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Subject: The Gift of Stolen Time, Chapter 9 (Gay Adult/Youth) THE GIFT OF STOLEN TIME By Wes Leigh This is a work of fiction intended solely for the entertainment of my readers. Any resemblance to real people or places is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and is protected by copyright laws. The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author’s consent. If you enjoy this story, please support the Nifty archives today with a thoughtful donation. Chapter Nine Fort Wayne, Indiana, Spring 2030 Lucas rang the doorbell. While he waited, he glanced at the darkly tinted window in the door and saw his reflection looking back at him. He appeared to be 19. Blonde-ish brown hair. Light green eyes. Tanned and fit. He squinted at his reflection, wondering what others saw when they looked at him. Probably an eager college student, ready to challenge the world and make a future for himself. Lucas rolled his eyes. If only they knew the truth. The door opened. “Can I help you?” The woman appeared to be in her 30’s. Fiery red hair. Bright green eyes. Lucas held up a newspaper. “I called about your ad. A room for rent?” “Oh,” she said with a smile. “Yes. Come in, and I’ll show it to you.” She backed up, opening the door wider. Lucas could have rented or purchased any place in town, but the ad had intrigued him: `Furnished room for rent, utilities covered, all the comforts of home, $300.’ He was sick of on-campus housing and didn’t feel like buying a home for the few years he expected to be in Indiana, so renting seemed like the best option. There were certainly plenty of furnished apartments to choose from, but none promised `all the comforts of home’. Lucas was curious to see just what exactly that would mean. He followed the woman into the entry hall and realized right away that this place could be trouble. Hanging on the wall were family pictures of the red-haired lady and two boys, presumably her sons. One was a teenager, the other a pre-teen. Both had matching red hair and emerald eyes and a generous smattering of freckles. There was no dad apparent in any of the pictures. Both the boys were seriously cute. Yes, living here could definitely mean trouble for Lucas Roberts, stealer of time and thief of hearts. “I’m Katherine McCoy,” the woman said by way of introduction, holding out her hand. Lucas shook it and smiled. “Lucas Roberts.” “Nice to meet you, Lucas. Are you new to Fort Wayne?” “No, ma’am. I’ve been here a year. I’m finishing up my freshman year at Purdue. Taking summer classes at the moment, to get a head-start on next year.” “Oh, that’s impressive. What are you studying?” “Physics. Relativistic mechanics, specifically.” “Sounds difficult.” “It’s not easy,” he replied with a chuckle. “I’m most interested in space-time theory. How time interacts with the space framework.” He didn’t mention his very personal reasons for choosing that particular line of study. He was tired of rambling through life, allowing random circumstances to dictate his actions. He was taking control of his future for once. At least, that was the plan. “That’s well beyond my ability,” she said, laughing. “I’ll leave that to you brainy types. Well, here’s the room.” It wasn’t huge or luxurious, but it held a queen-sized bed, a four-drawer dresser, and a desk. “The bathroom is right in here. You’ll be sharing with my sons.” She led the way. It was neat and clean, looking nothing like a boy’s bathroom, in Lucas’ opinion. He expected to see items scattered all over the countertop, but it was perfectly tidy. Katherine wiped a spot off the mirror and said, “I realize I’m asking you to share the bathroom with my boys, but I can assure you they’re both very respectful and easy to get along with.” Lucas nodded his understanding as he wandered through and peeked into her boys’ bedroom. He saw a neatly made bunkbed and posters on the walls showing athletes in lycra riding bicyles. Oh shit, he thought. This REALLY wasn’t good. “I’m asking $300 a month, paid on the first. That covers room and utilities. You’ll provide your own food. I’ll reserve space for you in a kitchen cabinet and the refrigerator, and I’ll make sure the boys know to leave your food alone. Or … if you prefer, we can simply have you eat with the family, contributing food every now and then. I’m a decent cook, if I do say so myself, so I’ll let you decide which way you prefer to go.” Lucas nodded. “I enjoy cooking myself, but I won’t turn down a home-cooked meal.” He walked back through the bathroom and stood in the bedroom she was offering for rent. He looked around as if giving it serious consideration, but his mind was made up. He couldn’t live here. He turned to the woman and said, “I’d like to think about it, Ms. McCoy. Can I get back to you later?” She nodded, struggling to hide the disappointment showing on her face. “Certainly, Mr. Roberts.” As she walked him through the house, she said, “I can drop the price to $250, but that’s the best I can do.” Lucas looked around at the house and the furniture. Everything was clean and neat, but shabby. Worn from use. Well cared for, but still falling apart. He could guess the reason why. A husband who fathered two boys, then abandoned the family. A mother who did her best, working long hours to provide for her sons, and barely getting by. His heart empathized with her plight, and that really, REALLY wasn’t good. He was only looking for a room to rent, not a family to get emotionally entangled with again. Damn. He was finding it so hard to do what he knew would be best. Walk away, Lucas, he told himself. No … RUN AWAY, Lucas. They reached the front door where they shook hands. “Well, thank you for responding to the ad, Mr. Roberts.” Lucas smiled grimly. “You’re welcome, Ms. McCoy. I’ll call you if I decide to rent the room.” Katherine sighed and nodded. She knew he wouldn’t be calling back. It was yet another disappointment in a long line of them for the McCoy family, but somehow they would get by. They always did. Suddenly, Katherine’s eyes brightened and she smiled. Her sons, the joy of her life, were walking down the sidewalk, pushing their bikes. Lucas turned around to see why Katherine was smiling and saw two red-headed cuties headed up the sidewalk. One was tall, probably 16 or 17 years old. Flaming red hair. Emerald green eyes. Lightly tanned and randomly freckled. Thin but extremely fit, with a tight white tee-shirt molded to his upper body and white lycra shorts that left nothing to the imagination. Absolutely nothing. Including the fact the kid was circumcised and had a thick, long cock snaking down his left leg. The other was his miniature clone. Several feet shorter. But the same red hair, green eyes, and freckles. An identical white tee-shirt and white lycra shorts, though there was very little to see. The kid had to be 10 or 11 at the most, so his shorts featured a little bump that poked out just a bit underneath the clingy fabric. Judging by the similar clothing and the adoring glance the kid kept giving his older brother, Lucas could tell there was a clear case of hero worship going on. They were both pushing bicycles. Tall kid–a multi-speed, electric blue racing bike. Short kid–a 3-speed boy’s bike, also electric blue, but it looked like it had been black originally and spray-painted later, probably to look just like big brother’s racing bike. They were laughing at something the younger boy was saying, but they stopped when they saw Lucas and Katherine standing on the front step. Katherine waved them over. “Boys, this is Mr. Lucas Roberts. He’s considering taking the room we have for rent.” The older teen stepped up and shook Lucas’ hand. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Roberts. I’m Donovan.” The youth seemed self-assured and confident. His hand was warm in Lucas’ own, and Lucas felt his heart flutter when their hands connected. Donovan released Lucas and turned to pull his little brother forward. The younger boy smiled as he took Lucas by the hand, shaking firmly in an exaggerated way. “I’m Connor. I’m 11. Nice to meet you!” His hand was soft. His eyes were warm and inviting, like a puppy begging to be scratched behind the ear. His grin was infectious, and Lucas had to smile too. Connor stared up at Lucas and asked, “So when you movin’ in, roommate?” Katherine pulled Connor back by his shoulder. “Connor, Mr. Roberts hasn’t decided yet. He’s still thinking about it.” “Oh,” Connor said, clearly more disappointed than Katherine had been earlier. The puppy-dog eyes drooped. Lucas told himself this really, really, REALLY wasn’t good. Time to leave and never look back, he thought to himself, but what he said was, “Ummm … I’ve thought about it and … I’ve decided to take the room.” Connor couldn’t help himself. His eyes sparkled and he shouted, “Massive!” He hugged Lucas, staring up into Lucas’ face with undisguised glee. *** “It’s a Motobecane. They were originally made in France, but they’re manufactured in Taiwan now. I bought this one used. For $350,” Donovan explained as he wiped down the racing bike before hanging it on storage hooks in the garage. Lucas leaned forward to check out the bike more closely. “It’s a beauty.” “Thanks. It has a Shimano 14-speed drive train. Aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork. Weinmann light weight wheels. I wish I could afford a better bike, but I do pretty good with this one.” Connor giggled. “Don’t believe him, Lucas. He does better than `pretty good’. Donovan is the best cyclist in all of Fort Wayne! Maybe even all of Indiana!” Donovan pulled Connor into a sideways hug and ruffled his brother’s hair. “Connor is my biggest fan,” he explained. Lucas smiled at their antics. “Is he right? Are you the best cyclist in Fort Wayne?” Donovan blushed slightly. “I win a lot of solo competitions. I usually compete in the open bracket, so I’m riding against all ages of riders. And I guess–since I win most of the time–that would make me one of the best in Fort Wayne.” Connor nodded. “He wins every solo race, and he’d win in the doubles and team events too, if he could find some halfway decent teammates.” Donovan explained, “No one wants to team up with a kid, even a kid who keeps beating them. And none of the guys my age are strong enough to compete in the open bracket.” Lucas frowned. “How old are you?” “Sixteen.” “And you compete in the open division? Against adults?” “Yeah. It’s more challenging that way. Makes me a better rider. The youth division doesn’t push me hard enough anymore. I’m not bragging. It’s just … well, I’ve been doing this for a long time, and it doesn’t do me any good to compete against guys I’m going to beat every single time. So I’ve moved up to the adult division. I’m still winning, but I have to work harder to do it. The only problem is, the other riders think it’s a fluke. They don’t give me credit for being good. Not yet, anyway. But they will.” Donovan said that with confidence. No arrogance. No cockiness. Just simple assurance that it was only a matter of time and patience. Lucas believed ankara eve gelen escort him. He couldn’t predict the future, but it certainly seemed that Donovan had physical strength and mental toughness in full measure. “What about you, Connor? Are you a big-time cyclist too?” Connor smiled bashfully. “Not as good as Donovan, but I’m his manager. He couldn’t win without my help.” “You got that right, shrimp,” Donovan said, squeezing his brother against his side. “Boys!” Katherine called through the door. “Supper’s ready!” That night, Lucas got his first taste of `all the comforts of home’. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes with cream gravy, corn on the cob, home-baked bread, and peach cobbler. The only thing that wasn’t cooked from scratch was the vanilla ice cream Katherine scooped onto the piping hot cobbler. As he lifted the last bite of cobbler to his mouth, Lucas complimented the cook for the twentieth time. “This is delicious, Ms. McCoy. Incredible food.” “Thanks, Mr. Roberts. And, please … call me Katherine.” “Yes, ma’am. But only if you promise to call me Lucas.” She nodded. “You got it! So, Lucas, when do you want to move in?” “My last class gets out around 2. Can I bring my things over then?” “That works for me,” Katherine said. “The boys should be home, so they can help you, if you need them.” “Yeah,” Connor said, wiggling in his seat. “Anything you need. Anything at all!” Donovan nodded and smiled. “What the shrimp said.” Lucas chuckled and blushed. “Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.” Oh, heaven help me, Lucas thought. *** Connor was in the way more than he helped, but he was eager to please, so Lucas had the young kid put stuff away while Donovan helped him carry the heavy boxes and suitcases in from the car. It took no time at all, though they were all sweaty from the exertion by the time they finished. It was a muggy day. “Where do you want these?” Connor asked, holding up a bottle of lotion and a can of spray deodorant. Lucas glanced down in the box Connor was emptying. “Everything in there goes in the bathroom. Where do you guys keep your toiletries?” Connor giggled. “He said toilet trees.” Donovan smacked his brother lightly on the back of the head. “Toiletries, dufus, not toilet trees. We usually keep our stuff all over the counter in the bathroom, but Mom’s been making us stash it underneath lately. She didn’t want prospective renters to think we’re slobs.” Lucas laughed. “I’m a slob at heart. Don’t bother putting anything away for my sake.” “Thank God,” Donovan said with a sigh. “I was getting tired of being a neat freak in my own bathroom.” “Put them on the counter next to the sink,” Lucas directed Connor. “Okay. Hmmmm … smells good,” Connor added, sniffing a bottle of cologne. Lucas took the cologne from Connor, opened the top, and sprayed a bit on the side of Connor’s neck. He lifted Connor’s arm and sprayed more on the boy’s armpit. Connor giggled and held up his other arm, so Lucas obliged him and sprayed a third time under the other arm. Connor bent down and sniffed himself. “Wow, I smell sexy!” Donovan leaned over and sniffed Connor. “Yeah, but you still look goofy!” Connor squinted at his brother with mock outrage. “You’re just jealous, Donny. `Cause now I’m sexier than you.” He picked up the box of `toilet trees’ and stomped into the bathroom. Lucas and Donovan laughed and began putting away the rest of Lucas’ belongings. “He’s a little spitfire,” Lucas said with an amused grin. “Yeah. He can be a handful, and he’s always making jokes and cutting up. I love the little scamp.” “I can tell. You guys are very close.” “Yeah. We are. Always have been, especially since Dad left.” Lucas looked over at Donovan. The tall teen was placing textbooks on the desk, taking his time as if his mind was elsewhere. Lucas cleared his throat and said, “You don’t have to tell me about your personal business, but I promise I’m a good listener, if you ever need to get anything off your chest.” Donovan placed the last book on the desk and turned to face Lucas. “Thanks. I appreciate the offer. It gets tough, sometimes, being the man of the house without a dad to talk to.” Lucas nodded to show he understood exactly what Donovan meant. “I won’t try to be your dad, but I could be a friend you can confide in, if you need one.” “Or … a big brother?” Donovan swallowed hard. A slight blush crept into his cheeks. Lucas smiled. “Sure. I can do big brother.” Connor came back into the bedroom, dressed in nothing but a pair of white briefs. “I’m sweaty, guys. Gonna take a shower. After I finish, can I put on some more of your perfume, Lucas.” Donovan rolled his eyes. “It’s not perfume, dufus. It’s called cologne.” “Whatever,” Connor replied. “Can I?” Lucas chuckled. “Sure thing. Just go easy on it. Don’t want you attracting too many girls to the house.” Connor bit his lip and giggled, then did a silly dance, turning in a circle as he stripped his underwear down, showing off his lily-white butt. Donovan threw a pillow, making Connor squeal and run laughing into the bathroom. “You sure you want to be the big brother around here?” Donovan asked with a snort. *** Lucas smeared shaving cream onto his upper lip and leaned into the mirror. Behind him, Donovan stripped down without the slightest sign of modesty, tossing his sweaty clothes in a hamper in the corner of the bathroom. He climbed into the shower, pulled the door closed, and turned on the water. Lucas watched in the mirror, trying to focus on shaving without cutting himself, but it wasn’t easy to do with a gorgeous specimen of developing manhood walking around naked behind you. Connor was sitting on the counter, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, talking while Lucas shaved. “I can’t wait `til I’m old enough to do that. I’ll shave every day, like you and Donny. `Cause then I’ll be a man, like you and Donny, and I’ll wear co- … colo- … whatever that stuff is.” “Cologne.” “Yeah, that stuff. Why’s it got such a silly name?” “I don’t know. It’s a French word. I guess they invented it in France a long time ago.” “Well, we ain’t in France so we should call it something different, like … man-fume.” “Man-fume?” “Yeah, perfume, but for men. Man-fume.” Lucas had to stop shaving because he began laughing so hard tears fell from his eyes. Donovan cracked open the shower door and stuck his head out. “What’s so funny?” Lucas pointed at Connor. “Your brother. I’m afraid I’m going to cut myself with him in here. He’s hilarious.” “Tell me about it,” Donovan said, rolling his eyes. He closed the door and continued his shower. “Can I try?” Connor asked. “You want to try shaving?” “No. I want to try shaving you.” Lucas swallowed. “Ummm … well … the blade’s kind of sharp. It’s easy to get cut.” “I know. I can be careful. I help Donny with his legs, so I know what to do. But I’ve never shaved a face before.” “Donny shaves his legs?” “Yeah,” Donovan yelled from inside the shower. “But only before races. Helps with aerodynamics.” “Wow,” Lucas shouted back. “You’re serious about your racing.” “Got to take every edge you can get,” Donovan agreed. “So? Can I?” Connor asked, not to be denied. Lucas moved in front of the boy, handing over the razor. Connor put one hand on Lucas’ cheek, holding the man’s face steady while he carefully dragged the razor down the other cheek. Connor took his time, paying close attention to what he was doing, taking extra care to move across the angle of Lucas’ jaw and down his neck. One side of Lucas’ face was done and Connor was starting on the other side when the water cut off and the shower door opened. Donovan stepped out and pulled a towel off the shelf next to the shower. “You’re a braver man than me,” Donovan said with a grin. Lucas glanced in the mirror and took in Donovan’s naked body. God, he was gorgeous. Tall and fit. Flat chest and rippled, washboard stomach. Huge thighs and calves, no doubt from all the racing. And one delicious-looking cock. It was hanging down, mostly soft, pale white like the rest of his skin, with a light pink, circumcised cap. His closely trimmed pubes were as red as the hair on his head. Lucas pulled his eyes away, trying his best not to stare. Donovan smiled slightly. Had he noticed Lucas checking him out? Donovan began drying his chest and stomach. “I let him shave my legs, but I won’t let him near my throat. I’ve tickled him too many times, so I don’t want him to have a shot at revenge.” Connor giggled. “One time, he tickled me so hard I peed myself. I was mad at him, but I’ve forgiven him now … mostly.” He giggled again. Lucas put his attention back on Connor. Might be better to keep his eyes on the little brother while the big brother was drying off. In the mirror, Lucas caught a glimpse of Donovan drying underneath his heavy cock. It flopped around as he worked. Damn. There was no escaping it. He dragged his eyes back to Connor and saw the youngster licking his lips as he concentrated on Lucas’ chin. Donovan threw the towel in the hamper and stepped into a pair of light gray boxer briefs. Finally covered, it did little to hide the sexy teen’s package. If anything, covering it up in the tight fabric only made him sexier. Connor turned Lucas’ face slightly to get a better angle. “Donny’s legs are gettin’ hairy again. His hair grows fast. Around his cock too, but he won’t let me shave him there.” Lucas jumped, gasping. “Don’t move!” Connor exclaimed. “I don’t wanna cut you.” Lucas nodded slightly, trying his best to hold his head still. Donovan opened a drawer and held up a pair of clippers. “I don’t let him near my neck or my junk. This is what I use to trim the pubes.” “For better aerodynamics when you race?” Lucas asked. “Nah. I just don’t like it all bushy.” Connor’s eyes twinkled mischievously. “I ain’t ever gonna trim my pubes. When they start growing, I’m lettin’ `em keep on growing until I’m the hairiest man alive.” Lucas was having a devil of a time not moving. These guys were making it so very hard–in more ways than one–for him to hold still. Donovan smiled, noticing the growing lump in Lucas’ jeans. “You better stop joking around, shrimp. We need to finish cleaning up. Mom will have supper ready soon.” “All done,” Connor announced, dragging the razor down the last inch of Lucas’ cheek. “I’ll clean up the sink while you shower.” Lucas looked in the mirror. No cuts. A nice, close shave. “Thanks, sport. You did good.” Connor beamed. “Any time.” He held out his hand. “That’ll be ten dollars.” Lucas laughed. “I’m a little short at the moment. Can I pay you tomorrow?” Connor nodded. “Sure. But it’s twenty bucks tomorrow. Interest and fees, you know.” Lucas shook Connor’s hand. “Twenty it is.” Connor grinned. “Massive!” Lucas had to chuckle. Was that what the kids were saying these days? Massive? It was `cool’ or `neat’ when Lucas was growing up, and the generation after his used `sweet’ and `wicked’ to express their delight. Now Connor’s generation had coined their own phrase … `massive’. What gaziantep escort would the kids 30 years from now say? Would they recycle the catchphrases of yesteryear and once again be saying `cool’? Connor began cleaning the sink while Donovan helped him. Neither one seemed to be in a rush to leave the bathroom and allow Lucas a chance to shower in private. Well, okay then. Lucas pulled his pants down, somehow managing to do so without popping a boner. He stripped quickly, noticing the boys watching him in the mirror. He tossed his jeans and underwear in the corner, giving them both a good look at his 19-year-old body, before climbing into the shower. Once he reached the relative safety of the shower, away from observant eyes, he allowed his cock to swell up. As he soaped up his body, he asked himself once again how he was going to do this? How was he going to live side by side with these two handsome kids without getting into trouble? One was a luscious specimen of manhood. The other was a clever, adorable cutie. All he could hope was that jacking off frequently would kill any urges he had. He waited until he heard the two brothers leave the bathroom, took himself in hand and started frantically stroking. With images of two sexy brothers flashing through his imagination, he came to a teeth-clinching orgasm in less than a minute. There was only one way to describe it … massive! *** Supper was fantastic, once again. They sated themselves on Katherine’s stuffed pork chops, then complimented her profusely as they wandered into the den to watch a movie and munch on popcorn. Two hours later, Donovan and Lucas stood at the bathroom sinks, brushing their teeth before bed. Donovan spat, rinsed his mouth, and spat again. “So … you said it would be okay to confide in you, like a big brother, right?” Lucas nodded, swishing water around inside his mouth. He spat it out and said, “Yeah, that’s right.” Donovan wiped his mouth with a towel, turned and leaned back against the counter. “I really appreciate you renting the room. Mom needs the money.” Shrugging, Lucas said, “I was sick of the dorms. I needed a better place to stay, so it’s good for me too.” “Sure … but I think we’re getting the most from it. We weren’t sure how we were going to pay the mortgage this month. Mom’s hours were reduced at the bakery, and I haven’t been able to find any work. You came along just in time, as far as I’m concerned.” “Has it always been this tough for you guys?” Donovan nodded. “For the last few years, it has. Dad left us when I was 10. Took off with the neighbor’s wife. Left us high and dry.” “Sorry.” “It’s whatever, bro. We’ve managed just fine without him, but like I said, this month was looking bad until you came along.” “Funny how fate steps in when you need it, huh?” “Yeah. I guess.” Connor rushed into the bathroom, unbuckling his pants as he ran past them to the toilet. He ignored Donovan and Lucas, unzipping his pants and yanking them down along with his underwear as quickly as he could. He sat on the toilet and groaned. “Almost waited too long,” he moaned, grunting. There was a loud plop followed by a wet fart. Connor sighed. “When you gotta go, you gotta go.” Lucas and Donovan looked at each other and laughed. Lucas pinched his nose and motioned with his head toward his bedroom. “You want to finish our conversation somewhere else?” “After you,” Donovan said, gesturing toward the door. “He’s not at all shy, is he?” Lucas asked, once they were sitting on the edge of his bed. “Never has been, but I suppose that’s my fault. We’ve never been bashful around each other, so he’s grown up seeing me naked and believing there’s nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to his body.” “He’s lucky to have you for his brother.” “Thanks. I’m lucky to have him, too. He’s a great kid. He loves me, and he’s always trying to help me. He even tries to hook me up with cute guys all the time. He thinks I should have a steady boyfriend by now.” Lucas looked up, surprised to hear Donovan making such a candid admission. Having grown up in a different era of time, a time when gay kids were beaten up and ridiculed, Lucas couldn’t help how he felt. Sure, he looked 19, but he was decades older, and he still remembered an age when things were vastly different. His parents had been understanding and encouraging, but his brother and his classmates had been hateful and malicious. Lucas had emotional scars that came from living a life he’d been told was unnatural and wrong. Donovan didn’t know how lucky he was to have grown up in this century when being gay was not a cause for concern. No doubt his mother and brother accepted his sexuality as just another facet of his personality, much like his red hair and skill as a cyclist. But it wasn’t so easy for Lucas to be open, so he swallowed down all the uneasiness from his youth, smiled at Donovan, and said. “You’re gay? So am I.” Donovan casually asked, “Are you with anyone at the moment?” “No. Are you?” “Nah. Racing takes up a lot of my time. If I’m going to be in a relationship, I want to give it the attention it deserves, you know?” “Sure. Makes sense. My classes take up a lot of my time, so I understand completely.” “What are you studying?” “Space-time physics.” “Oh, hey, that explains the article I saw with your textbooks. By some English guy.” “He’s Scottish, actually. Sir Robert Doyle with the Erickson Research Institute. He’s a specialist in relativistic mechanics, which is the field of physics I’m studying. He has some interesting theories about the nature of time warps.” “Anything I’d be able to understand.” “The equations are pretty complex, but the theory in the paper is basic. Doyle believes that time warps leave residual energy behind, making each new time warp in the same geographical area a little stronger than all the ones that came before it. Each new time warp feeds on the leftover energies of the previous ones, so it will have stronger and more lasting effects.” Donovan shrugged. “Does that even matter? I mean, time warps don’t exist, do they, so what difference does it make?” Lucas glanced down at the time stealer on his wrist. It made quite a bit of difference, as far as Lucas was concerned, because Fort Wayne, Indiana, was one of the last places in the U.S. where he’d never used the time stealer. The backward flow of time had become stronger everywhere else, stripping years from his life each time he used it, and he was becoming increasingly worried about time immunity. Therefore, Fort Wayne was one place where he planned to not use the time stealer at all, if he could help it. But he couldn’t say that to Donovan. “You’re probably right. It’s all theories and speculation until someone invents a time machine.” Donovan smiled. “You’re kind of cute for a genius.” Lucas grinned. This kid was flirting with him! “You’re kind of cute for a muscular, athletic, ripped stud.” Donovan smiled even bigger, leaned over and kissed Lucas on the lips, gently without much pressure. Pulling back slightly, Donovan whispered, “Nice.” Lucas put one hand on Donovan’s knee and leaned in, pressing their lips together, holding the kiss just a bit longer. Lucas pulled back, licked his lips, and said, “Excellent.” Donovan put his hand behind Lucas’ neck and pulled him in for a long, hard kiss. Their tongues met and danced together. Their breath mingled, sweet and minty fresh from just brushing. When they heard giggles coming from the doorway to the bathroom, they pulled apart and saw Connor standing there, leaning against the door jamb with his arms crossed. Connor smirked and asked, “Does this mean I get the room to myself now?” Donovan chuckled and looked at Lucas. Lucas shrugged and said, “Every now and then, maybe.” Connor pumped his arm in triumph, exclaiming, “Massive!” *** Sunday morning was a surprise. Katherine woke them up, calling them to an early breakfast. Lucas and the boys stumbled to the table, scratching themselves and bumping shoulders and poking at each other. Katherine invited them to sit down and enjoy hot oatmeal, spicy sausage, buttermilk biscuits dripping with butter, and homemade grape jelly that made Lucas’ sweet tooth tingle. It was incredibly delicious, and Lucas began to worry about gaining weight, but he complimented Katherine generously on yet another fabulous meal. When the last biscuit had disappeared into Connor’s mouth, Katherine asked them if they would join her for church. Lucas swallowed hard. He wasn’t sure he was up for that. A time thief like himself just didn’t have a place in church, in his honest opinion. But Donovan and Connor agreed quickly, so rather than make a fuss, Lucas nodded too. After a quick shower and shave, Lucas dressed in a nice pair of slacks and a button-down dress shirt. He heard complaints from the bathroom, so he peeked in and saw Donovan adjusting a tie Connor wore. “Why do I gotta wear a tie?” Conner moaned. “If I have to wear one, so do you,” Donovan explained. Connor looked around Donovan and saw Lucas. “Lucas isn’t wearing one.” Donovan glanced at Lucas in the mirror and shrugged. “Lucas is in charge of his clothing. I’m in charge of yours and mine. You’re wearing a tie.” Connor moaned more, but stood still while Donovan adjusted the knot. Lucas sighed, walked to his closet and fumbled around in the back. He pulled out a tie, the only one he owned, which matched–more or less–the shirt and pants he now wore. He flipped up his collar and began tying a single Windsor, surprised he still remembered how. Connor and Donovan walked into his room and saw him flipping his collar back down over the tie. Connor grinned. Donovan whispered, “Thank you.” They walked out into the living room and saw Katherine picking up her purse and keys. When she saw the three of them, she smiled and said, “Such handsome men. Ready to go?” And they were off to church. After all the crazy turns his life had taken, Lucas thought he’d be uncomfortable, but surprisingly he wasn’t. The quiet atmosphere, the beautiful hymns, the comforting words all felt so right, so familiar somehow, just like when he was boy going to church with his family. The pastor spoke about a lady who searched for a lost coin until she found it, and he said God felt the same way about us. God doesn’t condemn us when we loose our way, but he searches for us until he finds us. Lucas gulped hard when he heard that, trying to hold back the tears, realizing that even a messed-up, mixed-up time bandit like himself was still loved by God. There was hope for him yet. After church, they drove to a restaurant where Lucas treated everyone to a nice meal. Connor displayed his best manners, stifling belches for the most part. Lunch finished, they drove around Fort Wayne, taking in the sights before visiting a mall to do a bit of shopping. It was wonderful just hanging out. Being a family. Lucas found himself looking forward to worshipping with his new family every Sunday. *** Connor was disappointed. He didn’t get his room to himself like he had hoped, because Lucas and Donovan did little more than kiss ankara gerçek resimli escort at first. However, Connor’s disappointment was allayed slightly by being invited to do calisthenics every morning with his two `big brothers’. They would meet in Lucas’ room around 5:30 each day, yawning and stretching, dressed in shorts and tee-shirts. They would do toe touches and windmills, pushups and situps, deep knee bends and lunges, crunches and leg lifts, pullups and dips. Then they’d lace up their running shoes and head outside for a slow jog around the neighborhood, usually a few miles, just enough to get the heart pumping and the lungs expanding. Back home, they’d strip off their sweaty clothes and climb into the shower, usually Connor going first while Donovan and Lucas shaved at the sink. While Connor dried off, Lucas and Donovan would shower together, soaping each other up and fondling each other in a friendly way. They’d wrap up the shower, sometimes cumming, sometimes not, and while drying their naked teen bodies, they would usually find Connor perched in front of the mirror, styling his hair. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted it spiked up or drooping in his eyes. Donovan would often mess up whatever style Connor had going, infuriating the little guy to no end. Lucas would suggest a buzz cut as the solution to his hair styling dilemma, making Connor turn red in the face and attack both his brothers with clinched teeth. One or the other of them would grab Connor in a hug while the other tickled him mercilessly, causing his towel to fall off. If Connor complained he was about to pee himself, which often happened, they would stop tickling him and carry him into Lucas’ room where they all three would fall into the bed and cuddle together for however long they had until breakfast was ready. So, although Connor was disappointed about not getting his room all to himself, he was overjoyed to have two big brothers who loved him so much. Lucas began buying more than his fair share of the food for the household, and the food he bought was often not cheap. Steak. Fish. And energy bars by the case. Katherine objected at first, pointing out that there were three of them and only one Lucas, so it was hardly fair that he was buying over half the food they ate. Lucas noted that Katherine did most of the cooking, for which he was grateful, because she really was an outstanding chef. He also pointed out that the three boys were working out every day, so extra protein was needed to make their workouts effective. Therefore, when it came down to it, it really was fair for Lucas to buy extra food. Katherine shook her head slowly, not buying that argument, but she didn’t want to push the matter. She appreciated the extra help so much that she decided to let it go. As for Donovan, he was enjoying having a big brother for a change. He loved Connor, with all his heart, but there was something special about having a guy your own age you could just talk to or hang out with if you didn’t feel like talking. Connor always felt like talking. You couldn’t shut him up some days. But you could plop down next to Lucas and say hey and just read or watch a movie or whatever, and when you felt like talking, he’d hear you out and offer advice only if you asked. It was great. And when the occasional horny urge popped up, Lucas could be counted on to help a guy out. Donovan wasn’t sure yet if there was something more developing between them. He liked Lucas, but there were days when it seemed like Lucas was in his own world, gazing off into space. Lucas felt more comfortable with the McCoys than he had ever felt anywhere he’d ever lived. As Donovan so often told Lucas, it had been good for all of them when Lucas moved in. His rent money had made the difference for the McCoys, so they tried to return the favor by becoming the family Lucas needed. And so it was that all four of them settled into a comfortable routine. It was summer, which meant Donny and Conner were home all day, keeping each other company when Lucas was gone taking summer session classes. Katherine was offered more hours at the bakery and the Tuesday-through-Saturday early-morning shift, so the guys had to learn to make their own breakfasts. Lucas was a decent cook, but Donovan turned out to be a master of omelets, and Connor was very helpful on prep, whoever was cooking. Lunch was usually a simple affair, sandwiches and chips, but Katherine still insisted on making an incredible supper of some kind. She enjoyed cooking for her boys and wouldn’t be denied. Saturdays were for goofing off. After a full week of stuffing his head full of theories and formulas, Lucas needed the break. He also told his brothers he wanted a day off from working out, so sleeping in on Saturdays was the plan. It rarely ended that way. Instead, Lucas often felt cold, little fingers sneaking under the blankets to tickle his ribs. He’d grab the offending digits and drag Connor squealing on to the bed, where they’d wrestle and laugh, waking up Donovan. Donny would come into the room, yawning and rubbing his eyes, and collapse on top of both of them, pretending to fall back asleep with exaggerated snores and grunts. Of course, that meant Lucas and Connor had to team up and attack Donovan. Everyone would usually be grabbed just about everywhere, and the screams and shrieks would get louder and louder until one of the big brothers would hush the littlest brother and warn him to be quiet before the neighbors came banging on the door. Then they’d wrap up in Lucas’ sheets and fall back asleep, often with fingers carelessly holding the nearest boy’s soft cock or balls, sleeping until almost noon. *** One Saturday morning … A quiet house … Katherine McCoy left at 4:00 a.m. to begin her morning shift at the bakery. Lucas was asleep in his room. Donovan and Connor were snoring in their bunk bed. All was peaceful. Around 6:30, Connor woke up with a steel-hard boner. It was happening more and more these days. Donny had warned him about that, letting him know what to expect as his body went through all those changes. He knew it wasn’t a big deal, and it was even a little exciting to think he’d one day get to have the same kind of fun he saw Lucas and Donny having. They kept it private, pretty much, but they didn’t try to hide it from him, so he knew they were kissing and rubbing each other down there until the spermies came out. He had even peeked into Lucas’ room one afternoon and saw them doing blowjobs. That was a weird name for it. They weren’t blowing on their cocks or anything, but he knew that it was called a blowjob `cause he’d talked to his friends at school about it, and they said that was what it was called when you put a guy’s dick in your mouth and sucked on it. So, if you sucked it, why wasn’t it called a suckjob? That would make more sense. And what did it feel like to get a suckjob? He knew he got the funny, tingly feelings in his dick when Lucas or Donny rubbed on it. Would a suckjob make him tingle even more? He’d have to ask Donny about it later. Donny was always good about explaining things to him, and he never got mad or upset when Connor had questions. He was a terrific brother, and so was Lucas. They were both great. Connor threw off his blankets and slid off the top bunk and dropped to the floor. Donny was half covered by a sheet and had one arm thrown across his face, snoring lightly. Connor poked Donny in the chest. His brother didn’t move. He was sleeping like a rock, so Connor frowned and turned away. He wanted to cuddle with someone. Connor trudged into the bathroom and out the other side into Lucas’ room. Lucas was on his side, breathing slowly. Connor touched Lucas on the arm, pushing down gently. Lucas hummed softly, opened one eye and saw Connor standing there. Lucas breathed in, lifted the sheet, and waved at Connor to climb in with him. Connor jumped into the bed and slid up against Lucas’ chest, loving how warm and hairy he was. Connor threaded his arms around Lucas’ back and pushed up against him. He loved the way Lucas’ stuff was soft and squishy inside his underwear. It almost seemed to wrap around his own hard, little dick when he pushed up against Lucas. It started out soft, but it didn’t stay that way for long. With Connor slowly humping Lucas, Lucas’ cock felt the rhythmic probing and responded by swelling and probing Connor right back. Connor giggled and reached down to adjust them both so their cocks were pointing straight up. He began sliding his dick up and down against Lucas’ cock. It felt really nice. Lucas sighed and hugged Connor. The little rascal was getting hornier every day. He and Donny both expected the boy to start puberty early, but how early? He was only 11, far too young for nature to hit him with that two-edged sword. But Connor seemed determined to get there as fast as possible. Maybe it was his big brothers’ fault. Perhaps they were letting him see and experience things earlier than most other boys. But they’d decided to be honest and open with Connor, both with regard to the questions he asked and the experimentation he tried. They agreed he should never be ashamed about his body and the changes it was undergoing. So in moments like this, when Connor was frotting with Lucas, Lucas just closed his eyes and loved on his adopted little brother, gently rubbing the boy’s back and sides. Connor enjoyed the feeling of their hard cocks rubbing together, but it wasn’t enough. He stopped and pulled his underwear halfway down his thighs. He tugged at Lucas’ briefs, getting them down far enough to leave Lucas naked and exposed. Connor fell back down and pulled the hairy man close. Now it felt massive! The skin of their cocks rubbed together, making the tingles even better. Connor began humping faster. His dick was harder than ever, and he felt a little wet stuff leaking out of Lucas onto both of them. That must be that precum stuff they’d told him about. It made their cocks slippery, so he could really hump fast now. He sucked in two quick breaths and stopped moving. He was going to pee. All over Lucas and the bed. Oh, no! His dick throbbed and jumped, but no pee came out. Instead his body shook and his dick pulsed and his butt clinched. It was the most wonderful feeling ever! It was … it was massive to the max! Lucas opened his eyes and looked down at Connor. Had the little guy just enjoyed a dry cum? Connor looked up at Lucas, his eyes wide and surprised. “You okay, sport?” Lucas asked. “Yeah. I guess,” Connor replied. Connor frowned and asked, “What just happened?” Lucas smiled. “I think you had an orgasm, little brother.” “Is that the thing you guys were telling me about last night?” “Yeah.” “But you called it something else.” “It’s called cumming. When your cock shoots out cum and you feel tingly all over.” “But nothing comes out when you’re little like me, just the tingly feelings only, right?” “Right. It’s still an orgasm, just a dry one, without the wet stuff.” Connor smiled happily. “I did it finally. I had a cum, well, sort of.” Lucas nodded and hugged Connor to his chest. “You sure did, sport. You’re growing up.” Connor began humping against Lucas. “I want to do it again.” Lucas chuckled and began humping back against the boy. Donny would laugh when he heard about this in the shower later. Their little brother was going to be even more challenging now. End of THE GIFT OF STOLEN TIME, Chapter Nine

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