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Subject: Grief chapter 3 This story is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidence and unintentional. If it is illegal for you to read this, please do not do so. Don’t forget to donate to ! Grief Chapter 3 I blinked my eyes open, the sun light was low, so it was still early. I grabbed my phone to check the time, it was just past 6AM. I looked down as i felt Matty shift. His hair was plastered to his head, he’d always been a sweaty sleeper, that sweat seemed to ooze out that special boy scent of his. As i inhaled, I felt my cock start to stir. I contemplated waking him up with a dick tap, like i’d down with my wife when she was alive. If I were horning in the middle of the night, I’d just tap her with my cock, she usually indulged me and would end up moaning and cumming hard. But that would need to wait, i urgently needed to piss. I gently pulled myself away from him. I kissed him on the top of his head. I then quickly made my way to the bathroom. I shivered as my flow left my body. As i walked back to I suddenly remembered it was sunday, “Fuck! we need to get ready for church, Ma will be pissed if we’re late!” I sadi to myself. I walked over to Matty and gently shook him to wake him. “Mijo, time to get up, we need to get ready for church.” I said softly. His eyes slowly opened and a smile formed on his cute little face. “Hmm, just a little while longer daddy, you wore me out last night.” He said in a sleepy voice. Well fuck, he had me there, I felt a twinge of guilt as he rolled back over, the sheet sliding down and revealing his sexy little boy ass. It had some of my dried cum on it. I instantly boned up, any guilt i felt vanishing instantly. I slowly lowered my head towards his, “Come on Mijo, you know your grandma wont be happy with us if we’re late.” I whispered in his ear as i slowly began to slide my finger into his boy hole. He let out a moan, “Mmmm daddy, that feels so good!” His hole was still slick with my left over load, I shoved my finger in him hard, his whole body jumped. He moaned even louder, I wanted to get back in there so badly, but we had things to do. I picked him up and walked us to my shower. I turned the water on, as it warmed I continued to finger him, elliciting more moans from him. He lifted his head and looked me in the eye. His face had a look of pure lust, he pushed his face towards mine and we locked lips. We began to make out like horny teenagers. His legs hooked around my waist and he began to grind against my abs. I removed my finger from his hole and squeezed both of his ass cheeks. My cock was so hard it ached. Matty pulled his face from mine, “Daddy I want you to put it in me again.” I started to finger him again. “No, I mean I want you to put your penis in me.” He said with a giggle. I had a strange urge to hear him say he wanted me to fuck him, to …… beg me! “You have to ask properly Mijo, say `Daddy, I want you to fuck me.’ Like a big boy.” I told him. “Daddy, I want you to … fff… fu… I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!” He screamed out. Hearing him say that turned me on so much, I devoured his mouth again. “Say it again, beg me!” I told him between kisses. “Please daddy, please fuck me! It feels so good when you put your….. COCK in me!” He şişli travesti moaned out. I walked us into the shower feeling the hot water spray against my back. My shower had a small bench in the corner and i sat down on it. I pulled my dick up between us and rubbed our cocks together. My precum was leaking all over his tummy and boy dick. I looked around the shower for something to use for lube, I spotted the conditioner. I opened it up and poured a generous amount all over my hard 11″. I lifted Matty a bit, grabbing my cock and aiming at his no longer virgin hole. “I want you to sit on it, that way we can go at your pace and you can take as much of Daddy’s dick as you want.” i told him. Matty indicated that he understood what to do, he lifted up a litlle more and shifted his weight, he then placed one of his feet on my upper thigh and then the other. He was now in a squat position with his ass hoovering over my cock. He wrapped his arms around my neck for leverage and then began to lower himself. When his little hole made contact with my cock head i let out a moan. With a some pressure, he managed to pop the head in. His body jerked and he tensed up. I could see in his face that he was in some pain. “Go slow Mijo. Push out as if you were going to poop and it’ll be easier for you.” I advised. He took a deep breath and i could feel that his hole had relaxed. Again i had to fight to urge to just ram my big daddy dick into his little boy hole. He slowly started to take me in, as he approached the 5″ mark where he begged me to stop, I was surprised to see him push past it. Now he was at 6″, he paused taking another deep breathe. “I want to try to take all of your cock daddy!” he said lustily. FUCK! That was the hottest thing i’d ever heard in my life up to that point, but being his father i had to assure him he didn’t need to. “Mijo, you don’t have to do that if it’s gonna hurt you, it feels good with just this much in you.” “I know daddy, but i want to. Need to feel all of you, i can’t explain it, i just need it!” He said with urgency. As he finished his sentence his hole relaxed again, and he took another inch, then another, and another. Until, finally, I felt his little bubble butt against my thighs, He’d done it! I was so fucking proud and turned on at the same time. He leaned his head against my shoulder and i could hear and feel his heavy breathing. After a minute, he began to lift himself up slowly, testing the waters a bit. He then lifted his head and stared me in the eyes as he began to lift up higher and higher until just the head of my cock was in him. He lingered a bit and then began to lower himself back down. The whole time i fought the urge to slam him, i could feel all the precum flowing out of my tip. He was gonna be flooded with my load again! We began to make out again as he slowly got himself into a rhythm of up and down mothions. His hole squelching as he did. He little boy cock was rubbing up and down on my abs as he rode my daddy cock. I pulled my face away from his and looked at him deeply, those glowing blue eyes piercing through me sending a shiver through my cock. “We really need to get moving, we’re defintely gonna be late for church. Would you be ok with daddy taking over?” I asked. beylikdüzü travesti He nodded. I gripped his ass cheeks as i lifted us up. Resuming our kissing, i pressed him up against the shower glass. I began to pump my cock into him causing him to moan into my mouth. I then hooked my arms under his knees and really began to fuck into him. God this was so fucking hot and wrong and nasty. But, I was so turned on. He was screaming out in pleaseure at this point, he reached down to play with his boy dick, but i pushed his hand away. “If you want to cum, you have to do it from me fucking you, understand?” I said firmly. Matty nodded. He gripped my shoulders with both of his hands and loudly screamed out, “FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME HARD! IT FEELS SO GOOD, GIVE ME THOSE TINGLES AGAIN! FUCK ME HARD, PLEASE!” That was all i need to hear. I began to really pound into him, pulling all the way out and shoving my whole cock into him. I could hear the smacking sounds of our thighs as I fucked him like the little slut he was. Wait? Did i actually refer to my 7 year old son as a slut? I pushed the thought aside and focused on making us both cum. Matty began mewing indicating that he was close, “OH GOD DADDY, IT’S GONNA HAPPEN, YOU’RE GONNA GIVE ME THE TINGLES. OH GOD! OH GOD! OF FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!” His hole clamped down on my cock hard as he had his dry cum. This sent me over the edge as well, “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUUCKKKK! HERE IT COMES MATTY, DADDY’S GONNA FILL YOU WITH HIS LOAD AGAIN! HERE IT COMES! FUCK, YEAH, HERE YOU GO YOU FUCKING LITTLE FAGGOT!” I screamed out. Then load after load blasted into him as we both came hard. My body jerking and i gurnted with each spurt. 12 in total. Fuck, another HUGE load! I slowly came back to reality. Matty was staring at me, he looked upset. He dislodged my cock from his hole and walked under the shower stream. “We should hurry, we can still make it to church on time if we’re fast.” He said. The energy in the shower felt strained suddenly, I didn’t understand what had happened. “Are you ok Mijo? Did i hurt you?” I asked with concern. “No, i just don’t want Grandma to be mad at us. We finshed out shower quickly, Matty got out and walked to his bedroom to get ready. I was really concerned, his whole demeaner had changed in the shower after we came. “Maybe we should stop this now, before it gets too out of hand.” I thought as I tied my dress shoes. As i stood from my bed, Matty appeared in the doorway, “I’ll be in the car.” He said in a monotone voice and walked away. Something was definitely bothering him, I reviewed what happened in the shower and couldn’t think of anything that could have upset him. Fuck, this was getting complicated. I got in the car, he’d already started it with the push to start button. He was playing on his phone with his headphones in. I thought it best to wait until after church to get to the bottom of what was upsetting him. I pulled out of the driveway and made my way towards the church. Like most Mexicans, well half, we were Catholics. Our church of choice was St John’s, it was downtown near city hall. It was the oldest church in the area. The church was a Gothic-Romanesque styly building, its actually quite beautiful. It has two huge steeples with crosses istanbul travesti placed at the very tops of them. It had been built using red brick, the entry has three huge doors that lead into a small but stunning foyer, the ceiling had been hand painted with images of cherubic looking angels resting on clouds. Inside, the main part of the build had high arches, rows and rows of benches, and them main stage had a huge altar, it depicts Jesus on the cross, below him are his disciples. One the left side of the stage is a seating area for the priests that worked at the church, and on the other side is a seating for the altar kids. Of course there are stained glass scenes from the bible lining the walls and the ceiling has hand painted biblical scenes as well. Like I said, it’s actually beautiful. We pulled into the parking lot, and rushed in. We had made it with just over a minute to spare. As we walked in, we dipped our hands into the holy water, made the sign of the cross and went and sat near my mom. “Porque estas tan tarde?” she hissed at me. “Sorry, I forgot to set my alarm, and you know Matty is hard to wake up.” She just huffed and then hand us our bibles. I have no idea what the mass was about, I was so preoccupied with what was upsetting Matty. The Mass ended and we made our way outside, i tried to rush us to my car. “Eloy! No tienes gue tenar tanta prisa!” She shouted to me. She only called me Eloy when she was upset with me. Otherwise I was Mijo. So, I slowed down and waited for her to catch up to us. Of course being the typical Mexican woman that she is, she stopped several times to speak with other parishioners. I could feel my frustration building as she slowly approached. When she finally caught up to us, she had stopped about a half dozen times to speak with various people. “Eloy, I wanted to speak with the Father, to see if he could say a prayer for Sarah next Sunday.” She said with her little accecnt. “Ma, I don’t think i’m comfortable with that. You know the only reason I come here anymore is for you. Besides, Sarah wasn’t Catholic remember?” I said. This was true, Sarahs family was from the part of Mexico that the Mormons had settled in the 1800s. We alternated between churches, even though neither of us was religious, we wanted to expose Matthew to both and let him decided later what to believe, if he chose to believe in anything at all. My mom sighed, “I know, but, I just hate to think of her spirit being lost or in purgatory. I rolled my eyes. “Do whatever you want mother. I’m going home.” I said irritated. I grabbed Matty’s hand and we walked toward the car. Once inside the cabin, I gave a deep sigh. I felt bad that i had spoken so harshly to my mom, but i just couldn’t deal with her today. I needed to know what was going on with Matthew. I turned my head to speak to him, but he already had his headphones in and was watching a video on his phone. I sighed again. I guess this will have to wait until we get home. I pulled out of the parking lot, and we headed home. Fuck, this was getting complicated as hell and I was starting to worry I’d damaged my relationship with Matty. Fuck! What was i gonna do?! ************************************************************ Thanks again to everyone that reached out with feedback, I appreciate you pervs. This chapter took me a few days to map out, i couldn’t figure out how to push the narrative forward. Hopefully you all enjoyed it. Again, if you have any feed back or comments, you can email me at [email protected]

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