Subject: The Boy at My Door Chapter Five The Boy at My Door by Mitchell Conner Chapter Five Greetings readers: The only truths in this tale are that I did stay at a resort with a swimming pool in Thailand, I was at one time an English Teacher, and bubble butts look good in tight wet swimsuits. The rest is a pleasant fiction. If gay content, descriptions of hot male-on-male sex, romantic love, or actual dialogue in an erotic story offends you please don’t read further. This is entirely fiction, a work brought on by a perverted imagination, access to the internet and time to burn. The names, events, activities, and circumstances are fictitious but I try to make them believable. If it’s illegal wherever you live, or for your calendar age (not the one you use on apps), stop now. This story is mine: all rights reserved by the author with the exception of its use by fty. You’re welcome to use it to pass the time but not to copy and repost as your own demented work or for commercial purposes. Hope you enjoyed Chapter 4 � here’s Chapter 5 already. Chapter 6 soon. Your comments motivate me and are appreciated, as I’ve been fortunate to receive emails that have helped me learn and grow as a writer. Outright flattery is also acceptable. I do hope that my stories help pass the time and provide a helpful distraction from an increasingly crazy world. fty relies on donations so that you practice the ultimate form of safe sex by reading about it. Those same hands you use for pleasure can also type in a pleasing donation to fty. Previously: “Let’s go,” Sam said. “Yeah, there’s no way to top this, at least until…” I started. Sam finished, “Tonight.” He blushed, still the shy soft-spoken boy I’d met days ago yet more direct by adding, “Equal.” Our shared smiles spoke volumes about how tonight would play out. I climbed up the ladder then turned around and grabbed Sam’s extended hand to haul him up. Electricity coursed through our grip, an intimate connection from an innocent touch. I memorized his expression at that moment, a heady mix of lust and love. “Thomas, is that you?” someone said behind me. I turned around and my jaw dropped. This was the last person I wanted to see here � or anywhere. And we continue: Robert Evans had worked at my school for two rocky years. He thought his Master’s degree and teaching credentials could be put on the wall and do the work for him. His laziness was exceeded only by his arrogant personality, which he threw around as though compensating for his short pudgy stature. His cruel streak came out on any student he felt defied or didn’t respect him, which was doubled on any boy perceived as effeminate. The benefit of the doubt crashed and burned within his first year of teaching, his contract renewed only because of his relationship with the assistant principal, his roommate in university. I often wondered what he had on the man in order to assure his continued employment. Then the day came at school when I got into his cross-hairs, and he in mine. Walking down the hallway during lunch break I heard a young girl’s distressed voice whine, “Noooo!” The nearest door was open a few inches and as I approached it the voice rang out again. “Noooo!” This time it sounded even more urgent. I pushed the door open hard, it’s silent swing ending in a bang when it hit the stop. At first glance I thought it was two students, their backs towards me � until the one behind turned his head. Teacher Robert looked surprised, then narrowed his eyes in anger. A girl his height broke free, his hand coming out from underneath her blouse as she turned and stumbled back into a desk, red faced, tears streaming down her cheeks. He had no shame. “Get the fuck out of my classroom if you know what’s good for you, Thomas,” he said. I motioned for the girl to come over to me. She made a wide berth around Robert and stood behind me, shaking. “You’re safe now,” I said, then turned to Robert. “You’re done.” He smirked, as though bulletproof. He wasn’t. As with many private school scandals this one was handled as discreetly as possible in disposing of the bad apple, so as not to damage reputations or tuition sales. But there was a twist. I figured a combination of whatever he had on the assistant principal from his university days and the school’s desire to keep things hushed up resulted in the unthinkable: his new job at The Academy. It was rumored he got the highest possible recommendation and had padded his resume, but at least he was gone. That was a year ago and I calculated he might have one more left before he burned that bridge. I hadn’t even considered our paths crossing due to my new employment, let alone bumping into him here, today, at the water park, with Sam. Holding my hand. “Well what do we have here?” Robert said, looking at our clasped hands with an evil grin. “Pity I can’t run to the principal’s office and tattle on you,” he added, shaking his head. Sam kept holding my hand and moved to stand next to me. He tightened his grip, tensing up as he stared at the man. Robert furrowed his eyebrows, staring at Sam. “Hey, aren’t you a student at The Academy?” he said. “Yeah, you and that little queer Chai Son.” “That’s enough, Robert,” I said. “Or what? I think it’s payback time faggot. I should’ve known with all those queer boys always hanging out in your homeroom making eyes at you. I’m gonna sling some serious dirt about you and your little boyfriend here. Fucking disgusting.” “No you’re not,” Sam said, stepping in between me and Robert. A chill ran through me as I realized the danger he’d stepped into. I put my hand on Sam’s shoulders and nudged but he held firm. “Always knew you were a fucking pussy, Thomas. Now your little boyfriend has to protect you.” “Who’s gonna protect you from me?” I’d never heard a cross word from Sam before and his low menacing voice sent a shiver through me. He turned so he had a side stance on Robert and continued. “I know what you did to Marie and other students.” I’d have taken the same stance and I wondered if Sam’s was coincidental. I glanced around. Pan was still the rock star center of attention in the pool, all eyes on him. The lifeguard was facing away, talking to a pretty girl. I couldn’t figure out why Sam had put himself in danger, stood in my way so I couldn’t protect him. Robert seemed intent on more trash talk, not seeing Sam as a threat. “They won’t believe some little queer boy at school… and right now, we’re not in school,” he said with menace, reaching out and tapping Sam in the chest to emphasize the last few words. My rage built but Sam stood firmly in my way. He didn’t pull that outstretched hand back in time and Sam’s next move made the pervert picture taker’s fate look mild. In a flash of tan skin Sam’s arm shot out, wrapped his fingers over Robert’s extended hand and gave it a quick practiced twist. Robert bent at the waist, groaning, looking up in pain, his other arm swinging around failing to hit either of us. “No, we’re not in school. You can’t mistreat me or my classmates here or anywhere any more,” Sam said. I stood there, too surprised to do anything but watch the tiger that’d been let loose. “Fuck you!” Robert said through gritted teeth. “You better let go if you know what’s good for you.” Sam twisted the arm harder, making the man groan. “No, I think I’ll break your fucking arm,” he said, glaring down at Robert. I’d never heard him swear. I stepped over. “Sam, he’s not worth it,” I said, putting my hands over his. Sam pursed his lips, knowing what was right but wanting to punish the man. He slipped his hands out from underneath mine like passing a baton and I took over. Robert groaned when I turned his wrist to walk him over to the edge of the pool while Sam kept close by, blocking the view of anyone nearby. “Not the same as forcing little girls, is it?” I said, twisting to steer him. “Hope you can swim, this isn’t the kiddy pool, asshole,” I added as I tipped him into the deep end of the wave pool. I watched, hoping I wouldn’t have to jump in and save him. He came up sputtering, red-faced angry. “You’re done, Thomas! Pack your bags! You’re finished after I call your school… and Sanun, you’re expelled. Count on it!” Sam jerked my arm, bringing me back from a growing desire to jump in and finish what many of his students would love to see happen. “Thomas. We must go,” Sam said. We stared at each other for a moment, both surprised at what the other had done. I let him lead me away in silence for a quick shower and change before we left the park. We didn’t speak in the taxi, Sam’s hand clasping mine to reassure that it was okay. But it wasn’t. If what happened got back to The Academy or my former school there would be huge repercussions for both of us. Once in our room I turned on the AC and we both shed our shirts to cool down from the afternoon humidity. We both used the facilities and I splashed cold water on my face to settle down. Sam sat on the edge of the bed and patted the mattress next to him. I sat down and a comforting arm went around my waist. “You’re my hero,” Sam said. “And you’re mine, but I’m an idiot. I let my temper get the best of me and it could ruin everything… and where the hell did you learn that move?” “Were you surprised?” “Not as surprised as Robert � he didn’t expect a cute ninja,” I said, making us both laugh. ” “A few years ago my father decided my brother and I should be able to defend ourselves and sent us to some special classes. I could ask the same of you.” “One of my students in Vietnam traded martial arts classes for English tutoring.” “You’re very good. I saw what you did to the man taking pictures of Chai and me.” “You don’t miss anything, do you Sam?” He shook his head and continued. “It seems like you’ve known him for awhile. What happened between you two?” I explained the real reason Robert had left my school and what I’d seen him do to the girl that day. “He’s a very bad man, Thomas. He touched my friend Marie two times and she changed schools because she couldn’t face him. He calls us names and threatens anyone who says they’re going to tell. He deserved everything we did to him, but it’s time to do something more than throw him in the pool, Thomas.” “I agee, but Sam, what he said is true. One BluTV call and trouble starts.” “Yes, one call is all it will take,” Sam said, nodding. He got up, retrieved his iPhone from the backpack and returned, sitting next to me. On the call app he scrolled down and pressed `Father.’ While Sam talked with his father in Thai, I paced around the room, trying to figure a way out of this mess without success. When I heard my name and Robert’s I knew he was relaying what’d happened today and in the past. Sam stopped speaking and hung up, turning towards me. “My father said to wait and he’ll call us back shortly.” “What do you think he’ll do?” “He told me to reassure you that your employment is not at risk. My father has many connections and friends in Thailand. I’ve seen him deal with business problems with one phone call. He said for both of us not to worry.” “Easier said than done.” “Thomas, I must confess something.” “What?” I said, as though the day’s activities weren’t eventful enough. “When you put that man on the ground for taking pictures of me and Chai… it… umm… made me…” I looked at Sam, head down as though admitting a mortal sin. I lifted his chin to reveal a sheepish grin. “When I watched you do that it made me hard,” he said, putting his hand on my arm. My eyebrows rose, searching for my hairline. “Seeing you so brave and strong protecting me… it was so hot,” he said, blushing. “I’ll always protect you � not that you need it with those moves.” “Did you like it? I mean… like I did?” “Now that I think of it…” I said, then pulled Sam into a skin-on-skin embrace, our first one since returning to the resort. We started kissing, the excitement of the day transformed into passion. “I thought you were going to break Robert’s arm,” I said, as Sam ground into me. We rolled around the bed, him ending up on top or me, looking down with a dirty grin. When I went to reach for his nipples he leaned forward, pinning my hands over my head, and nuzzling my neck and earlobe. “I wanted to hurt him,” he said, looking down at me, grinding our hard cocks together. “For what he did to Marie, my friends… and you.” “Remind me never to make you angry,” I said with mock seriousness. Sam leaned so he was lying full length on me. Warm breath on my ear accompanied his hoarse whisper. “Then you must do as I say Thomas… tonight.” That along with nuzzling my earlobe made my cock twitch so hard I knew there’d be a wet spot. Sam’s phone rang and we pulled apart. He answered in Thai, then said, “Thomas, my father would like to speak to both of us,” motioning me to sit next to him while he put the phone on speaker. “Hello, Mr. Aromdee,” I said. “Please call me Rom,” he said, his voice friendly and calm, in contrast to the reason for the call. “Thank you for waiting while I sorted this. Sanun has explained what happened today, and the circumstances that led up to it at your former school and other problems at The Academy. I’m very disappointed with our school’s vetting process that allowed Teacher Robert to be employed. The problem with him will be eliminated within twenty-four hours.” “Eliminated?” “Yes Thomas, eliminated,” Rom said, his tone ominous. “I won’t allow anyone to threaten the safety and well-being of my children, their teachers, or other students. For a moment I thought the worst and while Robert deserved being punished, the death penalty was too much. It was as though Rom could hear my thoughts. “Teacher Robert will receive a call shortly, urgently requiring him in Bangkok on the last flight this evening. There he’ll be met at the airport by members of my security staff and the Vice Principal of The Academy, to inform him he’ll never teach in a private school again. He’ll be escorted over to check in for the red-eye flight to LAX and told his possessions from the school provided apartment will be shipped to him in the next few months. If he argues to stay, he’ll be advised that his work permit and residence visa have been terminated and he must leave the country immediately… unless he wishes to go to immigration prison.” I’d read stories of tourists locked down there � it wasn’t a place to drop your soap in the shower. I looked at Sam, who was beaming. “Mr. Aromdee, Rom, you’re very… umm… thorough. I appreciate this.” “It is I who am in debt to you, Thomas. Sanun told me you protected him today while at the water park, from both Robert and another man. I’m very fortunate to have you be my son’s teacher.” I looked at Sam, who shrugged while attempting an innocent smile to cover embellishing the story to make me out a larger hero than himself. “Thank you Rom, I feel equally fortunate.” “I hope you can put this behind you now and enjoy the rest of your holiday. I’ve taken the liberty of extending your stay until Monday so you can relax. Sanun?” “Yes father?” “I’m proud of you… and Thomas as well.” “Thank you father,” Sam said, beaming. “Thank you, Rom,” I added. “Goodbye,” Rom said, then clicked off. Sam leaned into me, nuzzling my chest as I let out a big sigh. “Helluva day,” I said. “Yes, but now we have an extra one for…” Sam completed his sentence by leaning us back to lie the bed. We both scooted up in agreement about what the bonus day could be used for. “My hero,” Sam said, his kisses starting on my neck, combined with a nibble on my earlobe then across my face onto my mouth, making me moan. I went to reply and Sam put a finger to my lips. “Let’s rest,” he said, then added with a playful smile, “you’ll need your strength for tonight.” Sam’s gentle push rolled me over. He lowered his shorts and pushed mine off so we were naked. Spooning up behind me, a push of his half-hard cock emphasized the position he desired later. My dick twitched as I thought about what we’d enjoy that evening. Stress followed by the relief of Rom’s pending `elimination’ of Robert, and a day spent splashing about combined for a sleep so deep Sam and I were still spooned together an hour later. His slick hard-on dream-grinding into my crack had given me a matching boner. I untangled myself from his smooth tan arms and rolled so I’d face him. Sam looked angelic and my appreciative smile dissolved into laughter upon seeing a thin line of drool coming out of his soft lips. His eyes fluttered, pulling out of a comatose state. A glance at the clock showed 6:09, which made me giggle when my adolescent brain took out the zero and made it sixty-nine. “Hmm…” Sam groaned, rousing himself, opening his eyes then realizing his cheek was lying in a puddle of drool. A hand shot up and wiped his face as he blushed. “Oh my god I’m so embarrassed,” he said. “That’s not all that’s wet,” I said, nodding at the shiny pre-cum drool on the end of his cock. “That’s your fault,” he said, grinning. “I was dreaming of tonight.” I grinned back, enjoying Sam’s romantic comment until his stomach let out a jungle roar. “I thought you were a tiger when you faced off against Robert, but now I know,” I said. “Lucky you didn’t eat me during our nap.” “I’ll eat you later, Teacher Thomas,” he said with a coy smile. He’d told me before that calling me `teacher’ added a level of hotness to our relationship, so he deserved what I said. “Dirty boy.” “Yes, I am,” he said, hopping out of bed, half-hard cock bouncing as he landed. “So you should help me clean up in the shower.” “Okay.” I reached down, grabbed his smooth dick and led him to the bathroom. “Let go! I’ve gotta pee!” Sam said as we entered. “Me too.” We looked at each other’s rigid dicks and laughed at our predicament. “Forty-eight divided by six is?” Sam said, remembering our method from before. After a few shared equations we could bend our hoses enough to cross streams. After a few shakes Sam turned and went into the shower, standing there with an expectant look. “Give me a few,” I said. Sam tilted his head in an unvoiced question. “I want to be ready for tonight,” I added. He nodded in understanding. I closed the toilet door and remembered the first time I’d prepared myself for bottoming. I was far from virginal by this point but nonetheless felt a thrill at the impending privilege of initiating Sam into the world of top on bottom love. Now I knew how that patient man felt showing me, as Sam had put it, `how all the boy parts fit together.’ “Sam?” He wasn’t in the bathroom when I stepped out. “Coming.” We went into the shower and once the water was up to temperature Sam pulled me into an embrace under the rain-forest style spray. He dripped shower gel down between our pressed together torsos, his hard cock rubbing on my abs while wiggling around like a playful otter. His fingers toyed with my nipples then moved down behind me to grasp each ass cheek. A soapy finger discovered my hole, swirled around it then pressed, other fingers toying with my taint while he humped into me, practicing for later. While I knew Sam could recharge in a matter of minutes, I wanted to build up to tonight’s event. Keeping him on edge would make for a more intense, memorable experience. I leaned in, licked his neck and earlobe then whispered. “Slow down.” “But I want to…” he said, poking his finger against my hole. “You will, later…,” I said, reached down and gripped his hard-on to avert a squirting. “Don’t cum yet. You’ll thank me later.” “Hmm,” he said, doubtful, then turned me around and moved behind, spreading my legs, his cock pushing up my crack to the laundered hole like it had a homing device. He nuzzled against my neck and licked up to an earlobe, making me tingle in all the right places. Cool soap gel ran between his groin and my butt before he put his hands around me in a hug, fingers rubbing my nipples. Slow grinding ensued, working us up into a lather literally and figuratively. “I saw what you did to Robert today so I better give in, huh?” I said, seeing if he’d play along. “You better do what you’re told,” he said in a gruff voice, grinding, game on. Water cascaded down our bodies, washing away the lather. Sam stopped his grinding, positioned his cock and rolled his hips to push against my opening, slippery from water and his pre-cum. “Tonight,” I said, wanting him to wait for a more horizontal opportunity. “Please Thomas, just let me in a little… I’ll stop… I just have to Netflix feel it now,” he said with the desperate urgency of a horny youth discovering sex. I’d heard `I’ll only put in the tip’ and other excuses before but not from someone so adorable. “Okay, just the little head, lover,” I said. “I love it when you call me lover.” “You’re just saying that so you can put that big thing in me,” I said with a smirk. Sam giggled � I was glad he saw humor in the moment. “It’s not that big.” I reached back and ran my fingers down his cock to the base, eliciting a shudder from the teen. “I’d say it’s man-sized.” The compliment had Sam pushing again. Water and pre-cum aren’t as effective as lube so I concentrated on relaxing my sphincter � something I hadn’t practiced in a long time. Sam wrapped his arms around me and went at it so hard an adult would’ve bent his tool in two from the pressure � but this teen’s hard cock rivaled titanium. A small flare of pain and his head rested just inside my anal ring. Sam hissed in air, freezing in place, his cock pulsing with every beat of his heart. One huge pulse erupted � he’d fired a warning shot. “Thomas… I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to… but it felt so good… I couldn’t stop.” Sam’s helmet popped out as I turned and pulled him into a hug. He buried his head into my chest, disappointed with himself. “It’s okay Sam… I know what you mean… I’m sure you have plenty left for tonight,” I said, giving his round butt a gentle spank. “I’m a bad boy…” “Yes, you are.” “But it feels so amazing,” he added, giggling. “It’ll feel even better tonight.” A grumble that could’ve doubled as defective plumbing erupted. Our exertions had burned up whatever calories Sam held in reserve. I made a soapy swipe to remove the one shot of goo he’d left behind and we rinsed off. Ten minutes later we were decent, at least on the outside. “What are you hungry for?” I said. Sam smiled and tilted his head, nodding towards my waist. I shook my head. “Let me take care of dinner,” Sam said. “I have a plan � but we need to get dressed.” Five minutes later there was a knock at the door. Sam opened it, went outside and a few words were exchanged in Thai. He stepped back in with two bags and the smell of delicious Thai food. I looked a question at him, wondering how he made that magic happen. “I ordered dinner while waiting for you to shower with me.” “What if it showed up early?” “They’d get more than the `tip,’ he said, emphasizing the last bit in a clever play of words as he set the food on a small table. That’s when I took in what he was wearing � hard not to when the hem of the silky black short shorts were just below each cheek, exposing all of his lanky tan legs. When he turned I saw a noticeable bulge, while his olive green slit-sided sleeveless shirt provided a clear view of the treasures inside: a smooth, tan, rippled torso with dark pointy nipples. “Give me a minute,” he said. “I’ll give you more than that,” I said, licking my lips at more than the food. Sam smiled, picked up the lighter, some candles I’d used last night, along with the food and went out to the patio. A few minutes later, “Teacher Thomas, it’s time to eat.” Flickering candles lit up a table laid out with platefuls of delectable food. The play of light illuminated the most scrumptious dish, Sam, the boy I’d fallen in love with over the past week. The tableau was both romantic and seductive and I marveled at what he’d done. We’d worked up quite an appetite today � only part of which could be satisfied by food. Little was said, meaningful glances, smiles, and a palpable electricity in the air spoke deeper than any words could. I ate light, gorging instead on the presence of my beautiful teen sitting across from me and the knowledge that tonight we were going to take the next step in wholly possessing each other. Sam pampered me, packing up the leftovers and putting them into the mini-fridge while I laid out a towel over the bed and some others for cleanup on the nightstand next to the lube. The last touch was him putting candles around the room. I switched off the lights and turned around to see Sam standing by the bed, hands clasped in front, lips pressed together like a boy hoping he’d be asked to dance, which is sort of what we were going to do, horizontally. He opened his mouth to speak and I put a finger over his lips. “Shh…” I said, pulled his shirt up and off then pointed at myself. Sam picked up on it and did the same, pulling my shirt off. Both of us had to pull the waistbands of our shorts out and around our swollen cocks, already leaking pre-cum in anticipation. That left Sam wearing a very brief pair of white underwear that consisted of a pouch and elastic band that connected the small bits of fabric front to back. His rigid pre-cum dripping cock stuck out above like a missile escaping its silo. That night I’d chosen to wear a black jockstrap and turned around to show off its lack of a back panel. When I looked at Sam again he wore a lustful smile. I reached for the waistband of my jock and Sam matched my move. We both lowered the last bit of fabric, watching each other in a mutual striptease. We were down to the short hairs, both of us looking at each other, anticipating. “Teacher Thomas… I have an… umm… question,” Sam said. His hesitation and formality told me it was important. “Ask anything.” “I know you’re supposed to wear a condom for… umm… sex… but last night…” “It was safe,” I said. “But we didn’t use one.” “True, but I’m on PrEP. Do you know what that is?” “Yes. Chai taught me about that.” “I should’ve talked to you about it, Sam. I apologize. I got caught up in the moment… I trust you… I knew as a virgin you’d be clean, and I know I am too.” Sam nodded. “So tonight?” “Did Chai talk to you about being monogamous?” “No, what’s that?” “It means we only have sex with each other. Exclusively.” “I don’t want anyone else,” he said. “Me either,” I said. “You can wear one tonight but the only person I want in the world is you.” Sam grabbed me in a fierce hug. “I love you, Thomas.” “Me too,” I said, nuzzling his neck, kissing up to an earlobe before pulling back. “Think we’re going to work up an appetite for those leftovers?” I added. “Definitely.” We did. I’d not bottomed much � it seemed too intimate to share that part of myself casually. Of course I had a double standard. If a boy was willing to share his bubble butt I was in, literally. But like bottoming, I’d found it best feeling some kind of connection beyond lust, the kind I felt for Sam. We gorged on foreplay in bed, naked, embracing, stroking, kissing, licking, sucking in so many positions it was like a reenactment of the illustrated Kama Sutra. We’d connected, transcended the physical and found a way to make an improbable relationship a reality. We’d faced danger head on and emerged triumphant. Sam and I were a `we’ now. “What… how do you… want to…” Sam said, unfamiliar with a polite way to ask for how to enter. “Chai told you how all the boy parts fit together?” “Yes.” “And you went on the internet and looked for yourself?” “Umm… yeah,” Sam said, blushing and giving me a `how did you know?’ look. “It’s natural to be curious,” I said. “Kind of like doing a research paper for school?” Sam giggled. “I wouldn’t dare turn that in.” “I’d give you an `A’ so far.” “Thank you Teacher Thomas,” he said. “What do you want to do?” “I want you to choose, Sam. When you looked online was there a position that made you harder than the others?” “Umm… yes… two actually.” “Then you decide, I trust you. I know I’ll love whatever we do tonight,” I said. Sam’s broad smile told it all. I tingled at the thought of letting him lead the way tonight. “On your back, please,” he nudged. He’d made a loving choice. I was pretty sure what he planned and hoped I’d retained enough flexibility to go the distance. His hands lifted and pushed my ankles up and towards my head as I mentally took a note to do more stretching exercises. I grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under my now airborne butt to help, hooking the backs of my knees and pulling. My ass was now fully exposed for use. I wasn’t expecting what Sam did next with his tongue. It’d been a long time since I’d been rimmed and when I looked Sam’s face was a picture of pleasurable concentration. Knowing he was enjoying this as much as me added to the heat of the moment. But he wasn’t done. He lifted and I saw the pre-cum glistening head of his hard cock as he placed it over my pucker. Leaning forward he slid along my taint and hole, sending chills down my spine. I lifted my head and our lips connected, tongues mimicking what was next. It was almost too much for the teen, his hard cock twitching as he neared the edge. Sam stopped, exhibiting great self control in not going for it right then. It was time now. He grabbed the lube off the nightstand. I licked my lips when treated to the sight of him dripping it down his rigid dick, like chocolate syrup on ice cream but twice as delicious. Sam’s face scrunched up in lustful concentration as he placed his well-lubed hard-on at my entrance, reminding me of my first time. He pushed, slowly forcing my anal ring to surrender and stopped when the head had made it inside. I willed myself to relax. “Oh my God…” he said, leaning down to kiss me. As his tongue invaded my mouth his cock did likewise into me, a graceful slide in, until his soft curlies rested on taint. Sam’s hips ground in circles, checking to see if he’d reached maximum depth, making me twitch from the rub on my prostate and excitement of being taken as his first ever bottom. The strokes started off smooth, pulling back until I felt his helmet stretch my ring, then back in to full stop, kissing me, moaning, passion starting to boil. The rhythm sped up bit by bit, his contracting abs smearing pre-cum between us as a pleasurable warm glow radiated from deep within my hole. I resisted the urge to stroke myself and join the run to orgasm � I’d wait. “Umm… umm… umm…” Sam groaned, working up to it, lifting off my lips to gasp oxygen. “Unghh… unghh!” accompanied the first two jets of cum, followed by five more as he stroked, shooting his teen-load deep inside me, then collapsed, Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle rapid warm breathing on my neck. I wrapped my arms around his sweaty torso and hugged. “Thomas… thank you… it was… more…” He stopped, closed his eyes, at a loss for words to describe what we both felt. “Me too,” I said. I dropped my legs to the side and his still hard cock plopped out. “Be right back,” I said, getting up with great care so as not to disturb the little swimmers inside my ass. Sam rolled onto his back, still in another dimension, leaking cock stretching towards a hip, a forearm over his eyes. A few minutes later I returned, cleaned up and ready to find out what Sam had in store next. At fifteen and horny, I was certain there’d be at least an Act Two. I used the warm wet washcloth I’d prepared to wipe off the teen before lying next to him on my side. His lazy post-orgasmic grin made me smile. Sam pulled me into a hug, his hands roaming down my back to my butt. An inquisitive finger pushed into my cleaned-up cleft, found my hole and pressed, as though checking for damage. “You okay?” he said. “Yeah, you?” He gave a satisfied groan in reply. “Mmmm.” A moment later he added, “Did I do it right? You didn’t cum.” “It’s not a matter of right,” I said. “What matters is if both enjoy it.” “Did you?” “I had to stop myself from cumming.” “Why?” “Cause that thing’s still hard,” I said, nodding at his still tumescent cock. “Think you’ll be up for it again?” I added. Sam twitched his hard-on, his dirty grin an answer. “But…” I said. “What?!?” “I’m not a virgin anymore,” I added with mock sincerity. Sam giggled. “Me neither.” “How do you feel about that?” “Equal… like I wanted, and different… like I’m more grown up now.” “You’ll always be the boy who showed up at my door one night. Sam kissed me. “I love being your boy. I’m so glad I came here that night.” “You were very brave.” “I had to… I knew you were the one,” he said, stopping to kiss me, a rush of emotion flowing through me. His fingers stroked my hole and taint, my cock growing hard again, his still rigid dick, now grinding into me, resilient and reloaded as befitting a horny teen. “Thomas… can I…?” “This is your night, Sam. You said there were two ways that made you horny. Show me the other one.” He moved back a bit and pulled on my shoulder so I’d be lying on my stomach. I was pretty sure where this was going so I grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under my groin to lift up my ass. I turned my head and saw Sam nod � he’d just learned something I knew would see future use. Sam moved, his knees on either side of me, then lowered, hot smooth skin like a warm blanket on my back. His cock burrowed into place, aided by the abundant pre-cum it was spitting out. Nuzzled into my neck, his warm breath caressed my ear when he spoke. “Perfect,” he said, grinding into me. It was indeed. The first time on my back allowed for kissing and love to be exchanged. This way, on my stomach, him on top, would be about submitting to an unbridled adolescent hole pounding from Sam as the alpha. It would also allow me to show him some things about bottoming I’d learned along the way. I turned my head towards Sam and we kissed. “Okay?” he said. “Perfect.” He lifted up, I heard the snap of the lube being opened then the cool liquid drizzling into my cleft and onto my hole. Sam wiggled his cock around to finishing greasing up then lay on top of me, hunching up as he teased my taint and hole. On one stroke he snagged my hole and stopped, then rolled his hips to where he could put pressure on it to open. There was a mild sting as he beat down the door for the second time tonight, not pausing this time before a slow penetration all the way in, his short curlies coming to rest on my upturned butt. I used a kegel contraction to tighten my hole, like a handshake. It took Sam a moment before he answered with a flex of his cock. “They’re making friends,” I said. Sam giggled in reply, wiggling his hips. His gentle moves grew stronger, then he’d slow down. I wondered if he was extending pleasure or was uncertain how forceful he could thrust. “Do it hard, Sam. You’re not going to hurt me,” I said. “Really?” “Yeah. Pound me.” He was tentative at first, trying to balance affection with a teen cock in heat demanding release. I clenched my hole with each push, tightening it like a grip around his sliding dick, a trick I’d learned from a bottom who’d made me cum every time I was in him. Sam groaned and kicked it up a notch, his soft nut-sack pushing onto my upturned butt with each pounding thrust, my prostate getting stroked in the process The force and speed ramped up as Sam gave in to pure carnal pleasure. I clenched my ass muscles, driving my prostate-stimulated hard-on into the bed while he used my hole, each of us driving the other towards orgasm. It couldn’t go on forever. Hard to tell who set who off. Was it my ass clenching as I dumped a load hands-free onto the bed that triggered Sam? Or did his twitching cock press the button on my prostate as he let loose with five shots? Anyone walking past would’ve thought some kind of medieval torture was being inflicted based on the moans and groans emanating from the bungalow as we both went off. Sam pulled out, lying to the side facing me, stroking my back, pure love in his expression. I was panting, heart racing, euphoric from sharing my everything with Sam. My emotions swelled as I saw it clearly now. He was the boy at the door � to my heart. When a tear formed and started down my cheek Sam wiped it with a finger. “It’s okay,” he said. I leaned forward and we kissed. “I love you, Sanun.” “I love you, Thomas.” We snuggled into a tight embrace, feeling each other’s heartbeat, coming down from the most intense pleasure I’d ever shared. I memorized the moment and knew many years from now I’d return to this place when I needed to remember what true love felt like. I woke up an hour later and looked at a face of utter contentment, marveling at the knowledge he was mine, and I was his. I couldn’t resist and leaned in, planting light kisses on his cheeks until his eyes fluttered open. I pursed my lips in an air kiss to send my love. Sam pulled me into a fierce hug and a moment later I felt moisture on my chest where his head lay. I pulled back, saw his eyes were moist and furrowed my eyebrows in an unspoken, `What?’ “I’m just so happy, Thomas, I can’t help it,” he said, blinking, another tear running down his face. I wiped it off and resumed our hugs as Sam shuddered out a breath. “Get used to it,” I said, which for some reason made Sam giggle. “I suppose I must try,” he said, surprising me. “After all, Teacher Thomas told me to.” “What else did Teacher Thomas tell you to do?” Sam’s hand made a quick trip to my butt and landed a playful swat. “To pound this!” I’d created a lusty smart-ass and the only response was to reach around and give him a matching swat. “I’m a bad boy, Teacher Thomas. Spank me,” he said in a little boy voice deserving of a cheesy porn video. Nothing I could do but laugh, Sam joining me. This time it was my stomach that grumbled. “Hungry?” “That or you got me pregnant,” I said, going for bad dialogue payback. Sam’s shocked look morphed into an exasperated shake of his head. I shrugged a `What?’ look, then said, “Let’s have a snack… but first we need a shower. Ten minutes later we were on the patio, dark except for a lone candle illuminating boxes of microwaved Thai food and our smiling faces. Hot sex had given us a ravenous appetite. Sam was feeling full of himself, and held up a noodle with his fork. “Teacher Thomas, do you like noodles?” I smirked. “Some better than others.” “Oh? Which one is your favorite?” “It’s a very rare dish,” I said, playing along. “Only found in Thailand: the Sanun-noodle,” I added, running the two words together. “I think you mean this,” he said, standing and pulling off his shorts so he stood naked in front of me. My jaw dropped. The teen who’d just given me a man-sized pounding was now a boy, reveling in unfiltered post-orgasmic joy. “What happened to nice boy I met?” I said. “You’re very naughty!” He walked over, twisted his hips so his cock slapped skin and turned around. A full moon came out as he bent over. “Spank me!” I pulled him over my knee and gave him two open-palmed slaps on his round smooth melons, then rubbed the forming red marks. “Mmm…” Sam’s moan indicated this wasn’t really punishment. He wiggled off my lap, stood up, half-hard cock bobbing, took my hand and had me stand before pulling down my shorts and yanking them off me. “Teacher Thomas! You’re naked!” I was about to answer when we heard approaching voices. There was no time to slip inside the bungalow so we crouched behind the chairs and waited while a young Thai couple walked by, holding hands, her head on his shoulder, oblivious as they passed. In the dim candlelight I could see Sam sending me an air-kiss as we watched their romantic stroll. We stood up once it was clear and I furrowed my eyebrows at Sam in mock disapproval. He shrugged and gave me a sheepish `Whaddya gonna do?’ grin. “Is this how it’s going to be?” I said, shaking my head. “No. I’ll behave, but I feel so… alive… like my whole life I was waiting for tonight… for you…” “And now you have me,” I said. “And your arse,” he said, surprising me with his English accented dirty humor. I went to grab him and he dashed inside, then turned and locked the door, leaving me outside � naked. “Sam!” He giggled then made a shocked face and pointed. Thinking the worst I turned around and saw… nothing. Sam used the ruse to unlock the door and jump onto the bed. I hopped onto the bed and pinned him down, hands over his head and tried to look stern. Sam’s playful smile banished any thoughts of payback and I rolled onto my side, tugging at his hip so we’d face each other. English teachers work with words but none seemed equal to the moment as I looked at Sam. The only thing that came out of my mouth was a yawn, which the teen matched. A light kiss was exchanged, as though we were fearful of reigniting our passion. I pushed at his hip to roll him away so I could spoon from behind, our bodies matching up like yin and yang. It was a coma-level sleep populated by dreams of the tumultuous week leading up to this moment. “Wake up! Wake up!” The little boy’s voice was insistent. “Teacher Thomas! Khun Sanun! Mom say wake up.” END CHAPTER FIVE

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