Subject: Bacchus Springs, Chapter 19: Slow and Steady This is a work of fiction and contains scenes of explicit gay sex. Any resemblance to actual places, persons, or events is coincidental. If you are not of the legal age to read adult stories, or are uncomfortable with gay themes, please stop reading now and close this document. Bacchus Springs, Chapter 19: Slow and Steady, Copyright 2020 Tripp Savidge. All rights are reserved. Do not duplicate or distribute in any form without express permission of the author. Bacchus Springs Chapter 19: Slow and Steady by Tripp Savidge * Scene 1 * Ben Donaldson “Benny, Bacchus wants you in the study,” Julian said. “Sure.” My first thought was that it was about Reverend Klatchy’s son. But it hadn’t been long enough for Julian and Victor to even get started on the daughter. I followed Julian, trying to think if maybe I’d done something wrong. Bacchus didn’t mention anything this morning, and Julian didn’t seem worried or upset. “Do you know why?” “Nope.” Julian looked over his shoulder and gave me a smile. “If it helps, one of the Erotes is with him.” “Not really.” Because the next question was which one? Eros had been around a lot lately, but I knew Bacchus and Pothos had been lovers for a long time. We reached the door, and Julian patted me on the shoulder. “Good luck, brother.” Julian sauntered off without another word. I knocked and waited until Bacchus called for me to enter. “Lord Bacchus.” I stepped in and closed the door gently behind me before bowing. “Thank you for coming quickly, Benny. I have a job for you. You remember Anteros?” I bowed again and kept my eyes lowered. “It’s an honor, sir.” Not the Erote I was expecting, but I certainly remembered meeting him. I felt him approach, and his warm fingers lifted my chin. “So beautiful,” Anteros whispered. “He’ll be perfect, Dionysus.” “Bacchus. I go by Bacchus now. You’d shown interest in him when you were last here, and I do appreciate your help.” “He’s perfect. Do you have any requests or limitations on what you want done with the woman?” Anteros turned back toward Bacchus. “No. You know what I do of what she planned, but you might want to get a full confession first. I don’t care what comes of her as long as she is punished and is no longer a threat.” “She should consider herself fortunate that you gave the order and not Mother.” “Indeed. You will return Benny unharmed?” Say what? I glanced between the two of them and wondered what was going down. I sure didn’t want to end up like Sin. He might have been returned, but I’d hardly have said it counted as unharmed. “Of course.” Bacchus caught my eye and nodded. Anteros turned back to me and looked me up and down. I could feel his power like a caress and did my best not to swoon. “I have to go set things in motion and give Mrs. Walsh a little push to show up where I want her. Do me a favor, love, and change into something ‘club’ appropriate. We’ll be going out once I return.” “What kind of club?” His dark eyes seemed to be bottomless, and I was having a hard time concentrating. “Something sexy. It’s not too fancy, so no need for a suit. Jeans or leather will be fine.” Anteros ran his fingers along my jaw as he spoke. I watched attentively as his tongue came out and wet his bottom lip. Anteros turned back to Bacchus. “It won’t take me long. Do you want me to report back on what I do with her?” “If you wouldn’t mind. I’m sure David and Jon would like to know,” Bacchus said. “Mmm…David and Jon. I missed all the fun. Maybe I should drop by and tell them in person.” Anteros didn’t wait for a response, and maybe he didn’t expect one because as soon as the words were out, he vanished. “Should I be worried?” I asked Bacchus now that we were alone. “Not at all. He might be a little bristlier than Eros, but I assure you he is very skilled in bed. Enjoy yourself. But do remember my warning, love gods are addictive.” Bacchus turned, and I knew I’d been dismissed. As I walked, I wondered why he was sending me if he was worried about me getting addicted. I got back to my room and stared into my closet. I had no idea what to wear. I had no experience with clubs. The closest I’d gotten were some rush parties at college. “You need help?” Sin asked from behind me. “Yes. I’m supposed to wear something that’s club appropriate.” Sin snickered and looked through my closet. “Ugh. Give me a minute. I’ll be right back.” I looked at my jeans’ selection and narrowed it down to a couple pair before Sin returned. “Try these.” Sin handed me a pair of stretch jeans that looked like they had more rips than fabric. “You do realize I’m…ah…thicker than you are?” Sin smiled. “They stretch, just humor me and try them.” I pulled off the jeans I was wearing and tried to straighten out the ones he handed me to get them on. “No. Briefs need to go too.” “Are you trying to get me naked?” I teased but then felt bad when I saw Sin’s pained expression. We all knew he was under a curse, and Bacchus had explained there was a lot of stuff Sin couldn’t talk about or even acknowledge. It took some maneuvering, but I finally got the jeans on and fastened. I looked in the mirror and felt a little embarrassed. They were tight enough to be almost obscene, and the tears in the fabric appeared to be strategically placed. If I wasn’t careful, my dick would peek out the rip on the thigh. “Now try this.” Sin handed me a puddle of silky fabric. I got it on and just stared. “I look like I was in a fight with Wolverine.” The silky fabric was a shimmery dark blue and had three parallel cut-outs from the upper chest across my stomach that showed my tanned skin underneath. Sin stood and adjusted the shirt. “If you decide you want to ramp it up a little, you can shift it like this and ta-da.” After he tweaked the shirt, my right nipple appeared through the top opening. Added to the bare bit of ass, inner thigh, and knee, I looked… “So hot. He won’t be able to resist you when you tease him with all those peeks at your skin.” “Are you sure?” “I am.” Sin startled and looked around. “He’s back. Good luck, and I’ll talk to you later.” Sin ran from the room without looking back. Seconds later, there was a knock on the door frame, and Anteros was there, giving me a heated look. “I’m almost ready; I just have to grab my boots.” Anteros let out a low growl and strolled in. “If we didn’t have a job to do, I’m not sure I’d let you leave this room.” “Ah…is that a good thing or are you saying you want me to change? It’s a bit much, right?” “No. Don’t you dare. This is perfect.” Anteros slid his finger along the cut out crossing my pec, and tweaked my nipple. “Perfect.” I pulled my boots on and looked up to see Anteros still watching me. “So what do I need to do to help?” “Hmm. Look pretty, and when I need you to do something, I’ll tell you.” “Okay.” Didn’t sound like much of a plan to me. I followed him out of my room and down to the main hall, where he led me to Bacchus’s portal. “This will be quicker, and not to worry; I already cleared it.” We stepped into a somewhat gloomy alley, and the steel door Anteros closed behind us had no handle on the outside. “We’re not going far.” He led me to the main street and then down a ways near the entrance to a bar. He held me back when I went toward the door and pushed me up against the wall. It surprised me how much strength he had. Anteros was smaller than me, both in height and build. Of the four of them, Anteros looked the oldest, but he could still pass for either high school or college depending on what he wore. A definite twunk. He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. I couldn’t help but respond to him and maybe even moan a little. He was a damn fine kisser and tasted incredible. “We’re going to wait here for a bit until our target enters. Don’t worry, no one will notice us.” Anteros whispered just a fraction of an inch away from my lips before he kissed me again. “What kind of bar is this? It looks like a dive.” “It’s not bad. Hades’s people run the place and know me. Its best feature is the backroom.” “What’s there?” “Imagine a BDSM club run by the king of hell with no rules, no safe words, and frequent visits by his minions. I guarantee, the ‘community’ would not approve.” “Oh.” I didn’t want to seem stupid, but I only understood parts of that. He captured my mouth again, and I was really enjoying the attention when he suddenly pulled back and sighed. “She’s here.” I turned and saw a group of older women who looked completely out of place entering the bar. They were dressed for high tea, not late-night shots at a seedy bar. “Let’s go.” Anteros took my hand and led me in. We stepped through the door and stopped. I hadn’t expected this to be the kind of place that had a cover fee. But we were queued up behind the women as they were cleared by the man at the inner door. “Anteros! It’s been a while,” the man greeted. From his size, I was guessing he was also a bouncer. “Good to see you again, Sam. How are the boys?” Anteros replied. Sam smiled big. “Doing great. I can never thank you enough, sir. They are the best thing that ever happened to me. Is pretty boy with you?” Sam gave me a skeptical look. “He is.” “Bossman didn’t say you were coming by tonight. Does he know?” “I sent him a text, but no, this was a last minute idea,” Anteros replied. “You do know it’s ladies’ night?” Sam looked a little worried. Anteros let out a pained sigh. “Yes, but it couldn’t be helped.” “Do you want me to get you a table?” “Not tonight, thank you. We’ll be going in the backroom before too long, so we’ll find something at the bar.” Sam turned a questioning look back at me, and while I had no idea what it meant, Anteros must have. “Shades no, Sam. Not him.” Anteros put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. “Ben is my date. One of those ladies ahead of us is the one getting an adjustment.” Sam visibly relaxed and smiled. “Good. He’s too pretty for that.” He stamped our hands and gave us a nod to enter. “I think so too.” Anteros led me in and through a rowdy crowd until we were standing at the bar. I was still getting over the surprise that Sam hadn’t carded me. He’d carded the women, and they were old enough to be my mother. “Relax,” Anteros whispered and kissed my cheek. “Yeah.” I looked around and realized the place was a lot bigger than I’d expected from the outside. It had a stage and quite a few tables in addition to the long bar. The tea party women had found a high top and stood out in the crowd with the way their pastel sweater twin-sets glowed. They might as well have put a neon strobe on their table. Most of the patrons were in dark colors, and quite a few were in leather. The vast majority of the customers I saw were women, like more than eighty percent. The few men I counted, I would have pegged as gay. I think it was the way they watched the stage. On one side of the stage, a man in a really skimpy sailor’s costume was dancing, and on the other side, it was a woman in a schoolgirl uniform- the kind that was only ever used in porn. At least the place wasn’t making assumptions about what the ladies went for. I agreed with the other guys, the sailor was much more interesting, and he was doing things with his hips that made me question if he was human. Anteros was talking to the bartender, and I felt a twinge of relief when he ordered for me, but I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation over the crowd. I watched as the bartender held out a glass, and Anteros opened a vile and added a glowing liquid to the drink. The bartender used a stir stick then set it on a tray with some other cocktails, which a server picked up and delivered to the women’s table. Seconds later, I had a highball glass with a lime twist and mint leaf set in front of me. “So, why are we here?” I leaned in close to Anteros, so I didn’t have to yell. He kissed me and pulled my forehead against his. “One of those ladies was a very bad girl and needs to be punished. But I think she might not be the only one.” “Why did you need my help?” I’d never been involved in any of Bacchus’s “punishments,” but I’d been around long enough to have an idea of what Anteros was saying. While we were asked to help occasionally, the satyrs weren’t usually the ones called on for justice. I took a sip of the drink and decided I really liked whatever it was. I was also feeling warmer by the second and wondered if Anteros was ramping up my lust. Anteros wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and pulled me back in for a steamy kiss. “You’re the bait, but mostly, you’re here to distract me.” If he kept kissing me like that, I was totally on board. I watched the crowd and nursed the drink as we stood at the bar. Anteros appeared to be concentrating and spent most of the time staring at the women we’d followed in. From the tingle I felt, I was pretty sure he was using his powers on at least one of them. “Okay, she’s ready. I need you to turn around and pull up all your satyr magic. Focus on the one in yellow and get her attention.” I might have scowled at him, but I did as he asked. He had to know I wasn’t into women. Getting her attention wasn’t a problem-she was already staring at me. And while I wasn’t a love god, satyrs were gifted with pretty strong powers of seduction. I focused all my attention on the woman in yellow, caught her eye, and slid my hand down my chest to my crotch. She openly stared, and her eyes tracked my hand. I wasn’t sure if it was light enough or that she was close enough to see the outline of my cock. The pants Sin loaned me were tight enough you could tell I was cut. “Very good. Now, give a wink, then nod your head to the door on the back wall at the right. As soon as you do, slowly walk that way and wait for her to catch up to you,” Anteros instructed. I sure hope he wasn’t expecting me to get friendly with her. I mean, I could if I had to, but there were several other satyrs who’d have been much better for the job if that was required. I thought it odd that she’d follow me so easily but figured he’d used his mojo on her. Or I guess she could be a cougar and into younger guys. She was already at my heels by the time I got to the door. “God, you are so hot,” she rasped, running her hand over my bicep. I did my very best not to gag as I turned the handle and opened the door. Stepping through, I got a strange sensation, and out of habit, I reached up and ran my hand through my hair. No horns. Thank goodness. The bit of vertigo felt just like passing across the Veil into Olympus. I hadn’t been there much, but enough to know the feeling. She followed me, and Anteros was right behind us, shutting the door. Now I had a new challenge-what to do next? “Anteros, no one said you were visiting.” A deep voice rumbled from right behind me, and I bit my tongue to hold back the squeal. “Last minute plans.” “Please tell me the satyr is being punished,” the bodybuilder said with a leer that scared me a little. Even scarier, there were two of them. The one talking was huge, with pale skin and short-cropped light brown hair. From the nose, he looked like he’d been in more than a few fights, and with the number of scars on his ripped body… Okay, so he was hot even if he did scare me. He was wearing a very strained leather jock, harness, and boots. The quiet man beside him was just as big with dark brown skin and hair that looked more sculpted than cut. He turned his head to whisper something, and I saw an intricate geometric pattern shaved into the short hair above his ear. “Not this time. Benny’s one of Bacchus’s and my companion for the night. She’s the one in trouble.” Anteros gestured to the woman who’d followed me in. Bodybuilder One gave me a very thorough once over and smiled. Creepy. His eyes blazed red for just a moment, but it was enough. Shit, he’s a Hellhound, I thought and looked at Bodybuilder Two. Likely a Hellhound too. But my brain was with it enough to figure that if this was Hades’s place, that was to be expected. “Too bad. He looks delicious,” Bodybuilder One said. “Benny, go sit on the couch.” Anteros pointed, interrupting my mini panic, and then stepped up behind the lady and put his hand in the small of her back. He leaned in and whispered, but I couldn’t hear what he said. I was relieved to be dismissed and dropped onto one of the couches in the center of the room as I looked around the “dungeon.” Or maybe “playroom” as that’s what Bacchus called his place like this. The space was even bigger than the bar we’d passed through. I recognized a few of the stations around the outside walls. I mean, even a novice knows what a cross is, right? There were bondage horses, several benches, even one Bacchus has said was especially for spanking, a rimming chair, stockades, some contraptions I didn’t recognize, and so many more. Only a few of the stations were occupied and all were women. Even the doms I saw were female. Maybe they were really serious about their ladies’ night. I looked for Anteros and immediately regretted it as sweater lady was now naked and climbing onto one of the tables. Unfortunately, that station was very well lit, even if the overall space was rather dark. Not knowing what else to do, I looked around. Okay, also a bad idea. I really didn’t need to see women getting edged and…yeah, no. At least a few men had been added; I’m not sure where they came from, but they weren’t anything compared to the Hellhounds. If anything, the new men were a bit too normal-though the ones I could see were quite well endowed. Well, at least it wasn’t all women now, and they did have some very impressive dicks. I turned my attention back to the two bodybuilders and found both of them watching me. Much better view, I thought. They were impressive, and their jockstraps looked strained at keeping them contained. It took a moment, but it also sunk in that they felt much “stronger” than Rufus or Jamal and certainly more dangerous. Was there more than one type of Hellhound? Bodybuilder One cleared his throat, drawing my eye. He smirked and pointed to his eyes then me. His fingers trailed over his harness, teased a nipple then moved down his abs to his leather pouch. He repeated the gesture I’d used just minutes ago to entice the woman. “You like them?” Anteros asked, causing me to jump as he sat beside me. “They’re impressive but a bit scarier than the Hellhounds I know.” “That’s because Bacchus’s hounds are just pups. Those two have served for decades.” “Oh.” I felt the heat from Anteros as he slid closer, his arm wrapped over my shoulders. “Mrs. Walsh was a very bad girl. I’m glad Bacchus called me in to help.” “What did she do?” “She’s contributed to countless nonconsensual encounters with no regard for the victims. Mrs. Walsh is a pharmacist with a very profitable under the table business compounding roofies for unsavory clientele.” “How’d Bacchus find out?” “Through David. One of the intended victims was Jon’s best friend,” Anteros said. “Jon Martinez?” “The same.” “What’s going to happen to her?” I couldn’t help but glance over at Mrs. Walsh and saw that she was surrounded by three women, dressed in the same style as the Hellhounds. Were there female Hellhounds? I wasn’t about to ask now but maybe when I was safely back with Bacchus. I watched as one of them wheeled a cart of sex toys next to the table where Mrs. Walsh was strapped down. Another of them held up the toys one by one to show Mrs. Walsh. At least I recognized all those items. I wondered if she’d ever even seen a double dildo before as she gave a cry of distress. “The ladies will break her and test how much pain and pleasure she can handle. She’s going to have a very long night. I’ll follow up with some people I know so that her sideline is exposed to the proper authorities.” “So she’ll probably end up in jail?” I asked. “Very likely. But by the time the ladies are done with her, she’ll have the skills necessary to survive behind bars.” The screams started, and I refused to look, opting to stare at my hands. “So why are women…you know rather than the guys taking care of her?” Anteros laughed. “Hopefully you’ll never understand, but there’s a reason the expression ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ has stuck around so long. I’ll take a male torturer over a female any day. Look at it this way, if you had to have either Aphrodite or Bacchus angry with you, which istanbul travesti one would you choose?” I shuddered at the thought. “Bacchus. No question.” “Exactly. And what’s more, those women know better than any man how to break Mrs. Walsh. I find poetic justice in letting the punishment fit the crime. My compulsion and the Bacchus mojo I gave her aren’t quite the same as her roofie cocktail, but it will get her there. They’ll give her so many orgasms and keep her on the edge to the point her screams will fill this room. She’ll lose the ability to differentiate between pain and pleasure.” “And what do you have to do?” Anteros kissed me. “Make sure she needs it again and again. Keep her pumped so full of lust and desire that she can’t help but find ways to repeat it. Might create a conflict with her prim and proper image. She’s also actively been working against LGBTQ causes. So we’ll make sure the right people see her indiscretions with other women.” “Seeing women together doesn’t do it for me,” I confessed. “Not my thing either, but you are. It’s time for you to distract me, and if you’re a really good boy, I might let either William or Elijah fuck you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” “William and Elijah?” “The Hellhounds you’ve been staring at.” Anteros kicked off his shoes, then pulled his shirt off and slid into the corner of the couch. He laughed. “You want both? Even for a satyr, your hunger is impressive.” I made record time unlacing and pulling off my boots. I crawled on top of Anteros and kissed him like he was my last meal. Even though my preference was for older and more muscled guys, Anteros was stunning and ripped enough that every muscle showed. Taking off his shirt had killed any boyish vibe he might have had. He also reminded me of a younger version of Jon. I pulled off my shirt and purred at the warmth of Anteros’s hands on my body. “Your lust is delicious, Ben. You can trust me. I won’t use compulsion on you,” Anteros whispered between kisses. “Can I suck you?” “Of course.” Anteros unbuttoned his fly and slid off his pants when I moved back. I took the opportunity to pull off my jeans as well. I moved to the floor and spread his legs. Oh, most definitely man. He was smooth except for a groomed patch above his uncut cock. I licked along his inner thigh as I watched his dick bob and a drip of pre-cum slid down the underside. I caught it with my tongue. “Mmm.” Anteros cupped my cheek and gazed into my eyes. “So beautiful. I understand why Bacchus likes to keep you close and in his bed.” I was glad he wasn’t as large as David or Jon. While I liked a monster cock, Anteros wouldn’t take as much thought or concentration. I took him into my mouth and enjoyed myself. I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about my love for sex-though Bacchus’s encouragement may have helped. “That’s it, Benny. Distract me.” Ugh, he had to go and say that. Now I couldn’t help but hear the women around us, moaning, screaming, and making all sorts of gross sounds. I concentrated harder on getting Anteros’s dick into my throat. I was getting into a good rhythm when his hands trailed down my back and along my crack. “You’ve got an amazing ass.” Anteros gripped a cheek in each hand, and his thumbs were teasing my hole. It made me think how much I wanted to ride him. I loved giving blowjobs but being fucked was so much better. I pulled off and climbed onto Anteros’s lap. I accepted the bottle of lube he offered me and fingered my hole. I poured some in my hand and slicked his cock before straddling him. “You look good like that, Benny.” I wasn’t wasting time on words and lowered myself, swallowing up his dick and letting out a moan. He felt so good inside me. I put my hands on his shoulders and began to move. Anteros lifted his hips meeting me and filling me perfectly. I forgot about everyone else in the room and focused on the thick cock buried in my ass. “I’m almost there, Benny. You’re too good for me to hold back.” I tried to move faster, squeezing on each upward stroke to milk an orgasm out of Anteros. It was something that Bacchus loved, and I’d gotten pretty good at it. Anteros’s fingers gripped my hips hard enough I was sure I’d have bruises. I felt his body tense seconds before the warm wet heat filled me, and he cried out. Anteros pulled me forward into a kiss as he ground his hips, churning his load inside me. “Are you sure you don’t want to put him on the rack? We could have a lot of fun with the pretty jock.” One of the doms stood right beside us, and I felt her run the back of her hand down my spine. “No, Megaera. You have the women to attend to. Besides, Bacchus would be quite upset if you applied your skills to his favorite satyr.” “Oh, so this is the one? And how does he come to be in your company, Anteros?” I gathered my courage to look, and as expected, it was one of the torturers. She had long raven-black hair and dark eyes. If it weren’t for her fearsome aura, I would have said she was beautiful. Her harness accentuated and pushed her breasts forward in a way that made them more obscene. “He is a lover of men and has been so kind as to assist me.” Megaera’s laugh sent chills down my spine. “Oh, my dear, Anteros, you and your brothers need no help enticing lovers into your arms. It is a shame; I would love to see how many screams of pleasure I could drag out of this one…” She gripped my chin and forced me to look into her eyes. “Are you branching out, Megaera? I thought you were only into punishment?” Anteros asked. “Hm, usually, but a girl does get bored. Enjoy him while you can, from what I’ve heard, Bacchus won’t let you keep the goat-boy long. And the woman is already broken, now we’ll just have some fun with her. You should consider letting Dike have her. Human justice is not enough.” “I’ll suggest that to Bacchus. I brought her here as a service to him.” “As you see fit. Enjoy yourself, satyr.” She abruptly turned and went back to attending Mrs. Walsh. Maybe she’d get the woman to stop screaming. “Don’t worry, she just likes to tease. You’re safe.” Anteros cupped my cheek, and I realized he was just as hard as ever. “I think I’d like to feel your mouth again. Do you mind if I ask someone to join us?” “No…” I wasn’t sure who he had in mind but might have hoped it was one of the Hellhounds. Then I got distracted as I realized Mrs. Walsh had finally stopped screaming. I looked over-big mistake-and saw that Megaera was squatting over her face with Mrs. Walsh’s head locked between her thighs. Okay, so I guess there’s a benefit to eating pussy after all- well, as long as it didn’t have to be me. I cringed and focused back on Anteros. “William, join us if you’d please. I just dumped a load in Benny’s ass; you’re welcome to felch it out.” “I’m on duty, sir,” William whined. “You can multi-task, William. Given who’s here at the moment, I think we’ve got you and Elijah covered.” I have to say I was rather pleased at the expression on Elijah’s face when he was included. I wasn’t going to test my luck by voicing it, but the thought of having both of them? Fuck yeah. I didn’t have time to think about Mrs. Walsh or the other women in the room once I felt William’s strong hands grip my ass. I got a thrill at the low rumbling growl and the possessive way he attacked my hole. That hound had a damned impressive tongue. “Suck, baby.” Anteros ran his fingers through my hair as I took him back into my mouth. “I’ve got so much cum for you, Benny. Don’t stop.” I wondered how long my jaw would hurt after this. I wasn’t so worried about my ass; I was used to having impromptu orgies and gang bangs at Bacchus’s. That was everyday life when you lived with a bunch of other satyrs, nymphs, and a god of pleasure. I’d heard Matthew and Blaze talk about how David and Jon had almost no recovery time and could go all night. But this was the first time I might get to experience that for myself. “Ugh!” I grunted when William pushed his thumb into my ass and found my spot with practiced ease. If he was as skilled with his cock as he was with that thumb, I wasn’t going to last long. I pulled off Anteros long enough to glance over my shoulder. Fuck, William was hot and hung! Anteros pulled me back to his dick, and I finally felt William push his massive cock inside me. Damn, I loved having a man in me. “Mmm. I like seeing you get fucked, Benny. Let go and enjoy. I’ll make sure you fall apart in the very best ways and get as much dick as you want.” I looked up into his dark eyes without releasing his cock. I was in my happy place. I let out a whimper when I felt a warm, wet mouth wrap around my dick. Anteros gripped my hair to keep me moving when I got distracted. “Elijah decided to join us. I know you don’t mind. Such a hungry satyr. How does Bacchus ever keep you satisfied?” I didn’t figure I needed to answer; he probably already picked it up out of my head. It was also apparent he knew what I wanted before I did. Anteros shifted, and then William flipped me, so I was more on my side with my left leg propped on his shoulder. “That’s better, thanks.” Elijah took me back into his mouth, and Anteros put his dick back to my lips. “See, I told you that I’d take care of you.” The angle was letting William fuck me even deeper, and I loved it. It struck me that the three men had me completely in their power, and I didn’t care. I tried to get a better look at Elijah, but his package was hidden by the edge of the couch. Damn. I hope he’s as hung as William and plans on fucking me. Anteros laughed, and his cock twitched in my mouth. “Sweet boy, we’ll fuck you as many times as you want.” “Nah, Anteros, I think we’ll be fucking this sweet ass as many times as ‘we’ want,” William growled as he ground into me. Yes! I was going to have such stories to tell when I got home. * Scene 2 * Jon Martinez We got to Adam’s house far too soon for me. I’d decided that telling them I was a love god wouldn’t be a good idea. It would sound sketchy no matter how I tried to explain, and there wasn’t an easy way to prove it. That also meant I couldn’t tell them about Mr. Walsh’s plans. I reminded myself that Kris and Mr. Walsh were no longer a threat, so they didn’t technically “need” to know. I knew I was putting off the inevitable but maybe if I told them when they visited later and Dad was there. The rideshare pulled up to the curb, and we climbed out in silence. I was expecting the questions to start as we walked up to the front door and wasn’t disappointed. “You have some explaining to do,” Taylor said as we waited for Adam to unlock the door. As soon as we stepped inside, Ms. Benz called out. “You’re home! Thank goodness. Please tell me everything went okay-” She stopped talking when she came around the corner and saw the three of us. “It was fine, Mom. Hope it’s okay; I invited Taylor to stay over. I thought it was late to send him home in a rideshare by himself,” Adam said. “Of course, honey. Welcome, Taylor. Adam, you know where the extra pillows and blankets are. It’s past my bedtime, so I’ll see you boys in the morning.” “Thank you, Ms. Benz,” Taylor said. “You’re welcome anytime. I’m just relieved to have you all home safe. I couldn’t even think about sleeping until you got back.” “We’re fine, Mom. Goodnight.” Adam kissed his mom on the cheek before leading us down to the basement. He and Taylor sat on the couch and turned to look at me. I knew it was not a positive sign when they both crossed their arms and glared. “Uh…what did you want me to explain?” I wasn’t about to just jump in until I knew what they saw. “Let’s start with how did Adam and I end up sleeping on the back deck?” Taylor said. “Seriously, I remember going out to eat, and the next thing I know, you and your never-before-heard-of cousin are waking us up.” Adam glanced at Taylor as if he expected to be corrected. “Eric’s not like a first cousin or something. And I didn’t know he even existed until recently. But we’ve been hanging out a bit lately.” “So it’s just coincidence he looks like he could be your brother?” Taylor had his skeptical voice well-honed. “More like genetics. And I don’t know why you guys fell asleep, but given the shit show, I wasn’t going to wake you up. I’m sorry if I was wrong, but I didn’t think it was Taylor’s thing, and you’re straight, Adam.” Adam looked away, and I could feel his discomfort even if he didn’t deny what I said. “Well…okay, no, that wasn’t my thing. Though it might have been nice to get a closeup view of Kris getting fucked. Maybe a few pictures I could pull out when he starts giving me shit.” Should I tell him that I had all kinds of pictures? Maybe not. “And what the fuck. Those guys are all straight. Why were they…” Adam stopped like he couldn’t even bring himself to say the words. “All in an orgy? Is that’s what you’re trying not to say? I may never have seen one in person, but I’ve watched my share of porn, and I’m pretty sure that’s what you call it,” Taylor said. “Hmm…pretty sure none of them are all that straight from what I saw.” Or they weren’t anymore, but Adam and Taylor didn’t need those details. “Shit. I can’t believe it. I’ve known Austin and Kris most of my life, and I’d never have guessed.” Adam looked confused. “From what I heard, Kris and Zander have been a thing for a while. I don’t know about the others. And while I know they were all a bit drunk, I’m not sure that was enough to explain their enthusiasm.” “And what about you, Jon? You telling us you just sat around and watched? Your boyfriend okay with all this?” Taylor asked. “Wait. Boyfriend?” Adam gave me a look of disbelief. “Sorry. I wasn’t sure how to tell you, Adam. I’m ah…bi, and I kinda met someone, and yeah, I have a boyfriend. I promise I’m not going to hit on you.” “Geesh. I’m not worried about that. But you could have told me!” Adam sat back and ran his hands through his hair. He turned to look at me. “So I didn’t imagine it?” “Imagine what? Pretty sure from what we saw on our way out, they were doing it all.” Taylor said with a snort. “No, not that.” Adam paused and glanced at Taylor before he continued. “What were you doing while we were outside?” While I was relieved he didn’t confront me about his dad, I knew it was just a matter of time. So far we’d pretended that he didn’t catch us in the bathroom together. Even with Adam’s thoughts spinning, I knew he connected enough pieces to suspect something was going on between me and his dad. The real shocker was that he was having some creative thoughts about what it might be like to have sex with me. Where did that come from? I knew I had to respond, but damn-make it tough on a guy. “I might have taken a turn.” Maybe admitting that would get Adam off track. “Oh, God, spill! Who? Did you fuck Kris?” Taylor was bouncing on the couch with excitement. “I did. And if you ever want a quick fuck, he’s good. But I’m pretty sure he’s not the dating type or someone worth your time, Taylor. Given how eager he was to give it up for everyone, I think he’s a bit of a slut.” “And after the shit he said and how he treated me! What a two-faced bastard! UGH! You should have woken me up so I could at least have given him a good hate fuck.” Taylor flopped back, arms crossed again as he scowled. “Nah, Taylor. You’re too good for those guys.” Adam reached out and put his arm around Taylor’s shoulder and gave him a quick hug. “Of course I am. Their loss.” Taylor’s eyes narrowed as he looked at me. “Just Kris? From the way you smell…” “So it was all lies. You weren’t a virgin? I knew it!” Adam sounded more pissed now than confused. The way his mind was jumping around, I was a little worried I might have broken him. “No, I didn’t lie. This is all kinda new. Taylor will tell you. But does it matter? Let’s just FORGET TONIGHT, guys. You dodged a bullet, and all is good.” I felt a little guilty using my compulsion on them, but they weren’t ready for more. Adam stood and stretched. “I’ll get a pillow and stuff for you, Taylor.” “Thanks, Adam. I appreciate you letting me stay here.” “No problem.” Adam ran up the stairs, and as soon as he was out of sight, Taylor turned back to me. “What?” “I don’t think Adam’s straight.” I may have sat there with my mouth open longer than appropriate after hearing Taylor confirm my suspicions. “Why-” “Please. I may not be all that worldly, but I’m not stupid either-we’ll just ignore the whole lusting after Kris thing.” “Uh…” He shouldn’t even remember the Kris thing. “What do you mean?” “You don’t see the way he looks at you? Please tell me you didn’t miss the boner he throws every time you’re near him. Not that I blame him, you are pretty hot, but you’re also my best friend, and that would just be eww.” “Thanks.” I was both offended and curious. Was he saying my seductive powers didn’t work on him? Taylor glanced up toward the stairs then scooted over so he could whisper. “Besides, I’m holding out for your dad. Though we might need to do an intervention on Adam to drag him out of the closet.” I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Taylor smacked me on the arm. “Don’t laugh! We have to stick together.” * Scene 3 * David Martinez I ignored my brother’s hard dick pressed into me as I hugged him goodbye. I wanted to blame Bernie’s arousal on my leaking mojo, but a nagging voice reminded me that Bernie had been having lustful thoughts since I’d arrived. “I’m sorry I didn’t have more time for you, David. You forgive me?” “Of course. I appreciate having a place to crash, and we still got a little time together. And I’ll be seeing you next weekend, right?” “If that works for Mr. Bacchus.” “Oh, I promise he’ll make time for you.” “Are you sure you’re up to driving? You look tired. What time did you get in last night? I didn’t hear you.” “It wasn’t that late, and I’m glad I didn’t wake you.” I was relieved I didn’t have to explain how I’d rolled in at five in the morning. The whole traveling thing was already proving a valuable perk. “Well, you’re a big boy now. It’s too bad Casey and the boys couldn’t be here. I’m sure they’d have loved to see you. With my crazy work schedule, it made more sense for them to visit her family than hang around here.” “I don’t mind, Bernie. I’m hoping you can all come visit soon. I better get on the road, so Jon doesn’t wonder what happened to me.” “I’ll let you know what happens when I call Mr. Bacchus,” Bernie said. “I’ll see you soon. Ciao.” I gave a last wave as I backed out of his driveway. It was probably a good thing we didn’t have more time together, and I was more than a little bothered at how I was affecting my brother. I’d planned on asking Eros about it, but with everything going on with the Walshes, there hadn’t been a chance. Fuck, what a night. I think it was the best feeding I’d ever had. I’d expected to feel guilty about what we’d done, but every time it entered my mind, I remembered what he’d planned for Taylor, and then I wasn’t sure it was enough. I sure hoped Bacchus’s people dealt with the wife. From what I read from Gary, she was just as guilty as he was. Thank goodness for the GPS, or I’d have zoned out and missed so many turns. It still took me about forty minutes to get to Adam’s house. I pulled up to the curb and texted Jon that I’d arrived. Jon: Can you come in? They want to meet you. I thought it was odd, but if that’s what Jon wanted. David: Okay, on my way. I didn’t even get a chance to ring the bell before the door opened. “Oh…” Ms. Benz, or so I guessed, stood in the open doorway and stared at me. I guess I’d just have to get used to it as this seemed to happen more often than not. Her thoughts were making me uncomfortable, but at least she wasn’t imagining anything too kinky. “Ms. Benz? I’m Jon’s dad, David.” “Oh, yes. Please, come in, and call me Stephanie.” “It’s a pleasure. I hope all went well having Jon visit.” “Of course, he’s a joy.” She turned and led me into the family room. Should it creep me out that she was having the same kind of thoughts about Jon? Maybe not. He was gorgeous. It made me wonder if anything had happened while he was here. I didn’t smell anything on Ms. Benz, but- “Tom, this is Jon’s dad, David.” Stephanie stepped back, and I had to count to three before responding. Tom had been claimed for Bacchus, and he absolutely reeked of Jon. How many times had Jon fucked him to get that much into him? “Yeah, we met kadıköy travesti at move in last year. Good to see you again, Tom.” I shook his hand and did my best to keep my powers in check. The man was very attractive, and his thoughts…fuck, no wonder Jon claimed him. “Won’t be too long before we’re doing it again,” Tom said. “Hey, Dad.” Jon walked up and draped his hand over my shoulder as he, Adam, and Taylor came into the room. Tom watched with unbridled lust in his eyes. “Goodness, look at the two of you! You look more like brothers,” Stephanie cooed. “We get that a lot. That’s why Dad grew the beard.” Jon reached up and tugged on it. “Hey, Adam. Can I say again how glad I am that Jon’s rooming with you again this year? Roommate drama is a parent’s nightmare.” I watched Adam blush and was surprised he wasn’t claimed for Bacchus. I could feel the interest and lust. I’d have to ask Jon. And then there was Taylor, who looked at me like he planned on climbing me like a jungle gym. “You’re welcome anytime, Jon.” “Thank you, Ms. Benz. I told Mr. and Ms. Benz they should check out the resort, and I’m trying to convince Adam and Taylor to come visit us.” “In the middle of nowhere,” Taylor muttered. “You two would love the resort. Maybe treat yourself to a weekend getaway. You could drop Adam off at our place.” I turned to Taylor and couldn’t resist a sip of his lust. “You, of course, have already been invited. I’m sure we could think of something to entertain you.” Taylor let out a squeak, and his eyes went wide. “Yeah, sure.” “Ready to hit the road, Dad?” We said our goodbyes and were soon on our way home. “You doing okay, Jon?” “What a weekend.” Jon leaned back against the headrest and sighed. “It all turned out okay, but shit. I was really worried for a bit. Thanks for coming to the rescue.” “Of course. Wanna tell me what happened, and I can fill you in on what I saw?” We shared a recap of what happened the night before with details I never in a million years thought I’d be sharing with my son. I was pleased that he seemed to be handling everything okay and had even accepted the idea that he now had a harem to feed on. I still hated the idea of strangers getting anywhere near him. “What about Mrs. Walsh? If she was in on it, isn’t she still a problem?” Jon asked. “I doubt it. I let Bacchus know, and he said he’d take care of it. Eros thought he was going to ask Anteros to handle it. I don’t get the impression Bacchus leaves loose ends.” Jon laughed. “No, but I’ve got to say I’m somewhat curious. Do you think he’ll tell us?” “If he thought it was to his advantage. Even though he seems to like us, I should warn you that he’s used his compulsion on me a few times now.” “Shit. I kinda expected that of ‘her.’ Was it bad?” “Yes and no. Certainly weren’t things I would have chosen to do on my own but in none of the cases was I hurt by it. At least I know a little about what it feels like for the people we use our powers on.” “I don’t think he’s done it to me.” “Not to scare you, but if he didn’t want you to know or remember, you wouldn’t.” “Not making me feel better, Dad. Guess that’s no different than what we can do.” Jon shuddered and looked at me. “Any advice?” “Keep him happy, and if at all possible, figure out a way to do what he wants, so he doesn’t resort to compulsion. One way or another, he’ll get what he wants.” “Crap, yeah, I can see that, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same with ‘her.'” “Worse. Did you know she slept with Dean when he was taken across the Veil? Pretty sure several of the other gods did as well. He doesn’t remember anything so take that as a warning.” “Fuck, Dad. Is he okay?” “Freaked out, but since he doesn’t remember, it’s more that he feels awkward not knowing what he did. Let’s change the subject. Tell me what happened at the Benz’s. You claimed Tom, but it sure seemed like both Stephanie and Adam were willing.” “Not so much. I mean Mrs. Benz was, but Adam was giving mixed signals. Not sure, but I think he’s trying to come to terms with being attracted to guys. Then there’s Tom. Wow. Not sure how to say it. I knew he didn’t just want it, he needed it, and since Adam was all angsty, I thought it was the right choice. Seriously, Dad. He’d fit in so well in Bacchus Springs. As far as Mrs. Benz, while I like Ashley, most women…eh…just don’t do it for me.” “That’s okay. Maybe Adam needs a little more time. Pretty sure he’s interested though. And then there’s Taylor.” Jon laughed. “He wants you so bad. You felt it, right? The lust was pouring out of him as soon as you stepped into the room. I’m glad we kept him safe from Kris. I have this feeling something bad happened in his past. He’s hinted at it but never come out and said what it was. Whatever it was, you may not be triggering it because I didn’t pick up any hesitation or doubts about wanting you.” “I’ll take it as a compliment. He is cute, and while I wouldn’t say he was my type, maybe we could find someone in Bacchus Springs who’d be perfect for him.” “Maybe. Hey, you didn’t say, how’d it go at Uncle Bernie’s and visiting your old firm?” * Scene 4 * Benny Donaldson “Fuck,” I whimpered as Anteros squeezed the last drips of cum out of me. A couple more thrusts, and I felt him release inside me as he gasped into my ear. It was a great way to wake up. “I’m very tempted not to give you back,” Anteros whispered. I got a chill at the thought. Even Bacchus never treated me like he owned me; Anteros walked the line. I didn’t want to “belong” to anyone, no matter how good the sex was. “Probably not a good idea. But you are exquisite, Benny. I now understand why he thinks you’re special.” I gave a squeeze as he withdrew from my ass and tucked his cock in between my cheeks. His arms still held me as we lay on the couch. I don’t remember falling asleep, but William and Elijah were back on duty and had their jocks in place. Wow, they’d been hot. Made me wonder if all Hellhounds were as good and what Rufus or Jamal would be like. Then I reminded myself that Bacchus said they were off-limits. Too bad. Elijah’s ass was pure heaven, not that he didn’t have a good cock too. And the things William could do with his dick. I shuddered at the memory. “Tell you what. We’ll get cleaned up, and then we can go out for food before I take you home. How does that sound?” “Hmm.” I debated for a minute because food or more sex? That was tough. Then I heard a very female moan, and it was enough of a reminder that my mind was made up. “Yeah, she’ll be here a while longer. Probably take her home on Monday,” Anteros said as he released me from his arms. I sat up and glanced around. God, I had to stop doing that. A whirring sound drew my attention. Mrs. Walsh was strapped onto the cross with a double dick dildo pounding into her from below and weights swinging from her tits like pendulums. The ball gag was keeping her relatively quiet. Can you bleach your brain? I wondered. “Oh, my. Is he ready for more?” Megaera asked, looking down at me. Why the fuck was she so awake? “I don’t know that he’d ever stop, but I promised Bacchus I’d get him home before Monday.” “You don’t have much time left. You ever get bored with Bacchus, you should look me up, Benny. I could use someone like you. The Hellhounds are big and scary, but they don’t have your stamina.” “Um, thanks?” I sort of thought it was a compliment, maybe. “He does. How many men can cum that many times or take that many dicks and be ready to go again without a rest?” Anteros ran his hands over my back. “And such an amazing ass too.” “I’ll take your word for it. The dick, tho…” Megaera openly stared at my still hard cock and licked her lips. “Just so you know, several of the satyrs are bi or pan. It wouldn’t have to be me.” Okay, was that like throwing my brothers under the bus? I was going with no. Gay boy does not need to take one for the team just because scary lady likes him. Anteros stood and offered me his hand, leading me through a door I hadn’t noticed. In my defense, it was behind some kind of torture rack and there was a woman being… Anyway, through the door was a locker room type set up with showers. We both got cleaned up, but other than some ogling, no additional sexy times ensued. I dressed in the clothes I’d worn on my way in and noticed Anteros had as well. I wondered how late it was and if the bar was even still open. It was easy to lose time here. I watched as Anteros checked his phone. I wish I’d brought mine, but I’d had nowhere to put it. No way was it fitting in the pocket in these jeans. “Huh. Later than I thought. No problem, I know a great diner that has some pretty amazing food,” Anteros said. “Sure, lead on. So, what time is it anyway?” I asked. “About ten thirty pm.” “What? We were only in there a couple of hours?” How was that even possible. “Sunday,” Anteros said with a wink. “Oh.” Well fuck me sideways. I’d been going at it for over twenty-four hours. Go me. * Scene 5 * David Martinez “Hey, your alarm is going off.” Dean poked me in the back for emphasis. I reached out and grabbed the offending device and silenced the reminder. I snuggled back against my man, letting his dick nestle back into my ass as his arm dropped over me and pulled me in. “I missed you.” Dean kissed my neck and buried his head in my shoulder. “Don’t like being away from you. I’m glad to be home.” “Well, sadly you need to get up and get to work.” Dean’s hand slid down my stomach and wrapped around my dick. Not at all helpful for encouraging me to get out of bed. “I know. Bacchus will want updates.” I rolled over and carded my fingers through Dean’s hair before giving him a kiss. “Thank you for last night.” “Oh, love. You never have to thank me for that. I assure you it was very self-serving.” The thought made me smile stupidly at my lover. My ass was still a little tender but in the very best kind of way. “I love you.” “Love you too.” “Last night was an awesome way to come home. You never said, where were Ethan and Emma?” I knew that Jake had pulled Jon into their room as soon as we got home, and that was the last we’d seen of them. Huh…I wonder if they took a break to eat? “Ethan stayed over at Josh Cavanaugh’s, and Emma was at Ashley’s. I wanted us to have a romantic evening, and they both agreed.” I kissed him again. “It was nice.” “Maybe next time you’ll warn me if you’re going to feed so well? I wasn’t expecting to be quite so affected.” Dean tapped me on the nose and grinned. “Sorry. This is new to me too. I’m sure Troy and Ethan didn’t complain too much.” How lucky was I that Dean was so accepting of the side effects? I wasn’t sure many men would deal well with their lover having sex with others, let alone getting a tidal wave of lust from my activities. “Ethan figured it out right away, but Troy was a bit surprised. I bet Jake’s dad got more of a workout than he was expecting. You better get moving. I’d hate for you to piss off Bacchus your first day back.” “Good point.” I gave another quick kiss before dragging my ass to the bathroom. As I stood under the shower jets, I wished Dean had joined me. I let out a sigh because I was pretty sure he’d have considered it but knew it would make me even later. By the time I got to the office, I was feeling normal again. I stepped out of the elevator and smiled when I saw Kelsey. I was so damned happy that Mrs. Cokesbury was gone. “Good morning, Mr. Martinez,” Kelsey stood quickly, giving a big smile and thrusting her tits out. Nice but not interested. “Did you have a good trip?” “I did, thank you. Anything noteworthy while I was gone?” “Not at all. You got the follow-up emails I sent you from Human Resources?” “I did and responded. You should have seen several things show up on my calendar.” I had a few days of reprieve before we’d be wining and dining our new employees and showing them around Bacchus Springs. “You have a couple of meetings that Brenda added as well. Mr. Bacchus wanted me to point out you have one tomorrow with the Portersville Town Council. Ms. Campbell will be going to that one as well. She and Paul will be stopping by before the meeting to explain things.” “Okay. Is there any information about why or what the meeting is for?” Kelsey fidgeted. “Not that I’ve seen. Perhaps you could ask Barbara?” “Will do. Anything urgent right now?” “Um…” She glanced down at her monitor. “Only that Barbara said Bacchus wants to see you as soon as you get settled.” I nodded and stepped into my office. I felt the smile build again. I loved this office. No, it didn’t have an amazing view of the city, but it was warm and comfortable. The walls had raised paneling in a deep cherry finish. The bookshelves and built-in credenza were the same, and even the desk copied the color and style. The couch and chairs were in a dark burgundy leather accented with tiffany-style light fixtures. The mini bar was the most modern feature in the room but only because of the stacked stone backer behind the glass shelves. I sat in the desk chair and took a deep breath. This was home now, and I felt a bit relieved that it felt so good to be here after seeing the old office. I quickly checked if there were new emails then headed to Bacchus’s office. “Morning, David. I hope you had a good trip to the city,” Barbara greeted. “I did. Contract’s signed, and the firm is now officially on retainer. Is he available?” “Of course. He’s been waiting for you, go on in.” She swiveled in her chair, tracking me and not taking her eyes off of me as I entered Bacchus’s office. “David!” Bacchus crossed the room and pulled me into a hug. “Sit down, please. I want to hear all about it.” I gave him a minute to get settled and looked around. His office was extremely similar to my own, just bigger and in a walnut finish instead of cherry and the leather was in a rich brown. “So, how did it go? I already know you added several to my flock, but I want details!” “The contract is signed, and they dealt with the whole Cole situation better than I expected. Can I ask that you not compel me without at least talking to me about what you want first? That was creepy.” “I’ll think about it. Did you make him your bitch?” I bit back the groan. “Yes. I also set him up with Mr. Rider. Seems Richard had a weak spot for his son-in-law. Not that he won’t make sure he’s taken down, mind you. But until then, Cole gets to help the man play out some fantasies.” I paused, remembering the weird interaction with Ramsey. “There was something that happened… One of the partners, Greg Ramsey, said some strange things. He knew more about our relationship than he should. I also couldn’t read him at all.” “Strange in what way? “He said he had a patron too and that we had shared interests that went way back.” Bacchus stilled and looked at me intently. “If it matters, he also had a rather gaudy and unusual serpent ring,” I added. “Oh… Interesting. Asclepius would be the first to mind, but he’s the god of medicine. Does that fit at all with Ramsey’s background or interests?” “Not at all. Greg’s ex-military and his work is focused on government- related cases and politicians.” “Ah, that could be… Probably Ares or Mars, I’m not sure what he’s going by now. His animal is a serpent, and he’s been known to use it as a symbol when he wants to be discreet. I’m not surprised he’d be aware of you since you’re one of Aphrodite’s. They have some history.” “Meaning?” “They’ve been on and off for centuries. Though there was the dry spell after he killed Adonis. It took her forever and a day to forgive him for that. Anteros is their son by the way though we’re not supposed to know that. They only admit to the other three. Ex-military would fit as would not being able to read him if he’s a servant of Ares.” “Other gods can’t read me?” I’d never thought about it, but it was a logical jump. “Not if you are shielding them out. Maybe we should teach you and Jon how to do that. It’s been so long since the others have been active, I hadn’t thought of it.” “Is it a bad thing Ares has a servant who’s noticed me?” I really didn’t want to have to deal with more of the pantheon. Bacchus and Aphrodite gave me enough headaches. “No idea. I doubt he’d want to anger Aphrodite, so that’s in your favor. I’ll see what I can find out. Continue.” “I talked to Bernie, and he should be calling you to set up an interview. He didn’t seem interested but said he’d do it as a favor.” The smirk on Bacchus’s face made me a little nervous. “That’s all I need. And Jon’s little problem was resolved?” “I wouldn’t say little. Thank you for sending Eros. Mr. Walsh was dealt with, and if you couldn’t tell, he’s one of yours now. Though, I’d leave him where he is and not bring him to Bacchus Springs. He…uh… might need the proximity of the campus.” Bacchus laughed. “Good. You’ll be glad to know that Anteros and the Furies dealt with his wife. She certainly won’t be a threat anymore, and he expects she’ll likely be arrested once she’s returned home. Probably best for Mr. Walsh in the long run-she didn’t love him-and you know how that pisses off the Erotes. This also wasn’t a one-time thing for her.” “Okaaaay. Eros and Jon took care of the other teens. Well, I might have claimed Luke for you in a weak moment. Jon claimed the others as well as his roommate’s dad, Thomas Benz. You’ll like him, and he’s a good fit for Bacchus Springs.” “I like that Jon has some young men his own age he can feed on at school. His roommate isn’t a potential? That certainly would be convenient,” Bacchus said. “I think he will be, but he’s not quite ready yet. You’ll also be getting a call from Bernie’s neighbor. He’s an architectural engineer at the same firm and looking for a job. He’s got a great body and will fit in if you can use him. I might have also hooked his son.” I saw Bacchus’s eyebrow raise. “He’d have been starting some risky behavior if I hadn’t. The boy has an appetite. I also compelled him to keep his experimenting to his dad until they’re here.” “I am proud of you, David. I like father-son teams, and I didn’t even have to nudge you. Who else?” “Well, you know about Cole, and I apologize for not doing it right the first time, but I tried to fix things with Marc, the pediatrician you wanted. I’d already claimed his partner Trent, but this time I hooked him and placed stronger suggestions that he move here.” “I may have to send you and Jon to the city more often. You’ve added more followers in one long weekend than Troy has coaxed here in the last several months.” “Not sure that’s a fair comparison. Troy’s pretty, but he’s not a love god.” Bacchus let out a loud laugh. “True, maybe I’m too hard on him.” Bacchus turned a scrutinizing look on me that made me a little nervous. “Now, the two of you working together might have some possibilities.” “Ah.” Yeah, I had nothing. “Kelsey said you need me to go to a meeting in Portersville?” “Jo’s on lead for that, but yes, I’d like you to attend. It’s part of our charitable contributions campaign. Portersville is struggling financially, and they’ve had their school’s funding cut. We’ll be putting up an offer to help fund some of the kids’ extra-curricular activities.” “That requires a meeting?” “For Portersville, it does. Or more because we’re the ones offering. We have some very outspoken detractors in Portersville who’d rather go without than accept anything from us. We’re devil worshiping heathens, you know.” “I guess I missed that.” “I’m working on it. They are a bit backward, and conservative doesn’t even begin to cover it. You and Jo will be explaining the offer and answering any questions. I’d like you to use your powers to help move things along.” “To get them to accept money?” It sounded a little too easy. “Yes, and to distract or subvert any closet cases who object too loudly. I doubt you’ll have trouble spotting them. Mrs. Cokesbury was, and I mean that in the past tense, of like mind with many of the loud voices there.” I couldn’t help the scowl. “I’m up for anything that she’d be against.” “That’s my boy. Changing subjects. You were raised Catholic, correct?” “Yeaaaahhh.” Now I was worried again. “And Jon?” “I guess. But Megan was Unitarian, so we dropped away after he was baptized. And I’m not even a Christmas and Easter Catholic anymore.” “Eh, close enough for what I need. Father McSweeney passed away over the weekend. He served bakırköy travesti the church in Portersville for decades. And no, I had nothing to do with his passing. He was just old. But we can expect they’ll be assigning someone new.” “What does that have to do with Jon or me?” “I want you and Jon to attend and get to know the new guy when he starts. Seduce him and bring him into the fold. We had a longstanding arrangement with Father McSweeney. We’ll need the same with the new priest.” “Longstanding arrangement?” I was somewhat afraid to ask. “He sent like-minded parishioners my way, and I kept him supplied with young men in a discreet and confidential way that kept him out of trouble and avoided scandal.” I felt my stomach churn a bit at this news. I was indeed raised as a Catholic and that gave me enough guilt to think intentionally seducing a priest was probably a dark mark in the book. “Can’t you get Eros or one of the satyrs to do it?” I asked. “Eros can’t pull people into my flock, he serves Aphrodite. The satyrs are too well known and would likely be recognized. You and Jon are new.” “Can I think about it?” As soon as I said the words, I cringed as this was usually when he pulled out the compulsion. “You have some time. It will take a while before they assign someone. Maybe use your meeting with the council as an opportunity to ask about the local church. Always more effective when you play the long game. Who knows, it might be a great place for you to recruit in general.” He was not making me feel better, but at least I’d dodged the bullet for the moment. “Sure.” * Scene 6 * Jon Martinez I glanced at the clock again. I was so ready to go home and grab Jake and- “Hey, Jon!” Calvin called as he walked up to the reception desk. “Hey, Calvin. You done for the day?” “I should have been done hours ago, but that new sous chef called off again, and I had to help prep for dinner. Anyway, I got my closing date!” “Already? Wow, that was really fast.” “That’s what my dad said. I guess since my account is there and Mr. Harris did the inspection, it went through quickly. Are you still up for helping me move in? I mean, you don’t have to.” “Of course I am. I’ll even bring some other guys. How soon?” “Oh, we still have a couple of weeks, and I don’t have much. Most of it is in storage, and I called to have it brought back from California,” Calvin said. “You want to get together after work sometime this week?” “Won’t your boyfriend object?” “Nah, he has to work late a couple of nights, so if we could do Tuesday or Thursday, that would be awesome. Besides, I want you to meet him sometime.” It was easy to see that Calvin wasn’t too happy that I had a boyfriend, and from what I picked up, he didn’t want to meet him. “Sure, either of those work for me.” “You up to meeting some of my other friends? I want you to feel comfortable now that you’re going to be living here.” I also thought I should introduce him to the family, but maybe I could sneak that one in on him. “I guess…” Calvin stopped and shuddered. I noticed the direction of his gaze and understood immediately. Mr. Dara had just walked into the lobby from the dining areas. “You okay?” “Sorry, he gives me the creeps,” Calvin admitted. “That’s because you’re smart. Best to avoid him if you can,” I suggested. “Oh, he’s not interested in me. He flat out told me I wasn’t attractive enough to be worth his time. Don’t worry about it, for once I was rather glad to be plain.” “You are not plain, Calvin. Mr. Dara is a dick, and if you won’t take my word for it, ask about any other staff member, and they’ll tell you the same thing.” “Martha warned me on my first day. I don’t think she likes him,” Calvin admitted watching Dara cautiously. “Hey, I’m gonna head out. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” “See ya,” I got out before he escaped. No need to guess why with Mr. Dara walking this way. “Jon, how are check-ins today?” “Pretty quiet, sir. More people checking out than in. Would you like the current roster?” “No.” He looked me up and down, very obviously stripping me in his head. Sometimes I really wish I didn’t pick up on such things. “Can you ask Kristen to cover for you? I’d like you to come back to my office for a minute.” Yeah, I knew exactly what he wanted, and it wasn’t going to happen-ever. “I’m sorry, sir. Kristen is on her dinner break. She’s working a mid-day shift. I’m by myself at the moment.” “Oh.” He was not happy, but it wasn’t my problem. “It’s quiet at the moment, and no one is around, did you want to talk to me here?” I knew full well he didn’t want to talk. “No, that’s fine. We’ll catch up later.” Dara turned and walked to the back offices without another word. I didn’t know Sin or his sister well, but neither of them gave off the same vibe as Mr. Dara. I had no doubts he was a predator of the worst kind and wondered why Bacchus didn’t put him in his place. My remaining time was just as boring, and Kristen finally returned so I could clock out and leave for the day. As I drove the short distance home, I had to concentrate not to speed or miss any stop signs. My priority was getting home to Jake. I turned into the alley and noticed the extra construction trucks, and then when I pulled in the garage, I saw that the stacks of building materials were gone and had been replaced by large non-descript boxes. In my excitement to see Jake yesterday, I’d forgotten all about them working on the basement. The sounds coming from downstairs would have reminded me if I’d missed the other clues. I could hear music playing and voices along with some other sounds I didn’t recognize. They were loud enough, I almost missed hearing someone in the kitchen. I stepped in and saw Ethan doing something at the counter, facing away from me. “Hey, little bro.” Ethan jumped and turned around with peanut butter knife in hand. “Shit! Don’t scare me like that. How was the trip?” “A little crazy. Did Dad tell you?” I walked over to see what he was doing-making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, obviously. “I haven’t seen him yet. Dad wanted me and Emma out of the house so they could ‘reconnect.’ I stayed over at Josh’s.” Ethan smirked and went back to finishing his sandwich. “Can I tell you later? That way, I can fill your dad in at the same time.” “Sure. If you’re looking for Jake, he ran upstairs to take a shower. He was running late from the gym and was all freaked out you’d get home before him.” Ethan leaned back against the counter and took a bite as he rolled his eyes. “You stayed at Josh’s last night? I’m surprised you didn’t go to Dan’s.” “I would have, but I’m not sure his parents are so cool with us being a thing. Josh and I have been friends and staying at each other’s houses for years,” Ethan explained. “I think you mean his dad isn’t okay with you being a thing. I thought he was getting better about that.” Ethan shrugged. “Maybe? Danny didn’t want to risk it, and his mom agreed. He says his dad still has some anger issues.” “Good to know. We may need to check up on him. Dad and I thought we had that corrected.” “Danny also said his uncles have been dropping by unexpected. So far, his mom’s been there and sent them on their way, but…” “I get it. I’ll talk to Dad. Any idea what the dinner plans are for tonight?” “Emma’s supposed to be making something.” Ethan held up the last bite of his sandwich. I think that was a message, but I wasn’t sure what. “I’m going to go find Jake.” “Of course you are. We’ll pound on the door when we gather for the sacrif-I mean dinner.” “Got it.” I couldn’t help laughing. When I got to the bedroom, I could tell someone was in the bath but didn’t hear the water running. I nudged the door open and peaked in. “Oooo, that’s a view.” I leaned against the door jam and admired Jake’s damp body. The towel was wrapped around his waist, showing off the curve of his ass. “Ugh. I needed just five more minutes. I’m sorry.” “Oh, no. This is fine. Did your dad give you any more grief today?” I followed Jake into the bedroom, where he pulled out a skimpy pair of boxer briefs in a shimmery blue. I’ll enjoy pulling them off him later. “A little. I can’t complain I did pretty much fuck him senseless Saturday night… and maybe Sunday too. So is that always going to happen when you feed well?” “That’s what Eros said. I think the idea is you’re supposed to be nearby and joining me. Now that we know, we can try to plan, but I had no idea we were going to run into that with Kris’s dad.” “You’re worth it, and I promise Dad didn’t object. So join in? You think I’ll like any of the guys you claimed?” Jake pulled on a t-shirt that clung tight enough I could see every muscle. “I think you’d enjoy all of them. Especially if we were together. I promised you I’d only bring home the sexiest boys.” I pulled him in for a kiss. “You are the sexiest man and the only one I need. I understand this is part of you, and I’ll adapt to make sure my man is always very well fed.” “Ha ha, you’re so self-sacrificing.” I kissed him again and squeezed his ass for good measure. “Speaking of sacrificing, any word on when Eros is going to fix Kennedy?” “She’s not broken, Jake.” “Ehhhhh…” “Okay, maybe a little, and the answer is no. He told me that he would, but we were somewhat preoccupied. I didn’t get the chance to sound him out on the commitment ceremony either. I still think we should run the idea by him before we ask Bacchus or Aphrodite.” Just the thought of asking Aphrodite gave me the chills, and yet, I thought she might be more supportive since she helped put us together. “Did you feed today? I didn’t feel anything, but I guess that might take an orgy.” “Funny. That was not really by choice. And yes, I fed. Grant was unusually aggressive today-not sure why. We even had time over lunch to sneak off to the room Bacchus has reserved for us.” “For you and Grant?” There was an edge of disbelief in Jake’s tone. “No, for me and Dad. I think it might be the first time either of us has used it.” “That makes more sense.” Jake glanced down at his watch. “Ashley will be here soon. Did you scope out the basement since you got home?” “Not yet. You sure you don’t mind Ashley coming over?” “Nah, she’s cool. Besides, I get you all to myself once she leaves.” Jake pulled me into him and kissed me, gripping my ass possessively. “I’m yours, Jake. First and always. You know that, right? I love you.” “Mm-hm. And this ass, and this horse dick. They’re mine too. Just so we’re clear.” He gripped my cock and gave it a squeeze for emphasis. “Of course.” I took him by the hand and led him back downstairs. We passed Emma in the kitchen, working on dinner and waved as we headed for the basement. I noticed it was quiet when I opened the door. “They must have finished for the day,” Jake said. From the wet scent I was picking up, I was guessing they were waiting for something to dry. “Huh… It looks really different with the drywall up.” Jake walked farther back into the main room-or what would be the playroom. “That’s what I smell. They must have just finished the mudding.” “Shit, Jon. These are steel beams. What are you doing that you need…” Jake’s eyes went wide. I looked at where you could see the steel between the sections of drywall. I was hardly in the know but given where they were and the protruding bolts, it wasn’t hard to imagine. “Dad didn’t have specifics, but I’d guess some type of restraint or maybe mounts for equipment?” “Equipment? Is this your dad’s secret fetish or something?” Jake walked around the space as if he were trying to imagine. “Looks like this is going to be a shower ,and I’m guessing that’s the plumbing for a toilet.” “It was Bacchus’s idea, not Dad’s. One of his, get this, Dungeon Masters, is doing the set up and picking out what gets installed.” “And you need this, why?” Jake crossed his arms over his chest. “Because Bacchus said so? I don’t know.” “Though, depending on what you get, maybe we could come down and play.” Jake walked over to me and spun me so my back was pressed against him with his arms wrapped around me. “I kind of like the idea of strapping you down and riding you while you plead, whimper, and moan.” “Stop. You’re going to get me all worked up just in time to parade me in front of the family.” “Yeah, and we know if anyone should be paraded around in front of the family it should be you, naked and hard. You’d like turning on Dad and Dean and probably Ethan too,” I teased. “Fuck. Don’t take this the wrong way but your dad was really hot.” I laughed and turned my head so I could kiss him. “It’s okay. Even without the love god extras, I fully accept that my dad is a wet dream. And I’m fully aware of how talented he is. Imagine how good he’ll be in a few years. This is all new for both of us.” “What a ride though. If you’d told me where I’d be back before our car broke down and we met Bacchus…” “Jon!” Emma called. “Ashley’s here.” “Come on, stud. Time to play dutiful boyfriend,” Jake said. * Scene 7 * Drew Prentice I took a deep breath as the elevator chimed, and the doors began to open. I can do this…I can do this, I repeated in my head. Gathering my courage, I walked up to the desk and smiled at Kelsey. “Hey, Drew.” “Hi, Kelsey. Is it true? Mrs. Cokesbury is really gone?” Given how upset my mom was that she’d disappeared, I figured it had to be. “I guess. No one told me any details, just that she was no longer working here. Sadly for me, this is only a temporary assignment. Mr. Martinez already has an offer out to someone new.” “I’m sorry.” “Are you kidding? This is so not a fit for me, but in the meantime, I get to hear his sexy voice and ogle that hot man daily.” “I…uh…had an appointment to go over his updated forecast and show him how to research the monthly expenses.” “Oh, sure. I’ll let him know you’re here.” Kelsey gave me a bright smile and knocked on the open door. “Mr. Martinez, Drew from Accounting is here. Also, Ms. Campbell said she and Mr. Attwood would be by to prepare you for the Portersville Town Council meeting.” “Thanks, Kelsey. Please send Drew in.” Damn, Kelsey was so right. Mr. Martinez’s voice sent shivers through me. I walked in and did my best not to stare, but it was difficult. The man could have been a cover model, and he had this presence that made me forget words and feel like I might pass out. “Drew! Good to see you. Come on in. Don’t be bashful.” A sense of calmness washed over me, and I knew in my gut that David was a friend. I didn’t need to be nervous or pretend to be anything other than myself. “Mr. Martinez is now still a good time? I updated everything with the offers that were accepted. And we got estimates from the van lines on moving costs for all but the one who’s undecided.” “Oh, he’ll be joining us too. And please, I hate formalities, call me David.” He smirked, and I heard him say under his breath. “Even if he doesn’t know it yet.” David moved over to the chair at the small table and beckoned me to join him. I sat beside David and spread out the updates I wanted to show him. I had to count when he scooted his chair closer so our legs were touching, and I could feel the heat of his body. I managed to get through all of the updates, but it wasn’t easy. “Did you want me to show you how to drill down on your monthly report? You can actually link back to the specific invoices or expense reports to see details.” Damn, why did he smell so good? “You need to do that on my computer?” David leaned in and whispered, his warm breath tickling my ear and making it hard to breathe. “Uh…yeah.” He pulled back and stood, and I took a deep breath. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me, but I hadn’t been so turned on in forever. He spun his chair around for me and stood behind it waiting. Sitting down, I was again very aware of his presence as I pulled up the file. “Eeek,” I squeaked when his strong hands gripped my shoulders and began to rub. “Relax, Drew. Remember, I’m your friend, and you can trust me to take care of you.” I leaned back into his hands and started showing him how he could use the report. I had to stop a few times to refocus as his hands worked my neck and shoulders. He loosened my tie and unbuttoned the top several buttons of my shirt. “You’re too tense, Drew. Let me help you.” David’s hand slid inside my shirt and down my chest, teasing my nipple as his lips traced the shell of my ear. “You are a very handsome young man, Drew. Let me take care of you.” “Uh…” I gave up trying to show him anything else and closed my eyes. I spread my legs when his hand caressed my inner thigh, getting closer and closer to my crotch. I wanted him to touch me there. “Nothing to be afraid of, Drew. We’ll go slow and steady. There’s no rush.” “I’ve never…with a guy, I mean.” Oh, God, how embarrassing. He was going to think I was such a dork. “You’re perfect just the way you are. LET GO AND ENJOY. You set the pace. We don’t have to try everything at once.” Everything? My brain squeaked and helpfully scrolled through the list of possibilities giving me a little panic attack. I mean, I knew in theory, but I’d never… “Shh. IT’S OKAY.” David squeezed my neck, and I immediately calmed. He let go and moved in front of the chair and knelt between my legs. David is so friggin’ handsome, why is he doing this? I wondered. He smiled at me, and I kinda got lost staring into his dark eyes. He had such pretty eyes. I realized he had my pants open, and his hand was wrapped around my dick. His beard tickled as he rubbed his face up and down my shaft. “May I taste you?” “Sure.” I watched as he took me into his mouth. His eyes stayed focused on me, and I may have moaned when he took me all the way in. I’d had a girl try to suck me once, but it was nothing like this. “Mmm…so good.” David managed to smile with my dick still in his mouth. I swear I was getting more and more turned on by the second. I wanted him so badly it scared me. I wasn’t sure I was ready but also didn’t think I had the courage to say no. His hands continued to rub my legs as he sucked. It felt so good, and I wanted to memorize every second. ‘This is what we needed,’ the voice in my head whispered. ‘No more trying to make Mom happy and date women we don’t find attractive. We should be honest and accept that we’re attracted to men.’ It all seemed so logical at the moment. Not sure why getting a blowjob gave me clarity or gave my inner voice such wisdom. ‘We need to get our own place, move to Bacchus Springs, and live our life the way we want. We don’t have to be miserable and alone.’ Right! I thought back to myself. There was nothing wrong with Mom. She could take care of herself, and besides, I hate living in the basement and having all the rules. I’m a damned adult! “David, you need to stop, I’m getting close,” I warned. “Mm-hm,” he hummed around me, sending shivers up through my body. Then it hit, and I bit my lip to stop the cry of release as I shot into his mouth. It was almost too much because as I began to cum he sucked harder and faster, and if he hadn’t held me in place I’d have come right out of the chair. I collapsed back into the seat, panting as he delicately licked me clean and tucked me away. “There, now don’t you feel much better?” “Wow.” The world was still spinning, and I had my eyes closed when I felt his lips press against mine. I opened for the kiss and tasted my own seed on his tongue. I’d never have guessed that would be so sexy. “Thank you, Drew. I appreciate you sharing that with me.” “Geez. You don’t have to thank me. You did all the work, and I’m the one who got off. Do you want me to-” “No. That was for you. Someday, maybe. But for now, just accept it. It’s okay to be into men, Drew. I think it’s time you came out of your shell.” David offered me a hand as he stood and pulled me out of the chair and into a hug. “You’re going to love living in Bacchus Springs.” “Yeah, I think I will.” Why had I waited so long? It seemed obvious that this was what I needed. Find my own place, make friends, and maybe start dating. “Thank you for going over everything with me, Drew. I’ll make sure I let Jeff know what a good job you’re doing.” “Thank you, David.” He smiled. “Oh, believe me, Drew. It was my pleasure. I think maybe we should meet at least weekly while I’m getting the department set up. I’d like to make sure I’m being responsible with Bacchus’s investment. You’d be okay with that, right?” Holy fuck. I felt my face blush as he gripped my ass while asking. He didn’t have to say it for me to know that those meetings would be like today’s. Maybe next time, he’d let me try on him. It would only be fair. END CHAPTER 19

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