Subject: Dude’s Day with Dad, Chapter 3: Two on Two WARNING. This story contains sexually oriented adult material. This includes sexual relations between adults and minors. All this has no basis in truth and is all fictional. Author does not condone of any illegal activities as this is purely for fantasy. Feedback and comments welcome ook Reminder: Nifty operates off donations to provide this and other stories. Please consider donating at: fty/ Copyright 2022 Dude’s Day with Dad, Chapter 3: Two on Two Minutes later, the doorbell rang, and I jumped up, ready to go welcome Bryson, who seemed to be very quick to return. I ran to the door and swung it open, “Hey, Bryson, that was qui-” only to see my dad standing there with a six pack instead of Bryson. So that was why my dad was texting Mr. C… I was speechless, and finally my dad broke the silence, “Hey, son, your mom is out with her girlfriends, so I figured I come join the dude night if that’s ok.” Still standing in the doorway, I kind of covered my pouch, “uh, sure, dad, come on in.” “Don’t be modest, boy, I created that,” as he nodded to the jock pouch I was covering up. My dad walked in, announcing “Well, shit, boys, am I late to the party? I guess I’m overdressed, but I don’t want to embarrass you.” He pulled off his white tank top that showed off his huge biceps and chest, and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down to reveal the very full pouch in his blue briefs. He walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer and twisted off the cap with his bare hands. I had never seen my dad act so freely like a masculine stud. He’d been hiding this side from me. Just like Mr. C, I was so drawn to it. My dad plopped down not by me, but right next to Jonathan, his hairy pecs looking pumped and his cock stretching against the tight briefs. Jonathan did not complain, having told me how hot he thinks my dad is. “Hey, Jonathan, looking good,” my dad commented as Jonathan shifted over to be closer to my dad. I grinned and made eyes with Mr. C. I hadn’t realized he’d invited my dad over, but I liked how kinky he was in doing so. I wondered what, if anything, he’d told him about us, or about the hotel. We continued to watch the movie, and then my dad got up to go take a piss. He left the bathroom door open. I also got up and went into the same bathroom as he was standing taking a piss. I walked up to the toilet and pulled down my jock, “Hey dad, you mind if I join you?” “Sure, son,” he responded. As we were both pissing into the same toilet, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of my dad’s cock. He noticed and I could tell he was checking mine out too. “When’s mom coming back?” I asked. “Not until Monday. The girls are all staying at a hotel,” he replied. “Nice, so it’s just us guys until then,” I grinned, pulling my cock back into my jock, but it was slightly hard and poking out. He noticed that too. “Yeah, son. It’s unusual for both of our wives to be out of town at the same time, but I’ve been hearing about these şişli travesti dude weekends, and thought I’d crash this one if that’s ok.” “Hell yeah, dad,” as I jokingly punched him in the chest while he was still shaking the last drops out of his dick. “It’ll be cool to hang out, just us guys like this. You and Mr. C are role models to Jonathan and me, so we like seeing you both be your normal guy selves, ya know? But shit, like you said, you made me, so I’ve got to measure up!” nodding to his sizable dick. “Well, if we’re taking measurements, looks like you’ve got a bit to go,” he joked. “But I didn’t reach my peak dick size until about 19, so you can still catch up to your old man.” We walked back to the TV room together, and this time I ended up right next to my dad in his tight blue briefs, me in my jock still. I caught Mr. C’s eye and he gave me a nod, like I should press ahead. I was nervous as shit, but I started by leaning against my shirtless dad, putting my arm across his waist. I whispered, “I’m glad you’re here, dad,” and he responded by grinning and putting his arm around my shoulder and resting on my waist. After a couple minutes, he snuck a couple fingers under the wait band so his whole hand was on my skin, now mostly on the side of my ass. I reached over and grabbed a blanket to pull up over my dad’s waist. This allowed me to slowing move my hand up his thigh and eventually brush his balls and cock. As I looked up at him, he was still watching the movie, but as he started to grin, he licked his lips. With that green light, I moved further and reached under the briefs to pull his cock and balls out from the side of the pouch, his dick starting to throb and grow. I decided to just go for it, and slid my head under the blanket on his lap to be within tasting distance of his now huge throbbing cock. Mr. C was right, it was bigger than all of ours, and now I know Mr. C had seen it hard, who knows how many times. I so wanted to taste it, so I took my dad’s cock in my mouth under the blanket, and I could hear an audible moan from him as he spread his legs wider. His cock continued to grow in size, and I kept taking more and more of it, savoring every inch of the dick that created me. I could tell that Mr. C had noticed and had moved over close to my dad. Someone pulled off the covers and revealed my dad’s cock in my mouth. Nobody was surprised, but Jonathan was taken aback, staring at my dad’s huge dick sliding in and out of my mouth. This emboldened him to do the same for his own dad. He reached over and pulled down Mr. C’s briefs and started blowing his cock. Even with my mouth full of my dad, I was still watching Jonathan and winked at Mr. C as I caught his gaze. To get a better angle, Jonathan and I moved to kneel on our knees in front of our two stud dads, who were sitting right next to each other, legs spread wide, with their two boys bobbing up and down on their cocks. My dad grabbed the back of my head firmly and was controlling beylikdüzü travesti the speed that I was going up and down on his dick, and how deep. I didn’t expect my dad to be so dominant, but I was loving it. He was thicker and longer than Mr. C, but I was determined to take his entire masterpiece. I could already taste some pre-cum, and it was glorious. I could tell Jonathan was also enjoying his dad’s cock again, as he was moaning while it was sliding in and out of his mouth. Eventually, I proposed, “so, daddies, should we swap?” Mr. C responded, “Well, I’ve had both you boys on my dick at the same time today, so I think it’s only fair your dad gets the same treatment.” Jonathan didn’t hesitate to slide over and join me, working on my dad’s rock hard cock. My dad leaned his head back and moaned deeply when he felt the second tongue slide up and down on his cock. “Damn, Chase, you weren’t kidding about these boys.” So Mr. C had told him… As Jonathan and I continued to worship my dad’s dick, Mr. C got up and walked around behind me, and I quickly felt his rough masculine hands on my ass, still in my jock. I soon felt his hands spread my cheeks and then I his warm tongue start to run up and down around my hole. The sensation was incredible, causing my dick to pulse and pop out of the pouch of my jock. After he tongued my hole some more, I head my dad say to Mr. C, “Take it.” Without having time to figure out what that meant, I immediately felt the head of Mr. C’s cock pressing up against my hole. Wanting it so bad, I pressed my ass back into Mr. C and his cock, which he had lubed up with his spit, slid in my tight teenage ass, causing Mr. C to loudly proclaim, “Ooooooh, fuck, that boy ass is so tight!” At this point, my dad motioned for Jonathan to stand up on the couch with his dick at the level of my dad’s face. My dad grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled Jonathan’s hips toward my dad, his dick sliding into my dad’s mouth, causing Jonathan to moan loudly. Meanwhile, I was in ecstasy, getting spit roasted by my dad and his buddy. Mr. C started to realize I could take a good pounding, so he started really driving it deep in my ass, causing my dad’s cock to get thrust deep in my throat in unison. A couple minutes later, Mr. C proclaimed, “Fuck, this boy ass is gonna make me cum!” He started pounding me even harder, slapping my ass in between thrusts, until he unloaded deep inside me, his sweaty chest collapsing on my back as I could still feel his dick pulsing in my ass, continuing to pump that daddy cum I had tasted twice earlier. I was in absolute bliss, having just taken that stud’s load up my ass, and I could tell he loved it, which made it even hotter. Eventually, he slid his still hard cock out of my ass. “Get up here,” my dad commanded, coming off of Jonathan’s dick. I complied with this order, standing up, only to have Mr. C rip my jock down to my ankles. I then came up to straddle my dad, reaching back to grab istanbul travesti his dick that was still wet from my mouth. I guided it toward my hole, which had some of Mr. C’s cum leaking out of it, providing even more lube. I slowly sat down on my dad’s massive cock. “Atta boy, I knew you could take daddy’s cock like a champ,” he said, encouragingly. He was clearly bigger than Mr. C and it sent blissful shivers across my whole body. I leaned forward and locked in a sensual masculine kiss with my dad, and I almost shot my load just from his touch on my lips and up my ass. After I got his whole dick inside me, I started bouncing up and down on him, his big hands guiding my ass cheeks. Jonathan stepped over and presented his hard teen cock right between our faces. We both leaned forward and started sucking his cock. He didn’t last long, and started shooting gobs of cum into my dad and my mouths and on our faces, moaning and cursing loudly as he shot his load. Mr. C came around next to my dad and leaned over to make out with him, with his son’s cum between their lips, and he roughly grabbed my dad’s chest, starting to squeeze one of his nipples. I could tell they had such hot sexual chemistry together, watching the way they kissed. My legs were burning and both me and my dad were drenched in sweat. I could soon feel my dad start pumping his hips faster, so I increased the speed I was bouncing up and down on his cock. This caused his cock to start throbbing until it then shot a huge load into my ass. My dad held me down on his cock, pushing his dick so deep as he kept cumming. My dad is so strong that I couldn’t have come off it if I tried. I knew he was a loud cummer, as i could hear through the walls when he fucked my mom, but this time, he released such a primal beast moaning and string of expletives that I had never heard before. I was still focused on the feeling of his dick shooting in my ass when I felt a mouth on my own dick. I looked down, and it was Mr. C. I immediately shot into his mouth and he swallowed every drop before coming off of it. I looked over at Jonathan, who was mesmerized by the scene, and he leaned over and kissed me, then whispered in my ear softly, “holy fucking shit, I can’t believe this just happened, bro!” I was starting to regain some sense of consciousness and realized I still had my dad’s cock deep up my ass. I looked down at his sweaty hairy chest and didn’t want to leave. He smiled at me and leaned forward to kiss me again. He then leaned back and proclaimed, “Such a good boy, and you too, Jonathan. We’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and you boys didn’t disappoint your dads.” Mr. C nodded in agreement. Realizing we were all covered in sweat and cum, Mr. C said, “Well, we should all hit the showers.” We all agreed, and I finally decided I had to lift off my dad’s cock. We all started walking naked back to Mr. C’s bathroom, when the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” I said, jogging over to the door, not realizing my dick was flopping around and cum was dripping out of my ass. I swung open the door to see Bryson, holding a case of beer, gobsmacked as he looked down at my sweaty chest and dick. “Sorry I’m late, did I, uh, miss the fun already?” To be continued….

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