Subject: The Case of the Gardener’s Boy Part One The Case of the Gardener’s Boy Part One A Randy Harden Story Copyright Van T Z Boi 2010 (The usual disclaimers apply. I have often liked the old style detective story and wondered how it would work in a way, so here’s my effort. If you like it or have any comments please let me know as I have some ideas about a series of stories for the main character, but if its not liked then I’ll just work this one story through. Please do keep yourself safe and do what you can for . Van T Z Boi) I swung the late model Chevvy round the corner, I was in luck there was a space in front of my office building and I parked the car, yawning a little, it had been a hot, heavy night and I was still recovering my strength. As I got out, one of the cute valet parkers from the restaurant across the street waved and I waited for him to get close. “Hi Randy,” he simpered, “want me to park it for you?” I smiled, the kid was an OK fuck buddy, nothing great in the sack but he had an excellent mouth, made his money giving blowjobs to the punters in the restaurant car considered his offer, the thought of sex with him was, well, okay, besides if the car was off the street, then I wouldn’t get a ticket and what would it cost me. I handed him the key, “Could do with a detail Chet,” I suggested, I’d managed to remember his name. Chet grinned, that wide succulent mouth positively oozed its sexual message, “Can do,” he said, “I get off at six, wanna get off together?” “Depends on business,” I yawned. He stepped close and his hand caressed me between the legs, “My business is your pleasure,” he whispered and his body scent set of my hormones. I was immediately hard. He got in the car, “You coming?” he smiled, that wide mouth promising its riches. I got in. The car park was fairly secluded so I got out and stood against the car, he had parked in a corner away from the back entrance and kitchen areas. Chet knelt down and unbutton my flies, in seconds he was slurping me down, deep throating me all the way to my pubes. I relaxed against the car, enjoying the open air pleasure, feeling his throat muscles milking me. Fuck he was good that morning and in minutes I was coating his throat and feeding his stomach with a heady, heavy dose of man protein. He licked my cock clean, sucking the last spunky dregs out of my tubes, “Tastes real good as usual Randy,” he smiled up at me. I stretched as he buttoned me up, there was no need to thank him, he’d got as much from the blowjob as I had and we both knew it. “See you later,” he purred as I walked away. I waved my hand. I entered the building and walked up to the third floor and stood before the door with the embossed sign, ‘Randy Harden, Private Investigator,’ as ever I entered with a sense of pride. Donny my PA was typing as I entered the outer office. “You’re late,” he stated. “I had trouble parking,” I replied. “So I see,” he said pointing at the now obvious damp patch on my trouser fly where I had leaked a last dribble. “Fuck, I thought Chet got it all,” I said. Donny handed me a towel and I rubbed it as dry as I could. “You’ll need to clean it properly,” Donny said, “you know how cum marks cloth. Wanna change into your spare pants in your office and I’ll sponge it for you.” “These are my spare pants,” I told him. “Oh my, musta been a heavy night then,” he grinned, “you’ll just have to sit in your office half naked then.” I gave in, he followed me into my office and he stood watching as I took my trousers off. He handed me the towel as I gave him the trousers. “Want to dry it off?” he grinned, I took the towel and squeezed it round the top of my dick pressing out the last sperms. Wearing a big smile Donny flounced out of the room, my trousers across his shoulder and the towel pressed up against his nose. I watched his tight buns as they walked away. I hadn’t fucked him for a couple of weeks now and he was working his arse letting me know. I made a mental note to arrange a working lunch for the next day and sat down at my desk. I shuffled the folders, business was not that brisk, a missing dog, a couple of guys worried about their boyfriends cheating on them, a shop keeper worried about unexplained stock losses but nothing that grabbed my attention. The door opened and Donny reappeared with a very welcome looking large cup of coffee. “Your trousers are drying in the washroom,” he said and handed me the steaming mug. I took a swig feeling the hot liquid recaffinate me, “Fuck I needed that,” I sighed and handed him the top folder. “You can write that one up, bad news for Mr Carmicheal his so called boyfriend will fuck anything that moves.” “Last nights work?” giggled Donny. “Fuck yeah,” I swigged another slurp, “I let him pick me up at the Hot Flamingo bar and he had his hand inside my trousers before we put our glasses down. He took me back to their place and we fucked our way through the pool, on the patio, the lounge and the Master bedroom. Man he was insatiable.” “No trouble for you then,” smirked Donny. I waved the mug at him, ” Naughty, naughty, jealous one,” I replied. “Just write it up,2 I instructed and then thought, 2Oh yeah, evidence; the bar bill,” I fished in my jacket pocket and produced the signed chit that Simon Mr Carmicheal’s boyfriend had signed the previous night at the Hot Flamingo. I also produced the tape of our recorded passion. “There’s the tape,” I said placing it on top of the folder. “Pictures?” asked Donny. “Fuck I left the camera in the car,” I told him. “No problem,” said Donny. “Its er,” I was a little embarrassed, “Chet offered to valet park it for me, he might be detailing it too.” I said blushing slightly. “No problem,” smirked Donny, “I could do with a little detailing myself,” he said. That reminded me, “Yeah ’bout that,” I coloured again, “working lunch tomorrow,” I spoke lamely. “Sure,” Donny grinned, a big grin, “I’ll order in the usual then.” I watched him saunter out of the door, his inviting arse almost winking at me though his tight slacks. I sipped my coffee and worked though the files deciding my work plan for the next couple of days. There was a knock and the door opened. I looked up and met the clear blue eyes of my visitor. He smiled and turned his head. “Its alright Smithers, the detective is in,” he said and I could just about see the tall uniformed figure behind him. My visitor turned back to face me and we studied each other. He was cute, no doubt of that, a small boy possibly kocaeli escort around nine or ten. He had a shock of dark blonde hair that was cut close to his ears, probably just long enough within school regulations, a minor statement of rebellion. I recognised the school uniform, the dark green blazer with the distinctive badge, the light grey shorts, the white ankle length socks and the black polished shoes, the brilliant white shirt with the green and yellow striped tie. The exclusive private school was known for its rich students and this boy positively reeked of old money, a born ‘A’ lister. He moved to sit opposite me. “My name is Mathias Dearborne the third,” he announced and my estimation of dollar signs went up, the Dearborne’s owned half the county and rented out the other half. “I understand you have an excellent reputation within certain circles,” he continued. ‘He was a cool one’ I thought observing him, for a boy he had a lot of presence. “I think I need your help,” he said in his clear voice, “As it is a delicate matter obviously discretion is a matter of course and, ” his voice lowered and he leant forward bending almost over the desk to speak to me, “i would prefer it if my family were not made aware of this,” he paused, “possible indiscretion.” ‘So the boy wanted to keep the matter private even from his family,’ I thought, ‘must be a very bad secret,’ and my mind reeled from possibilities. “You can be assured of my silence,” I said. “I’m the one paying so I expect that at least,” the boy was almost snobbish as he spoke, his breeding almost speaking for him. I could almost hear his father’s voice in his tone. “Bollocks,” I said, “You speak to me like that again and I’ll put you across my knee and spank you cute butt so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a fuck,” I told him and added a look that said ‘try me’. He blushed deep red and sagged in the chair. “I can’t let my father find out,” he whispered and I could see tears forming in his eyes. “He has high hopes for me, my older brothers have excelled in sports but I’m the one who appears to have the brains and,” his eyes filled and reddened, “if ,” he coughed and I waved my handkerchief I had placed on my desk when I emptied my trousers, at him. He took the creased material with two delicate fingertips, flapped it and then wiped his eyes and blew heavily into it. He placed the handkerchief in his pocket and I raised my eyebrows at that, normally kids of his upbringing would just chuck the thing on the floor or ever worse would snottily hand it back to you. “Dad doesn’t know about the boyfriend,” I stated closing my fingertips together, hell it looked good on the flics so it was worth trying it for real, but he wasn’t watching. “Well you are the detective,” he sighed, “Pops know about Geno, I mean as a friend who is a boy but,” he left the obvious hanging in the air. “So what is it,” I said a little sarcastically, “blackmail, or a private pay off to dump the ‘friend’?” He looked directly at me and I saw the pain in his eyes, “Geno’s gone missing,” he wailed, “it’s been three days now and I’ve not heard anything, not from him, or,” he shivered, “anyone else.” We sat in silence, I was aware of his concern, even a boy as young as he was had access to funds, he was a Dearborne after all and even at his tender age we both knew what could happen to a friend, especially a ‘special’ friend of a Dearborne. “Geno is the son of one of our gardeners,” Mathais continued once he had recovered his composure, “his father Zeno looks after the flower beds in the main house and,” he coloured slightly, “Pops gets him to attend to the beds at the Academy, its part of the fee,” he added. “I, I,” he stuttered and then took a deep breath recovering himself, “I’ve been helping Geno out with his maths, he attends the local high school.” I noticed he did not call it Dearborne High, his family had granted the land and helped fund the main building years ago but it was still Dearborne High, another mark of the standing of the family. “He was helping his father dig over one of the beds readying it for spring flowering and I was working at my books close by, in the gazebo,” he fluttered his eyes, revealing to me more of the memory, “He asked me what I was doing and, well it sprang from that.” I nodded my head, the usual ideas and solutions were slowly lining themselves up in my mind. Matthias leaned forward and looked at me intently, “Geno has not run away, he loves me,” his voice caught, “and I love him,” the boy was speaking almost defiantly now. “I know something bad has happened,” he warbled at bit now, “please Mr Harden, you must help me, find him for me.” His eyes filled again. A knock at the door broke into our thoughts and then the door opened and the tall figure of the chauffeur stood there. “You’ll be late for school Master Matt,” he said politely but determinedly. “Yes Smithers,” Master Matt rose to his feet and brushed his slim fingers down his shorts, he looked at me, “Smithers will take me to school, can you ride with us and Smithers will provide you with all the information you need and then bring you back here?” It was more of a command than a request. I stood up and then as I saw the looks in their eyes recalled that I was naked below the waist. I saw the blaze of interest I both their eyes as they caught sight of little Randy which still hung fat and thick. “Sorry,” I spoke thickly, “my trousers are in the washroom, drying off,” I added lamely. “I’ll get them sir,” grinned Smithers and I saw him lick his lips. I also noticed his tight fitting uniform, the man was quite toned looking and I felt little Randy twitch. “I know the way,” Smithers said walking backwards out of the office. I stood there, little Randy swung just a little thicker and I noticed Master Matt’s eyes were directed at him. For a moment I almost spoke the line, ‘Like what you see?’ but then I remembered the boy was kid after all, although he looked delectable standing there in that clean crisp uniform. Smithers returned and handed me my trousers which thankfully were dry and stain free looking. Quickly I donned them, sliding my long legs into the holes and carefully buttoned the fly over my slightly stiff cock, they both watched intently and again I saw Smithers lick his lips with the tip of his tongue. I stuffed my wallet and other items in my pockets. “Hello,” it was Donny he had now returned with a very happy smile on his face and my camera in his hand and I could see the slight kocaeli escort bayan damp patch similar to my own, it looked like Chet had given him the usual deep detail I had experienced. “This is Master Matt and Smithers,” I said to Donny giving him a raised eyebrow as I spoke, “Its a new case.” Donny nodded, “I’ll make out a case folder,” he smiled, he’d got the need for no questions. “I’ll be back shortly,” I announced as I followed Master Matt out of the room and across the outer office, Smithers, led the way standing straight as he opened the outer door for us. A parking attendant was standing by the gleaming dark limousine that was parked in front of the office. He stood to the attention as we approached and almost saluted as Smithers held open the door for Master Matt and myself to get in. “Thank you,” Master Matt his white teeth flashing in a brilliant smile nodded at the attendant. “Anytime sir,” the attendant touched his cap with his forefinger, usually I saw his fingers in a much different salute. The Dearborne effect I sighed to myself. As the car sped towards the Academy Matt as he now asked me to address him explained more about Geno. The missing boy was fourteen years old and they had been lovers for about four months now. The boy lived with his father in a low rise estate to the south of the town, one of the Dearborne constructions and home to a number of paid employees. He had last seen the boy on Monday afternoon when they had been together at Geno’s home. Smithers had driven him there after school on Monday and after they had made love, he had then left to go home, they normally met at Matt’s place on Wednesday, where under cover of maths tuition they would make love until it was time for Geno to go home, Smithers would normally drive him. Wednesday being yesterday he had been surprised when his lover had not appeared and despite several phone calls there had been no response. He had spoken to Zeno the boys father who appeared unconcerned at the boys disappearance, it was not the first time the boy had gone AWOL and he had told Matt he would let him know when Geno returned. “So Zeno doesn’t know about your special relationship,” I said to Matt. He coloured again. “Er, no,” he replied, “Zeno thinks I am just helping him with his homework and we always meet at his house when Zeno is working away. I,” he blushed again, “I know his work schedule.” “And probably alter it for your own advantage,” I said nonchalantly. Matt gave me a hard look, not bad for a young kid, “Your reputation as a detective is well earned,” he hazed at me. We arrived at the Academy and Smithers swung the limo round to a stop outside of the huge entrance columns, I felt a little awed at the tall imposing structure. Smithers in a swift precise movement exited the car, opened the door and handed over a knapsack to Matt as he climbed out of the seat. “Smithers will fill you in on any other details,” Matt said, “he has my complete confidence.” I watched the young assured boy stride away into the vast enclosure admiring the boys character. ‘A Dearborne through and through,’ I thought to myself watching the slim figure dwarfing the columns he walked through. Smithers closed the car door and drove off, nonplussed I sat back in the leather seat and thought about the case. I had expected the chauffeur to invite me to share the front seat so we could converse but the man had obviously other ideas. I mused about the missing boy, ‘had he run off with another boy, his father’s attitude if it was true suggested as much,’ I considered another train of thought, ‘could he have really been kidnapped but there had been no ransom demand and in any case who would expect a gardener to have access to large sums of money, even a Dearborne gardener,’ it didn’t ring true. The limo came to a stop and I looked out of the window wanting to take my bearings. I did not recognise the wooded area that Smithers had stopped in. I was about to press the internal communication button when the car door opened and Smithers slid in beside me. “Where are we?” I asked confused. “On one of the back roads to the Dearborne Mansion,” he smiled and began to unbutton his uniform, “Master Matt said I was to be completely at your service,” he grinned and he pushed a button beside him and the seat beneath me flattened out and I fell backwards with the sudden change of position. “I suggest we get better acquainted,” he added, “as we have to work together.” I found myself looking up at the deep blue eyes of the handsome chauffeur and saw the twinkle in his eyes. “This part of the estate is left to nature,” he whispered and ran his hand up my thigh and then squeezed my now semi stiff cock, “I also like to embrace nature’s bounties,” he grinned as he slowly unbuttoned my fly. “Oh I’m definitely all natural,” I sighed reaching for his own opening. He smelt clean and lemony as we kissed, he was hot, real hot and all man, I could feel the toned muscles through that amazing tight uniform, in a trice we were both naked and rubbing hard up against each other. I stoked his taut chest, hairless and smooth and teased his nipples, one after the other, he growled deep in his throat as I did so. Our tongues duelled and we wrestled for position on the soft leather, both of us testing each other, our cocks touching and leaking our lubricating fluids over each other. My hand was first to his man pussy, I felt the heat emanating from his pucker and slicked a finger through our combined slimes before returning it to his hole. Swiftly I smeared our juices across and around his wrinkled rose and then slid it in. He gasped and I felt his inner tube grab at my finger sucking me further in. Our eyes met and he relaxed his grip on my neck. A second finger joined the first and then a third and now he was writhing and rotating his hips, I moved to gain entrance between his legs and he slid them open for me. Again we looked at each other and I saw the surrender in his deep blues. One quick change of position, one quick thrust and I was buried deep inside his pulsing hot manglove, I felt his grunt as I buried my nine inches inside him and he took it all in that one swift mounting. We waited for the adjustment, kissing slowly and deeply and I slid my hands under his back and down to couple his arsecheeks in my palms. “Ready,” I murmured throatily into his mouth. “Fuck Yeah,” he replied spreading his legs even wider and I felt his legs slide across my buttocks, sensing them crossing at the kocaeli bayan escort ankles. He rose to meet me as I plunged downwards, his taut muscular torso grinding his cock between out stomachs as I fucked good and hard. I was relentless, just as much as he was. We growled and nipped at each other as I speared him continuously, our bodies sweating now as we rode at each other, seeking pleasure in the rough contact of our skin and bruising up against each others muscles. Fuck he was strong and fuck he was hot, he gave as good as he got and I hadn’t had such a hot hole in a good long time. I could feel him milking me, using the muscles of his fucktube around my fuckstick, manipulating my cockhead with amazing sensations. “Faster,” he growled and dug his fingers down my back, scraping my backbone with his fingernails and sensing his need I upped my rate. Like a rabbit I pronged him deep, his own hole taking my piston rod in its red hot grip. I felt the pulse and knew he was about to shoot, again I pounded him, hard, hard and harder still, pressing my engorged stomach muscles against his pulsing dickhead feeling its sudden expansion as he groaned and growled and then he fired off between us, his manmilk swamping our heaving torsos and spraying across our nipples. Seconds later I ejaculated deep inside him, feeling his heat cool as my load coated his inner lust and we fucked gently, expending the last dregs of our combined seed, winding down to normality. “Fuck that was good,” we both spoke as one and grinned at each other, recognising our equality. I lay on top of him, my shaft still hard and stiff and embedded in him, we kissed softly and then he sighed and relaxed. “So what do you want to know?” he asked, there was no movement to get me out of him and I looked at his face, seeing the trust in his gaze. “Geno?” I asked. “Cute kid, Matt loves him, they make a good couple,” he replied, “the kids right about Geno, the boy doesn’t strike me as a waster. I’ve seen them together and they have something good between them.” “What about Matt’s father,” I added. “He loves his son’s, all of them, Matt’s special, he does have brains. Could make Senator or even President,” Smithers said and I understood and believed him. “Would he want to make Geno disappear?” I asked. Smithers thought for a long moment before he replied, “If Matt was older and Geno threatened Grant’s plans for Matt, then,” he sighed, “yes, maybe,” he took a deep breath and added, “but Matt’s just turned ten, Grant’s more likely to let the boy sow his wild oats first, with their money they can do just about anything and I should know, I’ve been bodyguard to all the Dearborne sons. I know a lot of secrets but I’m paid for that.” He spoke flatly and honestly I knew he was telling me he could not be bought. He would supply information as he thought it relevant to my task. “Zeno?” I suggested. “Paid employee like me,” smiled Smithers, “Grant looks after his employees, he knows the value of trusted and trusty staff, he expects total loyalty and he doesn’t abuse it,” he spoke truly and then added, “but there is something there, the relationship between Zeno and Geno is not that good.” He stopped and looked hard at me, “don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he would hurt the boy or abuse him but its true they don’t see eye to eye.” “What about the boy going AWOL before?” I was curious. “Don’t know the full story. I think when they get on each other’s nerves too much Geno takes off, he’s got a lot of friends so can always find a place to stay till they both cool down,” Smithers spoke tentatively and I knew he was guessing. “Boyfriends?” I asked. “Maybe,” he was quizzical, “the boys’ no virgin,” he chuckled, “for that matter neither is Matt, but until he got involved with Matt I only heard the usual snippets from other members of staff.” “So it’s a mystery then,” I spoke my thoughts aloud. “Well you’re the detective,” Smithers smiled, “now I need to get back to work,” he added, “I’ve got a recent picture you can have and some details written down in a folder for you.” “Great,” I smiled and pulsed my cock in his fuckchute, he smiled. “Come on,” he replied, “lets get out of here, there’s a deep pool nearby we can use to wash off in and I’ve got towels in the back. Matt and Geno sometimes like to fuck here.” I pushed at him again, pulsing my cock at his button. He looked at me and a big cheesy grin crossed his face. “There’s a nice grassy bank right by the pool,” he smiled at me, “gets the sun, cool breeze of the stream, quiet, private and.” “One of nature’s bounties,” I suggested. END OF PART ONE To be continued…… Comments to ive Other stories on website fty)- see Prolific Authors page for direct links (V for Van T Z Boi) NEW ‘Looking In The Window’ No money, too young for a job, how can Timmy earn posted on young friends Ace Tales Ace really is the best, read why Banged Away Behind Closed doors, juveniles at their best The Captain’s Boy Life at sea, the captain, the sailors, the boat and the lust Casey Plays His Hand Casey loves helping his sister’s boyfriends out Charlie Gives It UpThe 50’s, no television what is a boy to do to be amused Cub Camp Set Up New Cub is so anxious to please Donny Teacher and pupils get closer Fagging for Guy Life at an Edwardian Public School Galahad Rides Out Edwardian Public schooldays and nights Half Term Hiccup Half Term and Jack’s on the loose The J Boys Family fun with horny big dicked dad and sons Learning the Ropes A youth and a boy but whose teaching who A Lesson LearnedSpecial lessons for a new boy Lil’ Slut at Scout CampOne boy takes it all in Marlon’s Monday The school week begins for this sexy teenager Pa, Grub and Me Hillbilly love Pecking Order How the cool guys size up for high school Playing Trains Babysitting fun Playground Love What’s going on in the playground while the teachers are absent Scott’s Cool Brother2 brothers, 1 dad and some friends get real close Standing at Attention The Sergeant always gets his boy A Scout in the Snow Are snowballs more fun this way Taking It Deep Alone in the woods with six men how will I cope Teenage Lust Sex and education lessons can be fun Wayne’s Best Mate’s Brother Older teen treats his brother’s mate A Week in WalesCookie cooks up some cum fun survival techniques Rejected by but available at by e-mail Delighted and Schooldazed Parts 1 & 2Teacher shows his class how to love one another Detained at Daddies Pleasure Part 1A prison for training daddies boys, tears by bedding time Jimbo Part 1First term at school was never like this Mummy Said Part 1Mums away so whose going to love daddy Young Love Parts 1 & 2Teenagers, dads, sons and the wild, wild wood

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