re entering her pussy, imagine it’s me you’re fucking…”

He kept silent as he digested my words, but there was no need for him to speak. It was rapidly obvious that he liked my suggestion — his turgid member swelled and hardened even more. Like me, he too was immensely aroused by the idea of betrayal and unfaithfulness.

Without further ado, he thrust his now fully re-energized cock into me.

“Aaaargh!!! You’re so big!! You’re splitting me apart!!!” I squealed into his ear, which only served to spur him on.

“You’re such a bitch…Your pussy’s so tight, yes so soft!! You’re the best fuck ever!!!” he proclaimed what I already knew, as his rhythmic thrusts became faster and deeper.

“You’re calling me a bitch? But David, look who’s betraying his wife on her wedding night?” I resorted.

The remark only seemed to infuriate him further. He was now thrusting his cock furiously and relentlessly into my pussy. As I applied a final squeeze of my pelvic muscles, he groaned uncontrollably — it won’t be long now…

With a final desperate “Arrrrghhh!!!”, he came.

He was still flat out on the bed panting when I spoke: “Thanks for that David. It was very nice. Hope you remember it. I’m going to freshen up then make my way down. You’d better spend a few minutes tidying this place up before you leave, darling.”


The festivities were already winding down as I rejoined the party. I discretely joined the line of guests waiting their turn to say goodbye to the bride and the 2 families. Thankfully nobody seemed to notice the groom’s absence.

“Not long now, Audrey!” I whispered as we hugged to say goodbye – we both knew what I was referring to.

“Oooo…I can’t wait. We’ve both waited so long for this, and it’s finally going to happen tonight! I hope he’s good!” Audrey whispered back in a conspiratory, yet dreamy, tone.

“Oh I’m sure he is, Audrey.” I reassured her as I felt David’s semen oozing out of my freshly fucked bare pussy and down onto my inner thighs, “I’m sure he’s good.”

I had taken my chance and fucked Audrey’s husband dry before she could. My best friend’s husband’s chastity stolen, on her wedding night, on their matrimonial bed, right under her nose. His vows of fidelity, a mockery. Their marriage, ruined before it had even begun.

This round I win! =)

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