Subject: As The Test Tube Turns Chapter 1 (Revised) *Disclaimer: * *Must be 17 or older to read. If you are under 17 or if it is illegal where you are. Don’t read any further. This is fiction. There will be fictional family members in any celebrity family for the sake of this story. Regular fictional characters. I don’t know any celebrities or families. I don’t know anyone’s sexuality except Lance Bass. More happenings later* * As The Test Tubes Turns * ** *Chapter 1* *18 year old Kyle James Martinez has known since he was 12 that he was gay and in love with his idol as well as favorite backstreet boy Nicholas Gene Carter. He’s a freshmen at the U of Florida. Now present time it’s June 2nd, 2006 Friday 6 A M. Kyle wakes up with a major hang over from hell yawning in his dorm room bed. He turns his head wincing in pain to check etlik escort the time. * *Instead of seeing the alarm clock he saw his idol laying next to him naked. He finally sees his alarm clock pushed to the wall on his night table and a piece of paper and a used condom on the floor. * ** *He grabbed the paper without freaking out. He reads the piece of paper. He gasped when it says Kyle James Martinez-Carter and Nicholas Gene Carter-Martinez in holy matrimony. “Oh my fucking god!” Kyle screamed painfully. Kyle’s scream woke Nick up startled and in pain from a major hang over from hell. He sees a naked Kyle. “Who the hell are you!” Nick shrieked wincing in pain. “Your husband, We wed while we were wasted and from the looks of it one of us got laid.” Kyle wince in pain from a sore ass and the hang ankara escort bayan over. Nick gasped. He couldn’t believe he married someone while drunk. * ** *”Oh my god, You got it good who ever you are.” Nick said terrified of what Kyle will say or do. He’s also scared of commitment like this one.** “You made love to me I take it, Because my ass hurts, This wasn’t how I pictured my first time.” Kyle said frowning. “Love, I raped you and you call that love!” Nick exclaimed. “You didn’t rape me, Besides I fell in love with my idol and favorite backstreet boy, Not just because you’re famous but because of who you are inside.” Kyle said frowning feeling as if Nick doesn’t like him at all so he lays on his right side facing away from Nick. Nick frowned. “I’m sorry, I never gone home with Random people OK.” Nick said. * ** *”My sincan escort name is Kyle, I’m 18 and drank at a fraternity party.” Kyle said not turning around. “I’m sorry Kyle, You’re banned from frat parties!” Nick hissed wincing in pain. “Just cause we’re married doesn’t give you the right to control me Nicholas!” Kyle hissed wincing in pain. “As your husband I ban it because I don’t want you sleeping with random strangers while drunk Kyle.” Nick said kissing Kyle’s left shoulder. Kyle shivered. * *”I’m sorry, I never been taken care of like this before.” Kyle said frowning. Nick frowned. * ** * “Didn’t your parents ever teach you to not to take off with random people?” Nick asked frowning no longer kissing Kyle’s shoulder. “No, My parents are never around to see me long enough to say hello because they work too much.” Kyle said frowning. “I don’t know about loving you yet, But I do know I need to keep you safe OK.” Nick said kissing Kyle’s shoulder. “Thanks for caring, But isn’t Kevin going to kick your ass for getting legally married to another man.” Kyle asked concerned and worried.*

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