Subject: Minding Matty This story is 100% fictional and any resemblance to anyone living is entirely coincidental. If you enjoy it, please consider donating to fty/donate.html You may also enjoy my other stories ‘My Name is Samir’ in Gay/Adult/Youth and ‘Educating Mike” in Gay/Incest Feedback is welcome at ail Minding Matty (Chapter 1) by Peter King Life was good. I owned my own small consultancy firm, with a number of regular clients. I employed three other consultants and we earned good money. I was single, a youthful marriage that had never really worked was long behind me, and I had realised that girls and women weren’t my thing. So I met guys occasionally, had fun and was content with that. I regularly read the gay adult-youth stories on Nifty and dreamed of, but never expected to experience, that kind of encounter. One of my best employees was Clare, a single mother to a fourteen year old boy, Matty. She was in her early forties and had been widowed several years ago. I had met her and Matty on various social occasions and I always tried to ensure that she could manage her assignments around her parental responsibilities. One Sunday while I was relaxing at home, the phone rang. It was Clare. Matty had gone for a day out with a friend and his family. They were driving him back home when a drunk driver crashed into their car. Fortunately no one was killed and the friend and his family escaped with minor knocks. Unfortunately Matty had been sitting closest to the point of impact and he had suffered the most. His right shoulder and his left arm were broken and he had plaster casts on both. The hospital wanted to keep him in for a couple of days, just to make sure there was no concussion. I told Clare that she should take as much time as she needed and not to worry about work, we’d manage somehow. On Monday I rescheduled and reassigned some of her workload to the other consultants. I thought we’d be ok except for one engagement where Clare was supposed to be with an overseas client for a week. Usually she’d either take Matty with her or have his grandparents mind him when she had to travel. I called Clare to ask whether there was any way she could make the trip. Clare said she’d call her parents and see if they could mind Matty while she was away. A short time later she called back. Her parents couldn’t look after Matty — they had other commitments and couldn’t change them. I asked Clare whether she had any other options but she said that she didn’t. I really didn’t want to cancel her engagement — the client was a very lucrative one and we’d risk losing them if we cancelled at such short notice. I thought about going myself — I wasn’t very busy that week — but Clare had a lot of specialist knowledge that I would struggle with. It then occurred to me that I could offer to take the week off to mind Matty while abidinpaşa escort Clare was away. I suggested this to Clare but she was a bit hesitant. She explained that looking after Matty wouldn’t be an easy job. Matty couldn’t do very much for himself and it would be a very hands-on job to look after him, he needed help with dressing, washing, eating, toilet….pretty much everything. I assured Clare that this didn’t faze me — I was sure I could manage it for a week. So it was agreed. A couple of weeks later, I arrived at Clare’s on Sunday evening, to spend the night and be there when Matty woke up the following morning. Clare had an early taxi booked to take her to the airport. Around 7am I woke up to the sound of Matty calling my name. I got out of bed and walked to his room. Matty was sitting up in bed “Hi Peter, I’m starving, can I have some breakfast?” I smiled “And good morning to you Matty, what do you want to have?” “Shreddies and milk please” he replied. “Can you get down to the kitchen by yourself or do you need some help?” I asked. “I’ll be fine” he replied, slipping out from under the covers. He was wearing pyjama bottoms and had a shirt draped over his upper body. He walked downstairs and I followed him. Breakfast followed and I asked him what he wanted to do that day. “Nothing much, my shoulder really aches and it’s worse if I try to do things” Matty said. “Do you want to get dressed or will you stay in pyjamas?” I asked. “Pyjamas I think” he replied. Matty spent the rest of the day sitting on the sofa watching TV. I placed the remote by his left hand and he could operate it without too much discomfort. I had to do pretty much everything for him — he couldn’t even feed himself. Then came bedtime. I told Matty that, as he couldn’t have his usual evening bath, I would wash him with a flannel before bed. He didn’t look too happy about it but seemed resigned to the prospect. We walked into the bathroom and I started undressing him. I unbuttoned the shirt, took it off and folded it, placing it on the bathroom stool. Then I reached down, pulled down his pyjama bottoms and asked Matty to step out of them. He had boxer shorts underneath and I pulled them down and put them in the dirty washing. Matty stood there naked except for the plaster casts on his shoulder and arm. His cock was flacid, his balls hanging below, a small patch of hair above. I got a flannel, wetted it with warm water and washed Matty all over, starting with the bits of his upper body that were not covered in plaster, Then I knelt down in front of him and washed his legs, asking him to lift each foot in turn so I could wash them properly. Then came the middle bit. I wetted and soaped the flannel again and with it covering my hand, I gently grasped Matty’s penis and rubbed it, then I washed his adana escort scrotum. This had the unsurprising effect of giving Matty a boner. His penis hardened and stood proud, his foreskin retracting and exposing his glans. With the flannel, as gently as I could, I washed his glans. At this, Matty ejaculated. His cock stiffened even more, his balls retracted and then he came, his cum shooting out, some into the flannel and the rest onto the bathroom floor. Matty went red in the face with embarrassment. I said nothing. I rinsed out the flannel, finished washing his pelvis and backside and then wrapped a large towel around him, covering him completely. We walked into his bedroom and we sat down, side-by-side, on the bed. “Matty” I said “I can see that you’re embarrassed by what just happened” Matty nodded, looking down at the floor. “There’s really no need to be embarrased” I continued “What happened is completely natural and you shouldn’t feel any shame about your body and about how it works. If you think about it, you’ll realise that I know all about cocks and about jerking off and about cumming — I was a teenager once and my cock had a mind of its own, just as yours does.” Matty looked at me. “I never needed to be washed like this when I was growing up but I’m sure the same would have happened to me” I reassured him. “All boys your age get randy and need, and want, to cum quite often. For sure I did when I was your age and, to be honest, I still do sometimes even now that I’m older.” “So you’re not cross or anything?” Matty said. “Of course not” I replied. I helped Matty put on his pyjama bottoms and then tucked him into bed. The room was warm enough that he didn’t need a top. The following morning I helped Matty get up. I dressed him, noticing as I did that he had quite a morning boner. He used the toilet sitting down so I didn’t need to help him pee but I had to wipe him and help him lower and then pull up his pants and trousers. The day passed much the same. Matty couldn’t really do very much. I insisted that he walk around the garden for a while, to get some exercise and fresh air. I had to feed him — he still couldn’t use either of his hands very well. Bedtime arrived and we walked up to the bathroom where, as per the preceding night, I undressed Matty and started washing him. His cock immediately sprung to life. I looked at Matty’s face and he looked back at me. “Would you like me to help you with that?” I asked Matty nodded. I placed the flannel on the edge of the bath, put some soap on my right hand and reached out to hold Matty’s cock. He gave a deep sigh as he felt my fingers grasp him and lightly squeeze his erection. I ran my fingers up and down his length, lightly touching his glans before retreating down until my hand rested on his pubic area. Matty’s breathing grew sporadic adıyaman escort and I could see his balls retracting and his scrotum shrinking tight. I slid my fingers up again and encompassed the head of his cock and he gasped as he started cumming, the white liquid spurting out of his cock, some shooting onto the floor and some running down over my hand. We exchanged smiles and I finished washimg him and put him to bed. The following day, while I was helping him with lunch, Matty looked at me. “You know you said that you sometimes need to cum” he stated “Errr, yes, I did say that” I replied. “So do you jerk off sometimes?” he continued. “Yes, I do” I admitted. Matty looked at me with a mischievious look “Well, you’ve seen me cum….can I see you do it?” For a moment I was silent. I hadn’t expected this. Then I thought about it and reasoned that I couldn’t really tell Matty not to be embarrassed about his body and then be very private about my own. “Ok” I said “how about this evening?” “Cool” came the cheeky reply. That evening we went up to the bathroom and I helped Matty undress. His cock was stiff even before I took off his clothes. “You now” Matty said. I undressed, taking off my shirt, then my trousers and finally my boxer shorts. My cock was also erect — I found the thought of what we were about to do very exciting. “Yours is much bigger than mine” Matty said. “Not really surprising” I responded with a smile “most of me is bigger than you” “Do you want to watch me first or would you like me to help you first?” I asked. “You go first” Matty said, watching my cock as it twitched in anticipation. I put some soap on my hand and started to wank. Matty watched me closely. I could feel that wonderful sensation build up in my cock and my balls and my whole body as I ran my fingers up and down my cock, stroking and squeezing and then I came, shooting my cum over the floor and over my hand. I was surprised how strong a climax I had experienced — having Matty watching me was a real turn on. “Wow! You cum lots! It looks the same as mine” Matty said. I answered ” I think most men’s cum looks pretty much the same. Would you like me to help you now?” Matty nodded and watched as I grasped his cock and rubbed it all over. With my forefinger I stroked the tip of his cock, causing him to draw in his breath. With my other hand I stroked his bum cheeks, which caused him to push his pelvis forward before pushing backwards so that his bum pressed harder against my hand. I slowly stroked his cock and after barely a minute he exploded, his cum shooting out and mixing with mine on the bathroom floor. I finished washing Matty and put him to bed. I gave him a big hug before I turned the light off, he gave me a big smile. The following morning, as we ate breakfast, Matty commented that he’d found it really nice when I stroked his bum while wanking him. I answered that I thought most men enjoyed being touched and stroked on other parts of their bodies, as well as their cocks. Matty smiled and told me that I must help him discover what parts of his body were most enjoyable for him. I promised I would.

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