Subject: The-Dream-Within Chapter 1 DISCLAIMER: I own Nsync. Lance does my dishes and I make JC do my laundry – but only on the weekends. I know them all personally, Me and Justin bake pie together. If you cannot discern between truth and lies, Fact and fiction, or are under the age of 18. If gnomes steal your underwear, or it is illegal to be gay where you live, You should move. If you don’t like gay people – Listen for the pop (The pop being the sound your head will make when it FINALLY comes out of your ass) Questions? Comments on this story? Email me at Abercromnie@hotmail — This story is not a typical story, like all my stories, its AU. While Nsync is still Nsync – Other things are not as they seem. Proceeding chapters will be consistantly longer. ~~It Begins~~ The dreams are coming faster now. A place, a thing, a person… But what do they mean? Somehow… I think I am the key… and all eryaman escort my questions will be answered soon… And that scares me. Tyler woke up in his room. Sweat dripping from his forehead on to his bare chest. His clock was flickering 12:00, 12:00, 12:00. The sound of the rain pelting his roof was causing his brain to thump. He was still in a daze. Every night the same dream came to him, Every night revealing a bit more. He slept but never felt rested. He crawled out of bed and walked over to the sink. He threw water up on his face. The phone rang and Tyler jumped. He sighed and then walked over and picked up the reciever. “Speak.” he said. “Another dream?” said a female on the other line. “Mm.” was all Tyler said. “Well then.” she said, “I have something to cheer you up. Me and you are going to see Nsync tonight!” she screamed. “Tyler?” Rebecca etimesgut escort said. “Uh Bec, thats great.” he said solemnly. It was silent for a bit. “Bec?” he asked. “What the hell is an Nsync?” he said. –An hour later– There was a knock at the door. Tyler answered it and Becky walked in to his apartment and hugged him. “Ready?” She asked him. He nodded. “Come on, you have to leave this place sometime.” she said. He nodded at her again. Rebecca smiled and the too headed off to his car. –In the car– “So why did you want me to come again? You know im not in to that whole pop music thing.” Tyler said, fidgetting with his watch. “Because you need to stop cooping yourself up in that apartment. It isn’t healthy.” she said. Tyler snorted, if she only knew. Tyler smiled at her, and she smiled back. –The concert– Tyler was hating to admit it ankara escort – But it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. He was still anxious about being out of his haven, but he was enjoying himself. The guys hadn’t even come on yet and he was positive he would unfortunatly go home deaf. All the screaming was driving him insane. “Becca! BECCA!” he called. “What? I can’t hear you!” She said, pointing to her ears. He rolled his eyes, “BATHROOM – ME – NOW” he said. She nodded and waved. He pushed his way through the crowd. He was walking through a corridor. The person he asked said the washroom was this way. He was begining to think they lied… Suddenly the lights in the corridor flickered. There was a loud buzzing sound and the walls seemed to shake violently. He heard explosions and then a voice call out, “ARE YOU READY…” – – – “TO PARTY!!!” Tyler took a deep breath. “I guess the act is starting…” he mumbled to himself. ~~~~ So what happens next? I sure as hell don’t have a clue. Tell ail – Im going to see where this ends up, and how ya’ll like it. If you don’t – I’ll move along to something else. Forgive me if it sucks, first thing i’ve sent to Nifty in a long time.

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