LESSON TIME


(A little fantasy tale of boys and men which, of course, you should not read if you don”t like, or are supposed to not like, tales of boys and men.

This tale is also a warning to those potential readers who are deemed to be of an insufficient age to read stories like this – be very careful if you find yourself near an ancient standing stone!)


                              LESSON TIME

                     A fantasy by Ivor Sukwell.


“Love it, don”t you?”

“Course I do,” I grinned at the man who was down, licking and kissing where, at fifteen, I should have had pubes, “An” as if you don”t! Can”t get enough of nice, smooth schoolboy, can you?”

He couldn”t; he was at me every chance he got, couldn”t leave me alone, though, to be fair, I did give him plenty of opportunities to get at me. I did love being seen to by him; he really knew how to make a boy feel good.

He knew how to make a boy yell and scream as well, and he done that to me more times than once, having me naked over his knees, my cock trapped between his legs and belting my arse with that sex toy crop he had.

Three months ago I”d been an ordinary Year Ten virgin schoolboy, now I was a total slut.                                                                        

He”d done that to me; turned me from untouched virgin into a gagging for it slut. And all because of some stupid stones.


The elder”s hand was firm on his shoulder, firm but gentle, the grip strong enough to hold him in place while the power flowed into him, but not so strong that fingers dug into the bare flesh of his shoulder.

He felt small beside the elder because the elder was a full man and he was only just a boy. He would soon become a real boy when the boymaking ceremony was complete, and he trembled a little because of that ceremony, and was glad that the elder was holding his shoulder and giving him comfort.

Behind him where he stood, were two round mounds of earth, put there by the ancients; two places where they had placed those who had gone to the next life. He knew their bones were hidden there and he knew the ancients were sitting on those mounds waiting and watching for the ceremony to be performed.

In front of him was an avenue of stones that would one day reach right down to the two circles of stones that were inside a bigger circle of stones that was inside an enormous ditch that the ancients had made, shaping the earth and stones so all told a story.

The story was not finished yet, the stone avenue that he stood at the head of grew towards the mound and the ditch and the stone circles by just two stones a year, one placed to face the other.

Two stones lay at the end of the finished part, one bigger than the other. Holes had been dug for the stones to go in and men would heave and lift those stones into their holes before the last act of the ceremony, and putting the stones into their holes would also tell a story.

The stones were tall stones; one would be a high as a man with a boy on his shoulders, the other smaller, a boy stone opposite a man stone.

The stones were shaped only roughly at the top so they were rounded a little and it did not need any words to tell their story, no words needed to explain they were stones the earth had made to look like what they looked like.

Two stones had been found by the ancestors, one larger than the other, and they had been the first stones planted in the earth, in the middle of the avenue, and those two stones the earth had worked and shaped and had not needed men to work on to help them tell their story.


“Yeah, fantastic,” I said sarcastically as I stood at the beginning of a footpath that led down to the village and another bunch of stones. “Even more amazing than the last place!”

The last place had been at least something to look at for a minute or two, I guessed it might have been almost half decent before half of it fell down or went missing, but I couldn”t see why it was anything to get worked up about, be a `world heritage site”, whatever one of those was. I reckoned a dozen blokes with a crane or two and a couple of diggers could have put that lot up in a few weeks, no trouble.                 

“Those there; they”re blue stones. They came all the way from the Preseli mountains in West Wales,” he said.

“Big deal,” I muttered, “Dump” em on a low loader, be here in a day at the most.”

We”d been dragged away on some stupid field trip, some burk or other having the bright idea that we needed to learn something about our `archaeological heritage”, so twenty of us had been dragged away with a couple of teachers to look at bleedin” stones for a week.

Well, I mean! A stone”s a bloody stone, ain”t it? What difference does it make if it”s sticking up out of the ground or not? And to make it worse, one of the bloody teachers was a right bleedin” anorak! Like grown men taking their little note books and going train spotting”s anorak enough ain”t it? But stone spotting? Well, I ask you!

“Stone avenue?” I said with a sarcastic pretence at interest, “I can only see one stone, Sir.”

Cos that”s all there was, just one bloody stone, about a couple of hundred yards away.

“That”s all that”s left now,” he said, sounding dead sad about it, “There were, originally, a hundred of them, in matched pairs, going from here all the way down to the henge below. Why that one was left, I”ve no idea.”

So course, we all trooped down the footpath to get a closer look at the one that was left, and when we got there we just gawped! A couple of kids couldn”t help sniggering, an” I could see why. That stone looked like nothing else than a stiff cock with the foreskin peeled back! It even had lines on it that looked just like the big veins that show up when you”ve got a stiffy!

“Fuck me!” came out of my mouth without me thinking, but the anorak pretended he hadn”t heard.

Well, for some reason, I turned round and looked back up the footpath to where we”d started from, and there”s these two round barrows, you know, them stoneage burial things, an” I couldn”t help thinking that if this were sposed to be an avenue of stone cocks, then them barrows were the bollocks.

Praps there might be something in stone spotting after all!


He was not the only about-to-become-a-boy standing there with the hand of an elder on his shoulder; there were others, almost as many as the fingers on his hands. The ceremony was only made once each year, and all the children in the village who had lived enough summers and winters to become boys instead of children would become boys at the same time.

He didn”t know how many winters and summers he had lived, or if the others had lived as many or more; the Mother who made all things grow had made some little hairs grow on him where no hairs had grown before, and that was the sign he had lived long enough as a child and must now be a boy.

The Mother made everything, he knew that and he knew what the Mother looked like. The ancients had made little stone carvings of Her and there was a big earth image of Her as well, not far from where he stood with an elder”s hand on his shoulder, a great mound of earth, bigger than any of the round homes for the bones of the ancestors, and around it the land filled with water in the winter so it looked just like the little carved stones the ancients had made.

Everything in the world was the Mother, that he also knew, and he knew that women were mothers, but that while the Mother did not need the help of anyone or anything to make things grow, women needed the help of men to make new people grow in their stomachs and that was why he had to become a boy.

He didn”t know the difference between being a child and being a boy, or the difference between being a boy and being a man, except that boys were bigger than children and men were bigger than boys, but that was what the ceremony was for, so he could learn what it was to be a boy.

The avenue of stones where he stood with the elder”s hand on his shoulder had not been made by the Mother. She had made and shaped the stones in the earth but it was men who put them in holes and made them stand upright, and these were all men stones, though half of them, he understood were still boy stones because they were smaller stones, and each boy stone stood opposite a man stone, so the man stone could protect the boy stone until it had grown big enough to be a man stone, just as he was being protected now by an elder, and would be until he became a man.

This was the only part of the earth and stone story that was just for men. All the other stones that made up the story were both man and woman stones, the women stones a different shape. Men stones were tall and like the trunks of trees, women stones were more like the leaves of some trees and planted in the earth with the point hidden there, and men stones were always near women stones so they did not have to move too far when men and women stones needed to join together.

No-one had ever seen the stones move, but everybody knew they must do so, for if they did not, how could more stones be made in the earth by the Mother?

He did not know if the boy stones and the men stones moved together, or why they should do so if they did, but he believed he would learn that when he was performing the ceremony to come.


“How many of them was there?” I couldn”t help asking the anorak, “Was they all like this one?”

I weren”t really interested in stone spotting, but, well, you couldn”t help asking, could you? I mean, a whole bleedin” avenue of stone stiffies?

The anorak looked at me a bit surprised, like, I spose cos I”m the last kid he”d believe might be interested in `stoneology”, or whatever the proper name for stone spotting is.

“There are what is known as `post holes”, that”s what we call the places where the construction of the soil shows there were holes once dug for posts, or in this case stones, to go, and they can always be identified, however many centuries ago they were dug,” he got well into anorak mode, “And in this avenue we know there are a hundred such holes, fifty pairs from where we started, down to the henge below.”

“A hundred bleedin” stiffy stones?” I says, earning meself a snigger or two, “Them stoneage people musta been a right gay bunch!”

Course, that got me some more sniggers and a couple of decent giggles as well, an” I felt well chuffed, cos there”s nothin” as much fun as taking the piss out a teacher, `specially when it”s a right anorak teacher an” all.

Made it even better when the anorak never realised he were having the piss taken and just kept on being an anorak.

“I very much doubt that they were all like this one,” he says, dead serious, “I suspect that the chances of finding another ninety nine like this one are rather remote. No,” he says, “From what we know from drawings made by an antiquarian two hundred years ago, when there were still more stones standing, is that the majority, if not all the rest, were simply upright stones, more like columns than anything else.”

Course there was a fair few sniggers when he says `upright” weren”t there, cos what”s boys of fifteen gonna be thinking? I mean, I ask you!

Weren”t nothing like the howls of laughter he got when he says, “This one is known as the `Eve” stone,” an” Edwards, whose even worse than me, mutters well loud, “Bet Eve woulda loved getting that up her!”

Me opinion of the anorak goes up a bit then, don”t it, cos instead of getting huffy like what you”d expect, he just looks at Edwards and says, “I think that”s rather the point of it.”

Well, bugger me, but I starts listening to the anorak then, cos I”m thinking either he”s got a well dirty mind like us kids, or there”s more to these bleedin” stones than meets the eye, an” if its got anything to do with sex, like what he seems to be hintin” at, then I wants to know about it.

He don”t go giving us no more details, like, but he do say that there is a `school of thought” that is of the opinion that the whole area is something to do with ancient fertility beliefs, and that, probably, some fertility rites or other were done here.

Course, to me, that sounded like them people what built it all, had orgies here, an” when I looks back up the path again an” imagines all them stones still standin”, it were dead easy to think of this path as being a monster cock shaft with them bollocks at the start of it.

Did sorta wonder why them people had gone to the bother of digging holes to stand the stones up in instead of just leaving them on the ground so they made a proper drawing of a cock and balls, like, and thought I”d ask Edwards later, cos he”s got a mind even worse than mine an” he might have some idea.


He knew some of the story; he knew the stones in front of him and the two mounds of earth behind him where the ancients lived were telling the story of him and of all men and boys, just as he knew the great mound with the earth around it that filled with water in the winter told the story of women and that the whole world put together told the story of the Mother, but he did not know all of the story and the ceremony was to tell him more of it.

Men had gone to the very edge of the world to find this year”s boy stone and man stone and brought them back and laid them on the ground as they were now, and he and the others who had enough winters and summers to become boys had been brought to watch as the men dug the holes the stones were to go in.

He knew from the careful way the men dug and cleaned the holes that the holes had to be perfect and clean so the stone would go in easily when the time came. He”d been told at that time that, after he had emptied his insides, as everyone, man, boy, women and child, had to do every day, and cleaned himself with leaves, he must go down to the stream where the water ran fast and wash himself there as well, because a child does not always clean properly, but always boys must do so.

That this had something to do with the digging and cleaning of the hole he knew must be, because nothing that was done to the earth was done unless it had a meaning for the people as well.

He knew the meaning of the stones and why the boy stones sınırsız escort were smaller than the man stones. He knew why those stones were the shape they were and why they were a different shape from women stones. This was not something he had been told by any elder because he did not need to be told, and because a child when he is almost old enough to become a boy, plays with another child who is soon to become a boy and they say things and laugh and giggle when they wonder together if the stones are always like that when they are in the earth or if, sometimes they are soft like the special earth that can be shaped and made into pots to hold water.

Eeg, his special friend, had giggled a lot when he said that and had said that he thought the Mother would much enjoy making soft stones hard because they had fun making theirs go hard, and it was when he had made the one of Eeg go hard and Eeg had made his hard as well that he understood why the stones were the shape they were.


“Don”t think they just wanted to make a cock,” Edwards said when we was in our tent, all cosy in our sleeping bags. Edwards is like me, right pain in the arse in lessons, and that”s cos we”s bored out of our brains most of the time. We has what they call `mixed ability” classes, an” that means most of the rest of them is bleeding retards and it takes about six months to get taught something we could have learned in ten minutes, so course we”re bored shitless.

He grabs a notebook and does a quick sketch, well, it ain”t so much a sketch as a couple of lines of dots, like.

“Look,” he says, “If them stones was still all there, like one where each dot is, if you was standing up on one of them barrow things,”

“They look like bollocks,” I interrupted him with a snigger.

“Course they”re bollocks,” he sighs, “What else they gonna be if this lot”s a cock? Like I said, if you”re up there looking down, then you ain”t gonna be seeing each individual stone, are you? No, you”re gonna see the shape, an” that shape”s a cock, ain”t it? `Specially if you add in the bollocks.”

“Yeah, I get that,” I says, “But why go to the bother of digging loads of holes and sticking the stones in them?”

“Cos,” he sniggers, “You ain”t just got the shape of a big cock, you got a cock what”s made up of other cocks, and all them cocks is boned up cocks.”

“One that”s left deffo is,” I giggles.

“Fuckin” `Eve” stone,” Edwards snorts, “Bleedin” `Adam” stone more like.”

He chucks the notebook away an” gets his hands back inside his sleeping bag, an” I reckons he”s got them inside somewhere else as well, cos I got one of mine in there.

Don”t get me wrong, I weren”t gay then, or didn”t think I were anyway, just that I knew what me cock was for, like what any kid of fifteen does, an” I like a bit of a play now and again. An” it were night an” I were in me sleeping bag, so what else were I supposed to do with me hand?

“Never thought stone spottin” were gonna be any fun,” I sorta sniggered, “You reckon the Anorak knows more than what he”s lettin” on about?”

“Dunno,” Edwards said, an” I saw his sleeping bag move a bit so I knew he were having a play an” all, “Think he probly does, an” I bet it”s well dirty stuff so no way is he gonna tell us.”

“Have to see if we can get him to, then,” I grins, “Be well neat, getting him to talk about cocks.”

Course, I were up hard by now, weren”t I, an” I needed one, but I couldn”t toss one out, not with Edwards there, an” even if I could, I hadn”t thought ahead and didn”t have nothing to spunk in, an” I certainly didn”t want to soak me knickers.

Spose that”s why I has this well weird dream where the stones weren”t stones but real cocks!


He liked holding the one of Eeg in his hand and Eeg liked holding his, and they laughed and giggled when they did that and moved their hands up and down and they both liked that even more and giggled more because they liked it and they knew it was a boy thing to do and they weren”t proper boys yet because they hadn”t done the ceremony.

He tried to be careful when he did that thing with Eeg because it was a boy thing and they were not yet boys and he thought they would get beaten if an elder knew they were doing it before they became boys and he wondered if it would displease the Mother that they were doing it before they were proper boys and he asked Eeg if he thought the Mother would stop them, or make that bit fall off them so they couldn”t do with it what they did, but Eeg had said that the Mother had put those bits on them and it was nice to play with them, and because the Mother made everything She must know those bits were nice to play with so She must mean they were there to play with as well as to piss with.

Eeg was a deep thinker, and he had said that they had always had those bits, even when they were very little, but they hadn”t wanted to play with them at all until now, when they were almost boys, so it must be that the Mother wanted them to play now so they knew what was so special about becoming a boy.

He couldn”t think as deeply as Eeg thought, but it was nice to play with it and even nicer when Eeg played with it for him and he played with Eeg”s, and even when they started to rub them when they played they didn”t drop off, and when they”d learned to rub them hard and fast they liked playing even more, though that did give him funny feelings all over his body, and especially somewhere in his stomach, and he wondered if that was because they weren”t supposed to play with them.

Eeg had those feelings as well but they didn”t seem to worry him, he just wanted to play more and get those strange feelings again, but he worried that those feeling might be warnings from the Mother that it would drop off if he kept playing with it, and if it did drop off then he would never become a boy, so he had gone to the wisest old man in the village who knew everything and told him what was worrying him.

The old man had not been angry with him for playing with it or for playing with Eeg, but had made him bring Eeg with him, and made them take off their furs and looked for a long time at those parts of them to make sure they were not going to drop off, and then he had told them that they were ready to become boys at the next ceremony and that he would make sure that they stayed special friends even when they were boys.

He told them also that they would need to have an elder to help them through the ceremony because there were things a child had to learn before he became a boy proper, and a child could not learn all those things from another child, although the Mother had looked on them with favour and had let them start to learn a little.

It was like, the old man told them, the sun rising at dawn. That gave men delight that the night was over but that delight was nothing when placed against the pleasure of when the sun was full and warm, and, because everything that is tells a story of something else that is, the pleasure they got now from playing their games was the pale light of dawn when placed against the pleasure they would get when they were boys.

Their night, the old man told them, was their life as a child, and now that they were nearly boys, they had glimpsed the first, pale signs of the light of their life to come when they became boys, and they should play their game as much as they wanted because by playing they would make the Mother happy that she had made two who would be real and proper boys.

He told them as well that they should play their games in secret because it would not be right if others thought they were boys before their boy time came.


Well, we does some more stone spotting, an” there”s this other avenue sorta thing what”s got loads more stones standing up still, an” the anorak says that”s this cos some rich bloke got the idea of putting back up the ones what had fallen down and sticking little concrete posts in where the stones had done one, cos, he said, the locals had broken loads of them up and used the bits to build their houses.

Seems he”d `parrently wanted to do the whole bleedin” place but the war got in the way an” he never got round to finishin” it. 

Well, thing was, this avenue thing didn”t have just `cock stones”, it had others as well, some sorta diamond shaped, you know, like the diamonds in playing cards, an” they was stuck in with a pointed bit in the ground, an” others what was sorta upside down triangles, an” me an” Edwards asked the anorak what that was all about.

Course, the anorak thinks we”s taking the piss, don”t he, cos me an” Edwards make a point of not never asking anything serious, cos that”d ruin our rep, wouldn”t it?

Well, he looks at Edwards, I spose cos he”s the one that”d said that bit about Eve an” that cock stone, an” he says, straight up, no messin”, “I don”t doubt, Edwards, that you are familiar with the differences between male and female genitals. Use your imagination, boy.”

Course, we stands there like a couple of bleedin” goldfish, don”t we? I mean, if one sorta stone”s a cock stone, then the other”s gotta be a `cunt stone”! Stone spotting”s gettin” well intresting!

Well, we walks up this avenue, don”t we, an” I can”t help noticing that cunt stone follows cock stone all the way up, an” I”m thinking they musta been a right load of dirty minded buggers what built all this, an” then we gets to the main road an” crosses it to another bit what ain”t got no stones, just them concrete posts.

“This is known as the Sanctuary,” the anorak tells us, which don”t mean a lot to me, an”, I spose, means bugger all to the retards who ain”t listening anyway. “Don”t ask me why it”s called that,” the anorak says, “Because I haven”t the slightest idea.”

Then he looks at me an” Edwards, an” says we should Google it, cos we might find it interesting, an” then, cos the retards ain”t paying no attention at all, he tells me an” Edwards to take a look over the road.

Well, there”s this great heap what looks like nothing except a bleedin” great Christmas pudding what he”s already told us is sposed to be that pregnant goddess, an” to be fair, it”s pretty easy to imagine that with that mound as her duffed up belly, an” then he points across an” asks Edwards what he thinks that it what”s on the skyline.

Course, both me an” Edwards goes red as bleedin” bricks, don”t we, cos though we knows it”s a long barrow, we been thinking about cocks and cunts all the time, an” the way that bleedin” barrow”s there, lying on the hill top, it just looks like nothing but a cock what”s hard an” flat on your stomach when you”s lying down ready for a wank.

“Yes,” the anorak says, “That”s what I thought you”d think,” an” leaves it at that.

Well, I”m getting” a bit interested for real now, ain”t I, an” I asks the anorak what it”s all about.

“Like, them stoneage people couldn”t have done this all by accident could they?” I says, “Must have had some reason for doing it.”

“I don”t suppose we”ll ever know the real reasons why they built it or what they used it for,” the anorak says, actually taking us serious for a change, “All we know for certain is that in the middle ages, right up until at least the eighteenth century, there were Mayday celebrations down in the big circle. Apparently the girls went down from the Sanctuary here, and the boys down the avenue we looked at yesterday and they joined together and danced around the Maypole.”

“What”s one of them?” Edward”s asks, an” the anorak gives a sigh and tells him to Google that as well.

“Fuckin” Nora!” Edwards breathes when we”s in our sleeping bags an” he”s Googling on his tablet, “Fuckin” no way!”

Course, I wanna know what he”s on about, an” he shows me what he”s got up, an” it”s this pic of a long pole stuck in the ground with a load of ribbons coming out the top, an” a bunch of kids, boys an” girls, had each got hold of one of them ribbons an” is skippin” round the pole.

“Fuck me!” I breathes. Spose it”s cos we been thinking about cock stones an” stuff all day, but it didn”t need no great imagination to work out what it was. `Fuckin” spunkin” cock,” I says, “They”re bleedin” skipping round a spunking cock!”

Edwards takes his tablet back an” shuts it down.

He don”t have to say nothing cos I knows what he”s thinking cos it”s the same as what I”s thinking, but he says it anyway.

“Must be something to do with all them stones,” he says, well quiet, “But I bloody need one.”

“Yeah, me too,” I whisper.

“Don”t go ape on me or nothin”,” he murmurs, “But you feel like?”

“Not doin” it for ourselves?” I finishes for him.


“Won”t say, will you?”

“Like I”m gonna do that? Be fuckin” dead!”

“Yeah,” cos we would if anyone found out.

“Just wank, like.”

“Yeah,” I says, “Nothing gay.”

“Oh, shit!”  I says when we”d finished and wiped up the mess with our knickers. We”d done it on top of our sleeping bags so we didn”t have to sleep in wet patches, an of course we”d got our knickers off first so we could do it proper, “We shouldn”t have done that!”

“No. Good, though,” Edwards sorta grins.

“Good?” I squeaks, “Fuckin” best spunkin” I ever had!”

“Me too.”

“That”s why we shouldn”t have done it,” I says, “We got another two nights in this tent.”


The ceremony, his elder told him, is not thing that is done in one day. It takes time for the Mother to turn a child into a boy, just as it takes time to turn Winter into Spring. Each day the sun is a little higher, gives more light and warmth and the people become more happy.

It is the same with you, the elder told him; each night you play your game with Eeg you become a little happier, more warm inside, and this is because you are getting closer to becoming a real boy.

He understood that because it was true; his game with Eeg took longer now than it had when they started to play, just as the sun is longer in the sky when Winter turns to Spring, and they were not afraid of that funny feeling now because they understood they played their game so they could get that funny feeling because that feeling was good and made them feel warm inside.

The elder showed him then the holes that were being dug to take the boy stone and the man stone, and he saw that although the man stone was bigger than the boy stone, the şırnak escort holes that were being dug were the same in size, and he wondered why that was, because it would not be as easy for the man stone to go in its hole as it would be for the boy stone, and the elder told him to remember that everything that is, is something else as well.

There are two holes, the elder told him, in a boy. They are the same holes that are in a child, but for a child they have only one use each, one hole for food and water to go in, the other where what is left comes out. But as everything that is, is also something else, those holes have another use for a boy.

The hole being made for the boy stone, the elder told him, is the mouth of the boy, and said no more. He knew, because he knew that everything is something else as well, that the boy stone was not just a stone, that it was also a boy, and not just one boy but all the boys who would become boys when the ceremony was ended, and its shape told him that it was also the part that he and Eeg played with when they played their game.

The elder did not have to tell him this part of the story; already he had had some wonderings what it would be like to take that part of Eeg into his mouth when they played, and now he understood that he had those wonderings because it was what the Mother meant him to do, and, because he was still a child, he grinned at the naughtiness of it all.

His eyes grew wide when the elder poked his tongue out at him and pointed at the hole that was being dug, because he had not had wonderings about that, and did not know why he must put his tongue in Eeg”s mouth and Eeg must put his tongue in his, but the shape of the stone was like the shape of a tongue, so this must be a part of the story of how a child becomes a boy.


We did some more stone spotting the next day and then the anorak took me an” Edwards somewhere different. No stones.

I think he”d got the idea that we was a bit interested in it all an” weren”t just taking the piss when we asks him questions, even if all he”d say was `Google it”.

Course, a few of the retards came along as well, but they didn”t get in the way, cos they ain”t got the faintest fuckin” idea of what was going on, cock stones an” cunt stones was just stones to them.

Anyway, the anorak takes us to look at some little stream some way from the stones, an” cos I can”t help bein” a bit cheeky like, I says I thought we was stone spotting not stream spotting.

The anorak gives me this look like what is saying, `Up yours, smart arse”, an” tells us the name of the stream.

An” then I”m doing me goldfish bit again, aren”t I, an” me head”s screaming, `Swallowhead? SWALLOWHEAD? Fuckin” S W A L L O W H E A D!!” cos that”s what he said the stream was called.

I mean, I looks at this bitty stream what”s come round a bit of a bend and goes through two boulders either side of its banks an” comes towards us in a nice straight line, an” then goes down into a sorta hole, like some natural bridge across it, an” there musta been a sorta little waterfall in there cos it were just about moving when it goes in the hole an” when it comes out the other side the water”s all churny and frothy.

It must a been cos we”d been looking at cock stones for the best part of three days, but I just couldn”t help thinking, `What the fuck? They called this stream a bleedin” blow job!”

I can see Edwards is gonna open his mouth, an” he does, but all he says is with a bit of  a grin. “I know,” he says, “Google it.”

Well, I mean, this place is starting to get at me now, ain”t it? Cock stones and cunt stones, a bleedin” acre of pregnant goddess, a fuckin” great cock on a hill, an” a Maypole thing that can”t be nothing other than a spunking cock, an” now a stream called `Blow Job”! What the fuck is going down?

I knows Edwards is thinking the same sorta stuff cos I can see it in his face, an” I”m startin” to wonder what”s gonna happen tonight. I means, I”m bloody sure that after last night we”re gonna wank again, don”t see how we won”t, but is it gonna stop at just a wank?

I mean, you can get away with just a wank or two, so long as no-one finds out about it, cos, course, if they does then you”re dead, but doing more than just wank? That”d be well gay an” no way of pretending it weren”t.

Thing is, that stream were stuck in me mind now an” I were bloody sure it were in Edwards” as well, an” I knew if he said then I would cos I wouldn”t be able to bloody stop meself.

Anyway, he don”t say nothing when we”s in our tent, just picks up his sleeping bag an” starts unzipping it. I knows what he”s doing an” I does the same to mine.

“Be warmer than on top of them,” he says, an” we zips them together to make a double, an” strips right off, like everything, knickers an” all, an” gets in.

When we did it on top last night we just lay on our backs, reached across an” wanked each other, but it had to be different with us both in the same sleeping bag an” we couldn”t do it that way an” had to sorta cuddle up a bit.

An” that were it, weren”t it?

Started with just shoulders and legs touchin” a bit, an” then we was cuddlin” close an” proper an” we was holding cock like we liked holdin” cock instead of just needing a wank.

Dunno how it happened but then we was snogging, an” I do mean snogging! I were after Edwards” tonsils an” he were after mine, an” it were bleedin” amazin”, an” I only stopped snogging him to get some breath, an” when I could breathe again proper, it weren”t Edwards” tongue I wanted in me mouth, it were his cock!

“Not too much,” he says, shoving me head off his cock, “I want”s a go as well,” an” he goes down an” blows me an” all.

So we does it like that for a bit, first me then him, an” then when I has his cock in me mouth I gets this image in me head of that frothy water an” I knows I wants him to spunk up in me mouth, an” when he says for me to stop cos he”s almost there I says `No”, an” keeps suckin”.

Bugger me, but did he squirt or what! First shot hits the roof of me mouth, an” then he bloody floods me, an” I ain”t disgusted like what I should be cos me mouth”s full of spunk, I”m bleedin” getting him to shoot the rest on me tongue so I can bleedin” taste it!

Well, I eats it all, don”t I, even squeezing out the last dribbly bits an” lickin” them up so as not to waste a single bloody sperm.

We has another snog after an” I knows he”s getting” a taste of his own spunk.

“Fucking stones,” he says a bit later, “Turned me bleedin” gay!” An” then he goes down an” gobbles me all the way as well.

Course, we tries to pretend it were just them stones an” we wouldn”t do no gay stuff again when we got home, but that were just pretence, cos when we got back home we was doing it as often as we could be, gobblin” an” snoggin” an” eating spunk.


His elder beat the child from him, there was not room inside him for both a child and a boy so the child had to be made to leave. This was done to all those who were to become boys, and he had the child beaten from him at the same time as Eeg and this was because he had been playing at being a boy with Eeg.

The elders sat on the boy stone that was waiting to be put in its hole, his elder at one end and the elder of Eeg at the other and both he and Eeg had no furs on and he shivered, not because he was afraid of the beating but because it was still early in the year and Winter had not fully turned to Spring.

The elder showed him what he would be beaten with and it was a special thing that was only used to beat the child from those who were to become boys. It was a strip of the skin of an animal that had been hunted by the ancestors, and though it was old it had not grown hard because it was a special thing and the Mother had told men how to keep it supple so children could be beaten into boys by it. 

It was as wide as one of his fingers when against another of his fingers but it was not as thick as his fingers, and he did not think it would take many beatings from that thing before the child yelled and screamed and left him because he knew it would hurt when he was beaten with it, but he did not care that it would hurt because he wanted the child to leave him so that he could become a boy.

He was made to put himself over the knees of his elder then so his bottom could be beaten.

He did not know how many times the elder beat him  but he yelped and gasped each time he was beaten, and he could hear that Eeg yelped and gasped as well, and each time he was beaten it hurt more and it began to feel as though the elder had made a fire on his bottom and the fire burned stronger until the child in him screamed at the pain of it.

He was screaming loud when the magic happened and the child left him. He wanted the child to leave and go away and he could feel the child leaving because the beating began to feel different. The beating still hurt, but it was starting to hurt in a different way and as the child left he thought he was starting to like the hurt and then the boy began to enter him and he started to become hard just as he did when Eeg played the game with him.

The elder beat him some more until he was properly hard, because the elder was now not beating a child from him but beating boy into him and he didn”t scream anymore because he was turning into a boy and boys are not afraid of a little pain, and he wanted to be beaten until all the boy was inside him.

The elder, because he was an elder and knew many things, stopped beating him when he had been turned into a boy, and made him stand up, and when he did the elder felt his hardness to see if it was hard enough to be the hardness of a boy and not a child.

He could see, because he had turned to face his elder when his hardness was being checked, that Eeg was also having that done by his elder because Eeg had also been made hard by the beating.

The elders smiled because they were happy that the child had been beaten from him and Eeg, and they were told to go and play together because now there was only one thing left to do before they became boys proper, but that they were now boy enough to play, and, being almost boys now, they would enjoy their game more.

He played with Eeg while others had the child beaten from them, and, because their bottoms were still on fire and they had to play in a different way, they lay on their sides so they could use their mouths on each other, both at the same time.

Some who had only played by themselves till then were told to watch him and Eeg as they played because it was a game all boys must play and when the elders were happy that all had learned how to play that way, their games were stopped so that they could watch the boy stone being put into its hole.

He knew, as all the others knew, that at that moment the hole in the earth was also the hole made by their open mouths and that the boy stone was also that part of a boy that should be taken in the mouth, because everything that is, is also something else.


Course, Edwards had only said what I were thinking; I ain”t never even thought of wanking some other kid off before we did that bloody stone spotting, an” now I bloody couldn”t get enough of  Edwards” cock! We even bloody agreed that if say, we could get together for a session on a Wednesday, we wouldn”t wank on the Tuesday so we could give each other a decent mouthful for fuck”s sake!

We got well into doing sixty-nines and got it so we managed to both spunk up at the same time. Course, that took a bit of practice, learning how to spot the signs that the other one was getting close an” how to hang onto your own spunking for a bit, but when we got it right it were bleedin” ace, squirting your spunk in your mate”s mouth while he were shooting his in yours.

Yeah, an” then having a massive spunky snog after!

Well, it had to be them bleedin” stones, didn”t it, an” me an” Edwards chats about it a bit, an” we both reckons the anorak knew a bloody sight more than he”d let on about, so we goes an” asks him, well nice, like, not like he could think we was taking the piss or nothing, an” course, he tells us to Google it. But he does give us some hints as to what to Google, an” says if we find anything interesting to go and see him again.

Course, there”s loads, ain”t there. Lots of it were archaeological stuff, an” I spose that woulda been interesting if all you was wanting was stuff about stone spotting, but me an” Edwards wanted the dirty stuff, `specially anything about cock stones, cos, though we never admitted it to each other, we ain”t got no interest at all in cunt stones now.

Well, there were some stuff that were all sorta `Ancient Astronaughts” an `Flying Saucers Have Landed” stuff, but that were a load of crap and didn”t tell us nothing about cock stones.

Then we found some stuff that were a load more dirty an” were all about fertility rites an” things, but nothing that just talked about cock stones, just that about five hundred years ago people started pulling them stones down an” breaking them up cos they thought they was something to do with the Devil.

Well, I don”t say nothing to Edwards, cos though he”s as much into cocksucking now as I am, I knows he”s still well bothered about them stones turning him gay, an” I goes an” sees the anorak on me own don”t I, an” I tells him I”m bleedin” sure there”s a bit more about them stones what I can”t find an” I reckons he knows what it is.

Well, he tells me some stuff about old wife”s tales about the stones not staying still but moving around sometimes, which is, to be fair, quite interesting, but it ain”t got nothing to do with cocks what I can see, an” it”s cocks what I”m wantin” to know about cos I”m bleedin” certain it”s them stones what got me an” Edwards into doing cock stuff together.

Then the anorak gets up some pics on his telly, cos he”s got one of them smart ones what”s a computer as well, an” they”s all pics of some cock stones, so it”s startin” to get more interesting. Then he puts one up that”s of a sketch some bloke did of that avenue with just the Eve stone still standing about three hundred years ago, an” there”s loads more stones there then, an” he follows that with what he calls `an artists impression” of what that avenue were like in stoneage times.

“What do you notice about the stones?” he asks taksim escort me, an” I has a good peer to see what I”m supposed to be noticing.

Well, the only thing I can spot is that the stones on one side of the avenue is smaller than the ones on the other, so that”s what I tells him.

“Good,” he says to me, “Now, let”s call the smaller stones `boy stones” and the bigger one `men stones” and see what ideas you get. Remember,” he says, “Those old tales of the stones moving? Why do you think men and boy stones would want to move together?”

Well, I stares at it for a bit, don”t I, an” then the penny drops, an” it drops with a bleedin” great clang!

“Weren”t just men an” boy stones moving, were it?” I says, cos I knows now why me an” Edwards had started doing cock stuff, “Boy stones moved together as well, didn”t they!”

I honestly don”t know what were said after that, cos the next thing I remember is me being over his knees an” I”m naked an” he”s walloping me arse with something what hurts and don”t hurt at the same time an” I can hear meself yelling at him to do it harder cos it”s well turning me on an” I got a bleedin” great bone an” I just wants to spunk up from him walloping me!

He bloody knows what he”s doin” though, an” he don”t take no notice of me yells, an” he starts almost stroking me bum with whatever he”s using to wallop me with, an” I”m moaning that that ain”t no good cos I wants it to hurt, an” then he fetches me a few that do bleedin” hurt an” I hears meself almost screaming when he does that, but they ain”t screams for him to stop, cos I”m well into it now an” I wants him to keep on hitting me till I spunk.

Dunno why, but I”m imaginin” meself over one of them stones what had fallen down, or not been put in its hole yet cos I can see the hole in me mind, like, an” I knows for certain that it”s them stones what has made me and Edwards go gay, though how the fuck they could do that I ain”t got no idea.

He starts whacking me proper then, one straight after the other, an” me arse is on fire an” me cock”s just about burstin” cos it”s so bleedin” hard, and I shoots so hard it”s like me balls an” all is shooting out me cock, an” in me mind I see this image of me squirting me spunk all over that bloody stone!

“I think you should tell Edwards to come and see me,” he says when I got me clothes on again, so I does just that.


The elder”s hand was warm on his bare shoulder and he liked having the elder”s hand on him. Soon the elder was going to hurt him but he was not afraid. The elder had hurt him before, hurt him when he beat the child from him, but he was glad he had been beaten and the child was gone.

The game he played with Eeg was much better now the child was gone from him and from Eeg, and soon they would be able to play all of the game together, after his elder had hurt him again.

Two holes had been made in the earth, and they were the holes for the boy stone and the man stone and they were also the two holes in a boy. The first hole was filled now, filled with the boy stone, and when the ceremony was complete the second hole would be filled with the man stone.

Eeg had filled the hole of his mouth often when they played in the nights after they had the child beaten from them, and he had filled the hole of Eeg”s mouth as well, and it was a lot of pleasure filling holes.

This morning, even before he had emptied and washed himself, his elder had come for him and the elder had filled his mouth hole, and he had filled it much fuller than Eeg filled it because the elder was much bigger than Eeg.

It was the same game he played with Eeg, but he understood it was a more special game when an elder played it with a boy, because, as everything that is, is also something else, he wasn”t just a boy when he played the game with an elder, he was also the earth, and the earth is the Mother.

He knew this because the elder had given him man seed to eat when he used the hole of his mouth and that seed would grow in him as other seeds grew in the earth and man seeds grew in the bellies of women.

Those seeds would not grow in him as they did in women because he was a boy and not a woman and those seeds would grow slowly and turn him from a boy into a man.

His elder told him that soon he would make boy seeds and so would Eeg, because this morning Eeg was also eating man seed, and when he played with Eeg he must always eat the boy seed of Eeg and Eeg must always eat his boy seed because those seeds came from the Mother because everything that is comes from the Mother and everything has a purpose.

The purpose of eating man seed was to make him grow from boy into man, and it takes time for one thing to grow into another, and he would be a boy for as many winters and summers as there were fingers on a hand and for all those winters and summers he must grow as a boy and still be a boy. Eating the boy seed of Eeg would make him grow as a boy because a seed can only grow into the thing that made that seed, and the more boy seed he ate, the more boy he would become.

Then the elder told him that seed must be planted as well as eaten and he knew that was why he had a hole behind him as well as the hole of his mouth and he knew it would hurt when the elder planted his man seed in that hole because the elder was so much bigger than Eeg, and although he had never seen that hole, he knew from when he washed it that it was not as big as the thing the man would put in it so he could plant seed inside him.

His elder told him to take off his furs and he did because elders must be obeyed, even though the seed he had eaten was already starting to sprout and he had turned hard although he was not playing a game.

He looked at Eeg who had also taken off his furs and Eeg was like him, and he grinned at Eeg and Eeg grinned at him because when he was hard he always wanted to play and so did Eeg.

The elders led them down to where the man stone was to go in its hole because the stone would be put in its hole before the elders planted their seeds and this was so they would understand how the elders would be able to get in their holes so seed could be planted.

Men came then with that special earth that is always wet and slippery and put it all round the edges of the hole and also on the end of the man stone that was to go in the hole, and more men came with water that they poured into the hole so the earth of the hole was also wet and slippery and then the men carefully raised the stone and put the end of the stone at the edge of the hole.

The men did this thing each year and they knew what they had to do, and when the stone was at the edge of the hole they lifted it from the other end and because the hole was wet and slippery and the end of the stone was also slippery, it slid up and into the hole until it stood upright there.

He understood that his elder would make his hole slippery and that was how he would get inside his hole and be able to plant seed in him.

Then he was told to put his arms round that stone before he was taken to the boy stone that was now firm and upright in its hole, and told to put his hands on that stone and bend forward and spread his feet as far apart as he could, and he felt his elder make his hole slippery like the hole for the man stone had been made slippery, and he screamed when the elder went inside him because it hurt more than the beating had hurt.

Then some magic began to work and it was like the magic that came when he had been beaten because, just as it had been then, though it still hurt it began to give him pleasure as well and he understood why this was so, because everything that is, is also something else and the hurt and the pleasure were the same thing.

He could feel the hardness of his elder moving inside him and more magic happened because that hardness found something inside him and when it touched that he did not scream but moaned with pleasure instead and his own hardness became even harder and he felt that feeling that he felt when he played games with Eeg.

The elder stopped moving his hardness inside him but though the elder did not move anymore he could feel the hardness of the elder was moving on its own and he knew the elder was planting his man seed inside him and he knew that with man seed planted in him in both his holes he was now a real boy and he was happy.


“He fucked you yet?” Edwards asked me.

“Yeah. You?”


“You like it?”

“Did you?”

“Yeah,” I muttered, cos though I had liked it, liked it loads, I knew I weren”t “sposed to like it, cos getting fucked were as gay as it comes.

“Yeah. Me too.”

“Sucked him off as well,” I confessed quietly.

“Swallow?” Edwards asked.


“Me an” all. Tastes different than yours.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “Bit thicker than yours, an” a fair bit stronger taste as well.”

“Liked it, though.”

“Fuckin” love it,” I said, “Love bein” fucked as well.”

“Do like suckin” him,” Edwards says, “But rather suck you.”

“Know what you mean,” I says, “You got a well nice cock.”

“So”ve you,” Edwards grins, “Love it when you spunks in me mouth.”

“Pity he”s got so much hair,” I says, looking at Edwards, cos I been gettin” this well dirty idea an” I”m sorta testing the waters, like.

“Yeah,” Edwards agrees, “Spoils the suckin” a bit.”

“Mine spoil it for you?” I asks.

Well, Edwards looks at me like, an” I knows he”s cottoned on to what I”m thinking about.

“Bit,” he says.

“Rather suck a boy than a bloke?” I grins at him.

“Do suck a boy,” he grins back.

“What about if he was more of a boy?” An” I knows Edwards knows what I”m on about.

“Think it”d be magic,” he says, “Wouldn”t get no hairs in me mouth when I gobbles yer balls.”

“Will if you wants,” I offers.

“Be well gay.”

“Don”t care, do I?”

“Don”t you?”

“Nah. Does you?”

“Not since them stones.”

“Think it was them what made us go gay?”

“Dunno. Spose it musta been. Weren”t gay before.”

“If I gets rid of me pubes, you fancy fucking?”

“Fancy fuckin” anyway.”

“Yeah. Me too.”

“Tell you what,” Edwards says, an” though he tries to keep his face serious like, I can see the dirty grin in his eyes, “You shaves proper, like everything, not just yer pubes, an” I”ll fuck yer bleedin” brains out.”

“What you mean? Like me legs an” everything?”

“Everything,” he grins, “Your legs, under your arms, the lot. An”,” he says, dead serious, “If you does yer crack as well, I”ll rim you an” all.”

“Fuck me!” I breathes.

“Will do,” he sniggers.

“Really be a bleedin” boy then, won”t I?”

“Don”t you like being a boy?”

“Fuckin” do!” I says, “Since I went gay, love bein” a bleedin” boy!”

“Tell you what,” he says, bein” serious again, “You gets smooth an” we do stuff, an” if it turns us both on loads, you being smooth, I”ll shave as well.”

“Deal!” I says, cos, an” I don”t mind admitting it, I wanted to be as gay and dirty as I could now.


It was a lot of fun being a real boy. His elder had told him, and all the other new boys had been told the same by their elders, that they should play their games as often as they wished, and they did not have to only play those games with a special friend but could play them with any boy who wanted to play. The more boy seed that was planted in both their holes then the better boys they would become and he wanted to become the best boy ever.

He had been told as well that he would need man seed planted in him as well, though not as often as he needed boy seed, and he did not have to become earth for any man”s seed, but only for a man he wished to have plant seed inside him.

He played the game with Eeg a lot and used both his holes as well as his hands, and he played with other boys as well and used their holes and they used his, and sometimes a man who was nice asked him to play and took him to the stones and they asked the stones if it was right for them to play and the stones made him go hard and want to play with the man.

He did not know how many winters and summers it would be before he became a man, but he hoped that would not happen too soon because he  liked being a boy.


“Can”t beat schoolboy cock,” he grins between licks, an” runs his hand up and down me freshly shaved thighs before cupping me carefully smoothed out balls.

“You do any others?” I asked as he played with me, cos, like I said, he”d made me into a right proper slut, an” if  he knew of any other kids that gave, I wanted some.

“Just you and Edwards at the moment,” he says, an” helps himself to a mouthful of inner thigh.

“Ain”t taken no other kids to them stones then?”

“Not since they did their thing on you two,” he looks up at me with a wicked smile.

“Knew they”d turn us gay, didn”t you.”

“Knew there was a chance,” he gives me thigh another slurp; does that loads since I got them smooth, “But it don”t work on every boy.”

“Nah,” I says, “Didn”t have no effect on any of the retards.”

“All they saw was stones,” an” he gives me cock a little stroke.

“Must be some other kids you fancy,” I says, “Bet you do more boy spotting than you does stone spotting. Reckon you had me an” Edwards lines up as possibles from the start.”

“Good-looking, intelligent boys,” he has a lick of me smoothed out balls, “Thought I might be in with a chance.”

“Got us well hooked,” I smiles, an” gets back to what I”m after, “Must be other kids you fancy taking there, though.”

“Have thought about Andrews and Kirby, in Year Nine, as possibles for next year.”

“Oh fuck!” I breathes. Year Nine”s a year younger than me an” Edwards, only just fourteen, an” Andrews an” Kirby is the two most luscious, wankable, suckable, fuckable kids in the whole bleeding school! “Don”t have to wait till next year, does you?”

“Have to,” he sighs, “Won”t be another trip till then.”

“Could be,” I says, cos I”d thought about things a bit, “If you started a stone spotting club.”

“You know, Jackson,” he grins, “You have some good ideas from time to time.”

“Yeah,” I grins back, knowing I”ll be getting at a couple of well yummy Year Nine cocks in the not-too-far distant future, “An” I got another one an” all. How about you gets that crop an” give us a good walloping an” then fucks me brains out?”


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