Subject: Resort Tales Chapter 2 Comments and feedback appreciated � ail Have you donated to Nifty lately? Do it! Resort Tales � Tale 2 � Amir I had noticed him for two to three days before fate brought me to actually meeting him. I was at our favorite resort in Mexico, spending almost two weeks away from work with my family. If you have never been to a resort in the Yucatan in the summer, you may not know this � but you get a big mix of guests from all over. There are your usual Americans and Canadians of course, but in the summer time you often have a lot of Mexicans and other South Americans as well. It’s a turn off for some, but we like the diversity. Now normally, I chat up any boy I can. But, given my Spanish is shit, I usually pass trying to say much to the obviously hispanic boys. Oh I can manage to ask them their name, and maybe their age, but beyond that I am worthless unless they happen to speak decent English. (Which does happen sometimes especially with the richer kids from Monterrey.) Anyway, I had pegged Amir for a Mexican (or other South American) boy. He often hung around the shallow end of the pool watching various games going on, never quite trying to join in. He was a wiry skinny boy � I guessed him to be maybe 9 or 10. He looked the part of a typical Hispanic boy � dark complexion, messy black hair. But the thing that screamed Hispanic to me was his Speedo. He wore longer navy blue skin-tight Speedos. History had taught me that seeing a Speedo on a boy is a dead give away that he is Hispanic. I had stared at his trunks a few times (naturally!) – but was always disappointed at the total lack of a bump in the crotch. The ones he had on were the kind that left just enough crotch room to keep them from compressing down where I would have liked the most. He really didn’t do much for me form a hot boy perspective. That – and my assumption that he was not an English speaker had kept me from even trying to talk to him for the first two days. It was a chance circumstance on the third day that finally introduced us. He was idly watching a low key pool volleyball game that a few of us were participating in when the ball bounced out of the pool near him. He retrieved the ball as it bounced off a nearby chair and rolled back towards the pool. I had gone to fetch the ball as well and when he got it, I was only a few feet from him. He gently tossed the ball to me. “Hey thanks… gracias,” I said, turning back to the game with the ball. “You’re welcome” he replied in perfect English. Hearing him speak English surprised me and I stopped, a bit stunned. I tossed the ball back to my oldest, who was due to serve and turned back to him. “You’re English is good,” I told him. “Why wouldn’t it be?” he asked. “Oh, uh, you’re clearly not Mexican. Sorry…I uh…I don’t know, just thought you were.” He laughed. “I’m from Virginia, sir. Near Washington D.C. And I am definitely not Mexican.” “Can I ask where -” I began. “I’m Iranian,” he said. “I was born in the US but both my parents moved there from Iran. I’m Amir,” he said extended his hand. “Well nice to meet you Amir, I’m Craig.” We talked for almost 15 minutes non-stop. I learned he was 11 almost 12 � very small for his age and that his parents were both scientists. It didn’t take me long into the conversation for me to realize Amir was extremely smart. I’m just gifted enough that I can appreciate and relate to really smart kids. We actually ended up talking about some detailed biology stuff that I had to strain to recall, but he knew like the back of his hand. At 11 he was already learning upper high school level material – on his own. I learned that academics were his biggest pursuit, but he also dabbled in music (violin) and dancing. He was bilingual of course, speaking Farsi at home and English in school (he was impressed I knew Farsi was likely his parent’s tongue). In short, he was the typical over achieving Asian kid. “So why don’t you come play volleyball with us � no reason you just have to stay on the side and watch,” I challenged him. “Uh, I don’t know, I just don’t think I’d be that good at it.” “Meh. You don’t have to be, nobody really cares. Come on,” I said, nodding my head toward the game. “Well, I need a drink real quick, then maybe I will,” he said. I could tell he was anxious. “I need one too, let’s get one and then we join the game � ok?” Part of me wondered if perhaps he couldn’t swim. That thought was erased when he dove into the water and swam effortlessly to the pool bar, some 15 yards away � completely underwater. Then it clicked for me � he probably swims on a swim team, thus the Speedos. I caught up to him several seconds later. “So, I’m guessing you swim?” He nodded and filled me in on his swim team, his best strokes, etc. After I got a beer and he a coke, I coaxed him into the volleyball game, which had quite a few kids and a few drunk adults. It was silly game that nobody was taking seriously. After a few minutes, an older shorter man came up behind Amir and squeezed him from behind. “There you are my son,” the man said. “Baba,” Amir answered as he spun and kissed his father on the lips. “Come play with us,” he said to his father. You could tell by the look on his dad’s face that it wasn’t his cup of tea, but he acquiesced and joined in anyway. It gave me a chance during a lull to introduce myself. I learned the dad’s name was Kazem. As the game progressed, a couple kids on the other team climbed onto the shoulders of older brothers and dads and were spiking the ball. “Baba, lift me,” Amir pleaded. “I need to check on madar and your sister,” dad said, excusing himself. “Hey, you can get on my shoulders if you want Amir,” I offered. His eyes lit up and he smiled big, “Really?” he asked. “Of course,” I said. “We can’t be having these cheaters spiking on us all day now can we?” ^^^^^^^^^^^^ That was how our friendship began. The next day I was able to sit at the bar with his father and talk to him a bit. I was sure to compliment him on having such a genius son of course and asked lots about what he hoped to do when he got older. My own kids were pretty smart � though not genius level like Amir, but I had enough in common to have a good conversation and clearly earn the father’s trust and respect. Not that I had any strong sexual urges towards Amir at that point (honest!). He was kind of cute, but I hadn’t as much made out a bulge in his trunks to get worked up about. I was truly enjoying just being around a genius like him and having somewhat deep conversations about science, what it was like being Iranian in America, stuff like that. Amir hung around me a lot the next few days. His dad preferred drinking and napping and doting on his daughter and wife and so I was Amir’s ticket to activities. Well, me and Jose. Jose is the activities boss at this resort and he is amazing at getting to know kids � ESEPECIALLY BOYS! ( In fact, while izmit rus escort I know he is gay, I’d bet money that he is also a fellow boy lover.) After I got Amir to try a few things, Jose had him doing all sorts of things. He bounced back and forth between Jose and me most of each day, taking time only to eat lunch with his family. We played all kinds of games � silly pool games, water polo, volley, beach soccer, etc. He even talked me into playing chess a couple times. I’ve never lost so quickly, which he enjoyed – maybe a little too much. ^^^^^ As our second week at the resort began, we were at a casino night and Amir was playing roulette with me � Jose was the `dealer’. It was funny because Jose had NO idea how to figure payouts and odds and after I explained it to Amir, he was soon instructing Jose on how much to give everyone. Jose was embarrassed, but Amir was laughing so hard and having a good time that he didn’t mind. It was then that Amir’s dad, Kazem, came up to him � “hey buddy, sorry but we have to go, your sister is ill.” I looked over my shoulder and saw Amir’s sister, 6 year old Dalia, hunched over in the grass, clearly throwing up onto a palm tree. “Yikes,” I said, making a knowing grimace to the dad. “That sucks.” “Awww. Baba! Please, can I stay. I can get myself back to our room. I’ll be fine here with Jose and Mr. Craig.” The dad gave him a hesitant look. I could tell he was a bit nervous leaving his son unattended in a foreign country, but you could also tell he knew his son would be fine. I decided to do what I could to help Amir out. I was having fun just watching HIM have so much fun. “Jose and I can make sure he gets back to the room as soon as this is over. Can’t we Jose,” I said. Jose quickly agreed. “Yes please, senor, please don’t take my helper away. I can’t do it on my own.” “Okay then,” dad agreed. “No later than 10:30 though, ok!” “Yay!” exclaimed Amir. “Thank you Baba,” he added as his dad leaned over and Amir kissed him on one cheek. After the games were over, Jose and I both escorted Amir to his room where his dad quietly opened the door and let him into the darkened room. “Quiet now, the ladies are asleep,” he whispered to Amir as he entered the room. Jose and I went back towards the lobby. “He’s really a cool kid,” I said. “I love him so much,” replied Jose in his thick Mexican accent. “I could just hug him all day.” I smiled. I knew then my feelings about Jose were spot on. ^^^^^^^^^ Author’s note: Sorry for the lack of sex so far � it’s coming. Hopefully you weren’t expecting Jose & I to take him to a secluded area of the resort and take turns with him or something. Sorry, not how it went. ^^^^^^^^^ Two days later I was sitting pool side in the morning when it was still quiet across the resort. It was peaceful early in the morning and I was trying to read a few pages of the book that I had been struggling to get through all vacation. My family had all overdid the fun the night before and were still sleeping. I was so deep into my book that I didn’t hear Kazem approach me. “Ahem,” he said clearing his throat, “Good morning to you Mr. Craig.” “Oh hey, good morning,” I answered, putting my book down. “Is the little one feeling better today.” “Much, yes. In fact, her and her mother have gone into town for the day to shop.” “Great news! She didn’t look so hot the other night,” I said. “No indeed,” he answered in his heavy accent. “Thank you for bringing Amir home. And thank you for all you have done for him on this trip. He’s a great boy, smart and all but sometimes too shy to take part in things. I think you helped him over the hump. He says it’s the best vacation he’s ever been on and I think in large part thanks to you.” I waved my hand at him. “It was nothing. He’s a great boy. I had just as much fun talking to him as he did playing all the stupid games.” “Well, he said he would like to thank you, if you’d be willing. He would like to do a little show for you � in our room, if you wouldn’t mind.” “Like when, now? A show? Like a magic show or something.” “This morning, anytime. Whatever works for you Mr. Craig. And it’s a bit of a dance show, I guess, but more. You’ll just have to come and see. I hope I have not read you wrong, but I think you will like it very much.” As he walked off I tried to understand what he meant about reading me wrong. What was this dance show all about? ^^^^^^^^ Thirty minutes later I tapped on the door to their suite. Dad opened the door, now wearing a resort issued bath robe, his bare legs sticking out from the white terry cloth, a plain white t-shirt underneath on top. “Come in Mr. Craig, please, please. Sit here on the coach,” he instructed ushering me into the room. The room was dark, with only one light on and the drapes pulled shut. Only a few rays of morning light poked through the edges of the curtain covering the slider to the deck. I scanned the room as my eyes adjusted to the darker conditions. I didn’t see Amir. “Amir is here?” I asked. “Yes, he is ready � in the bedroom. I will start the music now and he can start the show. Please Mr. Craig, this is a traditional dance of my people from Iran, I hope you…have an open mind. Amir is anxious to perform for you.” With that Amir’s dad opened his Ipod (this was a few years back before smart phones) and started a song. It was clearly traditional Persian music � the kind with lots of symbols and subtle chanting. He sat down beside me on the couch. “We’re ready now Amir,” he said loudly. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I saw Amir peek his head around the edge of the door frame and when he saw me he smiled. Then he came outside the door dancing. He was wearing what appeared to be a long oversized t-shirt that hung down to the middle of his thighs. As he came towards us, he began to dance, swaying his arms and hips from side to side. “Persian dancing,” his father whispered to me. He was actually pretty good at it. As Amir moved across the room coming closer to us in the dim light, I was stunned to see that his `t-shirt’ wasn’t really a typical t-shirt. It was made of a grey sheer material � almost see through like my wife’s favorite negligee. As he turned away from us, I could make out the shape of his pert round ass pressing against the material, revealing itself to me. I felt my cock begin to stir in my swim trunks. As Amir turned back to me, he was now only 5′ feet away. I could make out the shape of his small genitals through the fabric. “Do you like the show,” his father asked me. I gulped, not sure exactly what to say or how to react. “Um, yeah, he’s a smooth dancer. And well the shirt thing, is…uh…interesting.” “It’s intended to highlight his smooth body. He very much wanted to dance for you Mr. Craig and show himself to you. He, um, I think had a feeling you might enjoy it.” “Well, it’s a bit unusual but it’s a beautiful izmit escort in a way I suppose,” I said, trying hard to somehow not mention how sexualized I saw the whole scene. Amir climbed into my lap and pressed his body against me. I could feel the nub of his still undeveloped penis poking my belly. “Beautiful and SEXY,” Amir whispered to me just before he brought his lips to mine and a kissed me, forcing his lips against mine. As I started to object he turned his head slightly and pressed in further and shocked me by pushing his tongue into my mouth. Stunned, I did nothing for a second before letting my tongue dance with his. He finally pulled away. “Oh my,” I said, not sure how to react exactly “Its okay Mr. Craig. Don’t be afraid,” Amir began. “It’s normal, almost expected, in Persian culture for boys to sometimes please their male relatives before they reach puberty. You’re not a relative but you’ve been like one for the past days. I wanted to thank you the best way I knew,” the cherubic lad said, smiling at me. His father chimed in. “Yes, relax and enjoy Mr. Craig. I was pretty sure from watching you the past days that you, um, wouldn’t mind something like this. I hope I was right. Let’s show Mr. Craig what he might be in for,” Kazem said as he slowly opened the bottom of his robe, revealing a semi-hard cock of about 4″ surrounded by a hairy bush. Amir climbed to his father and promptly took his erect cut dick into his mouth. My jaw dropped as I watched his mouth work the cock to its full 5″. My eyes went back and forth between the oral copulation going on and Amir’s pert butt, which now was sticking up just to my side. “You can touch him if you like Mr. Craig,” his father instructed. “Go ahead.” I ran my fingers up Amir’s hairless brown leg to his round butt. The softness of his legs and rump were incredible. I sighed as my fingers ran up his smooth back and back down to his mounds which I massaged. As I explored Amir’s unbelievable smoothness, his father continued to explain. “In the Islamic culture the purity of a woman is very important. A tainted woman is unfit to be married and will burden her parents forever. Even the worst men would never touch their daughter or other young girl, unless they planned to marry her. But boys have no such stigma. So when wives stop the sex with their husband, well sometimes a smooth boy is a close substitute. It helps with the tension and the boy and man become closer too, right Amir.” Amir pulled himself free of his father’s erection. “Yes, Baba, yes.” “And this is all okay with you Amir,” I couldn’t help but to ask. He once again let his father’s cock slide from his mouth and he turned to me. “Of course, why should I not like to please my father?” he responded, looking at me as if I were foolish to even suggest he would mind. “And it would please me to please you too,” he added before returning his attention to the cock that borne him. As he sucked away on his father’s small hairy cock, I explored further. My hand slid down his warm crack and underneath him, to his taut hairless balls and small circumcised cock. I gently rubbed around the head, stroking the soft two inches into three harder ones. I heard Amir moan a bit, even with his father’s cock filling his little mouth. “Oh yes, that’s it Amir. Such a good boy to please your baba this way,” his father said, as he rubbed his son’s dark head of hair. As I reached to adjust my raging hard-on, I realized my swim trunks were now sporting a large stain of precum. “You should really take those off before you ruin them,” suggested Kazem. “Plus you’ll not get this treatment with them on.” I stood up and dropped my trunks to the floor, freeing my thick 6.5″ cut white cock. “Impressive Mr. Craig,” said Kazem, “that might be a bit of a challenge for Amir. He likes a challenge.” At this Amir turned towards me to take a look. I could see his eyes bug out a bit in surprise when he saw the size of my member, which while not huge, was both longer and a bit thicker than his father’s. “Go ahead son, have a go at it. I want to finish up in your bottom anyway. You did prepare yourself, yes?” “Yes Baba, I am clean and oiled, as you taught me,” replied Amir as he climbed towards me and reached for my cock. I felt his small hand grasp my throbbing rod. “It has such a large circumference Mr. Craig,” Amir told me, speaking in typical nerd math terms which made me chuckle to myself. “Hmm hmm,” I agreed as I felt his tongue dance on my cock head. “Oh yeah,” I sighed as his velvety tongue tickled my most sensitive spots. Just the sight of this cute young friend willingly sucking my man cock had me about as aroused as I been in a long time. It had been a while since I’d been with a boy this young and so willing. I massaged his thick hair, gently pushing him down onto my cock until a couple inches of it were now in his mouth. Amir had a small mouth and was struggling to keep his teeth from my shaft, but the feelings his tongue were delivering to my cockhead were more than enough to make me ignore any discomfort. I had just closed my eyes to absorb myself into the bliss of Amir’s blowjob when I felt his body jerk forward. I opened my eyes to see that Kazem had arranged himself behind his son and had mounted him from behind. He had lost his robe, but store sported his plain white t-shirt. I could see his ample bush pressed against the smooth pale brown skin of Amir’s butt. He was all the way inside, rooting about. His hands were on either of Amir’s hips and held them steady as he began to thrust in and out. Amir hardly reacted to the intrusion of his father’s cock � he clearly was used to it. Instead he returned his attention to mine. As Kazem filled his son’s behind with his Iranian cock, Amir worshipped mine. He kissed mine up and down, planting especially wet kisses on my throbbing cock head. He lapped up the precum that had begun to ooze and then ran the tip of his tongue up and down my thick hard shaft. I felt Amir began to jerk as his father began to fuck him hard and fast. While his body bounced, he let my cock wave free in the air, focusing on finishing his father off. As his dad thrust into him, Amir pushed back into his father. I reached under the boy and fondled the boy’s hardness as it passed over my fingers. My fingers traced his balls and beyond, where I could now feel wetness from the leaking hole above. Amir began to moan from my manipulation of his balls but that was quickly drowned out by shouts from his father as the seed from which Amir was born filled the boy’s rectum. As his father’s shouts and thrusting subsided, Kazem’s breathing began to return to normal. He pulled back from the boy and I could hear a subtle plop as his cock head cleared free from Amir’s hole. “That was magnificent my boy. You really should try the other end Mr. Craig, it is quite nice,” he said as he got up from the couch. “I’m going to get a towel, be right back.” Amir snuggled up to me. “Do you want to, you know, like he said, Mr. Craig.” “I don’t know. kocaeli escort I mean I’m quite a bit bigger than your dad,” I replied. Then I whispered, “don’t tell him I said that,” which made Amir laugh. “We can try it if you want to Amir, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’m perfectly happy with what you were doing with your tongue. This whole thing has me blown away.” He smiled. “Let’s try it. I want to see if I can do it,” he said showing a bit of determination. “Ok, why don’t you try lowering yourself from above, so you can make sure not to go too fast. And if it hurts � stop ok?” He nodded. “Promise?” I asked “Yes. Promise,” he grinned. He leaned over my cock again and let a large glop of saliva flow over my head and then climbed over me until he was straddling me. He put his hands on my shoulders and began to lower himself. I grabbed his hips to help steady him and direct his body inwards to line his butt up with my cock. I felt the flared knob of my cock slide up his crack, past his sphincter. I pushed him back up a bit and with one hand pulled my cock forward, then pushed him back down. This time my head filled the slightly gaped hole. I could feel the tip pressing inside while the edge of his hole made contact with the outer edges of my crown. He slowly pushed himself down, his body weight pushing down on my cock, causing it to strain under the weight, until POP �the rim of my enlarged head popped inside. His butt slid another couple inches down my shaft, and I could feel his hole squeezing my thick rod. “Oooooooh!” he cooed at the sudden feeling of being stretched. “You ok?” I asked. He nodded. “Good because that felt so good going in. I almost orgasmed right then,” I told him. And it was true. I could tell that I was going to be shooting very very soon. Despite the fact I would have loved to fuck him long and hard, I knew right then that I couldn’t hold off much longer. The tightness and warmth and the whole unexpected scene was too much. He slid up a bit � unfortunately a bit too far and my cock slid out of his hole. He gasped. I lined it back up and he started back down again. This time the feeling of my cock enter him was too much for me. I felt my orgasm building. I pushed down on his hips, pushing him most of the way onto my cock. As I felt his bottom brush against my bush, the first volley of cum shot from my cock into his bowels. I could tell it was a strong jet too. I had spent the whole trip being horny but had only jerked off once. The pent up frustration and backed up store of semen both flowed into Amir’s tight bottom as I screamed out in pleasure. As often happens with my most intense orgasms, my right eye twitched madly throughout my cumming. As my orgasm subsided, I pulled Amir into me and hugged him tightly. I kissed him on his neck and ear. “Thank you Amir, that was something amazing. I’ll never forget.” He slowly pulled himself off me. As he cleared my cock I could see it was covered in cum, though I didn’t know how much was mine and how much was Kazem’s Arab seed. “Here,” I heard his father say as he tossed me a clean towel. I wiped my cock clean, then used it to wipe Amir’s dripping ass and sticky skin between his balls and hole. “Wow that was pretty fun,” said Amir as he reached for his flimsy t-shit. “Wait,” I said, “what about you?” He looked at me with a puzzled look. “About me what?” “I don’t think you’ve gotten off yet Amir.” “That’s ok, Mr. Craig, that’s not important.” I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him towards me. “It’s important to me,” I told him. I planted a kiss on his cheek. “Now climb up here again,” I instructed. I pulled him up till he was standing on the couch, his small boy cock just in front of me. Gripping his smooth ass I pulled him to me and took his entire cock into my mouth. I worked my tongue all over him until he was moaning loudly and thrusting his hips into me. I sucked gently on the tip of his cock while my other free hand gently rubbed his tight ball sack. This drove him into a frenzy. I felt him grip the back of my head as his thrusting became faster. Suddenly he started spitting out a stream of words in Farsi that I couldn’t understand. But I knew in essence what it meant. The boy was in heaven as his body shivered in a dry orgasm that only smooth boys can have. After a final shout, he sharply drew back from me, pulling his cock from my mouth in a matter of urgency. I knew exactly what was going on. Younger boys often have extremely sensitive cock heads after orgasm. Amir was clearly no different. “Couldn’t take any more stimulation I’m guessing.” “Right!” he confirmed. “How did you know?” “Just a hunch,” I said with a grin. I didn’t want to lead on how much experience I’d had getting boys off. Amir launched himself into the opposite corner of the couch, spent. I excused myself and found my way to the bathroom to empty my bladder and make sure I was all cleaned up. When I came out Amir had put on his swimming trunks (the non-speedo ones this time) and was holding my clothes to give to me. “Can we go hang out by the pool for a bit now?” he asked. “My baba wants to catch up on some email before he comes down.” “C’mon amigo,” I said after pulling on my trunks and swim shirt. “Let’s go.” I put my arm around his shoulder and he wrapped his opposite arm around my waist. Together the two of us walked out of their suite. ^^^^^^^^^^^ As we played in the pool that day, he pulled me aside to a quiet area. “Thanks,” he said. I was puzzled. I wasn’t sure what the thank you was for. He perceived my confusion. “For, you know, getting me to orgasm before. Nobody had ever done that before.” “Really, I mean you dad or whomever, never like made sure you got off too?” I asked. “No, it’s not part of the deal. It would be improper for someone past puberty to service another male like that. I know, the whole things is kinda weird, isn’t it.” “Yeah I suppose, but I kind of get it. But in that case I’m really glad I did that for you. And,” I added, “I am really glad I met you this summer before the puberty monster hit you or I wouldn’t have gotten that special Amir treatment myself.” “True,” he commented. “I’m really glad I met you too Mr. Craig.” We talked on, reliving many of our fun times over the past several days. I had a nagging question I couldn’t let go though. “Amir, do you think you will grow up to like girls, or might you be gay or something?” “Nah, I will marry a nice woman I am sure,” he responded. “Do what makes you happy Amir, ok? Promise?” “Promise,” he said as he hugged me from the side. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Epilogue: We talked and hung out more before they left two days later, but nothing more erotic happened. Amir is still a facebook friend of mine. We don’t talk much, but every few months we will have a little talk to catch up. He’s doing great. He graduated high school at 16 and already enrolled in a prestigious university near his home on a full scholarship and doing research for some of the faculty. He’s not as cute as he once was � he’s grown taller and lankier and let his hair grow wild, but underneath you can still see the boyish smile I grew to adore many summers ago.

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