Subject: Confessions of a Sinner (3) Disclaimer – this story is fiction, with some elements of non-fiction. Written by a Latino author with an neverending flow of sleazy fantasies. You can contact me by email and I have Wickr. Into voice-notes too! I believe that exploring our nasty fantasies makes us better humans. This work contains intimate acts between adult males and consenting youth under 18 years old. If that scenario offends you, please discontinue reading any further. If not, please enjoy! Get your poppers ready, read this chapter and goon! Author retains all rights to the story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by Nifty to which it has been posted only, without the consent of the author. Feel free to make donations to fty/donate.html ___________________________________________ –pervy incest story about a nasty black dad with his 14yo black son, and lewd Priest who invites them into his depraved world– Adult males: Joe (father, 30) Male youth: Damian (son, 14) Topics: incest, piss, blasphemy, sounding, fisting. ============================================================ Confessions of a Sinner (3) -Damian- When Joe got home from the very lewd father John in his church, his fourteen year old son Damian was in the garage fixing cars, with jazz music playing in the background. His son liked doing that, even on this hot summer day – getting all dirty and greased with oil was what he liked. He loved his son more than anything in the world and would do anything to protect him. But could he protect him from his own lewd lust? Joe just had nasty sex with priest John, but was still horny as fuck, as most of the days. He was still wearing his white shorts with his big bulge and semi-erect schlong almost bursting through the fabric. He always had the urge to hang his fat black sweaty daddycock over the rim of his white shorts, with his balls being supported by the thin fabric. So he did now too. He got on his knees first, so he could say `hello’ to his son. Sweat was now pouring down Joe’s body as it was hot as hell in the garage. When he was on his knees he squeezed his humongous balls and pulled down his shorts to expose his black semi-erect cock — his son wouldn’t be able to see his naked balls, or so he thought. He noticed that his son only wore a tight shorts with his son’s big bulge clearly visible. “Dad, can you hand me the x4 screwdriver?” asked Damian and reached out with his hand and felt something different than he expected. He vaguely recognized it. Damian’s oiled hand touched Joe’s thick black cock…he even squeezed it a little bit as he did not believe what his hand groped; his own daddy’s semi-hard phat monstercock. After a few seconds it hit him, “What şişli travesti the fuck, dad! Jesus, why is your cock out?” Damian screamed and pulled away from the car and just stared at the monstercock. “Sorry son. your bubble ass looked so damn fine, saw it this morning when you left the shower and you knelt down to collect your socks from the lower cabinet. Gave me an instant boner. I confess that when you left, I had to sniff your undies — they smell so nasty and funky! Jesus fuck, I love smelling your undies, son. I know you’ve been masturbating furiously as I discovered crusty toilet-paper when I clean your room. I also love masturbating my big black cock when sniffing your dirty socks, son. I know you have a secret incest fetish too, as I did read some of it you put in the wrong folder of our shared cloud. Would you like to have incest with your daddy, son? I have to jave your consent that it’s okay to explore this together. Do you want to touch my oozing cock, son? I have the blessing of Priest John, you remember him rite? I confessed to him what I did in the woods a few hours ago with a fourteen year old black boyslut. And also about my feelings towards you that goes beyond father/son love — you are my son of my own flesh and blood. Created by my own black seed. You are beautiful, son. Priest John encouraged me to explore, but only with your consent. I do not want to force you into anything that you don’t want to do, okay?” Joe said. “Yes, daddy, you have my consent and permission to have incest with me and my body, dad”, Damian said. Joe continued, “When I was your age, I sucked a humongous 41yo black Jamaican cock from a neighbour for several years. Do you want to see my hard black nine inch sinner horsecock, son? Do you want to put my veiny wombfucker in your mouth and swallow your daddy’s milk? I want you to dominate me, so you as my son can take the lead and demand what you want. Do want to have lewd taboo incest with me son?”, Joe asked, with a begging tone. “Yes, daddy, I would love to have sinful incest with you. I love freaky taboo stuff. I love you daddy!” Damian said. “I thought you did, as I also found ebooks on your e-reader filled with raunchy incest stories. You like having your own daddy shooting his cum inside your greedy mouth, son?” Joe said. “Yes!”, Damian exclaimed. “Let’s go inside”, and they both walked over the grounds with semi-erect cocks. Once inside, Joe could not help but touch that jelly phat ass of his son on the stairs towards the bedroom. He took his hips and pulled him towards his face. Joe stripped his shorts to inspect his puckered butthole. Damian’s body was perfection: a phat bubble ass, a large cock and big balls, a smaller waist, thick thighs, a hairless, chunky chest beylikdüzü travesti like a rugby player. His body was sweaty and he could not wait to spread those beautiful cheeks of his own lewd son. Damian had to piss first, so they went in the bathroom and Joe got on his knees begging for his son’s stinky piss. Damian’s bladder was filled with lots of steamy piss and his father swallowed most of it once it was released from Damian’s semi-erect thick boybeater. Joe did the same inside Damian’s mouth and they took a very quick shower, and scrubbed each other’s buttholes, while they kissed a little bit. Once in the bedroom, Damian got on all fours on bed with his ass high up, offering his sinner faghole to his incestous daddy. Joe spread his son’s jelly ass cheeks and started sniffing. He smelled a mixture of sweat, grease, and funky stuff. He got high instantly. He took a moment to observe what was happening: he was about to eat and tongue-fuck his son’s delicious funky butthole and when he tasted it…he went bananas. He dived deep with his tongue in that sweet musty hole and really started eating his boycunt of fourteen years like it was his last day on planet earth. While Joe was eating the phat ass of his son, he confessed to his son that he ate Damian’s boycunt in the first thousand days too, but stopped as dad loved him. He milked Damian’s big seven inch veiny nigger teencock and swallowed all cuntjuices that were oozing from his delicious boyhole. Damian liked it so much that he closed his eyes a little bit. He really loved having his own daddy eating his butthole. Joe climbed on the large bed, next to Damian. They kissed each other while they could sense their inner demon getting released. They jerked each other off for a bit with intense kissing, spitting and heavy tongue work. “Son, I want you to do something with my big nigger horsecock. It is rather kinky, but I really like you control me by doing it. You up for it?” Joe asked. Damian got that twinkle in his eyes and got curious. “Would you get that drawer open and get that dark blue box on the bed, son?” Damian complied and he opened the box. Inside there were long metal things that the son never seen before. “What are those, daddy?” Damian asked. “Those metal rods are for your cock. It’s called `sounding’. You stick them inside. You can do it with my cock son”, he said. Damian took his dadd’s big throbbing 9″ black cock and sucked it good. Swallowed his sweaty balls too. Damian took a metal rod, lubed it and slowly entered his daddy’s thick mushroom cock. Every millimeter his daddy would moan louder. “Does it hurt, dad?” he asked. “No, son. It feels amazing. You have all the control now son, do as you please”, Joe said. Damian slowly plugged istanbul travesti that pisshole with the metal rod — all 9 inches. Dad’s cock was veiny and throbbing even more. “Son, come sit next to me and play with my nipples, will you? Here, take these nipple squeezers and use them on my nipples.” Damian complied, but he got that twinkle in his eyes. He got up, sat his phat jelly butt on his daddy’s face. “You have to lick me dad. Lick your son’s hungry faghole, daddy. You are a lewd incest pervo, daddy. I love you” he said. Joe could do nothing but comply with his son’s demand. Damian’s anus tasted like heaven and he really digged deep inside his son’s oozing faghole. Damn, he missed his sloppy cunt….after all these years. After a while, his son got up, got Joe’s legs up and started eating his daddy’s musty butthole. He tasted cum. “Dad, who fucked you?” he asked in an authoritarian voice. “Priest John fucked me, son. Can you taste his black fertile niggercum, son?” Joe asked, “you want me to push it out so you can taste his Holy Seed, pervy fagson?” “Please, daddy, I want to taste Holy cum, daddy!” he said excitedly. “Well, here it comes…” Joe said. His anal juices and cumload of priest John were entering Damian’s hungry obedient mouth. He was a sleazy cumaddict, Joe could see it. He did not know that Damian had swalllowed several litres of seed in the past few years of his young life — mostly from black boys, Latinos, a few Arabian horses and some married daddycocks. Damian pushed some fingers in his daddy’s sloppy anus. It was still pretty open after a good plowing of priest John’s thick nigger demon cock. Damian pressed further and deeper with his fingers, until his whole hand was inside his daddy’s butthole. “Jesus, Damian….you are fisting your own daddy…that is twisted….glide it in deeper, son” Joe begged. Damian pushed deeper and deeper and started punch-fisting his daddy’s cum-oozing faggot niggercunt, while the metal rods were still in Joe’s phat 9″ incest pervcock. Damian mounted his daddy’s phat black horsecock and used it as a dildo for his fourteen year young cunt and plowed it deep inside him, sitting reversed, but kept punch-fisting his daddy’s anus. Joe asked “Do you like my thick veiny incest sinner black monstercock deep inside your lewd stinky jelly faghole, son?” Damian screamed “yes, daddy” and that was the moment Joe’s balls decided to empty their fertile demon niggercumload inside his own son’s virgin fourteen year young anus, deep inside his fagwomb. Joe was breeding his own son. Creamed his cunt with the same seed he was born from. He loved his son. Damian’s hand exited his father’s hole to catch his own enormous load of teenage seed. Once he shot his load on his hand, he inserted it all inside Joe’s incestous sinner hole. Plowing his seed deep inside his guts. Then he plugged his own cunt with an egg-shaped plug and also plugged his father’s anus with a buttplug. They fell asleep next to each other, until the doorbell rang a few hours later…….

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