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Subject: Remi’s Dirty Little Secret Chapter 3 Hello! This is my first story submitted to Nifty, although I’ve been reading these for years now. Hope you like it! Please be of age if you’re accessing this website! These stories will still be here until then! Please support Nifty and fty/donate.html Chapter 3: My Brother’s Keeper Remi was alone in his room playing with his action figures. Although he loved mashing Batman and Superman figures together, making them kiss, he had a new favorite hobby. Since he had started camming last week, he’d discovered the amazing feelings his ass could give him. The kid would peek his fingers into the tight, pink and warm cavern and wiggle around. Because his fingers were so little, he could only reach as far as his sphincter. He was still new to the subject of anal stimulation, but he was learning as he went. Vaseline was a huge help as well. As he played, his dad came in to tell him goodbye for the night. Pablo was already suited up in his tight security guard uniform. He worked the night shift at Best Buy. This meant long nights, early mornings, and short days. He stood in Remis’s door, the boy taking him all in. Pablo hadn’t shaved in a while, so he had a rough looking stubble growing in all around his wide mouth. Every smile from the man seemed to reach the farthest corners of his face, showing off his perfect teeth and age. His eyebrows were thin, unlike his son’s, but they did have his light brown eyes and light complexion. Remi loved seeing his dad in uniform. He loved how his dad’s arms and legs bulged. His thighs and biceps tested the material. His father was once a big, burly wall of muscle in his college football days, but since having children he had slimmed down a little. Before Remi, the man had found his rhythm in the gym once more; bulking up and constantly challenging Toni to do the same. He always figured that boy was lucky, inheriting his muscles and hardly lifting a weight in his life. Toni was working construction in his teen years, so that was all the gym he needed, he’d tell his dad. Pablo only teased. He was proud of him and showed his boy off wherever he went. Then Remi came along, and things changed a bit for the both of them. After giving birth and staying around a few days, the boys’ mom skipped town and was never seen again. Once Toni was born, Lisa, Pablo’s wife, told him no more children. Years went by, Toni grew up, and Pablo wanted a bigger family. He had come from quite a large family himself, having six brothers. Pablo swallowed his pride and begged her for another child. He didn’t want to take his chances with another woman. Toni was a grade A stud. They had one cute baby, they would certainly have another one. After constant bickering and pestering from the man, she finally agreed. Only this time, Pablo could tell Lisa’s heart wasn’t in it. It was no surprise when she was just gone one day. She had always been a “free spirit.” That’s why Pablo had been so attracted to her. That, and she was a teen when they met. He remembered sneaking into her room at night while her parents were asleep and fucking her brains out. Good times, he’d think to himself, good times. Now it was just Pablo and Toni raising little Remi. No more mommy, no more fianc� (Lisa called the wedding off once she got pregnant again), and not as much Toni and Pablo time. Toni was completely out of his comfort zone at first, but as the years went by, he got used to the kid. It warmed Pablo’s heart seeing the two getting along and finding their way. Although, the two were very different in nature. Remi was shy, erratic, and sensitive. Toni was brazen, aloof, and reserved. Toni didn’t like people knowing what he was thinking. Yet, Remi couldn’t help but paint his face with emotion. Every day something different bothered the boy. Toni took everything in stride. They were his boys, but he thought both were nut jobs in their own special way. “Hey buddy,” Pablo said, “can I play?” His deep voice resonated through the kid’s room. Remi looked up from the floor, kneeling as his father stood in his doorway. Pablo looked down at the boy, standing at 6’5.” He couldn’t help but notice just how tiny his baby boy was. He found it adorable. “Sure Papa!” Remi said, his own high-pitched voice tinging with sudden excitement at the prospect of company. As Pablo sauntered in, Remi smiled wide at the man, eyes glowing with excitement. The boy seemed to light up like a Christmas tree around him. Pablo inwardly winced a bit, knowing how much his son missed him while he was at work. He worked just about every day. That meant most of the time he was left with Toni being in charge. Remi didn’t mind this too much though. Toni was lenient most of the time, but still an annoying older brother. He’d often surprise attack Remi with noogies as they passed each other in the halls. Without warning, Remi would suddenly find himself locked in strong, tattooed arms, unable to escape. Holding him near his damp and musky pits, Toni would then place his fist on the center of the kid’s skull. Remi’s screams of torture filled the air. As his laughing intensified, he’d begin drilling into the almost jet-black curls. Remi’s thick hair was his only cushion to the thick, round knuckles as they plunged into his scalp. He was powerless compared to the grown man. All he could do was kick and scream for Toni to leave him alone. Yet his screams only seemed to egg his torturer on. Toni only stopped when Toni had had enough. This rule also stood true through the constant teasing and wrestling that usually ended up with Remi begging Toni to let him out from under his 6’3″, muscled izmit escort frame. Even through all of that though, Toni let him do virtually whatever he wanted. He could watch t.v. all night, eat ice cream for dinner, and play the game and listen to music as loud as he wanted. Toni would even join him for some of it. It would be Remi in a tank top and short, nylon shorts, and Toni only in his boxers. As they sat around, just enjoying one another’s company, Toni’s hand was constantly in his underwear, making a loud scraping sound. Remi had no idea what he was doing, but he did it a lot. His large hands stayed in his boxers, filling out the thin material. Remi would steal glances when he thought Toni wasn’t looking. Toni did it so openly that he even did it while they casually conversed. Remi didn’t know where to look during these instances. Toni’s beautiful lips? Those beautiful light brown eyes? Or now, the huge lump that filled out his big brother’s loose boxers as his hands fished around and made that loud scraping noise? Remi wasn’t an idiot, he had seen enough naked men online to know what lied beneath the grid patterned layer. Although he had never seen it, he knew it was there. For better or worse, that’s changed. Because now he had seen it! Not all of it, sadly, but he’d seen enough. As his dad joined him for a moment of playing with his Batman and Superman figures, he pondered the situation. This was the first night they’d be left alone with one another since what happened last Friday. During the weekend, when their dad was off, Toni usually behaved around his little brother. Remi did his best to avoid the older man, afraid of his wrath. He knew tonight there would be no hiding under his dad anymore. Pablo noticed a slight change in his son in the past couple days. Little Remi stayed under him as much as possible and constantly ran in the opposite direction of Toni. He was definitely avoiding his older brother, but Pablo didn’t know why. He could easily get the answer from the kid if he wanted, but he decided it was best for the two to work it out themselves. Toni seemed his usual self, leaving Pablo to conclude it was Remi who had done something he wasn’t supposed to. Remi needed to learn to be a big boy, he thought. That meant facing his fears and accepting the consequences to his actions, whatever they may be. He figured the two would hash it out tonight like brothers and be done with it by the morning. At least that’s what he hoped. Pablo stood, kissed his son good night, and was ready to go. Remi gave him one last hug as he left, and he was on his way out. He announced to an unseen Toni that he was leaving for the night, his deep voice booming throughout the house. Remi pondered what to do, afraid of leaving his room and meeting Toni. He thought about finding that teen chat site again, but he usually waited until Toni was sleep before doing that. Although he found the idea of Toni demeaning him hot, he was afraid of his older brother’s reaction to finding him spreading his ass cheeks online. After discovering the used and dirty underwear last week, that was all he needed for his fantasies. He hadn’t done any camming or heard from “T” since that night. He had only done it a few times, but found he loved the degrading nature of the online sex. Still, Remi was left with many troubling questions. While fingering himself, he’d bend over in front of his full-length mirror. Accessing his tiny hole, he’d theorize what could possibly fit inside the tiny, pink split. He knew things like pens could fit inside him, thanks to T, but could anything else? Something larger? He knew penises went into vaginas and sometimes butts, thanks to google and other men online, but he figured that was for grown-ups. Could kids like him do that? He’d spread his cheeks and peer between his little yellow cheeks. With a little effort, he discovered he could make the small gash wink at him. He’d giggle as he did this. He also fantasized about Toni going inside him, but he worried if it was possible. And then there was the white cream men made when they reached orgasm (again, thanks google!). Remi had never made that stuff before, but all men he’d seen could. Would he eventually gain that amazing power? He sure hoped so. It looked fun when the men he’d seen did it. These thoughts led him to think about Toni as he lied on his bed. Toni was obviously trying to orgasm the other day, but he was also watching something on his phone. What was he watching that made him feel that good, Remi wondered? Was it a boy like him? Did all men masturbate to boys like the men he had met online? Remi was too afraid to ask his father or big brother these questions. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be watching men jerk off, so he definitely wasn’t telling on himself. Remi stayed locked in thought, while Toni prepared his room for a movie night with his little brother. After Remi walked in on him, Toni couldn’t get the kid out of his head. All weekend he watched the little tyke run from him and hide behind their dad. He was obviously freaked the fuck out. His was probably the first dick the kid’s even seen, except their dad’s. Toni figured the kid knew jack shit about sex, so he was determined to start a little sex ed class for him. After talking it over with his best friends, Kirk and Nick, Toni decided that this would be his course of action. Once he was positive that he wanted to explore the waters of boy sex with his own little brother, he knew those two would want to accompany him on this journey. They were his best friends, and also boy lovers. They had all discovered boy porn together, surfing through Tumblr. yahya kaptan escort The three of them regularly gathered to stroke their large, veiny dicks to the nastiest porn they could find. The sluttier, the better. Toni’s favorites included anything cum related. Leaking, cummy holes, drenched faces, or loaded mouths. It was his bread and butter and always made his dick spray nut everywhere. Kirk’s top kinks were tight little pussies being used and abused. Whether it was a guy or girl, he loved seeing their holes being stretched and stuffed as they moaned aloud at their abusers. This always quickly made his long, curved nine inches of black meat shoot wads of thick and creamy nut all over himself and his friends. He simply couldn’t control the warm torrent as it rushed through his piss slit. Nick loved seeing anything escalated to the point of degradation and sully. Nice and polite bitches being made into begging sluts while coated in piss and being spat on made him nut uncontrollably. His thick, veiny uncut eight inches would jump and spasm to and fro if he didn’t grip it in his own large, white hands. They had gathered, as usual, at Toni’s on Saturday. They’d chill, talk, and watch movies together, just wasting the day away. Somewhere in-between all of this, they would whip their dicks out. The sounds of grunts, moaning and skin slapping would quickly fill the room, but they’d mask it over loud music. Pablo was home and Toni didn’t want to be so blatant. Even so, Pablo knew not to disturb the boys. He was once their age and had been just as horny. He let them have their fun, unrestricted. The room would stink of cum, sweat, and ass by time they were done. Nick was the youngest, being twenty-two, and the only gay. Both Kirk and Toni identified as bi, but had only ever topped. Nick usually had no problem letting his two best friends take turns pounding their dicks into him. He felt lucky to have such sexy studs by his side, always eager and ready to fuck. Toni and Kirk didn’t make a habit of this though. Nick was shorter than them, him being 5’11” and Kirk and Toni both being 6’3″; still, he was taller than what both men preferred. Kirk liked younger and shorter partners. Toni liked younger boys, but preferred women his age. Nick was an enigma, Toni would sometimes think to himself. The guy liked to appear hard and masculine, but if the right man came along, he’d turn into a begging faggot. That’s one thing Toni loved about fucking his best friend. He knew that underneath that hairy, muscular exterior was a willing slut. His usually shining green eyes would soften, half-lidded as he reveled in the rough sex. If they weren’t cumming in him, it was on him. Toni and Kirk would drench the strong, hairy jawline, watching their thick globs of nut mix into the stubble and run down their friend’s tattooed neck. If you asked Nick, his tattoos were his best features. He was colored in ink, from his entire torso, down to his thighs. Kirk was just as masculine as his best friends, but unlike Nick, he had zero interest in dick. Even while fucking guys, he was keen on avoiding their flopping manhoods. His goal was to always make his boys nut through anal stimulation. So far, in his twenty-five years, he’d had no complaints. He had a large, hulking chest that his usually smaller partners loved caressing while they rode him. The soft dotting of curls that covered his caramel chest, matched the woolly curls under his arms. His hairy pits would quickly start to smell if he went a day without deodorant, but they had nothing on his bush. The deep forest of curls that surrounded his long, curved and veiny nine inches would stink of cum and sweat on the regular. He had given up underwear years ago and loved to let his dick hang out. Once his waistband was pulled down, the smell immediately hit his nose and he would relish the manly scent. None of the three shaved much. Toni did more than the other two, but only because his pubic hair would get so unruly. Still, it was every blue moon when he decided to cut it down a little. He enjoyed the look of his veiny dick erecting from a forest of hair. To them, this natural state was the prime image of masculinity. As the three talked one afternoon, this was what they dwelled on. It was becoming summer and their hairy crotches were even more rank than usual. The stuffed and heated confinement only made them harder and hornier. It almost seemed like no matter what they wore, as soon as they whipped their dicks out, their crotches were wet with precum and sweat. They all shared the common habit of casual stroking as well. This meant the smell would latch onto their hands. Brining the hand to their nose, they’d take long hard whiffs of their own dick stink. For this reason, the summer always seemed to bring out their inner masochist. The porn became harder and sluttier, and they fell into a deep hole of unrestricted porn on Tumblr. Eventually they found blogs featuring clearly young boys being defiled by older men. The soft little cushions would be spread apart and stretched as the boys moaned. The pink, wet, and virgin holes made the men harder than anything else. Maybe it was the innocence, the size of the boys, or both. Whatever it was, it made them want to do the dirtiest things they could imagine. Each of the men dreamt of finding their own boy sluts to use and abuse. Finding even more of these videos became the three’s avocation. They’d get together and show each other what they’d found, moaning and cumming loudly out of sheer pleasure. As they chilled and watched boys begging like sluts, they all lied on Toni’s bed, gebze escort naked and stroking their dicks. The room smelled like the world’s raunchiest jock strap, all their furry pits and crotches exposed in the summer heat. They preferred this, so they kept the AC down. “So, guess what the fuck happened yesterday.” Toni said, breaking Nick and Kirk from their focus, their hands still gripping their shafts. Toni, lying between the two, watched both for a reaction. Kirk raised one thick brow, while Nick raised both of his thinner ones. With a curve of his large, pink lips, he informed the two of his little brother’s intrusion. They were both quickly interested, wanting to know every detail. Toni gave them what they wanted, but it wasn’t much to tell. His brother had seen his dick and ran away. Simple as that. He just wanted to know how he could get his brother’s mouth around it. Hence, where Nick and Kirk came in. “Fuuuck that’s hot.” Nick moaned, slowly stroking the slippery eight inches as he listened. “I bet the kid’s a faggot.” Kirk said. He wasn’t one to hold his tongue, and Toni appreciated that. He happened to be thinking the same thing. “Yeah, I think so to. “Toni said, also stroking. “But how do I make him admit it? His little ass been avoiding me all day.” “You watch him during the week, right?” Kirk asked. “Yeah, I was thinking of trying something Monday when my dad left. He’s a pussy though, so he’s still gonna try to avoid me.” “Pablo won’t be here though, so he’s all yours.” Nick spoke up, his brain working up a master plan. “You just gotta let him know there’s no hard feelings. Remi’s a scary ass kid. He’s probably scared you’re gonna hit him or something. I don’t blame him, knowing you.” The three of them laughed at that. Toni was a mellow person but had fucked up more than a few guys for fucking with him and his boys. Plus, Nick and Kirk was around to see the many random noogies Remi was forced to suffer through. They knew there was no harm meant, but poor little Remi hated it. He couldn’t understand that it was Toni’s own way of showing affection, so instead Remi saw it as malicious behavior. He would often flinch when the man suddenly ran up on him or appeared from behind him. “Shut the fuck up dummy.” Toni chuckled. “He’s just being a dramatic little punk.” “I gotta go with Nick on this one.” Kirk imposed, smearing precum on his cut cockhead. “Get the kid and tell him you’re cool.” He paused and grinned. “Then whip your dick and stick it in his mouth” They laughed again, this time at the prospect of Toni abusing his little brother’s face. The idea was hot, but still too hasty. He knew he’d needed to ease the kid into sex. Remi was too shy and immature. He wouldn’t know how to handle the situation and would run away once he got too uncomfortable. He needed to know he was okay, that his big brother would take care of him. “You could try showing him some porn.” Kirk suggested. “See if he likes that. If he does, just go from there.” “He’s a kid, he doesn’t know shit about porn yet. How is that supposed to help?” Toni asked, his patience wearing thin. The more they talked about it, the closer he got to orgasm. Not only that, but his deep yearning for Remi only seemed to strengthen. “You’re his big brother,” Nick said, “teach him. Tell him about sex and shit. Then, let him practice on you. I bet he’ll love giving head.” “Fuuuuck yessss.” Toni moaned, imagining his little brother’s mouth suckling at his piss slit, eating his precum. The kid would have a lot to learn, but big brother would be there every step of the way. “You’re gonna make your little brother into your personal faggot then?” Kirk asked, speeding up his hand. He was close, same as the other two. “Fuck yeah. You know you guys can get a piece of him to. We can share his tight pussy. Take turns eating his little ass, making him moan our names.” Toni sped up, his balls ready to burst from hours of light stroking. He was ready to shoot like a geyser. His friends weren’t far behind him either. Their deep moans grew louder, escalating to growls as they beat their dicks. All three men roared together in a chorus as they quickly approached climax. “He’s gonna be a good little faggot and take all our nut!” Toni declared, promising his friends use of his kid brother. They’d shared bitches occasionally, but nothing like this. He could only hope that Remi wouldn’t be where this journey of boy loving ended. A boisterous, guttural growl from Kirk alerted the other two men that he was cumming. The other two joined in, Toni’s hands tweaking his own nipples and Nick rubbing his own chest and abs. Toni looked over into Kirk’s dark brown eyes as his dick began to erupt. Soon their lips were locked together as their cum splashed onto each other’s bodies. A mess of nut and sweat covered the deep ridges of defined muscle that made up the three of them. As he reflected on the weekend, he palmed his dick in his tight black briefs. He like to switch up every now and then. Plus, his red pair had somehow gone missing. Toni had chosen some pretty vanilla porn for the night, just to ease Remi into it. He’d get the kid horny and curious. Maybe rub his pussy a little, to get the kid used to the feeling. Shit, he thought, there was a lot the boy would need to learn. Still, by the end of the night, the kid would be a bonified cock slut. Part 4 coming soon(ish)!!! This is the longest chapter yet! It was so much fun writing that it flew by. I’m trying to mix plot development and sex together, to make it enjoyable all the way through. I don’t want you guys holding your dick and going through boring exposition in the first half, or just skipping it altogether. I say this from personal experience lol. As always, would love some feedback and/or suggestions, so don’t be afraid to share!

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