Subject: Tom Holland And I – Part 1 This story will contain sexual acts between two adult males. I am not, nor do I know the celebrities involved. I do not know their sexual preferences. If you are not of legal age, please direct yourself to another site. If you enjoy Nifty, please donate! This story is dedicated to a high school friend whom I lost contact with after graduating, reconnected with after a decade and then found out was (unknowingly) my biggest fan on Nifty the entire time. Thanks for pushing me along, ‘Ami’! ————————————————– Tom Holland and I – Chapter 1 ————————————————– The sound of the front door opening stirred me from my sleep. Tessa huffed next to me and yawned widely. From the foyer, a slurred, “Thank you! Thank you for the ride,” piqued her attention. She uncurled her body from mine, had a hearty shake and plopped onto the floor. I could hear her collar tinkling as she made her way out of the room. The door closed followed by a human-sized thump on the wall. “Fuck.” I sighed. He was drunk. “Aw, Tessa! Hi, Tessie baby!” he `whispered’, undoubtedly hugging her tightly. “Gotta be quiet so we don’t wake Daddy, okay? Okay. Go lay down. Go on.” As Tessa trotted to her nearby bed, I heard him lock the door, grunt exhaustedly and plod off somewhere into the house. I blinked the sleep out of my eyes and tapped the phone resting by my head. It was almost midnight meaning I had been asleep on the couch for almost three hours. Whatever streaming show I had been binging had long since ceased playback, the entire room now dark. I stretched my body out before rolling off of the couch, brushing my long hair out of my face and making for the only light on in the house: the kitchen. He was perched on the island counter in his t-shirt, a tiny pair of blue briefs and only one sock eating straight out of a to-go container. His hair was disheveled and he was swaying ever so slightly as he shoveled food into his mouth. His cheeks were flushed, a telltale sign that he had been drinking. I was annoyed, but he was also entirely too adorable, even while inebriated. I opened my mouth to make a comment about the pile of discarded clothes on the floor when my attention shifted. “Thomas Stanley Holland, are you eating MY leftovers?!” He jumped, mouth full of butter chicken. “You said I could have some…” I sighed, kicking the abandoned sock out of my path. “I said you could have SOME at the restaurant. That did not mean you had free reign to eat all of it.” Sure enough, there was only a bite or two left. “You know that’s my favorite, babe.” Tom pouted sadly then took the last bite as I looked on in shock. “I’m sorry. I was hungry and I couldn’t find my stuff!” “Because you ate it yesterday.” “Oh, yeah.” I tossed the now empty container in the garbage and put my hands on Tom’s slim waist. “Come on, Monster. We gotta get to bed.” Tom’s demeanor changed immediately. His eyes glazed over as he cupped my face in his hands. “Can we… have a little fun?” I indulged him with a small kiss. “We have to get up and have breakfast with kızılay escort Ami and Rutger before we take them to the airport. Sleep only.” “Are you mad at me?” he asked shyly, looking down. I couldn’t help but chuckled at his sometimes child-like innocence. I cupped his neck and kissed him, this time longer and more intently. “Not at all, babe. Just tired. However, we both know that I’m going to be doing all the driving, so I need to get some sleep or I’ll drive us straight into the Thames.” The exaggeration made him laugh quietly before he pressed his lips to mine. “Come on. Bed, bed, bed.” Tom hopped down from the counter only pausing to pull off his remaining sock. As we headed upstairs toward the bedroom, he quietly reached back and clutched my hand in his. A small smile crossed my lips. Tom’s love language was, without a doubt, physical contact; he always had to touch, hold or be near me. I never had any complaint. I was head over heels for him and, now, everyone knew it. After brushing our teeth and forcing Tom to down a few glasses of water, we curled up in bed. Tom’s legs were tangled in mine and I had my arms wrapped around his shoulders. I had never brought it up to him, but Tom had a uniquely peculiar quirk when we slept together: no matter what position we were in, he would find a way to press the soles of his feet against me. I never understood it, but I also never questioned it. “Do you want to do something after we drop them off tomorrow?” Tom mumbled sleepily. I shrugged, well beyond halfway asleep. “Maybe we can take Tessa to the park,” I suggested. “And, we need to start packing for L.A. too.” Tom sighed something about laundry before falling quiet. I pecked him gently on the forehead as we both drifted towards sleep. Tom grunted quietly. “Mm. I love you, Bash.” “I love you, too, Monster.” I started from my sleep a second time, albeit for much better reason. From under the sheets, Tom was slowly jerking me off inside my briefs. He had one hand wrapped around my rock hard dick and the other tenderly cupping my balls. Tom was still curled up in my arms, touching me as much as he could with his body. I squinted over his head at the clock. Three hours had passed since he had gotten back. This wasn’t a new situation to me. My lover was, for a lack of better terms, an absolute cock hound. Tom loved to have sex, plain and simple. Any kind of sex. Anywhere. Any time. And, I was generally happy to oblige. Even when he was drunk and half asleep, his body begged for it. There had been numerous occasions when I woke up to find him caressing me, sucking me or, a few times, riding me. I always put up a half-hearted fight, Tom pouted and, in the end, he got what he wanted. A small moan escaped my lips as I ran my fingers through his hair. His slender hands worked me over expertly, spreading precum over the shaft. As I always leaked so much, we rarely used much lube, if any. My little quirk assuredly helped facilitate our spontaneous fuck sessions. It was something I had been extremely self conscious about growing up, but had learned to appreciate. I lay keçiören escort back and let Tom play with me for a few more minutes. I could feel my horniness rising to a point that I couldn’t resist. Without warning, I gripped his hair and roughly yanked Tom’s head back. His eyes snapped open and a lusty grin spread across his face. There were no words exchanged as Tom kicked back the sheets. In one movement, I flipped him onto his stomach, pulled his briefs off and buried my face in his ass. He let out a squeal as I shoved my tongue into his already twitching hole. Tom’s back arched and a shudder passed through his prone body. I wrapped one arm around his thigh, pushing myself impossibly further into him, and pulled my own briefs off with my free hand. The sleep was wearing off quickly and the lust was taking over, making it obvious that neither of us were going to get any rest until we were both satisfied. I disconnected from Tom, giving him a playful bite on a pale cheek, then knelt behind him. The only light in the room came through the curtains, casting deep shadows over our bodies. After all this time, I had Tom’s body memorized in my mind. From his wavy brown hair down his slender, muscular frame all the way down to his toes, I knew every detail. Even in the dim light, I could perfectly envision his spit-slicked hole as I rested my cock between his cheeks. As modest as I tried to be about it, I couldn’t deny that I was blessed in that department. I was about seven and a half inches, but well above average in girth, something Tom liked to comment on frequently. He hummed pleasurably as he ground his ass onto me. My precum had continued flowing, glistening in the light as I dripped across his upturned hole. I dragged my fingers over his back which had an immediate effect. Tom’s body quivered, his skin bumping up at the contact. He reached back and spread his cheeks, simultaneously looking back over his shoulder. He was inviting me to fuck him, but I wanted to tease him just a bit longer. I put my hand on his lower back and pushed down, forcing his ass even higher into the air. I took my dick in my free hand and gave his pucker a few hearty smacks. The sound resonated through the room as did the whimpering moan that slipped from Tom’s mouth. “Please…” he whispered. “Come on, Bash, fuck me.” I grinned, continuing to graze his hole with the leaking head of my dick. The heat radiating from my lover was building and I could feel him trembling slightly. Taking me by surprise, Tom suddenly propped himself up, grabbed my hard dick in his hand and impaled himself on my length. Straight down to my crotch. My jaw fell in a silent gasp as Tom let out a wavering moan of pleasure. I could feel his legs shaking as his body acclimated to the intrusion. His hole was like a warm vice gripping my inches with no mercy. I wanted to cum almost immediately. Tom wasted no time in taking charge. He curled his body and slid forward until he was impaled on just an inch or so, then slammed his hips back onto mine. I grunted at the force of contact as he repeated the motion. He escort ankara began to pick up speed, our hips meeting noisily. I leaned back as he fucked himself and enjoyed the sensations rolling through me. Tom’s hole felt like it was sucking me in. Tom fucked himself on my dick for quite some time, his head hanging loosely as he focused on his ass. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I decided to take control of the situation. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled slightly, Tom groaning quietly as he was forced to arch his back. I braced myself on his hip and began sliding myself in and out of his warm hole. I knew I couldn’t hold my orgasm off for too long. Tom’s talented ass was, almost literally, milking me. I released his hair and grabbed both of his hips. Tom placed his chest flat onto the bed, submitting himself to me completely. I held nothing back as I pulled him onto my cock as I rammed forward at the same time. Tom let out a strained, “Oh, fuck,” as I reared back and plowed into him again. And again. And again. I was soon railing him at a fervid pace, intent on filling him with my load. Tom was reduced to a whimpering puddle underneath me, a light sheen of sweat covering his body. A quick peek at the clock revealed that we had been at it for the better part of half an hour. I chuckled quietly. I snapped back to the present as I felt Tom clenching himself around my dick, goading me towards the inevitable. My breath hitched in my chest as I crossed the point of no return. Like a bloodhound catching a scent, Tom turned his head slightly, his eyes glossed over with lust. A small smile formed on his face. And I lost it. With a guttural moan, I buried myself in Tom’s hole and unloaded. My hands gripped his waist almost painfully as my dick spasmed, each pulse filling my lover with more and more of my cum. Beneath me, Tom’s smile had remained even as his eyes rolled back in pleasure. This was what he wanted. This had been his goal when he woke me. And now, he was satisfied. I relaxed my grip and hovered over him, my legs twitching slightly as I attempted to catch my breath. A small laugh escaped Tom’s lips and he tilted his head back to get my attention. I kissed his shoulder and slowly retreated from his wet hole. Tom purred as I flopped onto the bed. “Mm, that was fun.” I turned on the pillow and couldn’t help but smile at his sweaty, still half-drunk grin. “Come here. Let me take care of you.” “I’m good,” he whispered, more than likely on his way back to sleep already. I turned my body to face him, my hand landing on the small of his back. “You sure? We’re here. We’re already going to have to wash the sheets.” He grinned again, his lids lowering heavily. “I promise-” He paused to yawn widely. “I promise I’m okay. I just wanted you to fuck me.” I couldn’t help but laugh. A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s truths. I didn’t press the issue. Tom’s goal had always been to get me to orgasm and, no matter how much I protested, if he didn’t cum, he was still happy. I kissed him on the forehead, then grabbed the abandoned sheets and pulled them over us. Tom was already breathing heavily, only moving to curl up next to me and place his feet on top of mine. ————————————————– Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think, what you would like to see or even if you just want to say thanks or ail

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