A Whole New Life Ch. 04


Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and the rising sun streaming through the sheer window coverings on the hotel window soon woke Dave. He looked over and saw the long, thin form of Tania lying next to him, sleeping soundly. He lay on his back and looked up at the ceiling, thinking about what the day had in store. They hadn’t talked about today and he didn’t know if she had plans already, but he knew he wanted nothing more than to spend the day with her.

The last few days had been a whirl and his life had been turned upside down. Wednesday night he was a depressed man eating alone in a hotel bar. This morning he woke up with a beautiful twenty-six-year-old woman, ten years younger than him, after an evening where he had more or less fucked her on the dancefloor of a wild club, got a blowjob from her in the backseat of his rental car parked on a downtown street, and had her fuck his brains out before falling asleep in his arms. All of that following two nights where he had fucked beautiful women he had just met in bars.

He knew his soon to be ex wife was pissed off and stewing, surely planning something, but this morning that did not bother him a bit. He slipped softly out of the bed and went to the bathroom, pulled on a pair of boxer shorts, shaved quickly and went out to into the kitchenette and made a pot of coffee. He poured a mug and went back into the bedroom, sliding back into the bed with a magazine to read while Tania slept.

The smell of the coffee or the movement of the bed disturbed her and she stirred, rolling over and looking up at him as he took a sip of coffee. “Good morning baby,” she said as a smile crossed her face. “Sleep well?” she asked without lifting her head from the pillow.

“Like a rock doll. How about you?”

“Wonderful,” she said as she slid over and laid her arm over him and propped her chin up on his chest, her long red hair flowing everywhere. “Coffee smells yummy.”

Dave held the steaming mug up and she rolled over and sat up, took the mug and took a small sip.

“Got any cream?” she asked with a grin.

“I’ll get you a cup. Want sugar?” he asked.

“No, just a splash of cream please baby,” she replied giving him a quick kiss and reaching over to grab the TV remote off the nightstand.

Dave got out of the bed and went to the other room to get her coffee. When he returned to the bedroom Tania was sitting up flipping channels on the TV, the sheet down around her waist and her perky little tits exposed. He handed her the mug and started to get back in bed when she held up her hand.

“Nope,” she said.

He looked at her questioningly.

“Get those shorts off before you get in bed with me,” she said with a giggle.

He smiled and slipped off his boxers before sliding into bed beside Tania, picking up his coffee and taking a drink. She slid over, tossed the remote aside and leaned against him as she sipped her coffee and ran her fingers through the hair on his chest.

“Did you have any plans today?” she asked.

“No, I was hoping we could do something,” he answered, running his fingers over her bare back.

“I would love that. Have anything in mind?”

“I’m sure we can come up with something. It’s supposed to be beautiful out today,” he said with a smile.

They sat quietly together and finished their coffee. When her cup was empty she stretched her body over him and set her empty cup on the nightstand, her breasts passing close by his mouth as she did. Giggling and settling back down next to him she slid her hand down his chest, over his stomach and wrapped her hand around his cock. She gave it a couple light strokes and it was hard.

“Before we decide anything, I have something I need,” she said as she climbed on top of him and eased gently down onto his cock. She stared deep into his eyes as she slid down and settled with his full length inside her. She moved her hips in slow circles, her eyes fixed on his.

His hands eased over her narrow hips and he held her gently as she moved, rising and falling gently on his cock. Her pussy was amazing, so tight, yet so soft. She used her muscles to gently squeeze his cock as she moved, such an amazing sensation that he let out a light whimper.

A smile crossed her face and she moaned softly, thoroughly enjoying this gentle moment with him. They had made love twice and both had been very passionate and urgent. But this was different, and she loved it. From the look on his face he was enjoying it too. She leaned down and kissed him softly, lacing her fingers behind his neck and pressing down onto his shoulders as she rose a little further up, before dropping back down and pushing his cock back deep inside her.

“I could spend the whole day just like this,” he said smiling.

“Yeah, and a month from now they would find our shriveled-up bodies, dead from starvation and dehydration, but with smiles on our faces,” she said with a big grin.

“OK, can’t think of a better way to go,” he said with a laugh.

She giggled and rose up, beşiktaş escort bayan letting his cock almost slide out of her before driving back down again. She was getting more excited now and decided it was time to fuck the shit out of this sexy man. She gripped his shoulders and increased her pace, driving up and down on his cock, clenching and unclenching around it. Each time she reached the bottom she ground her clit against his pelvis. She was in heaven and felt herself building to a climax. Her body stiffened and she gripped his shoulders tighter as she drove his cock deep inside her and pushed herself over the edge, a deep and content moan escaping her lips as her muscles relaxed after her orgasm subsided.

He watched with amazement as this lovely young woman used his cock like a play toy. She seemed so sweet and polite, but when she wanted something, she took it.

Leaning down and kissing him, she slid slowly off his cock and knelt beside him. Her hand wrapped around the base of his cock and she smiled and looked at him. “Your turn baby,” she said then lowered her mouth to his cock and slowly sucked down it. Her hand moved up and down the shaft while her mouth expertly caressed the head. The sensation was amazing and it wasn’t long before she sensed he was getting close. She increased her pace and felt his body start to tense and his cock begin to twitch her mouth. His cock exploded in her mouth and she quickly swallowed it and continued sucking until she had taken every drop.

After letting his cock slip out of her mouth she slid up beside him and snuggled up against him. “I love the taste of your cum baby.” She nuzzled his neck playfully as he wrapped his arm around her. They lay there for a few minutes then she looked up at him and asked, “More coffee?”

He smiled at her and replied, “Yes please.”

She bounced up, grabbed the empty mugs and went into the other room to refill them. She returned a minute later and they sat and chatted about some ideas for the day’s activities while they drank their coffee. They decided they would go out to a place that she knew outside of town where you could ride horses. They had several hundred acres between the owner’s land and the adjacent state park with hundreds of trails. She had grown up riding and loved it and he had been riding a few times and figured he could hold his own, or at the very least not get killed.

It was starting to get late so they ate a quick breakfast of muffins and cereal that he had picked up yesterday afternoon. They jumped into the shower together and with only a little playtime, they were able to get cleaned up fairly quickly. She pulled out the bag they had picked up on their way from the club to the hotel last night and she kissed him and sent him away while she got dressed.

Dave pulled on a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and a pair of leather boat shoes, the best shoes he had for riding, and flipped on the TV expecting a wait. Tania was ready much faster than he expected and when she came out of the bathroom his heart skipped a beat. She had on a pair of jeans that hugged her slender frame perfectly, a red t-shirt that clung to every curve and her hair up in a pony-tail. She was the fantasy girl-next-door that every man dreamed of.

She stopped when she saw him staring and looked worried. “What?” she asked.

“You look spectacular Tania,” he said as he stood and walked toward her.

Tania blushed and fidgeted, “Dave, stop it,” she said uncomfortably.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. “I’m serious sweetie. You are stunning,” he said as he squeezed her tight.

“Thank you, you are so sweet,” she said and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, still embarrassed.

“Ready,” he asked.


They headed out, laughing and smiling, so glad to be in each other’s company. They got his car from the valet and stopped at a store where he bought a small backpack, some bottles of water, sandwiches and snacks for their ride. About forty minutes later they arrived at the stables and twenty minutes later were mounted on their horses and heading off down a trail, map in hand.

Dave struggled at first to get the hang of riding again, but the horse was trained well to be ridden by novice riders and before long he was walking comfortably and even trotting a bit. Tania was an expert and was riding circles around him, literally. Again, he was amazed at this young woman, it seemed there was nothing she couldn’t do.

They rode for a couple hours, crossing a few streams and only once did Dave almost get thrown, but he managed to hang on and prevent a soaking in a quick running stream. They reached a wide trail and they rode side by side and shared a bottle of water, holding hands as they rode slowly along. They soon decided they were hungry and found a shady spot next to a stream that was far enough off the main trails to offer a little privacy.

They tied off the horses who grazed on the tall grass along the bank of the stream while Dave and Tania settled under a beşiktaş escort tree on a soft patch of grass and pulled the food out of the backpack. They ate and chatted about their lives, Dave was enamored with the stories of her childhood. Growing up the daughter of a Marine Corps officer she had lived all over the world and had some of the most amazing adventures. He now understood the ease with which she handled things and the way she was able to take what she wanted in life while seeming so soft and sweet.

He told her about his life, rather boring in comparison, but she listened intently and seemed genuinely interested. He hesitated when he got to the part about his marriage, but she held his hand softly and made it OK to talk about. Without a lot of details, he told her about the good times and the bad, leading up to walking in and finding his wife on her knees with the neighbor’s cock in her throat. Then he explained how that had led to him being here now, trying to run away from all that. He stopped short of telling her that he was considering relocating here, just leaving it at being here while the new branch is getting up and running.

They sat together and watched the horses graze, holding each other. Tania told him about her near marriage. Her former fiancé was a nice guy, but she realized, luckily before the wedding, that she didn’t love him, he was just comfortable. When she told her father, she thought he would be furious, but he had hugged her and told her that he was proud of her. There was a month of tears involved, but she was happy with her life. He had recently married and she was happy to hear it.

After a few more minutes of chatting and some playful teasing they got up and led the horses down to the stream to get a drink then mounted up and headed off again. Dave was getting the hang of it and they headed down a couple more challenging trails on their way back to the stable. When they arrived at the stable they had been gone for about 5 hours and it was approaching evening. They climbed back in the car, both a little sore from the long ride. They held hands as they headed back to town and Dave asked, “So, where to?”

Tania didn’t know how to respond. She wanted nothing more than to go back to his hotel and spend another night with him. But she was afraid that she was taking this too fast and might scare him away. He was just getting out of an unpleasant marriage and she doubted he was looking for a clingy girl.

Dave sensed her hesitation, so he offered her some help. “Tania, I have had such a great time with you the last couple days and would love nothing more than you spending the night with me tonight. But it’s up to you. If this is moving too fast for you, I get it and it’s OK,” he told her as they drove.

Once again, he had the exact right thing to say. She leaned her head against his shoulder and stroked his hand. “I was afraid I was being too clingy, I didn’t want to drive you away,” she said softly, “I would love to spend the night with you tonight.” She kissed his cheek and snuggled against his arm. “Can I ask you a favor though?”

“Of course, anything,” he replied.

“Can we go by my place so I can get some clothes, I don’t think you want to smell horses all evening,” she said laughing.

“Of course we can,” he replied, “Just tell me how to get there, I have no idea where we are right now.”

Tania directed him to her apartment and when they pulled up she saw that Becky’s car was there. She’d kind of hoped to miss Becky because she always gave her shit about getting involved with men too fast. She wondered if part of it was jealousy because when she had a boyfriend Becky didn’t have a wingman or her favorite female fuckbuddy. But it was also because Becky cared a lot for her and had a bad attitude about men. She considered them all dogs and not worth getting involved with beyond a quick fuck.

They got out of the car and headed up to the girls’ apartment. When they walked in Becky was in the kitchen putting a couple things away before she went out. “Where have you been young lady?” she asked playfully.

Tania wrapped her arm around Dave and smiled. “Having toe curling orgasms with this beautiful hunk of man meat,” she said with a wink.

Both of the girls laughed and Dave blushed a little at being referred to as a beautiful hunk of man meat.

“Need some clean clothes,” Tania said in a matter of fact tone as she headed down the hall leaving Becky and Dave to chat.

“Damn Romeo, you have swept my girl off her feet it seems,” Becky said as she wiped her hands and walked out into the living room.

“We are enjoying our time together,” he said with a wry smile.

Becky laughed hard. “Just don’t forget what I said about your balls. You hurt that girl and your ass is grass,” she said turning serious.

Dave just shook his head and said, “She’ll be fine, I promise.”

Becky grabbed her purse and headed for the door. As she walked out the door she whispered, “That pussy is intoxicating isn’t it?”

The door shut, and Dave was left standing there confused while he waited for Tania. A minute later she came back down the hall. She had changed her clothes and refreshed her makeup, her bag was packed with clean clothes and she was ready for another night. She still looked spectacular and he decided that was just normal for her. He thought about asking her about Becky’s parting statement, but decided that it was probably something better left for later because if it meant what he thought it meant, it would be another sexual secret she preferred to keep private and would be pissed at Becky for blabbing.

They headed back to his hotel, stopping on the way at a Chinese place Tania recommended and grabbed some takeout. They parked in the garage this time and took the elevator up to his floor, holding hands and kissing playfully. By the time they reached the room the combination of their day and the smell of the food had them both starving, so they grabbed a couple plates and dished out the food. Dave opened a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass and they sat down on the couch and ate.

After they ate, they put the plates in the small sink and put the leftover food in the fridge. Dave went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit, changing his clothes to get rid of the horse smell and the two lovers settled in on the couch. They picked out a movie on the pay-per-view channel and had a quiet and relaxing evening together cuddling, talking, and just enjoying each other’s company.

The movie was not all that great, neither of them could understand why it had been such a big hit, as a matter of fact throughout the movie the two had predicted nearly every plot twist. It really didn’t matter though because neither of them cared what was on the TV, they just wanted to be watching it together. Tania pulled her legs up and sat cross legged on the couch looking at Dave. She had a sweet and caring look on her face as she said, “Dave, thank you for a wonderful day. I have had so much fun being with you.”

Dave started to respond, but she cut him off with a finger to his lips.

“Please, let me finish,” she continued. “I want you to know that I understand where you are in your life right now. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had thoughts already about a life together. I know that’s crazy, but I haven’t felt this way about anyone, ever.”

Dave looked at her intently, wanting to tell her that he was having the same thoughts, but not wanting to interrupt her as she laid her heart out to him. He placed his hand on hers and squeezed it gently as she spoke.

“I don’t need or expect you to feel the same way,” she went on, tears welling up in her eyes. “Just know that I want whatever you can give right now. No pressure, no expectations. For now, I just want to be with you, I…I…” her voice trailed off. She was frightened now that she had gone too far, said too much. She usually kept her feelings close, but with this man she wanted to lay it all out for him.

Dave sat quietly for a second before responding. His hand moved up and he used his thumb to push away a tear that ran down her cheek. “Thank you, Tania,” he said softly. “You’re right, I don’t know where things are going in my life, I don’t even know where I am going to live after things get settled. I do know that when I am with you I am happier than I can remember. I will promise you though that I will always be honest with you about what’s going on so you can decide for yourself what you want.”

Tania smiled and said, “Thank you, that’s all I want.”

Looking at her seriously, he said something that he had avoided saying so far, “I expect my divorce to get ugly. It might be a tough ride and being around me might get unpleasant.”

“We’ll deal with that as it comes baby,” she said as she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him and pressed her face into his neck. She was on the verge of tears and held him tight until the feeling had passed.

He held her in his arms and felt a load lifted. He cared immensely for her. What had started as a passionate sexual encounter had evolved quickly into something more. How much more he didn’t know, but he did know that it made him happy and right now, that was a lot.

Tania sat back up, glad that she had told him how she felt, but now embarrassed. As much as she loved being a woman, she hated being a “girl.” She looked at herself as strong and independent and hated these moments when she was vulnerable. She desperately wanted to change the subject and break the moment so used the oldest excuse in the book, “I’ve gotta use the bathroom,” she said as she got up, grabbed her bag and went into the other room.

He watched her leave the room, once again noticing how sexy she was as she closed the bedroom door, and puttered around the room, cleaning up dirty glasses and such as he waited for her to return. He froze as the door to the bedroom opened and Tania stepped into the doorway, stopping and leaning against the door frame. She had let her hair back down and put on a bright red bra and panty set with a matching red garter belt and pink stockings. Finishing off the outfit was a pair of black patent leather stiletto heels that accentuated her already long and lean figure.

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