Subject: Boylovr App 1 Boylovr App Part 1 (revised) By Ryan Leeds This story is a work of fiction. This story may contain scenes of under age boy and adult males, which may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present area. By continuing, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any consequences of you viewing or downloading the story. I revised this story because, years later, I found out that there were typos and errors from when I changed it from Pages to a Plain Text document. They’re fixed. Please donate to Nifty so we can keep sharing our stories with you http://donate./donate.html ******************************************************************************* “Oh! I’ll chat you up later. When my parents are out of the room!” Jimmy typed as he closed the app, after he did- the icon flickered and the inverted blue triangle icon vanished from the screen. Instantly, it opened to a Candy Crush knock off game. The 11 year old looked up,and saw his mum putting on her earrings. She was humming as dad showered. Jimmy and his parents were staying the night in a posh Las Vegas hotel room- they were going to see some old singer they liked as teenagers. After his shower, Jimmy’s dad stood in his robe. He was 6ft tall, blonde hair and a hairy muscular chest. Dad eventually dressed casual but nice, it was hot out. Mom was in a new dress. They stopped here on their way to Disneyland to see this guy sing. Fortunately, it was a two bedroom hotel room. Jimmy had his own small room, while his parents had theirs. They were connected by a bathroom. Being an average 11 year old boy, he wasn’t interested in this singer and had decided to stay behind in the hotel. He looked out the window and saw a roller coaster from a hotel across the way. He found an arcade, and a few places he can go while they see the guy sing. He told them. As they readied themselves more, Jimmy sat on the edge of the bed. Took out his iPhone, opened the game. Accessed the “settings” and selected “Chat” the blue triangle reappeared. After the hidden app was done loading in, it loaded in a series of pictures of men. Oh? There was man he had been talking to all day. Chat name Corey. He was only 3000 feet away. There was one, “Room Service” that was only 300 feet away. He looked at a few in his hotel area. But, he promised Corey. He tapped on his pic, up came his profile. He looked like a model, he was perfect. Jimmy looked at the man’s picture and he began to tingle and get hard. He was 45, 6ft4, 6 inches, black hair, smooth muscular body with a mustache. “I enjoy boys aged 9-13, friendly, fun that know what they like. One who loves men and cock up their tight asses. Ones that love to be kissed, held and passionate. I’ll top you like you’ve never been topped before! PNP, 420 available.” Jimmy looked over the other guys near him. He enjoyed looking. He marked a few for later. He messaged Corey, “My parents are leaving soon. Where do I meet you?” A minute later there was a “PING!” sound “Meet me outside the New York New York. I’ll send a special Boylovr Uber driver for you in 30 minutes. Give me your address.” Jimmy told him the hotel he was staying in. Jimmy closed the Boylovr App. As he pretended to play his game. He was so glad he was introduced to this app. Paedophiles are everywhere looking for boys, he had uploaded a profile, stats, pic etc plus what he was looking for. It’s come in handy this trip, made it bearable. Mom smiled, “You played that game at every hotel we’ve stayed at for years. Must be fun.” Dad adjusted his belt, “Jim seems to enjoy it. Makes him happy.” Dad remarked with a smile. “I just renewed your subscription to it, lad. Hope it’s worth the money I pay.” “It’s pretty brilliant, actually.” The horny boy said. His ass was itching right about now. He was anticipating Corey’s cock. “I play the game at home, too.” His dad looked at him and smiled. He took his toiletries bag went into the bathroom to shower, in it he had soap, shampoo, baby oil, toothbrush etc and a small anal douche kit. He took the water proof bag into the shower as he stepped in and let warm water run all over his silky smooth skin. He imagined a man’s hand touching him. His cock was hard, made it easier to clean. Once his body was cleaned he began to clean out his insides. He filled the bulb with warm water and screwed the ribbed valve on. He rubbed some baby oil on it and slowly pushed it inside. He hissed as the end entered his rectum. It was 4 inches long and ribbed. He lightly moaned at every bump as the rubbed the delicate pink hole. His little cock got hard with the excitement of what he was doing. He pushed out as he relaxed as allowed it entry. Once it was in place The boy squeezed and he felt the warm pressure of water entering his ass. He held it in as the water moved around. Then let it fall out. Did this twice more, until the water ran clean. Once out of the shower the naked boy took his dads razor and made sure he had no hair on his crotch area. He dried his white body off got dressed. Then, as he was taught. He washed his douche off and cleaned it out before putting it deep into his bag. The boy dressed in short pants, trainers, white socks, and a form fitting Abercrombie shirt and white under pants aka “tighty whities”. Experience taught him that men liked boy underwear on their first encounter, not sexy underwear. After he fixed his hair and went into the main room, his parents were finally finished. Mum kissed him on the cheek “Now, stay out of trouble and be good while we’re gone.” Dad gave him a hug and kiss, “I love you, and I’ll see you tonight, little man. I trust you to behave as I taught you.” Jimmy watched his parents leave. Once the door latched he took his phone out and opened the app. He told Corey he was on his way down to the lobby in 5 minutes. He wanted to make sure his parents were gone. Eventually, he made his way to the door, the door latched and locked behind him, he made sure he had his key card. He went to the elevator, in the elevator was a bellhop, about 30 years old, 5ft6, jet black hair and a light stubble, he smiled when he saw the boy. “Going down?” the bellhop asked grinning. “Yes” Jimmy replied as the button for the lobby was pressed. Jimmy realized the bellhop was on his app. The boy looked at the man, “You’re “Room Service man” aren’t you?” The man smiled, “Yes, I am” Jimmy turned to face him, he looked him up and down and grabbed the man’s balls, “I have a date, but maybe later tonight. After you get off, you can get off.” The lad kocaeli escort could feel the hairy balls and knew the man had no underpants on. “No underwear, you’re ready for action!” The man gulped, “Uh… I’m off at 11:00”. With that the elevator dinged and others got on. By this time his hand had moved from the bellhop balls. Once in the lobby he walked to the front. His phone dinged to let him know his Uber was there. His driver was Iqbal. He found a black Lexis. He got in the back seat and the driver, a man from India, asked “Jimmy?” “Yes, you know where to go.” The boy was familiar with the routine. After 5 minutes of driving the boy arrived at his destination, the driver leaned back, “Here you go, young man. Jimmy leaned forward, and kissed the man on the lips. The two kissed for about a minute before the boy broke the kiss. He could feel the man’s tongue slip out of his little mouth. Jimmy arrived at the hotel front, cars pulling up, it was busy, a retro 1920s looking hotel. Modeled after New York City. Then a tall man walks up to him, it was Corey. Jimmy smiled as the handsome man approached. He hugged the man and smiled, “Uncle Corey!” He said as he saw people looking at him oddly. Corey smiled and hugged his “nephew” back. Corey was tall as he said, dressed in black jeans, a form fitting shirt- where you can see his pectoral muscles and nipples with a ring in both. Plus you could see his bulging biceps and triceps- the shirt was untucked and black biker boots. Jimmy stumbled after seeing this sexy man that desired him. After giving the appearance they knew each other they walked into the hotel. They made small talk as they walked to the elevator and made their way to the 18th Floor. All the way up Jimmy was fidgety, he was impatient. His small cock was hard in his shorts. It was so hard it almost hurt. Corey was a bit nervous, he wanted to make sure he impressed the boy tonight. He showered extra good, got some good alcohol and the best marijuana in Vegas (Jimmy’s profile said he liked a variety of drinks and pot at times). The elevator opened and they walked down the Art Deco style hallway. Corey took out a keycard, allowing him entrance to the room. Jimmy could see the lights on inside, they were dimmed. Setting the mood. They walked in, and once the door was shut, and he heard it latch behind. Jimmy could feel the air conditioner cooling the room, blowing on him. He didn’t even look at the room, it was medium size, one queen size bed, a desk and some chairs. Instead, Jimmy turned to face his hook up. The boy found his hands moving up Corey’s shirt. The small fingers could feel the abdominal muscles of the man, he loved the feel of a six pack on a man’s stomach. He put his head under the shirt and began to kiss the muscled stomach. When the boy came out for air, Corey bent over and held the boy’s head in his large hands and looked deep into his brown eyes. Corey’s crystal clear blue eyes stared into the boy’s soul and they began to kiss. Jimmy loved his smell, a light musk and the feel of his stubble on his face. The tall man picked the boy up and placed him on the bed. Standing. They continued to kiss. Jimmy bit the man’s lower lip out of lust. Corey kissed harder and faster. Jimmy removed the man’s shirt to reveal a firm muscular body. Well formed pecs, muscular arms. Jimmy moved his mouth to the chest and began to lick the pierced nipples of the man before him. He had a D ring in each side and a nipple shield on the left, it was of a Celtic knot design. Corey ran his fingers through the boys hair, as the lad feasted on the man’s chest. He enjoyed the tongue and teeth, it was relaxing after a long work out. Corey wanted to make sure his body looked its best for the boy. The sucking was rather relaxing, the small teeth lightly bit the fleshy man nipples. Jimmy noticed there was no chest hair. He ran his hand over the smooth body. Corey assisted his boy with taking off his shirt, the two males laid on the bed together and kissed, bare chests touching each other. Hands running over each other feeling the other’s skin as they kissed. The young boy climbed on top of the man, they exchanged intense glances as the boy looks at the man’s chest under him, feeling his rock hard cock tenting in the jeans, The young voice said, “I have fucking wanted you all day long!” With that Corey pulled Jimmy closer to him and their lips locked and Jimmy opened his mouth to let the mans tongue inside, he could taste the drink he had had” � Jack Daniels- he recognized the flavor. He had enough of it from his dad’s liquor cabinet. Corey wasn’t expecting such an aggressive young boy, but he was liking it. The boy was an animal, savage and primal in his sexuality. Jimmy began to kiss the man’s face and cheek, moving down to kiss and bite the neck and the upper chest. Returning to the pierced nipples. Jimmy began to remove the man’s black leather belt, and unfasten his trousers. Slowly he kissed his way down the man’s body. Corey was surprised at how expertly the boy peeled his jeans down. The 11 year old removed the mans’ boots, he stopped and sniffed the first boot before he put it on the floor- then the other boot, again, sniffed it. Then he removed the man’s socks and proceeded to remove the rest of the jeans. All the way off. There, laying in a black jock strap was a tall naked muscular man, looked like someone he saw in gay porn videos. He looked at the beautiful man before him. The boy licked the large feet and sucked on each of the toes. His eyes looking up the man’s hairy legs to see Corey rolling his eyes into his head with each lick and suck. The horny boy massaged and worshipped the size 14 feet. He rubbed them against his smooth chest. He took his time on each one. Eventually, kissing his way up the legs. He sniffed the bulge in the jock strap.the boy inhaled the man’s crotch smell, and took it all in. Corey felt the small mouth breathing warm air on his rock hard cock. Corey was imagining the feeling and the sight sliding it into the young sexed up boy. Right now, he was going to enjoy seeing what the 11 year old knows. Jimmy moved the jockstrap fabric to let the large 6 inch an cock pop out. After looking over the beautiful dick he began to lick it. Tasting every inch of it. His small tongue ran over the sides and the head. The boy’s mouth moved all over the man’s cock, leaving saliva behind as he licked it, ran his tongue head around the base of the head, into the tip. Corey felt the head of his dick getting tickled by the small tongue. The boy’s hands moved all the fabric of the jock strap and let all of the man’s sexual equipment out. Corey felt the small hands freeing his balls. Then he felt a wet and warm sensation as he darıca escort his blood filled organ slipped into the boy’s mouth. The familiar sensation of it passing the small full lips. Lips that have been all over his body tonight. The boy moved his head up and down, rubbing the sex organ with one hand and tugging on the smooth shaved balls with the other. Occasionally, he’d look up at his man conquest. Watching him in ecstasy as his young mouth was treated like a pussy. Occasionally Corey would push it in deeper. The experienced boy would relax his gag reflex and let the hard dick hit the back of his throat. The boy loved feeling the blood filled tissues under the skin pass his full lips and running his tongue over the large cockhead. “Stand up, take your shorts off, baby.” Corey mumbled passionately “I want to see your body”. The boy, reluctantly, took his mouth off the hard dick he’d been enjoying. He stood on the floor, removed his shorts and was there in his little boy underwear. “Take those off too.” Jimmy slowly removed them, bit by bit- kind of like a stripper. He tossed the underwear to Corey, who put them to his nose sniffed them, taking in a full whiff of boy ball smell and placed them on the bed. Corey stood up and the lad dropped to his knees and took the familiar cock by in his mouth. Jimmy began to stroke and slap his hard boy dick. He felt the large man hands in his hair, fingers running through it, guiding his head back and forth. He sucked and slurped for several minutes. Jimmy heard the deep voice, “Get on top of me” Corey laid on the bed and motioned for the boy to suck his cock more, “Let me taste your ass before I fuck it!” Corey positioned the boy in a 69. The mans large hands spread his beautiful smooth round globes of the boy’s ass apart. His tongue began to lick the beautiful little pink asshole. As his cock, disappeared into the boy’s mouth, again. Corey ran his tongue around the opening and wriggled around inside. The boy moaned and, briefly, stopped sucking. The large hands continued to pull the mounds of flesh and muscle apart, to allow for more access. He tasted the sweet flavor of the hole and the boy moaned as his stubble brushed against the young ass. The boy’s mouth left saliva on the large cock and his teeth occasionally brushed against the fat cock head. He had a hard time focusing on the task at hand as he was being teased on his backside. Corey was sliding a finger, then two into his tight asshole. Jimmy was burning up inside, he was anticipating and waiting for the cock in his mouth to be in his ass. Before Jimmy knew it, Corey was panting, his body was shaking, the cockhead got harder and then there was as a warm sensation as entered his mouth. The boy slurped it all down, swallowed the sweet salty fluid that shot out of the man’s cock. He removed his mouth as he licked the dick clean of the sweet and salty milky white fluid. The man kept licking and fingering the boy’s hole. He pulled his fingers out and laid the boy on his back, on the edge of the bed. His feet on the bed his young smooth legs bent, eventually, hey were pushed up a bit. The man put his fingers back inside as he took the boy’s hard dick in his mouth. Eventually, the dick and balls were in the large wet warm, mouth. As three fingers violated the boy, his man was sucking and slurping on his balls. “Uh uh, fuck me!” The boy begged softly “Shit, I want it! I need it! FUCK ME!” He said louder. After a few more minutes of the boy moaning and pleading, Corey took his fingers out and put them in the lads mouth. The boy licked the saliva and ass juice off the fingers. Jimmy was still n his back, legs bent, waiting for it, wanting him. His feet were cold with desire, he felt he was going to burst if he didn’t get it soon. He got on his knees on the bed. The man stood up and grabbed a bottle from the nightstand that was labeled “Boy Butt Lube- for getting big things into tiny tight places”. There was the blue inverted triangle- the symbol of boy lovers. He coated his cock with it and then the bent over, spread the legs apart rubbed it on and inside the boy’s waiting asshole. Then he sat his muscular body in a chair next to the bed. Jimmy walked over to the man, he picked the boy up by his hips and set him down on his cock. As he was lowered the boy found the man’s dick and pointed it upward and guided it into his tight, lubed up asshole. Slowly the penetration was complete and he was all the way inside. Jimmy, as if he was possessed started to bounce up and down, slowly at first. Then faster and faster. He threw his head back as he got what he wanted. His little prostate was filling him with pleasure endorphins. “Oh, fuck yes!” The sweet sounding voice whimpered. The two made eye contact as they began to kiss each other. Jimmy was taken over by lust for cock and cum he moved his legs up faster and dropped harder each time. His arms around the neck of his lover. Corey began to thrust up into his bowels, the bottom boy moaned with every thrust, even moaned. The man’s hands moved the hold the thin torso, the small bit hands dug into the muscular pecs before him, but his bottom lip, and breathed deeply as he rode the man. Corey held tight to the sexy young man and stood up. Jimmy wrapped his legs , tightly, around his man. Corey continued to fuck the boy, moving him on his cock, the young slut went where he was guided. Jimmy locked his fingers behind the man’s head, holding on out of fear that the cock that he so desperately needed will slip out! After several minutes of this and being fucked against the wall, and on the desk, Corey placed the well fucked boy on the bed, on his knees, ass up. Corey got behind him, pointed his hard cock at the stretched open hole. He closed his eyes as he re-entered the smooth silky insides of the boy. The sound of the suction of the dick entering the lubricated hole was familiar to both of them, as was the feeling that they bight had. Jimmy was happy to gave his asshole filled again and Corey loved the feel inside a boy. Corey pushed deep inside, his pubic hair brushed the smooth ass, his hands grabbed onto the hips before him and using them as handles. Pulling the young boy closer to him. The boy groaned and hissed as the blood filled cock penetrated him over and over. The boy felt a burning in his torso, he desired more from Corey. A lot more sex, he was burning inside for his body, his lust, his smell. The boy took in a big sniff of the man’s sweaty body smell that permeated the hotel room. The two continued to let their passion fly, Jimmy leaned back and his man leaned in as they kissed, a slobbery sloppy kiss, but there was tongue involved. After several minutes of fucking the gölcük escort 11 year old from behind, Corey flipped the lad on his back and pushed his smooth legs up in the air. Jimmy used his arms to pull them up and back so the man could get in him deeper. Sweat fell off the top man and landed on the bottom boy’s face and chest. He leaned forward, his tummy touching the boy’s and they kissed again, long passionate tongue filled. Corey’s ass bounced up and down, eventually, Jimmy wrapped his smooth legs around Corey’s muscular body, ran one hand over the well formed abs and up the man’s chest, dug his nails into theskin. The other hand was vigorously jerking his own dick. “Fuck me! Gah! Yes! Mmmmmmm!” He moaned as Corey kissed him again. As their lips parted the boy moaned, “I want your cum, seed me! God damnit! Fuck me, you bloody pervert! ” That turned Corey on more, he loved a foul mouth boy! The crude words in his higher child voice flowed out of his mouth, the mouth that has had cock, cum and tongue in it. “Oh, baby, going to seed you! I’m going to knock you up, fucking bitch boy! You god damned slut!” “Yes! I’m a cum slut! Seed me, make me your bitch!” the boy continued to scream. Fearing others would hear the sounds of man/boy lust, Jimmy grabbed the boy’s white underwear and shoved it in the small dirty mouth. With a few more thrusts the man’s cock got harder and thicker, then his fucking became erratic and he was panting harder. “Yes, give it to me!” the high pitch voice moaned through the underwear gag, “uh! Yes!” With a loud grunting roar Corey released several strings of cum deep in the boy’s guts. After the last load of cum was inside the young one, he removed the makeshift gag. The top man slowed down but continued to slowly make love to the boy. Kissing him, licking his nipples, and massaging his thighs until the young boy began to convulse and shake as he had his dry orgasm. The two laid on the bed, cuddling. They kissed. Jimmy running his hand over the muscled chest, pinching the pierced nipples. Eventually, Corey got up, as did Jimmy. The boy went to his bag and pulled out a buttplug and slid it in. “I want to keep your load in me” Corey returned with a glass of brown fluid and some just rolled marijuana. He lift it up. Sat next to the boy, who took the pot from the man and inhaled, then took a drink of his whiskey. They sat in silence letting everything sink in. Jimmy took out his iPad and showed the boy some porn, Jimmy recognized it, he had the same video. A young boy and a man he says is his dad in leather gear wildly fucking. “You here tomorrow night?” the sexually satisfied man asked, “Yes, I’m here a couple days, why?” Was the reply. “Well, the hotel next door has male dancers and strippers and I know a couple of them would love to meet you and dance privately for you. Them they’d teach you how to strip and you can show them what great fuck is.” The boy smiled, he wanted to be given the chance to learn to strip and seductively dance. He said he’d think about it. Eventually, the lad got dressed and left. Jimmy left the hotel and got a special Uber ride back to his hotel. He sat in the front seat, it was the same driver as before. He had Iqbal stop in out back of the hotel, in the alley. “Time for your tip,” the horny boy said as he unzipped the man’s jeans. Taking the dark cock out. And taking it in his mouth. The man moaned and grabbed the boy’s head. When Jimmy was done and he made his way the street to the front of his hotel, As he savored the cum taste that lingered in his mouth, he was thinking about someone who had once told him, before they fucked the first time, His first time, “Once you take my cock, you’ll want more. You’ll become a slut for cock and cum. You’ll beg men to molest you, baby” a few weeks later the man introduced him to the Boylovr App. He was right, he used the app several times a week or more. He desired men all the time, couldn’t get enough of dick, man skin touching his, kissing, tongues and other things. He entered the lobby and went to the elevator. Once he was on the building Wifi he took out his phone and opened his app. After he entered he lift, he pressed for his floor. Then the doors closed. On the fourth floor it opened and in came the bellboy from earlier. Jimmy looked at him his watch, it was 11:05 PM. The man was off. The boy looked at the man and said “Going down!” “Yes, I will, ” the sexed up lad said. As the door closes the boy dropped to his knees. The young bell boy puts a key in the elevator and it stops. Ten minutes later the doors open, the two walk out, on his floor, Jimmy was smiling. “Ummm you have a little bit on your lip, there” the man said as Jimmy licked the last drop of the man’s cum from his lips. “Excuse me, there is a boy on the 25th floor who needs room servicing.” The man said as the doors shut. After returning to his room. He called out for his parents… They weren’t back, yet. He undressed and showered as he was cleaning himself of the smell of sex, pot and alcohol, he heard his mom and dad come in. They shouted to him, he replied. Mom asked why he was showering. As he dried off he told her that some lady spilled her drink on him, he needed to get clean. She said she was you to bed and dad would be in to see him in a bit. Shortly after he left the bathroom, he stood in his room in his robe, his parents went to bed. He took the buttplug out and licked it. At that moment his dad walks into the room. Dad was dressed in boxers only. Showing his tall muscular hairy body. “Spilled a drink on you? You need to come up with better excuses” dad replied as he walked up to his son, who was pulling the buttplug out of his mouth. Jimmy looked up at his dad, “It was the best I could do. I was hoping to be done by the time you got back.” “Did you behave as I taught you?” Dad asked. “Yes,” the boy said as the young boy untied his robe and it slid to the floor and stood naked in front of his dad, “Yes, I did.” As he got on the bed, on his knees- ass out- he heard a soft sound of his dad’s boxers falling down and the sound and the cold feeling of lube being applied. “I’m glad you had fun with the app I got you, you’ve used it well, baby.” he said as his cock disappeared inside his son’s waiting asshole. The boy bit his lip as his dad’s erect 8 inch cock slid inside. Dad liked watching it disappear inside his son. “My son is a filthy slut, and I love him that way!” ” Uh! Yes daddy!” The man began to pump into his boy, then daddy leaned over and kissed his neck. “You’re the best dad… uh uh!” Thanks for reading- if you want to give feedback or to tell me fantasies or just chat me up email me at hoo Here are my other stories My Introduction to Porn: http://www.//gay/adult-youth/my-introduction-to-porn Confessions of a Boy Prostitute http://www.//gay/adult-youth/confessions-of-a-boy-prostitute/ Daddy’s fty//gay/adult-youth/daddys-boy/ Pokemon fty//gay/adult-youth/pokemon-boy/

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