Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 26 Dad Loves Me Part 26 James hoo) Over the next 6 weeks, daddy and I made so much love and we had our friends coming over. We still went to the gym and almost always got a blow job in the shower from Walter. We also saw Gary and Tom every Saturday. Tom took to running with daddy when he ran and Gary and I always played in the pool and sat in the hot tub and played with each other’s cocks under the water. On Sundays we continued the same way as always with daddy, after breakfast, doing bills and having a cigar. After I finish cleaning up from breakfast, I go to the study, take a drag from his cigar, give him a kiss, then go to the family room to watch TV and have a cigar of my own. I only have one day a week that I really get to smoke, but I take drags from daddy’s cigars when he has them. Daddy finds it kind of sexy that his 13 year old son is smoking cigars. At least I have his permission. We decided that about a week before school started we would give a back to school party, inviting all our sexual friends; Mike, Bob, Dana, Steve & Billy, and Gary and Tom. I only wish was that Wally could be here too. I knew it was really just a party, but I knew it would turn to sex. It would be Gary and Tom’s first time with other men except us. I was a little worried how they would react with Dana’s sexual status. I talked with daddy about this and when we made our invitation to Dana, we informed him about Gary and Tom and asked if we could tell them about him so they won’t be surprised by him. He said it was fine and if they felt uncomfortable, he would forego the party and see us another night. We called Tom to make the invitation to him and his son. When they said they would be there, we informed him about Dana and left it to him to tell Gary. He said that Dana sounded fascinating and couldn’t wait to meet him. We called Dana back to tell him that our newest friends were very interested in meeting him. He was glad to know he would have 2 more friends istanbul travesti he could socialize with away from the bar, club, and drag scenes. It was the day before the party, and it was a Friday so daddy had to work, but we told gramma and grampa we were going to have a get together with some friends over the weekend and that I was going to stay home cleaning and preparing some party type snacks ahead of time. Around 12:30 I was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I was curious about who would be coming over now. I opened the door and there stood Wally with a small overnight bag. I threw myself into his arms and gave him a huge hug. As soon as he was in the door and it was closed, we came into a passionate kiss. I could taste cigar in his mouth so I know it hadn’t been too long since he smoked one. I asked him to come with me to the kitchen while I finished the dish I was working on. He excused himself for a moment to use the bathroom. He came into the kitchen as naked as me. I asked him why he was here. “You think I would miss a party with a chance to see my best boy?”—“I’m glad your here but how did you know?”—“Your dad called me from work so we could surprise you. I took today off work and will be leaving Sunday. I’m looking forward to meeting the 3 other friends you’ve gained since my visit.”—“But what about Aunt Susan?”—“She is at work this morning, has to work a double shift Saturday and then again Sunday night.” I finished the dish I was fixing and asked Wally if he’d like to join me in the bedroom. “I hope that question was rhetorical.” He threw me over his shoulder like he had done before and took me into the bedroom. He layed me down and covered me with his body and we made out again. Then he started working his way down my body. When he got to my middle my cock was already rock hard. He lifted my legs and crammed his face into my crack and shoved his tongue deep into my hole. After a short time, I was quite wet and Wally kadıköy travesti came up from my butt with an evil grin and a pure predatory look of lust in his eyes. His cock was also rock hard. He lined up his cock with my hole and bent down to kiss me hard and rammed into my butt kind of hard and I grunted into his mouth. He sort of came back to himself hearing me grunt that way. With his cock buried in my butt he said “I’m sorry baby. I hope I didn’t hurt you. Please say I didn’t hurt you.”—“No, it was just very surprising.”—“I just lost myself in lust for a moment.” He looked like he was about to cry thinking he might have hurt someone he loved so much. When I reassured him I was OK, he resumed making love to me, although more gently. It was wonderful having him take me again. It didn’t take long for my sexy uncle to have an orgasm and he cummed really hard. He yelled when it hit and when he was done cumming he pulled out and then bent down to my cock and sucked me off. I was so to turned on that I orgasmed fairly quickly as well. He swallowed everything I had. It was about 2:00 now and another hour and a half till until daddy got home. We went to the family room and I asked if he wanted a cigar. He accepted and I lit one up for him. After that I took another and lit one up for myself. Wally’s eyes nearly bugged out when he saw me smoking on a cigar all of my own. I informed him daddy had given me permission as long as he was there, but I figured Wally was as good a guardian and went ahead. Wally and I went out to the back deck and sat and smoked and talked, mostly about Billy, Gary, and Tom who he would be meeting tomorrow at the party. Wally expressed interest and was really looking forward to seeing Dana and Steve again. We just finished our cigars and went inside when daddy walked in. He and Wally embraced and kissed and then he kissed and hugged me. He looked at me, tasting the cigar in my mouth. I said I wanted one with Wally after some bakırköy travesti intense loving. He just smiled and ruffled my hair. Daddy excused himself to use the bathroom and get more comfortable. We didn’t go to the gym that evening but instead visited with Wally. Wally filled us in on some news with his relationship with Susan. While things weren’t great, they were better than before his previous visit. Whenever they both had time off, they spent their time together,Wally filled us in on some news with his relationship with Susan. While things weren’t great, they were better than before his previous visit. Whenever they both had time off, they spent their time together. And most nights, if they were both off, they made love. They had an appointment Monday morning with a fertility doctor. They had been wanting to try for a child but not been successful. They thought they’d both get checked. After a couple hours of talking, we decided to get dinner. Daddy offered pizza which we knew meant Steve or Billy would be delivering since we alwasy asked for whichever was working. Daddy made the call from the study so he could write the amount for the books. Daddy came back in the room and I was cuddling with Wally. Steve wasn’t working but Billy was. After about 50 minutes, a car pulled up and I checked and saw Billy walking up the walk. Wally said he’d answer and took the money for the private tip. The doorbell rang and Wally answered and Billy looked dumbstruck. He came in and we introduced them and after giving him the tip, Wally pulled Billy to him and kissed him. “That will give you something to look forward to tomorrow.” Then he gave him another kiss and said “That one is for your brother from me.”—“You bet stud. Until tomorrow all.” We laughed and all went to eat and daddy and Wally had beers while I had milk. After his long drive, good sex with me, and good food and beer, Wally said he was really tired. We decided to go to bed. After each of us used the bathroom, we snuggled in and I was between the two men I really loved once more. I fell asleep very happy. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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