Subject: A Young Surfer Chapter 1 A Young Surfer – Chapter 1 – The Walkway I was 16 years old before I had my first real sexual experience. This set off what was to be a life long journey of sucking cock and getting my ass pounded by men all over the world. My stories are true with some names and places changed. To get to one of my favorite surf spots I would have to walk along a public pathway in a cove joining one beach with another. The path follows the coast by the water for 2 kilometers. I’d do this walk almost every morning before School. The path has some seats and a public toilet block half way along and the path is used daily by joggers, walkers and bicycle riders. After my surf I would often walk past this man in the opposite direction and I would sometimes give him a half a smile as we passed. He was about 30 years old. It was hard to tell for me as everyone looked old to me. He was tanned and very fit looking. He had a rugged handsome look. Years later I would see him on the television in movies. He became quite famous in Australia and Asia. The thing I noticed about him was his brief swimwear. Every time I saw him he wore the same speedo style swimmers and tank top and he carried a towel and small bag. What used to catch my eye was the huge bulge in the front of his swimmers. I’ve never seen anyone with such a big bulge and I couldn’t help stearing at it. It was memorizing and sometimes he’d catch me looking. I’d look up nervously and smile then quicken my walking pace in case he got upset. Maybe he had something down there kocaeli escort bayan to attract girls, I’d debate this to myself often. One morning as he walked towards me he held out his hand for me to stop and he said “hey” I stopped and he continued looking around to make sure he wasn’t overheard and he said “I see you looking at my cock are you a fag or what” I embarrassedly looked away and said “no I just… um…I’ve never seen a big bulge like that before – I’m sorry” and I tried walking away keeping my surfboard between us in case he got upset. He stopped me again, looking around he said “do you want to see it? I started blushing, I suddenly got more nervous and said “Um…no…ummm…well maybe…I guess” he said “come over to that toilet block, leave your board around the back I’ll be in the end stall” he walked off and went inside. My heart was racing like never before I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I went around the back of the toilet block put my board down behind the trees and made sure no one saw me walk in. There was only natural light and I could smell the urine and cleaning disinfectants. The end stall door was closed. He heard me and opened the narrow door. He said “sit down on the toilet” I moved around him and sat down on the closed lid. Now I was trapped. I couldn’t change my mind I had to go through with this. He untied his swimmer briefs and slid them half way down his legs to reveal this huge cock. I was shocked and gasped loudly. It wasn’t even hard but it was thick and long. He said kocaeli sınırsız escort “touch it” I nervously looked up and he said in a louder more aggressive “touch it”. I reached out and took it in my hand. The first thing I noticed was how heavy it was. He said “open your mouth” I looked up again and he looked very serious and said “suck it”. It was cold and dark sitting on the toilet in the end stall of four public toilets when I sucked my first man cock. I’d previously messed around with some friends over the years but this was the real thing, a big man cock. I opened my mouth and took the head of the monster in, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it in further. I used to feel trapped, almost abused when a man would grab the back of my head and push deeper but now I love it. I love giving pleasure and creating memories for men, any man who wants me. This was the start of my cock addiction which I didn’t realize at the time. His cock literally filled my mouth and throat and there was almost no space for my tongue. I could immediately taste a slight salty flavor mixed with urine which faded after a few seconds. I could smell his ball sweat and his swimming trunks were new or freshly washed as there was a slight perfume. Smells that used to put me off when I was a boy sucking cock after a few months used to turn me on. I would sometimes masturbate while sniffing my underwear pretending it was someone elses…or his. He kept trying to push his cock further and further down my throat and I izmit anal yapan escort was on the verge of gagging almost the whole time. He said “you little cock sucker, you have to learn to deep throat, make this your first lesson” I started stroking the shaft of his cock as it slid in and out of my mouth. I moved my tongue around the head when I heard him say “Yes!, use that tongue” That’s when I knew he was enjoing it and I had some sort of power over him. Here I was a young School boy holding the power in my hands…and mouth of this grown man. I was very horny and my small cock, compared to his, was hard as a rock. He was moaning louder now and I could taste his salty pre cum. His hand was pushing my head harder onto his cock then he said “swallow my cum you little bitch” he pulled back then thrust his cock into my mouth and let out a sigh. Immediately my mouth and throat were filled with this warm salty fluid, and It kept coming, and coming I open my mouth wider and swallowed a huge load but before I could breath again he kept pumping more and more into my mouth, i just swallowed what seemed like a whole cup of cum. He took his cock and started stroking it dripping more into my mouth. He said “clean it up, lick it” by now I had cum around my mouth, running down my chin and on my hand. I licked off as much as I could until he was satisfied. He tilted my head up so I was looking at him and he said “same time Friday, don’t be late” He then pulled up his swimmers turned and left. I just sat on the toilet for what seemed like 15 minutes in shock. I’d just sucked my first big man cock and swallowed his load. I left the stall, washed up and went home to get ready for School. It was Tuesday, PE class first up. I already felt like I’d worked out enough for one day. All day all I could think about was Friday. Scotty T – oho

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