Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 120 Dad Loves Me Part 120 James hoo) The week passed and Diego came over one night to have a night with Alan and Ron. But more than ever he stayed with gramma and grampa. He did promise he’d be here for the party. I have a feeling he might hook up with Dana based on their meeting at the gym a few days ago. A couple days before the party, Paddy pulled me aside for a talk. “I know you’ve known Matt and Pat for many years, longer than you’ve known me. I saw how they looked at you when you were next door to them. How do you really feel about them?”—“They’ve been good friends and I’ve liked them almost from the time I met them. I didn’t know why until later. They’re both sexy, like their wives. I knew some day they’d want some time with me, but I never dreamed it would be while I was still a teenager, but as I said, I want you to be OK with it if they ask.”—“I love you Benji boy, you’re my soul mate and I know nothing will change that, so if you want to go with them, I say go for it.” After he said it he pulled me tight for a deep kiss. Daddy came home one afternoon and after everyone was home, he called a family meeting. “I got a call at work this afternoon from a former sex buddy that I met at the gym. He works in Family Services in the foster and adoption office with Ms. Harden. He had to enter some papers in Nick’s file and saw my name as a backer for Wally’s petition for adoption. He gave me the schedule of Ms. Harden’s scheduled visits after I explained what isn’t in the file and after learning we were a nudist home, he gave me the schedule. Now all we have to worry about is the unscheduled visits starting in December, the last half of the one year trial. Starting then, I think we should wear clothes up until bedtime. The visitation times can be up until 6 pm and Saturdays until 3 pm.” We all agreed and Nick said “You are willing to give up your comfort of being without clothes for me?” Wally answered “Of course son, because we love you and know you belong with us.” The phone rang and Paddy was closest so he answered it. “Schmidt residence …. One moment. Papa Adam.” He held out the phone for daddy. “Hello …. Oh hi …. Sure …. We’ll see you then …. Bye-bye. That was Ben. He and his lover are coming to the party. They still haven’t decided if they want to stay for the whole party.” Daddy also confirmed with the caterers when to arrive and approximately how many people there would be. They were also told we were nudists so they would send guys that didn’t mind being dressed in very little or nude. It was not unusual because they were a gay owned business and catered a lot of gay parties and affairs. Finally it was Friday and the party would be this evening. Marcus didn’t have to work, daddy, Wally, and Max all had half days, so all the adults were there to instruct the caterers where to set up. They had a lot of the food ready but some had to be put in the ovens, thank God for double ovens, to either warm up or finish cooking. Matt and Pat were the first to arrive around 3:30 and Nick took them to the bedroom that would be used for the changing room. There were bins for everyone’s clothes with their names so it will be easy to find their clothes when the decided to leave. The 2 catering employees that were working the party were dressed in black jockstraps and black bowties. They were having fun being stared at and flirting with all the guys at this party. They even got a few phone numbers. Everyone was having a real good time and we got lots of nice gifts for housewarming. They were enjoying the food and visiting with everyone else. The last to arrive was Randy due to work, but he switched his late shift to second to last so he got here around 7:30. Diego was in 7th Heaven meeting all the younger men that thought he was still sexy as can be. There were lots of kisses and hugs going around between everyone. Everyone at the party was more like a special family as everyone had been with just about everyone else, except for Diego. There were a few smaller groups chatting about whatever, and Paddy and I were going from group to group mingling as much as we could and we were holding hands almost the entire time. About 9:00, the caterers were cleaning up the kitchen, packing leftovers, and getting their equipment packed up. Daddy gave them both big tips for putting up with out madhouse of guests but one of the employees said “We had a blast Mr. Schmidt. In fact we’d love to come back socially sometime. We’re married, so you can reach us at the same number. By the way I am Zane and my hubby here is Maurice.” Then he was interrupted by his husband giving him a play punch in the arm “Reese for short please. I hate Maurice.” Daddy handed them both their tips and said “I saw şişli travesti all the numbers you were getting so I think you were a hit. I’m sure my family would love to see you again wearing even less.” They both blushed a bit and thanked us again and left. We had light music playing while people were still visiting and every now and then a few guys went out to the deck to have a smoke. Neither daddy or I smoked that evening but I did see Wally and Mike sharing a cigar. Around 11:00 guests were starting to form small groups. I don’t remember seeing any pairs except Diego and Dana. Ben and Arthur did get together with another couple guys so I guessed they talked and worked out any issues. Matt and Pat walked up to me and Paddy and Pat said “We know how close the two of you are so we’d like to have you both come over to our place and join us for a night. The wives are out for the night and won’t be back until late afternoon tomorrow.”—“I thought you wanted to have a chance with daddy and me.” Matt spoke next “We talked it over and thought we could ask Adam over anytime and we don’t want to cause any possible hard feelings between you both.” Paddy and I looked at each other and nodded. I went to tell daddy where we would be the rest of the night and then to get dressed. We said good night to the guests with kisses and hugs and thanks for coming, then we left with Matt and Pat in their car. When we got to their house, we all shared kisses with each other. Matt said “We’ve been waiting for you to be old enough to hopefully want to be with us. It is sooner that we thought it would be, but you are both sexy, beyond belief.” We talked for a short time to learn about what we each liked sexually. Paddy and I are both totally versatile, Matt is more of a top while Pat is more bottom though they both are versatile as well. They are both just under 6 foot tall, both very well built, Matt is a blond and Pat is a brunette. Both have full and bushy mustaches, Pat has dark hair lightly sprinkled on his chest going down into a treasure trail to a nice 6 inch uncut cock. Matt is totally hairless on his entire body except his head and mustache and has at least 8-8.5 cut inches and very thick. We decided Paddy would be fucked my Matt first while I fucked Pat. Paddy and Pat both got on their hands and knees and Matt and I started rimming them. Paddy was moaning as much as Pat was which meant he was enjoying what Matt was doing as much as Pat was enjoying what I was doing. After about 10 minutes or so Matt and I stopped rimming them. We placed Paddy and Pat face to face so we could watch each other fucking our mates. I pushed my cock into Pat’s ass as Matt slowly pushed into Paddy. Paddy’s mouth was open as Matt slowly pushed into him and Pat was just moaning wildly when I pushed into him. Soon we were both thrusting into the asses in front of us. Every now and then Pat and Paddy would share a kiss while Matt and I would hold each other’s gaze often. We fucked Pat and Paddy for around 35-40 minutes before I said panting “I’m … getting … close … to cumming.” Matt said “Hold off for a few minutes stud. I want us to fill these guys together.” I forced myself not to cum and a few moments later Matt yelled “NOW! OH FUCK!” A split second later I yelled “MY FUCKING GOD!” I could tell by Matt’s face he was cumming as I’m sure my expression told him the same thing. After we came down we pulled our cocks from their asses and we layed beside our partners for a short time. After a short rest and some cuddling, Matt sat up and said “Who’s ready for round two? Get over here Benji. I’ve wanted your ass for years and now I’m going to have it.” Matt pushed me on my back and raised my legs in the air while Paddy kept Pat on his hands and knees. Matt buried his face in my ass crack and I could feel his mustache rubbing on my ass cheeks. Pat’s moaning was echoing mine. I knew what Paddy could do as a top so I could imagine what he was doing to Pat. Matt’s tongue was like magic doing to my ass what no one else had ever done. I am not sure how much time passed until Matt stopped rimming me and positioned himself between my legs and said “I want to look into your face and eyes as I slide my cock into your ass.” And then I felt his head pushing in between my ass lips fighting to keep my eyes open and locked on Matt’s eyes. Finally he was in my ass as far as he could go. My face and Pat’s face were close and he kissed me. Matt started thrusting within my ass filling me with his big cock. I could tell by Pat’s moans that he was enjoying what Paddy was doing to him. I was using my ass muscles the way daddy and Wally taught me to give Matt a wonderful fuck. After a while Matt started picking up speed. I guessed he was close. “Are you beylikdüzü travesti close Paddy? I want to fill your boyfriend with my seed.”—“Yes Matt. Just another moment or two.” Matt was really pounding me now waiting for Paddy. Just then I heard Paddy yell “FUCKING HELL!” Right after Paddy yelled, Matt yelled “TAKE MY CUM LITTLE BOY!” Paddy and Matt were filling our asses and Pat leaned down and kissed me again. Finally they were done cumming and pulled from our asses. Matt said to us “You boys have two of the best asses I’ve had the pleasure of fucking other than my sweet lover.” Matt and I went to one bathroom and Pat and Paddy went to the other. In the shower after we finished washing each other, I got down on my knees and started sucking Matt. I don’t know how long I was sucking him, but I finally managed to suck a nice load of cum from him. We heard a loud yell from the other bathroom and Matt said “That was the sound Pat makes when he cums. Next time you better be ready to fuck me.” We met back in their bedroom and climbed into the king size bed. Paddy and I next to each other, Pat behind Paddy and Matt behind me. DIEGO Dana and I found a room to be alone in. We talked a little before anything happened. He admitted he had never been with a guy more than 10 or 15 years older than him, but when he met me in the gym, he wanted to see more because I had a handsome face and a nice framed body from what he could see from my clothes. I admitted to him that I had been with only two females in my life. It was nearly 50 years ago when I was around 20 years old. I hoped I learned enough about fucking a pussy that I could make this young man have a massive orgasm. I also admitted that I really didn’t want to perform oral sex on his pussy and said that was fine as he was used to it. About the only sex he got now was from our group of friends, and as long as I would fuck him silly, he would be happy. I asked if he was into anal sex and he said he was and he hoped I would fill both ends. Out of curiosity I asked if he could get pregnant. He said he had a surgical hysterectomy so he could get fucked all he wanted without getting pregnant. He said if he could get pregnant, he would want the father of his child to be one of the men from my family. I leaned in and kissed him. We kissed and caressed each other for several minutes. I was starting to grow hard even before we kissed, but during the kiss I was growing faster. Then he grabbed my cock and I started fingering his clit. As soon as my finger hit his clit, he let out a moan. It didn’t take long for him to drop to his knees and start sucking my cock. He deepthroated me without a problem and started bobbing up and down. He was humming as he was sucking and he was very good. He got me close very quickly and I told him I was close and I usually only came twice so if he made me cum while being sucked, I would only have one load for either his ass or pussy. He stopped sucking me and he laid back and I raised his legs and started rimming him. He was moaning lightly and I stopped rimming him and I looked up and his eyes were closed. I wanted to please him very much so I figured what the hell and I moved up and went down on his pussy. I thought he was going to go through the roof from the way he reacted. I figured it couldn’t be too different from rimming an ass so I just did what felt right. I must have been doing something right because he was writhing all over. I came up and looked at him he said “OH daddy that was fantastic.” I just smiled and kissed him again as I lined up my cock and started fucking his pussy. It was a little awkward at first because I was used to being a little lower, but I know he was feeling every inch of my large cock and really enjoying it. He was kind of mumbling but I could make out things like “Oh fuck me daddy, fill my pussy, oh you’re so big, and oh my God.” I was finally feeling my orgasm about to hit and I told him so and he cried out for me to breed him, so I let my orgasm hit me, I grunted and filled him quite full with 2 day load. He also had an orgasm and he was breathing really heavy. My orgasm finally passed and I pulled from his pussy. I layed down next to him. We rested for about 25-30 minutes and then he reached down to my cock which reacted rather quickly, he said “I guess you’re ready for round 2.”—“I guess you’re right.” I stuck a finger in his ass and he was still wet from my rimming. He got on his hands and knees and I pressed my cock to his ass and slowly pushed inside. He was moaning just as much as he did before and I knew how to make someone orgasm quickly or make it last. I decided to go in the middle and I fucked him for about 45 minutes until I felt my orgasm approaching again. I told him how close istanbul travesti I was and he said “Fill my ass like you filled my pussy.” I grunted and shot my load deep into his ass. He orgasmed again and it was just as strong as his first. After my orgasm was over, I pulled my cock from his ass and he immediately turned around and sucked my cock clean. After we rested for a short while, we went into the bathroom and showered together cleaning each other paying special attention to his pussy and ass. When we got back to our bed, he told me “You are a wonderful lover and your age hasn’t slowed your libido in the slightest.”—“When you have a receptive lover, everything comes easier.” We embraced in bed until sleep overtook us. ADAM I was lucky enough to have some time with two other of our youngsters, JJ and Gary. I’ve known Gary for just about a year when we met through Benji at the gym, and JJ since right after the new year. I’ve had sex with them both and Gary is the youngest but has learned so much from so many of our group. JJ on the other hand is older and built in a way that if you didn’t know any better, you would think you were having sex with a young man in his early 20s. We entered in the master bedroom and I dropped to my knees to start sucking their cocks. I started with Gary’s and took him him in my mouth deepthroating him while I took one hand and took JJ’s cock in my hand and started stroking him. With Gary’s cock in my mouth I started rubbing and gently pulling on his balls with my free hand. Then I moved to JJ’s cock and treated it the same way I did Gary’s. They were standing side by side and were kissing and stroking each other’s chest. As much as I was enjoying sucking these young boys’ cocks, I really wanted them to fuck me. They pulled me up and we shared some three-way kisses. I told them I wanted them to fuck me. They asked who I wanted first. I said “I was thinking you two could fuck me at the same time.” Their eyes lit up even more. They did this frequently with Gary’s dad, Tom, in different positions. I asked Gary to lay on his back and I saw his cock pointing straight up and begging to be used, which I intended to do. I crawled up until his cock was rubbing in my ass crack, I leaned down to kiss him and I asked “Are you ready son?—“Whenever you are papa Adam.” I slowly lowered my ass onto his cock until he was all the way in. After a few bounces on his cock, JJ placed his hand on my back and asked “Are you sure you want this papa Adam?”—“Oh yes son. I need you both in my ass tonight.”—“Then get ready for my cock too.” I felt his cock pressing trying to gain entry with Gary’s cock. I relaxed as much as I could with a cock already deep inside. I felt JJ’s cock push in and all I could do was open my mouth but no sound came out. JJ whispered in my ear “Are you alright papa?” After a few moments the minor pain passed and I managed “Yes. Now fuck me boys.” They took me to my word and since JJ really had the upper position, he did most of the work. I felt him thrusting his cock inside my ass and I could see in Gary’s face that he was in ecstacy feeling JJ’s cock rubbing against his in my ass. After about 30 minutes or so Gary started breathing harder which was a sign he was about to have an orgasm. “Oh God papa, JJ, I’m about to cum.”–I’m with ya little bro. Let’s fill papa’s ass with our loads. Gary started first and the feeling of his cock pulsing against JJ’s cock, JJ’s orgasm started right after. I felt both loads flowing into me and I was fighting not to cum because I know the boys would want my cum. After the boys came down from their orgasms, JJ pulled his cock from my ass and then I raised my ass from Gary’s cock. As I collapsed onto the bed on my back, the boys both noticed my hard cock and realized I had not cum yet. They both got down and were taking turns sucking my cock and playing with my balls. I was fighting to keep it going but I was slowly losing. Just then JJ shoved 2 fingers in my ass as hard and as fast as he could which caused me to lose it and I shouted “OH FUCKING HELL!” Gary got his mouth on my cock first and then let JJ have some cum too. After I was done we shared some three-way kisses again. They were also sharing some of my cum load not only with me, but with each other. We moved to the shower and then boys had lots of fun helping me clean my ass. We all went back to the bedroom and as we layed down to sleep I asked them “Did you boys have fun?” JJ answered “You bet we did papa. Did you?” and Gary was too busy just smiling. “How could I not enjoy myself with two such studly sons like you?” The boys snuggled in on either side side of me and we soon fell asleep. BENJI Since I wasn’t there, I’m not entirely sure who was with who, with the exception of Diego and Dana. But I’m sure of one thing, everyone was having sex and everyone had a good time. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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