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Near the end of Chapter Four: It was nearly 12:30 p.m. and the furniture deliveries were due at 1 p.m.. So, we decided to grab burgers to go at MacD’s and hightailed it for the house. We were unloading the car when the truck arrived. Marc ran out to meet them but turned to look back just as I was peering into a bag. “Hey you!” He yelled at me and I looked up guiltily. “Yeah you. The snoop. Keep your nose out of there or no show later!” I jumped as if burned and he laughed as I skulked, muttering something about uppity kids, into the kitchen where I broke out into a broad grin and laugher. The delivery guys did all the work at Marc’s skilled direction. He was very good at it, being very polite but assertive, never talking down to them and by the time they left with a nice tip that he insisted on, they were all on a first name basis. The boss guy walked over to us standing in the driveway and said to me. “You’re a lucky man. You have a very nice son there.” He shook my hand and patted Marc on the shoulder as he turned to leave. I blushed and looked down at Marc who was blushing too. As they drove away I said, “That was nice of him but the credit is due your parents. I hope it didn’t hurt when he called you my son.” Marc smiled at me and said, “No, it didn’t, I liked it.” He looked very happy. However, we had our work cut out for us. While, for the most part, the men had unwrapped everything, assembly was our job and we tackled it with great enthusiasm. It was a fantastic afternoon but a lot of hard sweaty work. We moved all the office stuff, some into my room and some down into the living room. After that we cleaned and it was embarrassing to see how much dust had collected. Then we fit everything in just as we had planned using our drawing. Everything was in place and we stood there, me with my arm on Marc’s shoulders and he with his arm around my waist and admired our handy work. “Phew, I’m filthy!” I declared. “How about a swim?” “Cool,” Marc exclaimed. “I get to model one of my new bathing suits!” Off he ran to change and so did I. Chapter Five – Calvin and Tommy, make my model an offer! I sat on the patio, patiently waiting, when out walks this handsome young man in a bright yellow Terry cloth robe and very cool shades. “Excuse me sir,” I chuckled. “But I think you have the wrong place. The snooty Yacht Club is down the road a bit.” Marc stuck out his tongue at me making a credible Bronx cheer (raspberry, tongue fart, rude noise) and began to untie the robe. “Check this out!” He threw off the robe and turned around a couple times. My jaw must have dropped two feet as I looked upon a 13 year old Adonis. He was just under 5′ feet tall with a healthy though soft build. His fluffy blond, nearly white hair gleamed in the sun and his moderate tan and beautiful blue eyes gave him the look of a California surfer boy. But what really topped off his very sexy look and made my jaw drop was his choice of swim suit. It was the speedo. The speedo to end all speedos. It was a half globe of the başakşehir escort northern hemisphere of the world in bright green and blue. North America and the Atlantic were in front and, if I might add on a humorous and lustful note, Florida very graphically accentuated his boyhood. The Pacific was on his left side and Europe and Asia were in back and extending around to his right side. The back was pulled tight with a very pleasing globe shape and north Africa descending down the bottom curve of his beautiful butt. The Nile River Valley looked particularly inviting. He could easily model for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hotfinger … or whatever his name was. “Whaddaya think?” he asked in an uncharacteristically deep and husky voice. “I think Florida is a growing state.” I quipped back at him. Where upon he blushed and quickly sat down in a chair with a bit of a sulk. “Marc, I’m sorry.” I pleaded. “You are very attractive and some times I make a stupid joke when I’m flustered. I like them very much and I’m glad you bought them.” I wasn’t making it better so I suggested we have our swim. By the time we were half way down the lawn to the beach he was bubbling over again, my silly remark all but forgotten. “I bought them because the salesperson told me the swim team at school wears them and I thought maybe I’d go out for the team when school starts.” I hadn’t even thought that far ahead but of course, school, sports, activities and friends, oh boy, was I in for it. We got to the beach and both jogged down and dove into a small wave. He swam very well and soon outdistanced me. It never occurred to me then that he was an android that somehow knew how to swim. All I thought about was that at 13 he was a very skilled swimmer. At the swimming raft he pulled himself up quickly and stood above me. The view from my position was even better than up on the patio. “How’s the weather down there?” He teased. “This is for that Florida comment!” and KERSPLASH! I was soundly cannonballed. Then he playfully came up under me and pulled on my legs. This kid was a water rat. He came to the surface laughing and I, sputtering. “That’ll teach ya’,” he giggled. I hung on the corner of the raft and coughed. Then I awkwardly climbed up holding my chest. Marc quickly climbed up and put his hand on my arm. Looking a little alarmed he asked “Are you all right?” I grabbed him around the waist and threw him bodily off the float yelling, “King of the World Ma! King of the World.” Then, laughing hysterically, I ran and cannonballed him but good. The two of us giggled like little kids and he swam over asking, “Truce?” I hung on the corner of the float and he floated close to me. “You sure you’re 44?” I hugged him with my free arm and said, “Why thank you my fine young friend. That’s the nicest complement. I like horsing around and being silly. I think it keeps me in touch with the kid in me.” We climbed back up and lay on the float for a while, without even talking. It was wonderful until the evening breeze came in and cooled things off. Then we both dove in and raced to shore. Needless to say, I lost. We went up and took turns in the outdoor shower. Then, still giggling at each other we ran up to change for supper. I did indeed feel years younger. While I worked in the kitchen, Marc came down repeatedly in various outfits as his promised fashion show. He had done well with a few concessions to typical teen stuff. I particularly liked the soft faded jeans and nSync T-shirt, tucked in I might add. Okay, so maybe other kids might think that very geeky but he looked very handsome and yes, sexy, with it tucked in and I told him so. Finally he was done and returned in his bright yellow robe. “What’s under there?” I asked. “Nuthin'”. He replied simply. “Oh?” I snickered. “No.” He chuckled. “I mean nothing special … you know … for fashion, for the show. I’m finished.” “Oh.” I said with exaggerated disappointment. We sat on the porch halkalı escort again and enjoyed our supper. I was due to switch him over to tech-mode later so I began planning what I would report. Most of my reports would be via encrypted e-mail but every other day I was to do a brief report via tech uplink. We went into the living room where I sat down to read and Marc watched TV with the earphones. Soon he fell asleep and I brought up Marc the tech. He made his reports after mine. I simply stated that all was well. Maybe progressing a little faster than we had thought. But, that was okay by me. After we were done with our reports I switched him back to recreational mode and let Marc sleep until 10 p.m.. Then I knelt down and gently woke him. “Hey buddy. Big day huh? You were sound asleep. It’s time to hit the hay.” He groggily got to his feet and we locked up, turned out the lights and climbed the stairs. I kissed him on the back of the head and said, “I hope you sleep well in your new room. Don’t forget to brush your teeth. Call me when you’re in bed and I’ll come say good night.” I brushed mine and flopped down on my bed in my usual soft and roomy running shorts and started to listen to the news. Marc appeared at my door and padded across the room to the side of my bed. “We forgot something.” “What could we have forgotten?” I wondered. “Bed sheets and stuff.” “Oops.” He tentatively asked, “Can I sleep here like last night?” I smiled inside. “Sure buddy, climb in.” “Cool, thanks.” I could tell that he was pleased. He walked around to the other side of the bed and slipped off his robe, laying it neatly on the foot of the bed. I glanced over and did a double take. “Looks like you forgot something too.” “Huh? Oh.” He looked a bit embarrassed. He had on an electric blue pair of the sexiest silky bikini boy sized briefs that I ever saw. He looked gorgeous, hot in fact. The color was perfect. “Um, ah, I like to sleep in my shorts?” He weakly tried to explain. “Silk?” I questioned. “No, it’s not real silk but I like the way it feels,” he was beginning to blush. “One little extravagance is okay, I guess,” I tried to help him ease out of an awkward spot. He stuttered, ” well, maybe not just one.” “Two?” “Ah … Well … 7? That way I change every … I want to always have clean … Well, you wouldn’t want me to wear dirty underwear would you?” He was grasping at straws now. I burst out laughing. “HOaah’haa! The look on your face! OHaahha!” At first, he looked greatly annoyed then, finally, relieved. I broke the moment by suggesting, “what do ya’ say we open the windows and curtains, kill the lights and enjoy the view.” “That sounds better than listenin’ to you laugh Uncle John,” he said clearly relieved. “I’ll return the others tomorrow but I can’t return these now that I’ve had them on.” “Nah, you keep ’em.” I said through a yawn. “If you like ’em, then I like ’em. ‘Sides, I’m curious what other colors you got.” I got up and opened everything and turned off the lights. As I turned I noticed Marc sliding towards the middle of the bed. I chuckled to myself and climbed into my side. I was sure that he would remember my thought this morning that we could finish what had been started. But, I wondered how he would bring it up. It had to be his decision. I lay on my right side with my back to him and gazed out the window. I pointed out that there was a night trawler moving in slow circles way out. The lights danced in the darkness. “I love to watch the ships at night. Do you see that one there?” I pointed towards the trawler. “Where?” he asked in a voice husky with sexuality. “Point to it again.” As he looked down my arm he moved close up behind me, leaning on my side and placing his left hand on the bed in front of me. He found the trawler and followed its movement. As I described what they were doing, he let himself slowly ease down into a close hug. He finished with the side of his face on my ribs and şirinevler escort his arms around me. I put my left arm around him and he snuggled a little closer. If that was possible. I could feel his bare skin against mine. Then he moved again and snuggled his hips against my bottom, I could feel his hardness and became aware of my own. Our slightly contorted position became uncomfortable and I slowly rolled onto my back. He adjusted himself and lay his head on my shoulder where he could look up at me. I smiled and kissed his forehead. His left hand roamed about my chest. My left hand rested low on his side. He reached down and took my hand in his and guided it to his hip and his very silky new briefs. “Thanks for letting me keep the rest of the briefs. See how nice they feel?” He asked in that same husky voice. In my own thickening voice I agreed, “Yes, very soft.” He slid his left leg over mine and ran his hand over my chest to the other side and pulled himself tighter against me. The toes on his left foot rubbed the side of my right leg and then he moved his whole left foot over my right and pulled my right leg slowly towards him with his heal. Soon my legs were together and his left leg was over both of them. It became clear to me what he was doing and soon I expected him to ease up on top of me. He moved his left leg up and his knee grazed my hard cock. He stopped and slid his leg back down. All the time the constant movement of skin against skin was beginning to drive me wild. Suddenly Marc raised up his head and looked toward the window. “Where did the trawler go,” he asked with feigned curiosity. “I lost track of it.” He craned his neck, first this way and than that. Each time he did he slid up on me a little and after looking both ways twice he was squarely on top. “Oh well,” he said with resignation and he lay back down, this time with his head on my chest. Our very hard erections were side by side now and he wrapped his arms around and under me gripping my shoulders from behind. I chuckled at his subterfuge. “What?” He asked innocently but almost indignantly. “You’re cute.” I ran my hands up and down his back and he whispered in my ear, “you feel good Uncle John.” I kissed his ear and whispered back, “so do you my boy.” He tightened his legs against mine and I felt him press against me in a tentative humping motion. It made my cock throb. I slid my hands down over his ass and felt his awesome buns. That made him rub against me harder and moan softly. I brought one hand up to stroke his back and I let the other gently explore his crack through his silky shorts. He began to move against me in a slow rhythm and breath hotly in my ear, “Oh John. I love you so much.” I began to move back against him and we increased the tempo. We began to writhe together and trade moans and groans. I sensed he was nearing his peak as was I. In the heat of the moment I slid my hand under the waist band of his briefs and cupped his soft smooth round and warm ass cheek in my hand. Marc moaned in my ear, “Ooohh John, that feels so good. I feel like I’m going to explode. Oh Gaaawwwddd …”. He shuddered against me and I clearly felt his boner throbbing repeatedly. The sensation flung me over the precipice and my cock expanded and burst in a chain of throbbing and massive spurts of hot cum. “Ooohh Maaarrrc!!” I grunted. I squeezed his sweet ass and hugged him tightly to me as my back arched. We collapsed together and lay there each trying to regain our breath. “Awesome!” he exclaimed. “I made you cum! Oh wow, that was so awesome. Let’s do it again!” Well, there’s nothing like a good mutual orgasm to break the ice, I thought. But I said, “Let me catch my breath my young man.” I giggled and said, “I need to change too.” I rolled out of the bed trying to avoid getting cum on the sheets and went for a towel. Having dried off I went to the dresser to get another pair of shorts when I heard a tiny voice sort of half whisper, “why mess up another pair.” I thought to myself; that’s what I like, a practical kid. I dropped them back in the drawer and walked back over to the bed naked and could feel Marc’s eyes on me. He lifted the sheets for me and I settled in on my back. Next: Chapter Six – Shorts Cumings

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