My Wife got blacked # 3, My Toy Boy sex

My Wife got blacked # 3, My Toy Boy sex
Well after all this time I cand finally give the update on my young Toy boy, he was actually 18, and called Ibrahim, not Josh, simply because he did not like his real name! So I will call him Ibrahim ok!
I finally received another note through my post box asking me to meet him at a certain local bar, which I knew about and had visited in the past, a lot of coloureds hang about the Rest!! about 10 minute taxi ride from my home.
The meeting was to be three days after I found the note, this time I let my hubby know I had received an invitation, I also showed him the original note, So he asked are you going to meet your young black fan? I don’t know yet as I have not decided, maybe I told my Hubby. He told me it was ok with him and I should go.
Well the day came and I though what the heck, why not I did not have to go through anything, just a drink and a chat, then depending on the night and how I feel, something might happen, but I would make no promises, or invites, let’s just see how it goes I told myself
I bathed, then dressed not slutty, or as a young let’s say 16 year old, but I did wear seamed stockings, suspenders a very sexy matching set of Bra and panties so shear they would leave nothing to,the imagination. Painted my nails and toe nails red so I could wear a pair of open toed heels, very nice modern skirt and top, so now all set to see what if anything the night would bring.
Then meeting time was 9:00 that evening, as I was about to leave my Hubby told me to give him a call if I decide the bring him home then he can prepare, and stay in the next room,
I arrived at the bar about 2 minutes to 9:00, as I walked up to the entrance a thought struck me! How would I recognise him or he recognise me! I walked into,the bar glancing round, then I noticed from a corner of the room a young black guy waving me to me to come over, I made my way across to him as I got neared I could see his face a lot more clearly, mmmm! I thought to myself he’s quite handsome, as I arrived at the table he said hello I,said hi back as I sat down drink he asked me yes please vodka and Coke, walking across to the bar he was dressed very nice and looked as if he had a fine body.
We sat chatting over several drinks over the next couple of hours, not mentioning what took place several,weeks previous, As the nights was coming to a close I did ask him how he recognised me when I arrived at the bar, he admitted that he had been watching me come and go from my home ever since that time Cahill brought him round to,fuck me, mmmm! Right I replied, did you enjoy it I asked him, Yes very much and that he had been thinking about it and me ever since.
Well that made my mind up, I asked Ibrahim if he would like to come home with me tonight? The look on his face, you mean? yes I replied and told him to wait whilst I made a phone call and order a taxi, I made two,calls one for the taxi,,but the other to my hubby, arebyou bringing him home he asked me yes I replied, but I don’t want you there, pardon! He said, I repeated that i don’t want him there and to go spend the night at a friends, my hubby sounded disappointed but agreed, See you SOMETIME tomorrow I said bye then hung up. I returned to my seat, Ibrahim then told me he would ring his Mum and tell he he would be late as he was going to stay at a friends, ok I said but tell her very late, as he went out to make the call I wondered what he would say, hi Mum Is it ok if I take this white married woman home to fuck, i gave my self a quiet little laugh. Ibrahim returning we finished our drinks, come on Ibrahim I told him our taxi is here, I took his hand as we walked out of the bar to the taxi
I opened the front door showing Ibrahim to the living room, asking him if he fancied a drink, beer he relied if that is ok, I brought our drinks in,me a vodka and Coke, and sat next to him on the settee, putting our drinks on the coffee table I leaned across and kissed him, mouths and tongues meeting, Do you like me I asked him, yes he relied, shall we go to bed? again he replied yes, I took his hand and led him to the bed room, as he watched I slowly stripped down to my bra, panties, high heels stockings and suspenders, now that I had his attention I took off my bra my nipples rigid with excitement I sat down on the bed to watch him strip off his clothes, last item being his shorts, OMG ! His black cock was huge, and looked very thick, I had to remember that the last time he fucked me, Cahill, and Ozzy had fucked me so I was pretty slack and very, very wet. As Ibrahim came to my bed his black cock standing to attention, I lay back on the bed as I felt his hands at my panties lifting my hips he pulled them down and off my legs, his hands then spread my legs wide and his mouth came to my now very excited pussy, I opened my legs wider as I felt his mouth and tounge kissing, caressing, licking my willing slit, Moving my hips gently and slowly in time to his kissing, sucking , and licking, my god he was doing wonderful things to my eager cunt, I could hear myself softly moaning, groaning with pleasure. He really was doing wonderful things with his tongue, he was bringing me to an orgasm, I gripped his head and pulled him deeper into my pussy, my god I thought 5 minutes and already he had literally brought me to an orgasm.
Ibrahim I whispered to him as I came down from that small but nice orgasm, I want to feel your cock inside me, as he moved up the bed I spread my legs wider, he lay on top of me, kissing our tongues in each other’s mouth exploring, as I put my hands down between us to take hold of his cock and guide him to my eager pussy entrance, as I felt the head of his cock at my cunt I whispered to him, slowly, please slowly, then he pushed into me, I know I let out a moan, groan but it was one of pleasure as I felt him enter me, I put my hands behind my knees pulling them up to open my pussy wider for him, then he started to fuck me,slowly at first until I told him I wanted it hard and rough, telling him over and over to fuck me, fuck me with that young black cock, God he was wonderful, he realy pounded me, I was getting well,fucked by an 18 year old (yes I found out he was 18) it was not long before I was climaxing, Oh God yes! Oh God yes! I’m cumming, Oh God yes! I’ve never cum as hard or as much as that for a long, long the me. Ibrahim kept on fucking me God it was wonderful, driving me crazy, I orgasmed 3 , 4 times I don’t know, it seemed continuous, Ibrahim started to groan he was now fucking my pussy even harder, I’m cumming he told me I’m cumming, I grabbed his ass pulling him deep inside me I thrust my hips to meet his thrusting, telling him over and over to cum inside me, his thrusting stopped I could feel his cock throbbing inside me, I lay there legs wide open, gripping Ibrahims ass to hold him deep inside me, feeling every throb and spurt of his cum inside my willing pussy, it seemed to go on forever, spurt after spurt, he pumped deep inside me. I’ve never had so much cum pumped into me before. God it was wonderful. I’ve never enjoyed being fucked as much as that for a long time. We lay together Ibrahim still on top of me his cock still buried deep inside my well fucked cunt. I was feeling so peaceful, so satisfied.
After a few more minutes when we had both come down from our climaxes, Ibrahim rolled off me to lay on his back I turned to face him putting one arm over his young chest and one leg d****d over his young body. I was kissing his ear, stroking his chest, I was so content. A few more minutes Ibrahim got go,to,the bathroom, I put my hands down between my legs to feel my sticky pussy hair, and cum still leaking out of me, I closed my legs tight, I wanted to keep,as much inside me as possible,
A few minutes later Ibrahim returned I noticed ( in fact I could not help notice as it was so,huge) his cock,was once again hard, he climbed back into bed beside me, his mouth going to my breasts to nibble, suck, bite my nipples, his hand stroking my pussy, I took hold off his lovely black cock and gently stroked it up and down, Ibrahim pushing my legs apart he climbed on top of me his cock easily slipped inside my wet willing cunt, he gently began to fuck me once again, in, out, in, out, slowly, all the way into me, his balls against my ass, then slowly out, he was driving me crazy with excitement, trying to thrust my hips to meet him but he would not let me. He held my hands so I could not grab his ass, is that nice he asked me, mmmm!! Yes I replied don’t stop, It was not long before he had me cumming once again telling him not to stop fucking me I seemed to have one very long climax, ooooooohhhh! mmmmmmmm! Yesssss!, mmmmmmmm! Yes! Yes! Yes! mmmmmmmmmm!,, I finally just sort of went rigid I could feel my own juices running out of my pussy down the crack of my ass, but Ibrahim had not finished with me he with drew his cock from my now very happy contented pussy, he flipped me over onto my stomache then lifting my ass in the air, spreading my pussy lips Ibrahim once again entered me, fucking me doggy fashion slowly, long slow in, out, in out, pushing into me as deep as he could, he was driving me wild, then slowly withdrawing until the head of his cock was just inside my pussy lips I would push my ass against him each time I thought he was going to slip out of me, but he didn’t, he knew what he was doing. Once again he had me moaning with pleasure, that’s when he started to fuck me harder, ramming his black cock deep inside me, fucking me, pounding my pussy, he now not only had me moaning, but screaming, I was thrusting my ass against his thrusting black cock, my head buried in the pillow to try and stifle my screams, my hands gripping the bed sheets as he continued his battering of my cunt, pounding me, fucking me, finally Ibrahim starting to groan he was now thrusting of his black cock deeper into me, ramming, pounding even harder then grabbing my hips even tighter gave a final thrust into me holding his black cock as deep as he could Ibrahim now groaning very loudly he gave me another load of his cum, feeling his cock throb inside my pussy as I felt spurt after spurt of his young seed flooding me once again. Not moving for several minutes, then i flopped forward to lay on my stomache, Ibrahim lay on my back his black cock still inside me, we lay still for several more minutes, finally he rolled off me his black cock slipping out of my well fucked pussy, Ibrahim laying on his back once again I dropped one leg over him, stroking his chest and kissing his ear, telling him how much I enjoyed it. He turned to face me asking me if it was ok, more than ok I replied, then leaning forward we were kissing very deeply, I’m sure he would have liked to fuck me again, but we didn’t, I turned round away from him, Ibrahim snuggled into my back, one arm over me to squeeze and caress my breast and nipples, his lovely cock resting between the cheeks of my ass, we both fell to sleep.
I woke first a few hours later, what time we finished fucking I don’t know, but it was now 11:00am, I turned round to look at my young black lover, he really was quite handsome, putting my hand down under the bed sheets to feel and caress his cock, feeling it stiffen in my hand I pushed the bed sheets back to gaze at his wonderful black weapon, I lowered my head down to this lovely black cock, I started to kiss, nibble, licking the head of his now very hard cock, still holding Ibrahims cock opening my mouth I started to suck my head bobbing up and down his shaft, Ibrahim was now groaning, and moving his hips in rythmn with my sucking and bidding head, it was not long before I tasted his pre-cum, Ibrhaim was groaning louder as he neared his climax, I looked up into his face he was watching me as I sucked his cock my white mouth round his black cock, I lifted up of his cock smiling at him I licked the head of his cock, then once again I took him into my mouth, He was now groaning louder, Ibrahim now had hold of my head, thrusting his hips up to fuck my mouth, but I did not stop sucking him until he give one final thrust gripping my hair forcing my head down he shot his load of sweet tasting cum into my mouth to the back of my throat, I continued to,suck and swallow,at the same time, he filled my mouth spurt after spurt, my mouth was that full it leaked out to run down his cock and onto my hand, finally he stopped cumming,, I lifted my mouth up from his wet shiny cock, I licked his cock and my hand so no trace of his cum remained.
I moved up the bed to lay next to him, whispering in his ear did you like that, Ibrahim leaned over kissed my mouth, the replied very much.
We lay together for a further 20 minutes or so, then showering together, and dressed, Down stairs I made us both eggs and toast, until finally he told me he had to go, I thanked him and told him how much I enjoyed the last night, and of course this morning, then I came out with it and asked him if he would like to,see me again, I did not need an answer as he came over to me grabbing me tight and kissed me, as he walked out the door he turned round as told me that he wants to, and was going to fuck me every week.
Last words: — I’ve fallen in love with him,I would so love my belly to swell with his baby, but there is no chance of that.

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