Subject: Hormones On Fire Gay – Adult/Youth The story below is a work of fiction; a fabrication from the author’s mind, and not intended to reflect upon anyone past, or present. If reading such material is offensive, or unlawful, then please do not go any further. The author does not condone anyone harming a child in any way, shape, fashion, or form. Please help keep this site free for all to enjoy, and to do so, Nifty needs our donations. Please help by donating so that this site can remain free for everyone to enjoy: fty/ “Hormones On Fire” School’s out for the summer, and it was high time for some summer fun. Marty is 13 years old, and his hormones was on fire! Marty knew from early on that he was gay, and the closest thing he had ever done that was gay related was hold his 14 year old best friend’s cock once. His best friend is Paul, and although they had taken turns spending the night at each others home, and both had seen each other naked countless times, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that Marty finally talked Paul into letting him touch his teen cock. While Marty was holding onto Paul’s five inch, and very fat, cock, Paul grabbed a hold of Marty’s four inches of proud teen meat. This only lasted for a few seconds, and Marty had even suggested that they swap blowjobs, but Paul sternly said no. Across the street from where Marty lives is another friend, Mark. Mark’s home was on the corner, and they had a large in-ground swimming pool. Mark is 16, and several of the guys in the neighborhood go over to Mark’s, and hang out in the pool. It was not uncommon to see as many as twelve guys in the pool, and their ages ranged from 10 on up to 26. There was always horse playing going on, but it was all for the sake of having fun. At 13, Marty was indeed a head turner! He has shoulder length dirty blond hair, and his eyes are a cross between ocean blue, and emerald green. He stands close to 5’4″, and barely weighs 90 pounds soaking wet. His eyebrows are of medium thickness, and are the same dirty blond color as the hair on his head. His long, upwards curled, eyelashes are the same color. On each smooth facial cheek are twin dimples that seem to sparkle whether he is smiling, or not. His perfectly shaped nose is like a button, and his pearly white teeth are straight as straight can be. Marty’s cherry colored lips are medium thick, and look so dang kissable at any time of the day, or night, for that matter. No matter what your sexual preference might be, one would take a look at Marty, and his breathtaking beauty warranted a second look, more like, a long hard stare. In Marty’s eyes, he was too blind to see what others saw in him. Now, all Marty wanted to do was have sex. He had always figured Paul, his best friend, would be willing to experiment, but after the one time holding each other’s hard cocks, Paul wasn’t interested in pursuing it no further, so to keep their friendship intact, Marty backed away. One by one, Marty thought of each guy who frequented Mark’s pool. Paul lived next door to Mark, and next to Paul is Shawn. Marty zeroed in on Shawn, a 26 year old man. Shawn was by far the coolest adult Marty had ever known, and although they had spent plenty of time in the pool together, not once did Shawn ever make an effort to grope him. Shawn also lives alone, and since he has the newest PlayStation, and a huge flat screen television, many of the boys would go to his house to play video games. Thinking of Shawn, Marty’s mind began to describe the man in intricate detail. He has short brown hair, green eyes, stands 6’2″, and weighs a muscular 235 pounds. Shawn also has a hairy chest, and a neatly trimmed goatee. In Marty’s opinion, Shawn is a complete, and total, stud! Many, many times, Marty would pop a boner as soon as he saw Shawn wearing nothing but a bathing suit. Marty would also go way out of his way to get Shawn to sling him into the air, and every time he felt Shawn’s big hand grip his butt, his cock would get that much harder. Ever since Marty could remember beating his meat, his mind would always fantasize about Shawn. Now, stepping out of the shower, his four inch cock was throbbing like crazy. It’s a Saturday morning, and the first day of summer vacation. Marty had already planned to go over Mark’s to go swimming, so he dried off, and put on his bathing suit. Since Mark lived directly across from him, the walk over to his house only took seconds. Marty already knew Paul wouldn’t be able to go swimming today since he had a cold. Marty opened up the side gate, and stepped inside. At the corner of the pool, closest to the house, stood Mark and Shawn. Seeing Shawn caused Marty’s cock to get hard instantly, and then he felt his heart start pounding as Mark walked into his house. Shawn waved at Marty, and Marty walked up to Shawn. The first thing Marty noticed was the familiar large bulge inside Shawn’s shorts. They swam around for several minutes, and like always, Marty talked Shawn into slinging him into the air. Shawn did, and Marty even convinced himself that Shawn was actually groping his butt, and in doing so, his cock became even harder. Also, numerous times, while they horsed around, Marty would intentionally rub his hand up against Shawn’s crotch. They frolicked in the pool for a good couple of hours before deciding it was time to get out. Marty looked at Shawn, and asked, “Hey, you mind if I come over and play some video games?” Shawn smiled while saying, “You know you don’t have to ask. I’ll leave the door open for you.” Marty ran home, and after stripping out of his bathing suit, he went into his bathroom. He may very much still be a virgin, but Marty was smart enough to know how to give himself a deep cleansing enema. He had also been practicing for anal sex by easing the handle of a screwdriver up his ass on a regular basis. Since his cock was already hard and throbbing, Marty thought about rubbing one out, and then decided to hold off to see what happens over at Shawn’s. He had a plan, and Shawn was his target. Marty didn’t even know if Shawn was gay, straight, or even bisexual, but he did know that the man was all man, and that was good enough for him. Fishing around in his drawers, Marty came upon some old cutoff blue-jean short’s. He put them on, and after viewing himself in the mirror, he removed them, and used the scissors to shorten them up even more. He put them back on, and once he saw a good portion of his butt cheeks on full display, and the section closest to his cock and balls wide open, he jumped up, and saw his cock and balls fling out into the open. Smiling from ear to ear, Marty was satisfied, and since he was just going to Shawn’s, he intentionally did not put underwear on, and just wore flip flops, and started the short walk to Shawn’s with his hard cock begging for some well needed attention. What Marty didn’t know was the mere fact that Shawn had always found Marty to be sexually arousing. He had known Marty ever since Marty moved in when he was 8, and as time progressed forward, the boy’s beauty blossomed into a full fledged stunningly gorgeous angel. Over the course of these past few years, especially in the last couple, Shawn had pleasured himself by copping feels here and there. The boy’s butt was chiseled by God’s own hands, and his mouth watered profusely every time his eyes landed on the boy’s crotch. Shawn had never seen Marty naked, but his mind sure has, many, many times. With the truth being told, Shawn made it a point to sneakily sniff Marty’s but every chance he got, be it in the pool, or out. Marty wasn’t the only one who knew how to give himself an enema, and knowing Marty was coming over, Shawn made sure he was clean inside and out too. Shawn decided to wear his old gay gym shorts, and nothing else. Shawn couldn’t recall the last time he was all alone with Marty, and since they would be alone, Shawn had already figured he would get a chance to sniff Marty’s ass some more. Since the door was unlocked, Marty walked in, and after closing the door, he made sure to lock it. When he walked into the living room, Shawn was already on the sofa, and the PlayStation was already on. When Marty walked in front of Shawn, Shawn almost fainted at seeing the boy’s partial butt cheeks exposed. His mouth watered and his cock instantly began throbbing. When Marty turned to face him, Shawn studied the boy’s smooth chest, noting the dime sized purplish nipples, and the tight abs rippling with each and every breath. The little dot of a belly button slightly poked inward, and from all the Shawn could see, Marty was pretty much hairless. Marty plopped onto his stomach so that his ass was staring straight into Shawn’s face, and began playing a game. Since the boy was showing off his majestic ass, Shawn was damn sure staring at it. Marty would raised his feet into the air, swing them to and fro, and in doing so, the open leggings would allow Shawn a good shot at his goodies, that is, if the man dare to look. And look, Shawn most certainly was doing. He didn’t get a really good closeup view, but he did get to see some of Marty’s balls. He couldn’t make out their size, but from what he could see, there didn’t seem to be any hair life whatsoever. After a couple of games, Marty got tired of playing, so he shit the game off, and plopped down into the leather recliner. He spread his legs a bit wider than normal, and was too horny to concentrate on what else he should do to try and entice Shawn into having sex with him. The television was off, and for a few long seconds, they just sat opposite of one another in total silence. Marty figured he’d get things started by asking, “Shawn, I’m sure you have, but have you ever had a blowjob?” Shawn answered, “Yeah, plenty of times!” Marty thought for a few seconds, and then followed up by asking, “Did it feel good, and did the other person swallow your cum, or spit it out?” Without any hesitation at all, Shawn replied, “Yeah, it always feels good when a hot mouth is on it, and some have swallowed while others spit it out. Not everybody likes the taste of cum, but that is definitely something of an acquired taste.” Marty had sipped on his cum several times while pretending it was Shawn’s manly cream. It was warm, kind of slimy, but didn’t really offer much of a taste at all. With his mind racing with sorted thoughts, Marty asked, “How about butt sex? Have you ever fucked someone in their ass before?” Once again, without hesitation, Shawn answered, “Sure, plenty of times!” Shawn’s responses were so quick, and a matter of fact straight to the point, that it didn’t leave much time for Marty to gather his thoughts to come up with another question fast enough. While Marty sat there contemplating as to what next to ask, Shawn’s eyes zeroed in on the right leg opening. He could now ascertain that Marty wasn’t wearing any underwear, and could see the boy’s right hairless ball and a little portion of his cock. Shawn couldn’t make out the size of the ball he was seeing, nor the thickness of the creamy colored shaft his eyes were bearing down on. As Marty continued thinking of another question, Shawn asked one of his own, “Has anyone ever sucked you off?” Shawn’s question kind of caught Marty off-guard, but in response, his soft boyish voice cracked, “Um, no, no, um, nobody has ever um, uh, done that to me.” Shawn’s next statement almost caused Marty to faint, as the man said, “Good gracious, now that’s hard to believe! I would have bet the dang farm that you had people all lined up to get a taste of that special sauce you and only you can make. Hell, I’d have lost another bet to by saying I’m sure you’ve had that shapely ass of yours eaten out, and on a daily basis too! Yeah, I’d lost everything for sure! I mean damn Marty, you are um, uh, you’re um, oh fuck, you’re absofuckinglutely gorgeous!” Marty scrunched up his noise, and then replied, “Ewwwwwwwwww, you mean has anyone ever put their tongue in my butt? Oh no, that’s never happened either!” Shawn came right back by adding, “There’s an old saying, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!” Marty, you have noway of knowing, but that little sparkle you call your butthole can do a lot more than just have bowel movements. One day, and mark my words, some lucky person is gonna eat your asshole like a melting ice cream cone, and trust me, you’re gonna love every ass licking second of it!” Marty fired back, “Have you done that before, and has someone done that to you?” Shawn smiled, and said, “You bet your sweet ass on both accounts!” It kind of felt like Marty’s throat was closing up on him, so he built up the nerve to finally ask, “Shawn, it’s really none of my business, but whatever you say will go no further than me, and I swear it! Are you um, um, are you gay?” Shawn wasn’t so quick to provide an answer, but after a few seconds of thinking things through, Shawn finally responded, “Well, since you gave me your word, I’ll be honest with you. Yes Marty, I’m gay, and now that you know, do you have a problem being here alone with me?” Marty quickly answered, “Um, no, no Shawn, I don’t have a problem at all with you being gay. In fact, just so you know, I’m gay too!” Shawn didn’t know what to say after hearing Marty owning up that he was also gay, but eventually managed to speak, “Wow, it’s hard to believe someone as gorgeous as you are gay! Some guy sure will be lucky to be able to make love to you, that’s for sure! Hey, if you don’t mind me asking, but what kind of guy turns you on?” Marty smiled, and knew that this was the opening he had been praying for, so with that being said, Marty began speaking, “Well um, I like them older than me, and a lot taller too. In a perfect world, he will have hair on his chest and stomach, and would have no problem at all having sex with someone my age. I know the law thing, and as much as it sucks, he would know I would never tell a soul, living or dead! Oh yeah, I’d love for him to have a goatee too, you know, not one that is real bushy, but neatly trimmed, um, just like yours Shawn. Yeah, that’s my ideal lover! And, I almost forgot, but I’d love for him to be real muscular, you know, just like you are! Now that I’ve told you about what type of guy turns me on, how about you tell me what type of guy gets you all hot and bothered.” Shawn listened to every word Marty had just spoken, but for some reason, he wasn’t smart enough to realize Marty had been describing him, so he responded by saying, “I really don’t have a certain criteria, but he’s got to have a nice butt, that’s for sure! I guess we’d have to sort of hit it off, and then take it from there.” That wasn’t the response Marty had been hoping for, so he decided to just come right out and ask, “Shawn, would you ever have sex with someone my age?” Shawn replied, “Marty, you’re 13, and I haven’t really gave it much thought.” In more ways than one, Shawn’s response was a blatant lie, because he had been beating his meat fantasizing about Marty for the last couple of years. Marty, growing more frustrated by the second, not to mention horny too, finally laid it all out on the table by saying, “Shawn, how about we stop the charades, and be honest with one another. We both confessed that we’re gay, and when you asked me to describe the type of guy who turns me on, I described you perfectly. You Shawn, you are the one who gets my motor revving, and it’s you Shawn who I want to have sex with! I’m smart enough to realize that the age difference can be a problem, but I swear to you, I fucking swear that I will never tell anyone, not ever!” Hearing the words coming out of Marty’s mouth was music to Shawn’s ears, and he was still in the process of digesting them when Marty hopped out of the recliner while saying, “Fuck it!” Shawn sat wide eyed as Marty yanked his shorts completely off, and then kicked out of them. Now, standing before him was one completely naked 13 year old gorgeous boy, and the boy’s cock was a mouthwatering sight if there ever was any. It jutted out from his tight body straighter than a ruler, and the mushroom shaped cockhead was nearly twice as thick as the creamy colored shaft. At best guess, Shawn figured Marty’s beautiful cock was a solid four inches, and was about as thick as the bottom of a regular sized carrot. Bordering the sides of his cock, and at the very base, Shawn was able to see the scattering of a few black curls. Marty’s balls hung down about a couple of inches, and the sac itself shined from the brilliance of containing twin pecan sized nuggets. In Shawn’s eyes, Marty was the true definition of perfection! Marty could see that Shawn was eyeballing his crotch, and now that he had the man’s undivided attention, he thought it was time to turn it up a notch or two. Marty spun completely around, and now was giving Shawn a clear unobstructed view of his bare backside. After about eight long seconds, he leaned way over, and used both hands to spread his butt cheeks wide apart, so now Shawn could see his most hidden of all of his prized goodies. Marty held his position, making sure the man sitting across from him got a good eyeful of his smooth crack and anus, not to mention, his dangling balls too. Shawn was virtually mesmerized, held captive at the sight now unfolding before his very eyes. He had dreamed of this very moment, and now that it was at hand, he couldn’t muster up the strength to say, or do, anything. All he could do was stare at the little puckering dot for all he was worth, and then some. The more he stared at Marty’s anus, the harder his heart pounded, and so did his precum dripping hard cock as well. Marty softly asked, “Do you like what you see Shawn?” Shawn had to clear his throat, and while his mind was trying to put his scrambled thoughts together, the words simply flowed from his mouth, “God yes, yes, I love it, and want to eat that pretty little thing for days on end!” Marty removed his hands from his butt cheeks, stood up, and then spun back around so that he was now facing Shawn. With passion fueling his thumping heart, Marty softly asked, “Shawn, I want to see you naked!” Shawn’s body was already shaking, because he knew what he was about to do was wrong on so many levels, but the brain inside his throbbing cock took command, and he slowly stood up, and removed his shorts. Marty’s eyes zoomed in on Shawn’s lip licking cock. It proudly stood straight out from his muscular body with a slight downwards angle somewhere in the middle. The flared mushroom shaped cockhead was a soft pink color, and it was a little thicker than the creamy colored shaft. Marty swallowed hard as he guessed Shawn’s cock to be right around the 7.5 inch mark, and was about as thick as a cucumber. Seeing Shawn’s impressive erection didn’t intimidate Marty at all, and in fact, seeing the man’s whopping cock only made Marty that much more hornier. It was definitely a little longer, and thicker, than he had fantasized about, but nonetheless, Shawn’s beefy one eyed trouser trout was utterly perfect. Below his cock dangled two walnut sized nuggets, and they dipped down between his muscular legs a good four inches. To Marty, this was the moment filled with pure heavenly magic, and he wasn’t about to let it slip on by him. As if caught in the rays of a powerful magnet, Marty found himself floating through the air until he was right in front of where Shawn was standing. He felt light headed as his fingers found their way to Shawn’s beefy sausage, and at firs touch, he felt electrical currents shooting through his fingers, trickling all the way throughout his entire quivering body. Marty’s eyes were fixated on Shawn’s cockhead, and when he saw the bead of precum ooze out, it damn near stole his very breath. Without the need for thought whatsoever, Marty had leaned over just enough to use his tongue like a shovel, and scoop up the large bead of Shawn’s precum. Marty heard himself moan as the taste of the man’s precum set his inner soul on fire. His tongue raced out, and scooped up another oozing round of precum, and his moans grew even louder as he dined on what he referred to as a pure delicacy. Opening his mouth wide, Marty managed to stuff Shawn’s cockhead into his mouth, but Marty wanted more, and even though Shawn’s meat gagged him several times, Marty was bound and determined to orally worship the man’s cock at any and all cost. Back and forth, Marty had the man’s cockhead and a couple of thick inches of shaft sliding in and out of his mouth. Marty had dreamed for so long of this very moment; basking in the sensation of feeling a hard cock darting in and out of his mouth. Yes, this was the very moment he had been longing for, and to make matters even better, the cock now in his mouth belonged to very man he had been dreaming about. Using the fingers of his left hand, Marty cupped and softly caressed Shawn’s heavy balls. Shawn always kept his pubic area trimmed, and his balls, and butt crack shaven. Marty’s right hand ataşehir escort was still tenderly gracing the man’s cock, and the longer he worked on Shawn’s meat, the more comfortable Marty was getting. Shawn was slinging his head all over the place as he moaned from the fiery heat from within Marty’s mouth. His long fingers slowly rifled through Marty’s hair while the boy performed one hell of a magic act on his aching cock. Shawn could feel Marty’s tongue wildly slither all over his manhood, and the fingers caressing his balls sent goose bumps popping up all over his shaking body. Marty released Shawn’s cock from his mouth’s clutches, and then started licking up and down, and all around, all over Shawn’s love muscle. Shawn was going crazy from the pleasures Marty was feeding him with, and he knew he had to do something to prolong the inevitable. Panting heavily, Shawn said, “Oh God, this feels soooooooooooo gooooooooooddd, but let’s take this, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, yeah, fuck yeah, but ummmmmmm, let’s take this to the ummmmmmm bedroom!” Marty stood up, and his legs buckled slightly, but he didn’t fall. Looking up into the man’s eyes, Marty said, “I could suck your dick forever and ever!” Marty followed Shawn into the bedroom, and the entire time, his eyes were on the hard mounds of dancing flesh, better known as Shawn’s solidly built butt cheeks. Once inside Shawn’s bedroom, Shawn who was standing at the side of the bed, sat down, and then reached out with both hands and brought Marty closer to him. Their lips collided, and Shawn slid his tongue into Marty’s mouth while his hands scoured every inch of the boy’s silky smooth back area. As for Marty, this was the first time he had been kissed like this, so he copied what Shawn did, and stuck his tongue into Shawn’s mouth. Shawn’s hands explored every inch of Marty’s back before finding their way to Marty’s hard little chiseled ass. Those heavenly mounds felt like pure silk, and yet, extremely hard at the same time. Feeling Marty’s bare ass was something Shawn had been longing to do, and now that he was doing it, it was far better than he had ever dreamed. Marty’s butt was so shapely that it looked like God himself had sculptured it to look like twin miniature sized basketballs. As Shawn would put it, Marty’s vivacious ass was utterly perfect in every way imaginable! At this point, Marty was really getting into this manner of kissing, and now his hands were gently caressing all over Shawn’s back. Marty was also basking in the pleasures of feeling Shawn’s fingers chime a heartwarming melody on his butt, a melody he never even knew existed, but one he knew he wanted to feel again, and again. Their tongue sucking kiss lasted for well over twenty minutes, and since both needed some fresh air, their lips peeled away from one another. Shawn gently hoisted Marty into the air, and just as gently, placed the boy on his back so that his head was resting on one of the king sized pillow. Marty’s heart was racing as Shawn inched himself in between Marty’s spread legs, but Shawn didn’t stop at his twitching hard cock, and instead, began kissing, nibbling, sucking, and licking all over his neck area. Marty’s hands once again drifted onto Shawn’s back while euphoric pleasures exploded throughout his now squirming body. From the left side to the right, back and forth, Shawn worked on Marty’s neck area with a feverish passion. His tongue shot into Marty’s left ear, causing Marty to gasp, and moan from the fiery ecstasy that he never before felt. From the left ear to his right, Shawn spent a solid fifteen minutes dining on the inside of Marty’s ears, and still, Shawn could not get enough of tasting this boy’s sweet flesh. Never before had he felt this much hunger to devour anyone, but Shawn knew he still had a lot more of Marty to taste. Shawn folded each of Marty’s arms high above Marty’s head, and then stared into the left hairless armpit like a bald eagle eyeing an unsuspecting rabbit. Both armpits were completely void of any hair life whatsoever, and the temptation was too strong for Shawn to ignore, so he leaned his face closer and closer until his tongue raced out, and began licking the left armpit of all it’s utter sweetness. At first, it kind of tickled, but as soon as Marty felt Shawn’s teeth sink into his armpit flesh, a knew searing sensation rushed throughout every square inch of his shaking body. A great while was spent working on each armpit, and by now, Marty was panting, and gasping, for air as the pleasures swarmed his body like fired up bees protecting their queen. Shawn kissed, licked, nibbled, and bit all over Marty’s neck once more before his lips found their mark, and his teeth gingerly clamped down on Marty’s right nipple. Marty grunted and moaned as Shawn’s tongue flickered, striking just the very tip of his nipple, sending more pleasures shooting throughout his thrashing body. Somewhere in the back of Shawn’s mind, he knew he had to pour it on in order for Marty to want to do this again, so he had told himself that’s exactly what he was going to do. He took turns making oral love to each tiny nipple while his ears captured every moan, whimper, and grunt evading out of Marty’s precious little mouth. When he was done with the boy’s nipples, he kissed, and licked, all over Marty’s heaving chest and stomach area, stopping directly on the boy’s tiny belly button. Shawn’s tongue slithered and probed, prodded, and licked, feeding the sweet young gorgeous angel with even more wild pleasures. Every so often, Shawn did have to brush one of Marty’s hands away from his cock. He was saving something special for Marty’s cock, and he didn’t want the boy to jerk himself off just yet. Shawn had reached the crevice of Marty’s left thigh, close to his balls, and began licking, kissing, and nibbling on the highly sensitive area. Shawn’s tongue skillfully licked all the way down to the boy’s left foot where Shawn took the time to lick in between each toe before stuffing his mouth with half of Marty’s foot. Once Shawn was satisfied that he had done a thorough job on Marty’s left foot and leg, he went to work doing the same thing on the boy’s right foot and leg. By the time Shawn was now licking inside the crevice of Marty’s right thigh near his balls, Shawn could clearly see just how much pleasure the boy was receiving. Tears were dripping from the corner of each eye, and Marty was constantly making a wide variety of sounds, all of which, were sounds derived from sheer mind altering pleasures. Marty’s grunt hit and all time high as Shawn easily sucked both balls into his mouth while using his tongue to explore each silky smooth nugget. Once again, Shawn had to keep brushing Marty’s hands away, because the boy wanted so badly to jerk on his aching hard meat. With both balls in his mouth, Shawn’s tongue stretched out, and struck Marty’s taint area, drawing a loud gasp, and an even louder moan. Once Shawn released the boy’s balls from his mouth, Shawn’s tongue, starting at the very base, began licking all over Marty’s four inches of teenage pride. As soon as Shawn’s tongue struck Marty’s precum, and as soon as his precum coated tongue darted back into his mouth, his taste buds exploded with a taste that could only be described as a pure delicacy. There wasn’t even a hint of salt, and in Shawn’s mind, he had convinced himself that Marty’s precum was sweeter than pure sugar. His lips slid over the head, and easily lid downward until he had all four inches of pure boyhood perfection safely tucked away inside his mouth. Shawn’s taste buds weren’t the only thing exploding, because as soon as Shawn’s mouth gobbled up his throbbing cock, Marty’s mind exploded from reeling due to his first ever blowjob. Feeling a mouth on his cock was way more pleasurable than he could have ever possibly expected. No fantasy could have ever prepared him for what he was now feeling. While his mouth and tongue made love to the boy’s cock, Shawn’s right hand caressed Marty’s silky smooth balls. He knew, especially since this was Marty’s first ever blowjob, that the boy wouldn’t be able to last long, and as they neared the one minute mark, Shawn felt Marty’s cock swell, so he reluctantly yanked his mouth off of Marty’s soon to be erupting love muscle. Shawn paused for about ten seconds, and then went back to work on Marty’s balls. For the next thirty or so minutes, Shawn would rotate from working on Marty’s balls, to making oral love on his cock, and every time Marty would get close, Shawn would back off. Marty was begging, and pleading, for Shawn to let him cum, and Shawn was more than prepared to make that happen, but just not yet. He had just pulled his mouth off of Marty’s cock, and instead of chowing down on his balls some more, Shawn shoved Marty’s legs high over his head, and without wasting a split second, slammed his tongue right onto the boy’s butthole. Feeling a tongue on his butthole was something Marty had never considered before, and right now, as the man’s tongue was roaming ever so wildly on his bunghole, Marty really didn’t know what all he was feeling. He did know that there was instant fireworks popping off inside his head. In his befuddled mind, Marty couldn’t quite grasp how something so seemingly nasty could feel so mind blowing great. The longer Shawn’s tongue licked on his butthole, the quicker Marty no longer thought of it as being nasty. Now, Marty was grunting and whimpering, inwardly craving for more of the man’s tongue on his pleasure filled butthole. Seemingly, at the top of his lungs, Marty screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddd!” Shawn’s meaty tongue had slithered inside the boy’s anal canal, and was instantly greeted with a fiery heat that can only be compared to as the flames straight from the gates of Hell. Both Shawn and Marty thought they had died, and gone straight to heaven. Marty had felt never before experienced pleasures since this encounter began, but none of the vast pleasures was quite like the pleasures exploding throughout his entire squirming body as of right now. As his tongue dove to its deepest depth, not only was Shawn feeling the scorching heat, but now the boy’s virgin anal muscles began clamping down as if trying to flatten his tongue like a pancake while doing their utmost best to suck his tongue even deeper up the boy’s bowels. Shawn knew he was in for a fight, but was loving every ass eating second of it. Several minutes had passed, but Shawn had to stop when Marty cried out that he was going to cum. Thankfully enough for Shawn, but not for Marty, he had stopped in the nick of time. Marty needed to cum so bad that he was virtually crying, and was constantly begging, and pleading, with Shawn to let him cum. Shawn clearly heard the boy beg, but his own perversion outweighed the boy’s needs. With time not being any concern, Shawn spent the next hour and a half going from sucking Marty’s cock, to gnawing on his balls, and tongue fucking the boy’s highly addictive ass. Shawn’s mouth was starting to hurt him really bad, and Marty had been worked up to the point that he was sweating, so Shawn knew it was time to let the boy blow his wad. With his mouth back on Marty’s cock, his left hand cupped and caressed Marty’s balls, and Shawn’s right middle finger now sliding in and out of the boy’s magical anal kingdom, Shawn mentally prepared himself to receive the mother load of the boy’s cum. If his cum tasted anything like his precum, Shawn already knew he was in for a treat. Marty screamed, “Oh God, oh God, I’m um, I’m, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, I’m gonna um, uhhhhhhhhh, cuuuuuuuuuuMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” Had Shawn not prepared himself, the blunt force from the boy’s first cum rope would have knocked his mouth completely off of the boy’s erupting cock. The thick glob slammed itself into the back of Shawn’s throat, and then another rope of cum gushed onto the roof of his mouth. Then, Marty’s cock went into rapid fire mode, and shot one round of cum ropes after another. Shawn could feel his mouth filling up, so he elected to sample some of the boy’s offering. Once again, just like his first taste of Marty’s precum, Shawn’s taste buds came alive. The taste sweltering around inside his mouth was one of pure heaven. Shawn had to swallow some more, and quickly came to the conclusion that Marty’s cum was virtually tasteless. He swallowed more, and as he did, the boy’s cock spurt more teen cream into his mouth. Spurt after spurt, Shawn moaned out of pure ecstasy dining on Marty’s delicious love juice. Marty on the other hand, had never felt an orgasm as intense as the one he was now experiencing. Just when he thought he was getting close to finishing, his body would tense up, and more cum would rocket out of his teenage flute. Shawn was still sucking Marty’s dick even after feeling it as it began deflating. Marty tried to hold on, but his dick was just too sensitive, so he used both hands to push Shawn’s mouth away from his tender meat. Shawn sat up on his knees, and stared at the gorgeous young teen. Marty was rolling his head from right to left, and back again while making all kinds of noises, noises like humming and hissing. When Marty started coming back around, and after his teary eyes started focusing, he looked straight at the man kneeling in between his legs looking back at him, smiled, and then through heavy panting, said, “Oh my God Shawn, that was um, uh, fucking awesome! Now, I’ve got to do something I’ve been dreaming about doing, so lay back, and now it’s my turn!” Shawn got on his back, spread his legs, and had his arms folded behind his head, and looked on as Marty struggled to get onto his knees. Marty, now on his knees, staggered in between Shawn’s legs, and immediately went to work licking and kissing all over the man’s freshly shaven balls. Shawn moaned from pure delight, savoring the feeling of Marty’s tongue slithering all over his nuts. Shawn’s manly smell ignited Marty’s inner soul, and the more man scent he smelled, the wilder he licked all over Shawn’s jewels. Eventually, the boy’s tongue began licking Shawn’s shaft. Marty was so consumed with the actual act of tasting his first cock, that he had no distinct method, so his tongue raced all over the man’s thick shaft, and then licked all over Shawn’s precum soaked cockhead. Marty sampled Shawn’s precum, and once he decided he enjoyed it, his whimpers grew louder than before. Shawn felt the boy’s fingers knead into his balls as Marty slid his mouth over Shawn’s cockhead, and slid down to the point that he now had about four inches of man meat inside his mouth before he started gagging. The heat from the boy’s mouth was driving Shawn absolutely crazy, and he didn’t know just how much more oral action he would be able to take. The cock gliding in and out of his mouth felt right at home, and Marty was really getting into sucking his first cock. Approximately five minutes later, Shawn did warn Marty that he was fixing to cum, but the boy was to engrossed sucking Shawn’s cock to pay any attention. Shawn grunted and groaned as the first thick glob of man goo struck the roof of Marty’s mouth, and Marty certainly felt it as more man cream came firing into his already overly stuffed mouth. Marty knew that the substance inside his mouth was Shawn’s cum, and he eagerly opened his throat, and gulped down a large portion. Once again, Marty’s taste buds came alive as he detected a slight salty flavor, but having downed two more mouthfuls, Marty knew right then and there that he loved the taste. Along with Shawn’s grunts and groans, Marty’s whimpers joined in on the chorus of noises. Marty eagerly swallowed every last drop, and Shawn had to push the boy’s mouth off of his cock because it got too sensitive. Now, it was Marty’s turn to stand on his knees, and watch Shawn as the man made all kinds of facial expressions, and humming noises. Marty’s eyes roamed Shawn’s hairy chest and stomach, all the way down to the man’s semi hard cock and delicious balls. As he eyed the man’s body, Marty already knew what he wanted, and that was to feel Shawn’s cock inside his ass. He had waited for so long for this very thing, and now that he was alone with Shawn, he wasn’t about to miss out on this golden opportunity. Marty reached out, and began toying with Shawn’s cock, and much to his delight, the man’s cock responded by getting hard once more. Shawn was just starting to come back to the world of reality, and once his eyes made their necessary adjustments, he looked right at the gorgeous boy who was looking right at him. Shawn saw the grin on Marty’s face as he said, “Hey, that was pretty damn good for your first time! How did you like it?” Marty answered, “Like it? Like it? I loved it, I fucking loved it Shawn!” Shawn asked, “That’s great to hear, and is there anything else you want to try?” With no need to think, Marty quickly replied, “Yes there is, and I just gotta have this meat inside of me! Shawn, please fuck me, please! I want to feel your big cock inside of me!” Shawn responded, “Whoa there buddy! The last thing I want to do is to ever hurt you. Your ass needs to be prepped for something like that, because it can hurt, and hurt real bad, especially the first few times. I’m not sure you are ready for something like that.” Marty snickered, and then softly said, “I’m ready, in fact, I’m more than ready Shawn! I already know it’s gonna hurt some, but I’m good with that! I’ve been practicing with the handle of a screwdriver, so I already know what to expect. C’mon Shawn, please put your cock in me, please! I’ve been dreaming about this very moment for a long time now, and I um, um, want you to be my first! Please, please Shawn, don’t make me beg for it, please!” Shawn was looking directly at Marty’s gorgeous face as he spoke, and after hearing how much he wanted him to put his cock inside of him, Shawn was fighting back his eagerness on account of he had fantasized about this on a regular basis. Looking at the boy, Shawn said, “Okay, get into a doggy style position, and I will prep your ass for my cock. Just do me a favor, and if you want this to stop, just tell me, and I will stop immediately, okay?” Marty was already getting into position while agreeing. Shawn scooted off the bed, and retrieved a favorite lube and a towel. He positioned himself in behind Marty, and poured some lube on the fingers of his right hand. Using his right middle finger, Shawn eased it inside of Marty’s ass, and as soon as it penetrated, Shawn heard Marty moan. At first, Shawn eased it in and out, but when he saw Marty jamming his ass onto his finger, he picked up the pace. Marty cried out, “Ohhhhhhhhhh Shawn, this feels soooooooooooo goooooooooooooooddddd!” Shawn inserted his right index finger, and now had two fingers darting in and out of the boy’s incredibly hot rectum. With two fingers thrusting away, Shawn heard Marty moan louder while the boy rocked his ass backwards onto his thrusting fingers. To further add to Marty’s delight, Shawn grabbed a hold of Marty’s balls with his left hand, and gently squeezed while rubbing his left thumb all over them. After a period of time, Shawn asked, “Are you sure you want to feel my cock inside of you?” Panting as if just having ran a marathon, Marty yelled, “God yes, yes, oh God yesssssssssssss! Fuck me Shawn, fuck me, fuck my ass please!” Shawn greased up his cock with his left hand, and then pulled his fingers out of the boy’s gripping ass. As soon as Shawn’s fingers departed his ass, Marty felt a void, but knew exactly what was fixing to happen. One part of him told him to be scared, and the other half told him to be excited for what next was to come. Marty grunted and moaned as he felt the man’s thick cockhead press up against his asshole, and he knew that it would only be a matter of time before he had his anal cherry busted. Marty, with his face almost buried into a pillow, screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwww, fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk!” Shawn’s cockhead forced its way inside the boy’s tightly sealed anal fortress, and about an inch of shaft followed. Shawn flung his head back as the scorching heat greeted his cock, and then the boy’s anal muscles snapped down, sending a sharp pain through Shawn’s cockhead, and spiraling throughout his entire body. To escape the pain, Shawn shoved a solid inch deeper into Marty’s rectum, and Marty damn sure felt it as he screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkk, oh shit, shit, owwwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhhhhhhh FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!” Shawn did ask Marty if he wanted him to stop, and Marty screamed a defiant, “Fuck NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Inch by inch, Shawn fed the boy’s virgin rectum his entire cock, and once he bottomed out, Shawn was doing his utmost best to remain still so the boy could get used to his cock. Marty was huffing and puffing, and making a lot of whimpering sounds, avcılar escort and after about thirty or so seconds, Shawn started inching his cock out, but stopped as soon as he saw his cockhead appear out of the boy’s ass, and then slowly sunk it all the way home. In and out, Shawn slowly worked his cock into Marty’s super hot ass, not to mention, exceptionally tight as well. A couple of minutes later, the cock inside his bowels started feeling really good, so Marty unconsciously was shoving his ass backwards onto Shawn’s thrusting man meat. Shawn picked up on this as well, and now with both hands firmly latched onto Marty’s hips, he increased his thrusting speed. Marty screamed, “Yes, oh fuck yes Shawn, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my asssssssssssssssss!” Shawn’s hands slung the boy’s body backwards onto his hammering love muscle with great force, and the harder he did this, it seemed the more Marty was loving it. Soon, the gut wrenching sound of flesh assaulting flesh echoed throughout the room, and now Shawn was virtually beating the boy’s ass like some wild maniac, pile driving his meat as hard as he could into the boy’s rectum. After about fifteen ass pounding minutes later, Shawn flipped Marty onto his back, hoisted the boy’s legs up high into the air, and then shoved his knees over his head. In one quick motion, Shawn shoved his entire cock straight into Marty’s ass, and Marty grunted and moaned as Shawn started to really blister Marty’s ass. Now, in this position, Marty could feel every thick inch whip his insides to a frazzle. Seconds into it, Marty’s head exploded with bright lights, and brilliant stars, and it felt as though his mind was beginning to depart from his body. With each and every butt plugging thrust, Shawn’s hairless balls slapped the shit out of Marty’s scrunched up balls. The banging on his balls sent a new shock wave of pleasures scattering throughout his entire shaking body, and for the first time in his life, Marty was obviously soaring through the clouds of Space Mountain. Shawn slammed his meat into the boy’s rectum hard and heavy, and after a good ten minutes, he felt Marty’s love juice as it began shooting in between their bodies. At this point, Shawn was in full beast mode as he power slammed his cock as hard, and as fast, as he possibly could in and out of Marty’s boiling hot anal oven. Marty had never felt so much pleasure in his young life, and even though he knew what was going on, his mind was far away in a world filled with mind altering ecstasy. Also, Marty was under the impression that he was still experiencing the longest, and the most intense, orgasm to date. Marty wasn’t even aware that his mouth was being probed by Shawn’s tongue, and nor was he aware that his own tongue was slithering around inside Shawn’s mouth. Their kiss only lasted for about five minutes when Shawn felt more hot liquid squirt in between their bodies. He peeled his mouth off of Marty’s, and then curled his hands up under Marty’s arms, close to his collar, and grunted like crazy as he slammed his meat into the boy’s ass. Feeling the spurts sent Shawn over the edge, and now his own cock began spurting wads of man cream even deeper into the boy’s bowels. Shawn whimpered and grunted as his seed departed his cock in volleys, one right after the other. With one last mighty heave, Shawn slung the last of his cum drops into Marty’s anal realm before rolling to his left, and collapsing on his back, gasping for some well needed air. Marty’s lifeless legs crashed onto the bedding, and now both man and boy were deeply lost in their own peaceful world. Nearing the twenty minute mark, Shawn was the first to start coming back around. He rolled his head to his left, and looked at Marty, who obviously was still somewhere far away. Shawn rolled to his right, and staggered as he tried to stand, and once he got his footing, he headed off to his bathroom. Shawn brushed his teeth, and was in the shower when in walked Marty. Shawn watched as Marty plopped down onto the toilet at which time the roaring ruckus of his recently deposited cum made its hasty exit out of Marty’s ass. Marty knew Shawn was watching him, but he really didn’t care at this point in time. His asshole was on fire, and the urge to vacate his bowels was just too great for any concern. By the time Shawn was finished with his shower, Marty had just finished wiping his butt, and was standing up. Shawn looked down at the gorgeous teen, smiled, and then asked, “So, how was it?” Looking up into the stunning figure of a man, Marty smiled, and then replied, “My asshole’s on fire, but other than that, I feel great! I can hardly wait to do that again!” Marty stepped into the open shower while Shawn couldn’t take his eyes off of him. Shawn smiled while thinking that he truly did find the pot of gold at the end of one very magical rainbow. As Marty showered, Shawn couldn’t rip his eyes off of him. Even though his cock was spent, and lifeless, that didn’t stop Shawn from drooling over the naked boy inside his shower. Marty was dying off, and Shawn was still admiring the boy’s breathtaking body. Eventually, they ended up in the kitchen where Shawn fixed them something to eat. It was going on 1:40pm, so Shawn asked, “What time does your mom get home?” Marty answered, “Oh, she gets off at 7pm tonight.” They sat at the kitchen table and finished eating, and since the table top was glass, Shawn’s eyes stared with full intent at Marty’s cock and balls. As he stared, Shawn’s cock started to swell, and the longer he stared, the harder his cock became. Marty stood up with his plate to put it on the kitchen countertop, and as he did so, he felt Shawn’s hard cock on his back. Marty set his plate down, and upon turning around, he immediately leaned over, and started sucking Shawn’s throbbing pole. Shawn’s hands gripped Marty’s head as the boy’s mouth slid over his cockhead, and swallowed a good couple of inches of hard shaft while his fingers danced a sweet melody on his balls. Marty slobbered all over Shawn’s cock for a good ten minutes when Shawn took a couple of steps back, and then picked Marty up, and sat him on his butt on top of the counter. Shawn’s mouth dove on Marty’s cock while his left hand caressed the boy’s jewels, and his right took turns gingerly tweaking each nipple. While Shawn was sucking Marty’s cock, he guided Marty to lie down on the countertop, Using Shawn’s body as a makeshift brace, Marty’s right leg was high into the air, and now Shawn dribbled some of his own saliva on his right middle finger, and was now inserting it deep into Marty’s rectum. Marty whimpered and moaned as the finger snaked its way up his butt, and then started thrusting, slowly at first, but then the pace picked up. The fingers of Shawn’s left hand coursed their way through Marty’s hair as his right middle finger shot in and out of Marty’s hot rectum. To further add to Marty’s overwhelming delight, Shawn’s right thumb was constantly coming in contact with his balls. Marty was just a moaning and groaning, and he could feel his cum start to circulate, seemingly starting from his little curling toes, and was working its way upwards. Marty gasped, hissed, and then grunted as his cock began firing small ropes of cum straight into Shawn’s cum hungry mouth. Just like before, Shawn discovered that the boy’s cum was virtually tasteless, and he eagerly milked every delicious drop down his throat, and since Marty’s cock was still rock solid hard, Shawn kept on sucking while finger fucking his ass with a fiery passion. Somewhere in time, Shawn added his right ring finger to the equation, and now had two long fingers whipping in and out of Marty’s clutching rectum. Another ten minutes passed, and Marty screamed words of unknown origin as his cock spit yet another small round of delicious boy honey into Shawn’s mouth. Shawn eagerly gobbled the boy’s cum up as quick as it shot into his mouth. Now, the cock inside his mouth was completely limp, but that didn’t stop Shawn from still performing hot oral love to it. Marty was hissing and grunting, and gasping for air, and torn from the pleasures his ass was receiving, and the tormenting pain due to his cock being so sensitive. For another couple of minutes, Marty held on, and thankfully enough, the man removed his mouth off of his limp noodle. Marty felt Shawn’s fingers leave his ass, and then felt Shawn spin his body so that his ass was now resting on the very edge of the countertop. Shawn had reached over to the sink, and put some liquid soap in the palm of his right hand, and then smeared it all over his twitching manhood. Marty felt himself being lifted off of the countertop, and instinctively, he wrapped his legs around Shawn’s body. Shawn lifted Marty a little higher, and as he was being lowered, he felt the man’s cockhead press up against his asshole. Marty yelped as the head slid in, followed by a good three or four inches of shaft. He buried his face into Shawn’s right shoulder area as more cock entered his anal canal. It burned, and burned like hell, and Marty was biting his lips to muzzle his screams, but midway through it, he couldn’t help not to scream as Shawn’s cock slid all the way in. Standing straight up, Shawn began to bounce Marty up and down on his pole, and all Marty could do was sit back, and enjoy the ride. With his face implanted on Shawn’s right shoulder area, Marty began kissing, and licking all over the man’s neck while constantly whimpering from the pleasures his cock filled ass was now providing him with. Shawn was like a bull in heat, and the more ass his cock felt, the more he had to have it, all of it! Eventually, their mouths found one another, and their tongues shot into each others mouth. Marty was seeing stars, and the pleasure inside his ass felt like it was growing more and more with each and every ass plowing thrust. Somewhere in time, while lost in the thrills of their sexual frenzy, Marty’s cock erupted, spewing precious boy honey in between their bodies. Unable to breath during his mind numbing orgasm, Marty slung his head back, and in doing so, their passionate tongue sucking kiss ended rather abruptly. Feeling the boy’s love juice squirting, Shawn really began hoisting Marty up, and power slamming him as hard as he could on his thrusting cock. Had anyone witnessed what was presently taking place, they would definitely claim that Shawn was fucking the boy’s ass with pure anger riddled violence. But, as far as Marty was concerned, he was in hog heaven, and the harder Shawn’s ass packing meat rifled in and out of his ass, the more Marty was loving it. Feeling the boy’s love juice, and seeing Marty’s eyes roll into the back of his head while the boy was humming up a storm was all the extra ingredient necessary for Shawn’s own orgasm to explode from his thrusting organ. Shawn was whimpering harder than ever as more and more cum came rocketing out of his cock. Just when he thought his orgasm was starting to subside, more cum came bursting out. Not once did Shawn slow down his ass hammering thrusts, and now both man and boy were screaming for any and all to hear. Finally, Shawn felt his cock go limp, so he let it plop out of Marty’s ass, and then gently sat Marty down on one of the kitchen chairs. Shawn staggered the few short feet, and plopped down opposite of Marty. They sat at the table for about 10 minutes, and neither one bothered to say a single word. Shawn had regained his composure somewhat, but Marty was clearly still spaced out. Shawn smiled while saying, “Marty, I can’t thank you enough for today. You have made a dream come true, and there’s just no way I can thank you enough. (Slight pause) My God, you are so incredibly gorgeous, and I mean that with every ounce of my being!” Marty was coming back to the world of reality, and heard every word Shawn had just spoken. In response, after wiping the drool from his mouth, Marty said, “Thank you, but you’re a pretty hot stud too, and as far as dreams coming true, you certainly made my dreams come true, that’s for sure!” A short time later, Marty found himself sitting on the toilet once again, relieving his bowels of Shawn’s love potion. Even though his asshole was stinging somewhat, Marty was more than thankful for this golden opportunity. After he finished up, he got dressed, and they kissed while standing at the front door. Shawn watched Marty from his window until the gorgeous teen entered his home. When Shawn awoke the next morning, he made sure that he was thoroughly cleaned both inside and out. He didn’t know if Marty would come over, but he wanted to be prepared just in case. When Marty woke up, his butthole wasn’t stinging any longer, but Marty could feel the dang thing constantly pucker as if it were hungry for some more cock. Just like Shawn, Marty gave himself a deep cleansing enema, and then took a shower. Glancing at the clock, Marty saw it was only 7:30am, but his erection was telling him it was time to give Shawn a call. After he spoke with Shawn, his hard boner throbbed even more when Shawn told him to come on over. Marty put on some gym shorts, and stepped into his flip flops, and headed over to Shawn’s. Just as he made his way to Shawn’s driveway, Paul came out of his house, and walked up to him. Paul asked, “Dang Marty, it’s kind of early to be playing video games at Shawn’s, don’t you think?” In response, Marty said, “Nah, he said it was cool!” Paul eyes his near naked friend up and down, smiled, and then asked, “I know Shawn’s cool and all, but fuck dude, are you trying to seduce him or what?” Marty was way too horny to be grilled by Paul, but he knew Paul wouldn’t stop until he got an answer, so Marty said, “What makes you say something like that? We’ve both been over Shawn’s a million times wearing the same shit! C’mon Paul, don’t be a fucking idiot! Shawn does his shit while I play the games, and you know that’s the way it’s always been. Hell, I ain’t never busted your chops when you went over to his house by yourself, now have I?” Paul was quick with his response, “No, but then again, I at least wore a shirt! C’mon Marty, let’s be honest with one another, okay? I know you have a thing for a guys pecker, and I’m cool with that, but it’s just not my thing at all. You go in Shawn’s house, you know, all alone, wearing nothing but those shorts, you just might get more than you bargained for! Shawn is human after all, and if you tease him hard enough, he just might act on it. It’s one thing touching my dick, but we both have seen the huge bulge in Shawn’s crotch, and that ain’t no little dick causing it either, nu uh!” Marty was getting agitated, and if Paul took the time to inspect the front of his shorts, he would clearly see his erection pushing out the thin material. Marty exhaled a long breath, and then said, “Look, just because we touched each others peckers don’t mean a thing! It’s not like we exchanged blowjobs, now is it? Don’t stand there and put all that shit on me, cause nobody forced you to stroke my cock, not did they? C’mon Paul, we just experimented, and that’s it! Don’t go reading between the lines with me and Shawn, just don’t fucking do that! Now, I’m gonna go to his house to play some games, so I’ll see you later, okay?” Paul looked hard at his friend, smiled, and then said, “Okay, okay, don’t get your feathers all ruffled up! Look, I’ll be home later this afternoon. I’ll give you a call and maybe we can go swimming over at Mark’s.” Marty agreed, and as soon as Paul turned to go back to his house, Marty walked up to Shawn’s front door. Shawn had been watching from his window, and was already naked with one very hard boner. As soon as Marty walked in and closed the door, he smiled at seeing Shawn naked, more so, the hard cock waving in front of him. Shawn walked the short distance to where Marty was standing, and their lips collided while their hands roamed each others body. Shawn’s hands eventually slid Marty’s shorts off, and while they kissed, Shawn carried Marty straight to his bedroom, and gently laid him down with their tongues still worming around inside of each others mouth. When their kiss ended, and both were panting heavily, Marty said, “I wanna try something!” Marty had Shawn roll onto his back at which time Mary slung his right leg over Shawn’s body so that Marty was face was facing the man’s feet. Now, in a full blown 69, Marty lowered his lower half while pulling Shawn’s hard man meat up to his mouth. Shawn gasped as soon as he felt his cockhead enter the boy’s mouth, and then retaliated by engulfing Marty’s teen boner. Whether he realized it or not, but Marty was humping his cock in and out of Shawn’s mouth while Shawn’s fingers cupped and groped his butt cheeks. Marty could feel Shawn’s fingers as they slid into his butt crack, and then his body uncontrollably twitched and jerked as soon as he felt Shawn’s fingertips land on his asshole. Marty was working on Shawn’s cock like there was no tomorrow, and his fingers danced joyfully all over the man’s nuts. When Shawn felt Marty’s cock swell up, he removed his mouth, and then shoved his tongue directly on Marty’s asshole, and showed no mercy as his tongue went completely ballistic, slithering, licking, stabbing, and probing. It didn’t take Shawn’s tongue long at all to convince Marty’s little pucker to open, and as it did, Shawn jammed his ass loving tongue deep inside the boy’s rectum. Marty was whimpering, grunting, and moaning while gyrating his ass all over the man’s face. Shawn’s fingers spread Marty’s butt crack open wide, allowing for more room to operate. For the next full hour, they stayed in the same 69 position, and each time Marty’s mouth brought Shawn close to an orgasmic explosion, Shawn would yank his cock out of Marty’s mouth. Marty made sure to give Shawn’s heavy balls a proper tongue bath, but would always go back to work on the man’s beefy cock. Shawn took turns eating out Marty’s ass, licking the boy’s balls, and sucking his cock, and each time Marty would get close, Shawn would back off. Eventually, neither could hold back any longer, and with both letting out one long grunt, their cocks simultaneously began firing ropes of creamy delight into each others whimpering mouth. Shawn was more than eager to dine on Marty’s rapid firing cum, but Marty was caught a little off-guard by the vast amount of cum now rapid firing into his. Marty swallowed as fast as he could, savoring each delicious drop as the true delicacy that it is. Shawn was enjoying Marty’s cum just as much as Marty was enjoying his. As they swallowed the last morsel, Marty rolled to his right, landing on his back, and now he was all stretched out with a belly full of Shawn’s thick and gooey cum. Both of their cocks were semi hard, and since Marty’s right leg was resting on top of Shawn’s stomach and chest, Shawn took the liberty of sucking on the boy’s toes. Several minutes later, Marty sat up, and while looking at Shawn, he said, “Roll onto your stomach, cause I’ve got to try something I’ve been dreaming about doing!” Shawn obliged Marty’s wishes, and flopped over onto his stomach. Seconds later, he felt the boy’s hands roam all over his butt cheeks. Marty was in a slight daze feeling Shawn’s muscular mounds, and as his fingers were running their course, Marty said, “Dang Shawn, your ass is hard as fuck!” Shawn grunted a response, and was basking in the pleasures the boy’s fingers were providing him with. Marty dipped his fingertips into Shawn’s tightly sealed crack, and worked them into the tight crevice until his fingertips found their target, Shawn’s butthole. Marty pried open Shawn’s butt crack, and witnessed for the first time, the man’s small anus. He knew how great it felt when Shawn tongue fucked his asshole, and he had been fantasizing about doing it to Shawn for quite some time now. With the man’s crack opened, Marty leaned his face to the center, and with his nose hovering just above Shawn’s sealed anus, Marty began taking in a few deep whiffs. It smelled clean, like a faint lavender aroma, and the more Marty smelled, the closer his nose was getting to the source. Shawn could feel the boy smelling his ass, and with each exhale of his breath, the boy’s hot breath whipped upon his crack. Shawn moaned loudly as soon as he felt Marty’s tongue slap at his asshole, and then flattened out, and started licking it with feverish intent. At first, the texture alone was something Marty wasn’t used to, but after several long swipes of his tongue, he started getting into it, and was really licking the man’s asshole. Marty whimpered while Shawn moaned as his tongue descended into Shawn’s anal canal. The heat biting at his tongue enhanced by the man’s powerful anal muscles sent Marty’s raging hormones to a feverish high. Marty’s first taste of ass, and he was loving every tongue slithering second of it! Hearing Shawn moan and whimper as his avrupa yakası escort tongue darted in and out of Shawn’s anal canal was music to Marty’s ears. For well over 30 minutes, Marty feasted on Shawn’s ass, and then he wanted to try something else he had fantasized about. He smeared some of his saliva all over his hard cock, and it was Shawn’s turn to grunt and hiss as Marty’s cock invaded Shawn’s anal realm. Shawn is no stranger to having a hard cock up his ass, but he was a bit shocked to feel the sudden intrusion. He felt a sharp burning pain, but then fought to relax as the boy behind him was already in the process of laying the hammer to his ass. The hard four inch nail blistering his ass felt incredibly wonderful to Shawn, so he yelled, “God yes, yesssssssssssss, that’s it, fuck me, fuck my ass you gorgeous little fuck! Yeah, give it to me, oh fuck yes, fuck meeeeeeeeeee!” Hearing those words Shawn had just yelled sent Marty into overdrive. He really didn’t have a rhythm so to speak of, but Marty was thrusting his teen meat in and out of Shawn’s ass as hard, and as fast as he possibly could. Shawn was timing Marty’s inwards thrusts, and as the boy’s cock shot into him, Shawn clamped down on his anal muscles as hard as he could. Marty would fling his head back while his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Nearing the three minute mark, Marty had fucked Shawn’s ass to the point that he was now spewing teen cream into the man’s cock choking anal canal. Shawn moaned as he felt the spurts of Marty’s cum shooting up his ass, and he still clamped down on his anal muscles brutally hard. Marty was thrashing and moaning as his cum departed his thrusting love organ. After having slung the last droplet of cum up Shawn’s ass, Marty slipped his limp cock out, and fell backwards onto his back, panting rather heavily. While Marty was resting, and trying to catch his breath, Shawn rolled off of the bed, grabbed the lube, and smeared it all over his hard cock, and then shoved two greasy fingers straight up Marty’s ass, causing Marty to gasp and whimper. When Shawn’s fingers started sliding in and out with ease, he helped Marty get into the position he wanted. Shawn had Marty get on all fours near the foot of the bed so that Marty was now facing the mirror. Shawn walked on his knees behind the boy, and watched the Marty’s gorgeous face as he pressed his cockhead up against his asshole. Marty’s mouth formed a perfect circle as Shawn sank his cock deep into the boy’s bowels in one quick shot. Shawn’s hands grabbed onto each of Marty’s shoulders, and he was now slamming the boy backwards onto his gut busting cock. While power slamming his cock in and out of Marty’s ass, Shawn yelled, “Fuck yeah Marty, fuck yes! Yeah baby boy, you like that? Do you like my cock in your ass?” Marty fought through his own whimpers as he yelled, “Ohhhhhhhhhh God yesssssssssssss, yesssssssssssss! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee, fuck myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssssssss haaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddd!” And, that’s precisely what Shawn was doing! Shawn was like a mindless animal hellbent on destroying Marty’s ass, and Marty was damn sure loving it too. By no means was Shawn trying to set any record, because his animalistic thrusting only lasted for about four minutes, and now he was breeding the boy’s ass with his thick manly cream. Seconds after the last of his seed had been planted inside the boy’s ass, Shawn fell back on his haunches, and then let himself fall backwards on his back. Now, both were panting heavily, and Marty was seeing stars. He rolled to his left, and then slowly crawled up until he was now curled up in Shawn’s right armpit. Paul had called Marty, and it was agreed that Marty would meet him over at Mark’s to go swimming around 3pm. Up until that time, Shawn fucked Marty four more times before Marty had to go. But, as secret as he and Marty may have been, their secret wasn’t their alone. Earlier that morning after Paul and Marty met at Shawn’s driveway, when Marty walked into Shawn’s house, Paul went into his, but shortly thereafter, walked out the backdoor. Paul had snuck into Shawn’s backyard, and since he had been over Shawn’s house a million times, he knew the layout. Since their homes backs up to the woods, Paul knew nobody could see him in Shawn’s backyard. Paul went from window to window to try and spy on the two. After speaking with Marty earlier, he had a gut suspicion Marty was up to something. When Paul raised his eyes up to one of the windows to Shawn’s bedroom, to say the least, his suspicions was confirmed. Paul watched the two kiss, and do so very passionately. He also saw his best friend lick Shawn’s asshole, and then he watched Marty fuck Shawn’s ass. As Paul watched the show, he had already hauled out his five inches of hard meat, and was skinning the fucker for all it was worth. Paul saw everything, and when Shawn was fucking Marty’s ass, that’s when Paul shot his load all over the side of Shawn’s house. Paul watched for as long as he could, but knew he had to get home. All he could think about was what he had just witnessed. The day he and Marty held each others hard cocks was permanently imprinted in his mind. Now, all that he had just seen was also permanently imprinted as well. Paul had already convinced himself that he wasn’t gay, but it sure did feel pretty damn good holding his best friend’s cock. Also, Paul wouldn’t ever admit it, but he had been staring at Marty’s tantalizing ass for quite some time now. As the day progressed on, Paul’s mind kept taking him back to earlier, and now he was studying every intricate detail of both Marty, and Shawn’s bodies. But, the thing that really hit home for Paul was when Marty was fucking Shawn’s ass. Marty went over to Mark’s, and he joined Paul in the pool. A short time later, Shawn entered the pool. Shawn and Marty played it off perfectly, but neither was aware that their secret was known to Paul. Mark joined in, and they just swam around like they always did. Shawn took turns slinging both Marty and Paul into the deep end. Each time Paul felt Shawn’s hand on his butt, he felt a surge of electricity rip through his body. Even as they enjoyed the pool, it was Paul who was formulating a plan. Even though Marty was downright gorgeous, Paul was focusing his undivided attention more on Shawn. As their time in the pool was coming to an end, and while Marty and Mark were at the far end of the pool, Paul whispered to Shawn, “Can I come over for a little while?” Shawn, not suspecting anything, replied, “Paul, you know you can come over whenever you want!” Shawn had just taken a shower, and put on a light blue gym shorts. He knew Paul was coming over probably to play some video games. It was right at 5:18pm, when there was a knock on Shawn’s front door. Shawn opened the door, and invited Paul in. Like always, they went straight to the living room. Paul was wearing cutoff shorts and a yellow tank top. Shawn sat down on the sofa, and much to his surprise, Paul sat down a cushion length away from him. Shawn asked, “Are you not going to play video games?” Paul smiled nervously, and then answered, “Um, no, not today. I’ve got something I um, uh, you know, I need to talk to you about.” Shawn could see how nervous Paul was, so he said, “Paul, you know you can tell me anything, and I will always keep it just between us. Whatever is on your mind, you know you can tell me.” Paul looked into Shawn’s eyes, and then slowly and softly spoke, “Okay, here it is Shawn. I um, you see, I know what’s going on between you and Marty.” Shawn interjected, “What do you mean by going on between me and Marty?” Paul tried to force a smile as he spoke, “You know Shawn, the sex stuff! I saw it! I saw everything, but hey, I’m cool with it, honestly I am. It’s not like I’m gonna go and rat you guys out! I’m not like that!” Trying not to volunteer too much information, Shawn asked, “Okay, when you say sex stuff, what are you talking about?” Paul fidgeted, and then said, “I saw you guys kissing, and I don’t mean a peck on the cheek either. I watched Marty lick your um, um, your asshole, and then he fucked you! I watched you fuck him too! You see, I saw everything Shawn, everything!” Shawn felt like he would faint at any moment now knowing that he had been busted. There was no denying that Paul saw what all they did, but now, now the only question was what did Paul want in exchange for his silence. After getting his jumbled thoughts together, Shawn took a few deep breaths, and then spoke, “Well Paul, there’s no doubt you saw what took place, that’s for sure. Now that you know, what do you want me to do for you to remain silent about all of this?” Paul sat still for a few seconds as if he were thinking of an answer, and finally stood up, and turned to face Shawn, and then said, “Oh, like I said, I’m not about to say anything to anyone, but there is something you can help me out with.” Shawn had already figured Paul watched them from one of the windows, but right now, how he saw wasn’t what was important. The boy’s silence was the key! Knowing he was bent over a barrel so to speak, Shawn asked, “Okay, name it, and it’s yours! What can I help you out with Paul?” Paul just stared at Shawn for a few seconds, and finally spoke, “First of all, I’m not gay! I’ve sort of figured Marty was leaning that way. Okay, and just so you know, I’m still a virgin! Whew, this is way harder than I expected it to be. Shawn, what I want is simple. I wanna get my dick sucked, and then I wanna fuck you! That’s it, that’s what I want!” For the first time in a long while, Shawn took the time to study the boy standing in front of him. Paul stood right at 5’6″, and weighed about 120 pounds with light brown hair that hung down just below his neck. He has thick black eyebrows, and dashing brown eyes. For the most part, Paul is very good looking by any and all sense of the word. After Shawn eyed the 14 year old for a brief period, Shawn replied, “So, let me get this right. All you want is for me to suck you off, and then you want to fuck me, is that right Paul?” Paul quickly said, “Yeah, that’s pretty much it! I’m not gonna suck your dick, or anything like that, but I sure would like to feel your mouth on my pecker, and then feel it inside your ass.” Shawn, feeling a whole lot better about this, smiled as he said, “Okay, let’s do this. Now, get out of those clothes so I can see what I’m working with.” Shawn already knew that Paul had black curls under each armpit, and both of Paul’s legs were somewhat hairy, but it was the thrill of seeing him naked that was turning Shawn on completely. Paul peeled off his tank top, and then kicked out of his sandals. Shawn’s eyes opened wider once Paul slid his cutoffs all the way down, and out sprang his five inches of hard teen beef. The best way Shawn could describe Paul’s cock is like an upside down ice cream cone. The base was thick, very thick, and it got slender all the way up to the boy’s bell shaped cockhead. He has a mound of black pubic hair, and below is hard cock, dangling between his hairy legs, are two hairy balls. His left nut is about the size of a walnut while his right is close to the size of a pecan. They hung down a good three inches between his legs. Once Paul was naked, Shawn said, “You’d probably be more comfortable in the bedroom.” Paul followed Shawn into his bedroom, and once inside, Shawn had Paul get on the bed, on his back, and the boy’s legs automatically spread. Paul had his arms folded behind his head, and Shawn could see the nervousness set in since his body was already trembling. The base of Paul’s cock was about as thick as Shawn’s cock, but that didn’t stop Shawn from easing his body in between the boy’s legs at which time he started working on sucking Paul’s balls. Shawn did manage to get both inside of his mouth, and Paul was moaning up a storm. After several minutes of dining on Paul’s hairy balls, Shawn asked, “How much time do we have?” Already panting, Paul replied, “About two hours.” Shawn moved onto Paul’s cock, and swabbed the small cockhead with his tongue, scooping up the salty precum in the process. As his lips slid down, the wider Shawn had to open his mouth. His tongue whipped and slithered all over Paul’s twitching erection. Paul was whimpering and his body was squirming as he was receiving his very first blowjob. Knowing that this was Paul’s first blowjob, and having a couple of hours to work with, Shawn wanted to make this something Paul would never forget. Working his mouth up and down, the fingers of his left hand cupped and fondled Paul’s balls. Shawn worked one of his fingers to Paul’s taint area, and realized that the boy’s hair got thicker the further his finger went. Shawn tried, but his finger was blocked from actually touching Paul’s asshole, so he worked passionately on sucking the boy’s cock until Paul got close, and then Shawn backed off. As they approached the 30 minute mark, Shawn had brought Paul to the very edge over a dozen times. Paul was whining and whimpering, and begging to cum, but Shawn had other plans. After yet another time of bringing the boy dangerously close to an orgasmic explosion, Shawn shoved Paul’s legs into the air, and stare in awe at the vast ocean of black hair that guarded the boy’s entire crack area. He could hardly see Paul’s asshole on account of the black hair, but that didn’t stop Shawn from slamming his face into the boy’s crack, and then let his tongue roam free. Paul smelled clean as Shawn’s tongue battled with the thick hair until he felt it strike the boy’s asshole. As soon as his tongue struck gold, Paul mumbled something and then started moaning, and grunting while his body shook uncontrollably wild. Just from the tickle of his tongue, Shawn knew that Paul’s asshole was virgin territory, so Shawn applied even more pressure until his broke through the locked seal, and slithered into Paul’s virgin anal canal. Paul was besides himself with pleasures he never knew existed, and the deeper Shawn’s tongue traveled, the more pleasures tore though his body. In time, Shawn began rotating from eating out Paul’s ass, to working on his balls, and then onto his cock until he got close to blowing his load, and then Shawn would stop, and continue rotating once again. Up until now, Paul had never experienced edge play, and as the time was approaching one hour, he was pleading for Shawn to let him cum. His balls felt like they were going to explode out of their stretched sac, and he didn’t know how much more he could take. An hour and ten minutes had passed, and Shawn figured the time was right to let Paul unload his built up teen cream. Shawn’s mouth was working on Paul’s cock while the fingers of his left hand toyed with Paul’s balls. Shawn had intentionally allowed some of his own saliva to dribble on his left middle finger, and it was just under the boy’s balls. Shawn’s right fingers were taking turns lightly tweaking each of Paul’s tiny nipples. As the seconds slowly ticked by, Shawn knew Paul was getting close, and he also knew timing was everything. Just as the first rope of cum was getting ready to fly out of his cock, Shawn shoved his left middle finger straight up Paul’s virgin rectum. Paul screamed as Shawn’s long middle finger bottomed out, but didn’t know exactly what to do as his cum came rocketing out, smacking the roof of Shawn’s mouth with blazing velocity. Shawn knew what to expect, so he began swallowing the thick love cream, and whimpering loud from the slightly salty flavoring. As each rope of cum entered his mouth, Shawn hungrily swallowed while his middle finger fucked Paul’s ass with vigor. Paul had never felt this type of intense orgasm before, and he sure as hell never felt a finger inside his ass before either. His asshole was on fire, but his incredible orgasm stole his very breath. Shawn had located Paul’s prostate, and was constantly applying caressing pressure to it while his finger darted in and out of his super hot rectum. Paul was making all kinds of noises while slinging his head to and fro. His fists balled up the bedding as his orgasm got even more intense. Shawn swallowed and swallowed, and was more than thankful for such a huge load Paul was now providing him with. Just as Paul thought his orgasm was starting to subside, his body seized up, and then more cum came bursting out. After having completely drained Paul of his cum, the teen’s cock was still rock hard, so Shawn kept on sucking. Paul was in a world he had never visited before, and Shawn sucked his cock for about five minutes before sliding off the bed. Grabbing his lube, Shawn applied some to his asshole, and then smeared some all over Paul’s twitching cock. With a towel in his left hand, Shawn got back up onto the bed, straddled Paul so that their faces were facing one another, and using his right hand on the teen’s cock, Shawn winced and moaned as he impaled himself onto Paul’s love vessel. It hurt like hell, but Shawn didn’t stop until he had Paul’s cock all the way up his ass. Even though Paul was still somewhat reeling from the most intense and prolonged orgasm of his young life, he could feel the scorching heat now surrounding his cock. Shawn moved back and forth, and up and down, using his ass to ride the boy’s cock. Shawn’s hard cock was bouncing up and down, and dribbling globs of precum onto Paul’s belly. In just a little over a minute, Shawn was riding the teen’s cock like a cowboy riding one very pissed off bucking bull. Paul was now thrusting upwards as Shawn’s ass came crashing down. Shawn began using his anal muscles to snatch a firm hold on Paul’s love muscle every other second, and Paul could most certainly feel it! Paul’s eyes locked themselves onto Shawn’s bouncing 7.5 inches of thick man muscle, and his hands instinctively reached out, and grabbed it. As Shawn wildly fucked his ass onto Paul’s cock, Paul was jerking Shawn’s hard cock. Never had his teen meat gave him so much pleasure before, and Paul was really getting into it, both by feeling his cock inside Shawn’s ass, and jerking the man’s hard cock. Shawn’s cock felt so rock hard solid, and yet, so velvety soft too. The cock inside his ass sent Shawn’s mind racing straight into orbit, and now feeling the teen’s hands on his throbbing cock, Shawn had just enough sense remaining to know he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Eight ass bouncing minutes later, Paul hissed and grunted as Shawn’s ass started milking the cum right out of his thrusting cock. Shawn felt the warmth of Paul’s cum, and that was the trigger to unleash his own load. Paul, lost in the thrills of yet another orgasm, was still jerking frantically on Shawn’s cock. When Shawn’s cock unleashed it’s load, Paul’s mouth was open wide enough for the first two thick ropes of man cream to shoot straight into his mouth. Before Paul realized that Shawn’s cum had just shot into his mouth, he was already swallowing. His tasted buds exploded with a taste he had never tasted before. He could tell there was a little salt flavoring, and it was definitely warm and gooey, but in all reality, it really wasn’t all that bad. The rest of Shawn’s thick cum coated Paul’s chin, chest, and stomach. The cock that had once been rock hard was slowly beginning to deflate, and Paul’s own cock was doing the very same thing, and yet, Shawn was still bouncing wildly up and down on it. One last upwards thrust, Paul’s flaccid cock slipped out of Shawn’s anal clutches. Shawn plopped down onto the bed, on Paul’s right side, and now both were panting heavily. Moments later, Paul spoke, “Holy crap Shawn, that was fucking awesome!” Shawn, still panting, replied, “Yes it was! Paul, are we good now?” Smiling from ear to ear, Paul answered, “Fuck yeah we are, and I just might have to do this again!” Paul got out of the bed, and put his clothes back on. After exchanging goodbyes, Paul went home. While sitting on the toilet releasing Paul’s cum, all he could think about was Marty and Paul. Shawn showered, and then fixed himself something to eat, and went to bed. The next few months for Shawn was very active. Marty made it a point to try and come over every day. Marty loved to suck Shawn’s cock, but his absolute favorite was to feel Shawn’s cock pound him senseless. Paul would come over every other day, and Shawn would always suck him off, and the Paul would dump his second load inside Shawn’s ass. Paul ended up with a girlfriend, so his visits became very rare, but he still came over occasionally to fuck Shawn’s ass. Marty had basically declared Shawn as his boyfriend, and went over Shawn’s as often as possible. This activity went on with Marty and Shawn all the way up to the day Marty turned 18. Shawn sold his home, and purchased another home with an in-ground pool on the opposite side of town. Marty moved in, and now Shawn and Marty are inseparable. Paul has a new girlfriend, and he visits occasionally, but no longer has sex with Shawn. Six months after moving into their new home, Shawn and Marty exchanged vows and got married. Neither can imagine live without the other, and as each day passes, their love for one another grows that much more. As for Marty, his hormones are still on fire, and Shawn’s cock always has a happy home inside his more than willing aol

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