Subject: My Son, My Dom – Chapter 5 Please donate to fty/) if you can to help keep this wonderful site available for everyone to enjoy. Thanks. Thanks go out to everyone who has given their feedback on this story. It’s been wonderful to hear you all enjoying it. Sorry it has taken so long to get this last chapter out, and that the ending may seem a little rushed. I had surgery that made it extremely difficult for me to work on my computer for a while. I hope you all enjoy reading the finally as much as I enjoyed writing it. Chapter 5 After that incredible day with Leon’s teacher and his son, we continued to meet almost every weekend. Leon’s dominating behavior continuing to increase. Our relationship has become more solid. It was beginning to feel more like he was my boyfriend then my son. I didn’t mind. We still kept up appearances in public, so I don’t feel like I lost him as a son, and he still calls me “dad”. It’s a good balance. Leon did decide to start playing soccer. He seemed to really enjoy it. As did I. His muscles began to show and instead of just being a scrawny 13-year-old, he is developing into an incredibly sexy, toned, almost 14-year-old. It’s been a few months now and he is getting really good. My birthday is coming up. I’m about to turn 34. Leon’s birthday is only a week after mine. Leon keeps hinting that he has a surprise lined up for my birthday, but has been really good at hiding what it might be. Two days before my birthday, a Wednesday, Leon sends me a text saying that they are just finishing up soccer practice and to come pick him up. I get in my car and head over right away, having just completed my work for the day. I pull up to the school and see Leon with a group of his teammates. He points towards me when he sees me. His teammates look over at me and one of them says something, but I can’t tell what it was. Leon says his goodbyes, runs over, and hops in the car. I can tell he hadn’t showered yet. Since he started playing, he’s been getting sweaty a lot more. I’ve begun to actually enjoy the smell. It’s an almost sweet aroma that comes off him that turns me on something fierce. As we start to drive home, Leon grabs my hand and puts it directly on his crotch. I can feel his cock stiffening from my touch. I run and message his cock the whole drive home. We pull into the garage and head inside. “Get upstairs,” Leon orders as he grabs himself. “I need to take care of this.” I smile and obey. Once in our room, I strip and wait. He didn’t tell me what position he wanted me in, so I don’t want to assume. Leon comes in, gives me a once over, before pulling his shirt off. I can’t help but lick my lips seeing my son’s body. His abs showing more all the time, his arms showing more definition. He pulls me in and begins to kiss me. I wrap my arms around him. His sweat making his skin feel silky smooth. He stops the kiss and guides me down. As I lower, I kiss his neck, chest, and stomach. His smell is intoxicating. I pull his shorts down and reveal his jockstrap. The pouch can barely contain his cock since we had to get him such a small size to fit around his waist properly. I kiss and lick the pouch, tasting a mix of sweat and precum. I put the top of his cock through the fabric in my mouth and run my tongue along it. “Ahhh, dad, you know just how to make me feel good,” he runs his fingers through my hair. “You want to suck it, don’t you?” I look up at him with needful eyes, “yes, son. I want to suck your big teen cock.” He pulls his jock down just enough for his cock to pop out. He slaps my face with it a couple times before sticking it in my open, eager mouth. I suck all the way to the base, eliciting a loud moan from Leon. Precum oozes from the tip of his cock. I lap it up, savoring every drop. No matter how many times I taste it, it seems to get better and better. “Fuck. Suck that cock. Make me cum, dad,” Leon moaned. Usually, he wants to fuck me when he gets home from school. Especially after soccer practice. All those teenage hormones kicking into overdrive from playing sports. I grab his plump ass cheeks and begin to bob my head the full length of his cock. Getting it deep down my throat each time. I noticed the light fuzz of pubes that he had recently started to grow was gone. He must be shaving it already. He does know I love having him completely smooth. “Finger my ass,” Leon orders. “I’m gonna feed you a big load.” With one hand I spread his cheeks. With the other I begin to probe his tight hole. His head goes back as he lets out another loud moan. I get my finger in and start searching for his prostate. I find it and start rubbing it while picking up pace on his cock. I take my other hand and start stroking him as I focus my mouth and tongue on his tip. “Yeah. Fuck. Dad, I’m cumming,” Leon yells. My son’s cock begins to spasm as ropes of cum shoot into my mouth. It is a huge load. I’m guessing he’s begun to learn a bit more self-control and isn’t jerking off at all during school. I can barely keep up swallowing, a small dribble leaking out onto my beard. Leon leans down and licks the cum from my beard before planting a deep kiss. Our tongues wrestle. After a few moments, he breaks the kiss and tells me to make dinner while he takes a shower. The rest of the evening was quiet and relaxing. We had dinner, then cuddled on the couch while watching TV. “Looks like it’s about bedtime,” I say noticing Leon yawning. Since he started soccer, we haven’t had quite as much sex at night. He’s pretty exhausted by now and is ready for sleep. He definitely makes up for it on the weekends, even the ones that we don’t spend with his teacher. Usually fucking me three or four times a day. The next day was pretty uneventful. Even after Leon got home. I could tell that he wanted to do something. His cock was hard almost all evening. Even with his best efforts to hide it, it was easy to notice. He was clearly holding back on purpose. Likely for whatever surprise he has in store for me tomorrow. That night, we fell asleep with him holding me from behind, his stiff cock settled between my cheeks. I woke to a warm, familiar feeling. I looked down and saw Leon with his lips wrapped around my cock. “Ahhh, Leon, that feels amazing,” I moan. “Good morning, dad,” he looks up at me, “and happy birthday.” My son goes back to sucking my cock. He seems like a natural. Knows exactly what to do and has excellent control over his gag reflex when he goes all the way down. Makes me wonder if he has done this before. “Fuck, son,” I run my fingers through his hair. “You’re pretty damn good at this. Almost like you have experience.” He looks up at me again without letting my cock leave his mouth. I can clearly see a smirk on his face. That confirmed it. He has. I wonder if it’s with one of his soccer teammates. The thought makes my cock even harder. My son is my top, but I guess that doesn’t mean he can’t bottom for someone else. “I’m getting close,” I moan. “Fuck yes, Leon, keep going please. I need to cum so badly.” Leon picks up the pace, his hands working my shaft as his tongue does wonders on the tip. I grab his hair as I start to unload into his mouth. He swallows every drop. Impressive given how big the load was. “Thank you, son,” I pull him up to me, “that was incredible.” He smiles and gives me a quick kiss. “Happy birthday, dad. Oh, and don’t worry, this is just the beginning of your gift. I’ll give you the rest of it after my soccer practice. I know you’ll love it.” With şişli travesti that, he gets up, gets dressed, and heads out to catch the bus to school. While still in bed, thoughts about what kind of special gift he has for me later running through my head. I look at the clock and realize I need to get up and get into my office to start work. The day goes by slow. There’s not much work to do and the anticipation of this evening constantly distracting me. Around the time I usually hear from Leon that his soccer practice is almost over, he texts me. `Don’t worry about picking me up. I got a ride. I want you on our bed facing away from the door and head down. Put on that jock that I really like. The really tight one.’ I text back `Okay ;)’ I wait a few before getting ready. When I hear a car pull up into the driveway, I get myself into position. I have my face down when I hear the door open. I’m pretty sure I could hear whispering, but brush it off. Leon gets up on the bed and places a blindfold on me without saying a word. The room was already dark, but now I can’t see anything. Leon hops off the bed and moves behind me. I can hear other noises in the room, but before I can try to place them, Leon begins to slap my ass. I then feel him bury his face between my cheeks as he licks my eager and neglected hole. The extra noises begin to get louder. Definitely a shuffling of feet and whispering. I move my hands up to my face. “Don’t you dare take that blindfold off until I say you can,” Leon commands. I put my hands back down and just let myself enjoy my son eating out my ass. After a couple minutes I get a familiar feeling on the top of my ass. Though on both sides. The familiar feeling of a cock. Leon was still licking my hole, so that means that there are two other guys in the room and they are slapping their cocks on my ass. Neither cock is big enough to be Leon’s teacher, so the only other thing I can think of are his soccer teammates. “Leon? Whose cocks are those?” I ask. The licking stops, “Kyle and Patrick. They’re on my team. They’re both 16. I fuck them in the locker room all the time. They love it almost as much as you do.” He goes back to getting my ass nice and sloppy wet. “Ah, and you told them about us?” I was very curious about how these other boys ended up here. “Yeah,” Leon begins to explain. “Kyle and his brother fuck all the time. And Patrick and his cousin do. They tell me everything while I’m balls deep in them. I knew they would love the opportunity to join us.” I hear kissing behind me and assume that it’s Kyle and Patrick while they are rubbing their young cocks along the top of my ass. That’s also when I hear something else. More shuffling around. “Son, is there anyone else here?” I continue to try to get all the info I can from him, though the simple thought of, now, three boys using me as they want are making it difficult for me to concentrate. “Yes, there is,” he says with a sly tone. “Logan, why don’t you get up there and introduce yourself to my dad. I bet he’d love to suck that cock of yours.” Someone gets up on the bed and moves towards my face. I feel small, smooth hands lift my face up. A small cock presses up against my lips. How old is this boy? I don’t think too much about it as I let the whole cock enter my mouth as I begin to suck it. “Your dad is really good at this,” Logan says. His voice clearly that of a younger boy. “He’s had a lot of practice,” Leon says. “Dad, Logan is Kyle’s little brother. He just turned 11 a few months ago. Logan, go ahead and remove my dad’s blindfold.” The smaller boy reaches down and removes the blindfold. After a moment, my eyes adjust and I can see the smooth belly of the boy whose cock I’m sucking. I bring one of my hands up and cup his cute little butt and push him deeper into my mouth. The boy moans are so cute. Leon gets up and moves over towards Logan. “Kyle, you’re first. Get back there and fuck my dad like you do your little brother. No need to go easy on him.” Kyle gets into position and rubs his cock up and down my hole a few times before pressing in hard. He pauses for a moment before he starts thrusting. His cock is a solid 6 inches, but really thick. I can’t imagine this little boy in front of me being able to take it. I bet it’s a hot sight to see though. “Fuck boy, you have a thick cock,” I moan to Kyle pausing my oral stimulation of Logan for only a moment. “Spread those legs for me,” Leon says as he gets behind Logan. My son aims his cock for the younger boy’s hole. I move my hand from his ass and start rubbing his incredibly smooth and soft chest. Leon presses in. Logan doesn’t move, just lets out a heavy moan. Clearly this boy knows how to take a cock. Leon begins to move his hips, pulling almost all the way out before pushing back in. He’s balls deep in just a few thrusts. Logan grabs my hair and moves his hips in time with my son’s. “Patrick,” Leon calls out to the other teen. “Get over here so my dad can get a taste of that sweet cock of yours.” Leon called his cock “sweet”. I’m pretty sure he’s the one my son has been giving blow jobs too. Leon grabs Logan and lifts him up without letting his cock slip from that little ass. Leon lays on his back as Logan begins to ride my son’s cock. The look of pure pleasure never leaving his face. I don’t think I enjoyed cock that much till I was at least Kyle and Patrick’s age. Patrick takes Logan’s place in front of me, just a little bit to the side so I can continue to enjoy the view of son’s cock sliding in and out of little Logan’s ass. I take Patrick’s cock into my mouth. He’s not as long as Leon, and not as thick as Kyle, but as the precum leaking out hits my tongue, I instantly realize the appeal. It is as Leon described. Sweet. Probably the best tasting precum I’ve ever had. I can only imagine what his actual load will taste like. Hopefully I get to find out. While I’m sucking Patrick, I feel Kyle begin to pick up speed. His grunts becoming more animalistic. He grips the jockstrap with one hand and starts slapping me with the other. “Fuck, Mr. Blake, I’m cumming!” Kyle yells as I feel his warm load fill my ass. Damn, it’s a lot. Kyle pulls out, his cum leaking from my ass, soaking the pouch of my jock. Kyle makes his way towards Leon and Logan, his cock still rock hard. Without prompting, Logan takes his big brother into his mouth with the clear intention of cleaning him off. Patrick, watching the action next to us, grabs my hair and starts thrusting in my mouth. Precum oozing from his young cock like a faucet. I hate to say it, but it tastes even better than my son’s, which is already amazing. Leon lifts little Logan off his cock. Logan gets on his knees to continue sucking his brother like it’s his last meal. “Having fun so far, dad?” Leon asks as he makes his way behind me. “Mhmm,” I respond as best I can without letting Patrick’s sweet cock leave my mouth. Leon lines himself up with my ass and shoves his cock in balls deep. I’m still stretched out from Kyle’s thick member and Leon’s cock still wet from Logan’s ass, so it went in fairly easily. Leon’s length helps hit those deep places these other boys just can’t reach. Maybe never will. Leon and Patrick start finding a shared rhythm to their thrusting. The feeling of my son deep in my ass and the sweet, sweet taste of Patrick almost makes me cum. My moaning just makes them both fuck harder. I watch as Kyle is now face fucking his little brother. I’d swear I could see the beylikdüzü travesti younger boys throat stretching out as the thick cock pushes down. After a few minutes, I can feel Patrick’s balls tense up against my chin. “Oh my god, Mr. Blake, I’m about to cum now!” Patrick nearly screams as he makes one final thrust into my mouth and begins to invade my throat with his teen cum. The taste is incredible. Not quite as sweet as his precum, but has almost no saltiness to it that most has. I savor every moment of it as he continues shooting string after string of cum onto my tongue. I finally swallow every drop as Patrick pulls his cock from my mouth. “He tastes good, doesn’t he dad?” Leon asks as he starts pounding my ass at full speed now. “That he does. I’m guessing he’s the one you’ve been getting some practice in with on your blow jobs?” I inquire. “Yup. He’s the only one I’ve sucked other than you now. I don’t really want to with anyone else. I like to get rough with them just I do with you. They both love it. Took them quite a bit to be able to take all of me, though,” he laughs. “Fuck yes, little bro,” Kyle moans, “I’m going to cum again.” Logan grabs his brother’s ass as Kyle shoves his cock all the way down the boy’s throat. After a few moments, Logan backs off and takes a deep breath. But Kyle wasn’t done cumming. Several more ropes begin to cover Logan’s cute face. Logan starts to licks up what he can reach. Kyle leans down and whispers something to his little brother. Logan nods and gets down so he’s face to face with me. He grabs my face with both hands and begins to kiss me. His lips are so soft. I push my tongue into his mouth and can taste his brother’s cum. Kyle and Patrick begin to make out next to us. Their smooth bodies pressed against each other. “Holy fuck, dad, I’m getting close,” Leon says. “You like being made into a bitch for all us hot boys?” I nod, unable to speak with Logan’s tongue exploring every inch of my mouth. Leon shoves in deep and begins to fill my ass with even more teen cum. He pulls out just as he finishes cumming, even more leaking down. “Flip over, dad,” Leon commands. Logan and I separate so I can do what my son tells me. Leon has been fairly easy going until now. He’s been in control this entire time, but hasn’t been overly commanding. “Kyle, Patrick, get over here,” Leon orders his friends. “My dad clearly still needs more cock, and you guys are already both hard again. Kyle can cum so many times, and each load is just as big as the last. Logan, get down there and start sucking my dad’s cock. He deserves it after being such a good bitch for us.” Logan climbs onto my chest and frees my unbelievably hard cock from the confines of the jockstrap. I can feel the boy’s little cock pressing into me. Kyle and Patrick move to each side of me while Leon gets between them. All three of their cocks resting on my face. All three of them fully hard again. Fuck, I love their endurance and recovery time. I tilt my head back and take Leon into my mouth while I reach up and stroke the other two teen boys. The three boys begin taking turns kissing each other while little Logan takes my cock and starts licking the entire length. I start to change cocks in my mouth. Going from one boy to the next. Replacing my mouth with my hand as I suck next cock. Their precum all mixing in my mouth, creating a taste that has no comparison. Logan now has about half my adult cock in his mouth. His soft lips and small mouth feel incredible as they move up and down my shaft. Each time he goes down, he’s able to get a little more of me into this throat. Makes me wonder how long he has been doing this. Kyle probably started him pretty young. My son and his friends are definitely getting close again. Their kissing becoming much more intense. I have Leon’s cock in my mouth when I feel the other two cocks in my hands begin to spasm as they cum all over my face. Leon pulls out of my mouth and adds his load to the mix. That was the tipping point for me as I begin to cum into Logan’s hungry mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever had that intense of an orgasm, or has that big of a load. Logan swallows every drop like a pro. Leon kisses both of his friends once more before giving them a new order. “Get down there and clean up my dad. Make sure to let him enjoy some of it while you’re at it.” Kyle and Patrick bend down and start to lick up the massive amount of young cum from my face. Occasionally kissing me, sharing the sweet juices. Logan is still trying to milk my cock for that last little bit of cum that may leak out. The boys all collapse on the bed, exhausted. Each one having cum more than one this evening. Except Logan of course. Hopefully won’t be too much longer before he can. He had turned around and was resting his head on my chest while I cupped his plump little butt with my hand. We all just lay there for about 5 minutes without saying a word. Just trying to recover. “That was incredible,” Kyle finally speaks up, “but sadly, I gotta get Logan home and Patrick probably needs to, too.” “Awww,” Logan lifts his head, “do we have to, already?” “Yes,” Kyle said disappointingly, “sorry, little bud, but it’s getting late and mom and dad would get pissed with me if I let you stay out passed dinner.” “Yeah,” Patrick says. “Technically, I was supposed to be home about 20 minutes ago, but it’s easy to make excuses to my mom.” My son’s friend and little Logan all get up and start getting dressed. I sit up on the bed. Each one giving me a quick kiss before they head out the door. Leon escorts them to the front door and I soon hear them leaving. Leon is soon back in the room. “Happy birthday, dad. How was it?” “It was better than I could have imagined. Why didn’t you tell me about them before?” I asked. “Well,” he starts, “first off, I don’t need to tell you where I’m sticking my dick. Second, when I found out about Kyle and his brother and Patrick with his cousin, I came up with the idea of doing this and didn’t want to spoil the surprise.” My cock twitched as he took told me off. His role has really begun to show, and I am loving it. “And third,” he continued, “I had to be sure that they wouldn’t tell anyone, especially Logan. Gotta make sure I can keep my bitch around. Don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you to fuck all the time. Kyle and Patrick aren’t always able to stick around after practice after all.” He laughs. I smile. “I just want you to be happy, son,” I tell him. “Even if that means I’m not the only one you fuck.” We head downstairs and I fix us some dinner. A large dinner. Both of us very hungry after all that exercise. The rest of the evening was calm and we didn’t say much. As we are about to head to bed, Leon tells me to stay put. “I have one last gift for you tonight,” he says with a grin. “Just wait here.” I don’t have to wait long before Leon comes back down with a pair of padded handcuffs, a collar, and a leash. I bite my lip with excitement. I wonder where he got those? But I know better than to ask at this point. “Turn around,” he commands. I follow orders. He pulls my hands behind my back and puts on the handcuffs. “Now get on your knees.” Again, following orders. Leon puts the collar around my neck. Tight, but not uncomfortably so. Then attaches the leash. Still naked, my son steps in front of me, his cock hard and throbbing, just out of reach of my mouth. He grabs the leash and pulls me in. I put his cock in my mouth and start istanbul travesti sucking. Bobbing my head along his entire length. After a few minutes he uses the leash to pull my head back. He’s gotten a lot stronger since he started playing soccer and can move me on his own now, as long as I don’t resist. He makes for the stairs, guiding me with him with the leash. My cock is so hard that it feels like it’s going to rip through my jock. Precum leaking so much the pouch is soaked. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for him to get to. A true dom. I honestly thought it would take longer, but I think those teammates of his have helped to accelerate it. They seem to do everything he says without question. More than just me to order around has given him the extra confidence to push thing further. “Get on the bed,” Leon tells me as we enter the bedroom. “Ass up, face down. I want to give you one last good fucking for the night.” I do as he says. Leon never letting go of the leash. What I feel next wasn’t what I was expecting, though. His fingers. Three of them to be precise. He starts to shove them into me, twisting and stretching each time he goes in. It’s a little painful, causing me to yell out a little. But at the same time, I am loving every moment of it. This assault on my ass continues for several minutes before he removes his fingers. I feel empty and can’t help but wiggle my hips, begging to be filled again. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds before I feel something else new pressing against my ass. Well, not entirely new to me, but not while with my son. A dildo. A big one. Hard to say exactly how big, but even with the stretching he did, the tip was still opening my hole even more as he pushed it in. “Ahhh, fuck. That thing is huge,” I moan. “I got this to see how big of a cock you can really take,” Leon says pushing a few more inches of the massively thick dildo into me. “I’ve seen you take Mr. Allan’s, so I knew had to get one even bigger.” “Fuck, yes. How big is that thing?” I ask between my moans and yelps of pain. “15 inches and thicker than Mr. Allan,” Leon explained. “And you are going to take every inch of it. Got it?” “Yes, sir,” I say not realizing at first, I just called my son sir. “Good bitch,” he says, clearly enjoying hearing me say it. “I’m over halfway in.” He pulls it out, almost all the way, before shoving it back in. Each time he does, it goes deeper and deeper. This continues for several minutes before I finally feel the base of it press against my cheeks. “We’re all in,” Leon says. “I knew you could take it all.” My head is to the side, against the bed, the effort of pushing through the pain making me almost pant. Leon starts to move the dildo in and out of my stretched hole. Quickly picking up speed. I can feel almost all 15 inches moving through me. The pain turns to pleasure and I start moaning extremely loud. This only makes my son thrust the giant toy in me harder, never letting go of the leash. He continues the assault on my ass for what seems like forever, but after the initial push through, was nothing short of amazing. Eventually he removed the dildo. “Fuck, dad, your ass is so open now,” Leon says. “Ready for the finally?” “Yes, sir. Please, I want you inside me,” I beg. “That’s my good little bitch-dad,” he says as he climbs up on the bed, grabbing the leash with both hands and pulling back, making my head lift off the bed a little. Leon mounts me and starts thrusting hard and quick. Even after having the massive dildo in me, I can still feel every inch of him. I’m so proud of my son. He’s not only hung, but is an absolute sex machine now. Almost a year after we first started having sex, he has become everything I could have ever wanted from a man, or boy in this case. It doesn’t take long for Leon to get close. He must have really enjoyed punishing my ass. “Fucking take it, dad,” he almost yells. “Time for you to take your last load of the night, cumslut.” I almost blow my load as he calls me that. I’ve been gangbanged before and had several loads in me. It was an incredible night, but still doesn’t even come close to the truly amazing birthday I’ve had today. I’ve been filled and covered in so much teen cum, it’s like a dream come true. Half expecting to wake up from it. Leon makes a final thrust as he dumps another load in me. He stays in me until he slips out from going soft. He pulls the leash to lift my head more as he comes around and we lock lips. It’s hard to believe, but I’d swear that this was the single most passionate kiss we’ve had. He keeps one hand on the leash, the other rubbing my beard. Leon then reaches behind me and undoes the cuffs. With my hands finally free, I embrace my son, pulling him close. His smooth body and my hairy one pressed together. Both of us sweaty from the intense session. My boy reaches down and starts rubbing my cock over the jockstrap. It takes only a moment before I start to cum. “Ahhh, fuck. Fuck. FUCK!” I can’t believe the intensity of my orgasm. My entire body shakes, my legs almost giving out. Leon’s fingers are covered in the cum that seeped through the jock. He brings them up and sticks them in my mouth. I suck them clean before resuming our kiss. We both collapse on the bed, continuing our embrace and kiss. Eventually we fall asleep in each other’s arms. ==================================================== Things continued like that for a couple more years. It became a regular thing for Patrick, Kyle, and his little brother Logan, to come over and we would have intense sex for at least a couple hours. We did just about everything. I eventually fucked all the other boys. Patrick fucked me. Even Logan did as soon as he was able to cum. His cock was growing pretty quick, but was still definitely that of a young boy. His cum was still clear and oh so sweet. Still not as good as Patrick’s. Not sure what that boy ate to make it so delicious. When Patrick and Kyle graduated high school, they both ended up going to college a few towns over. Leon and I were disappointed for sure, but Logan had developed a good friendship with my boy, even outside of sex. He wanted to play soccer like all the boys he looked up to. It gave us a good excuse to have Logan continue coming over for some fun. The older boys did visit a few times and we were able to all get together again. Shortly before Leon turned 18 and was close to graduating high school, he sat me down to have a serious talk. “Dad,” he started, “I love you. I love being with you. I love making you my little bitch.” He smirked at that last bit. He surely has made me his bitch. And a little bitch, too. Leon still had a fairly petite body and, as he started to grow some hair, began to keep himself completely shaven, just as I like. But his cock continued to grow. Almost exponentially. Almost 18 and he was pushing 9.5 inches of thick cock. “I love you too, son,” I was curious where this was going. “What is it?” “Well, I’m almost 18. Almost out of school. You can work wherever you want…” He trailed off briefly. I hadn’t seen him this nervous for years. “I was thinking. I want us to become official. But we know too many people here. They know you’re my dad. It’s not exactly a big town.” “What are you saying?” I ask, pretty sure I know where this is going. “Once I graduate, I want us to move somewhere where no one knows us,” he answers. “I want for us to be a couple. Not just at home, but all the time.” It was exactly what I was expecting. And, honestly, exactly what I had been waiting to hear from him for a while. “I’d love that,” I tell him. “But you’ll have to start calling me Jackson.” We both laugh. Leon grabs the neck of my shirt and pulls me in for a kiss. The rest, as they say, is history.

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