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Still unbeknownst to Jacob, Harry was very worried his father was going to get the promotion he was up for, and that his family would be leaving Great Britain to go live in New York City. Evan was missing Betsey, who it seemed was going to be staying on in Wales into the fall. Elizabeth was both nervous and excited about the upcoming birth of her baby, but this was marred by the remembrance that my Dad wouldn’t be there to share in her joy. And of course she was most worried about Jacob’s emotional health, given the situation with Duke. One thing I did notice about her that surprised me though, and I shouldn’t have been surprised because one of the pregnancy books mentioned it, but … every so often I noticed Elizabeth staring at me – to be more precise, either my chest or my crotch. I even caught her oggling Andy’s package as well a couple times, as well as Evan’s! Our poor Elizabeth was horny! And she had no outlet for it! If my father had been around, I expect they would’ve been rutting like rabbits, although I’m not exactly sure what position they could comfortably get in, with Austin in the way so much! That wasn’t something to be considered though, with Dad gone. Once or twice, Andy did seem to have lost “Richard” though, and I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe Elizabeth was “borrowing” it again! I of course was worried about everyone and everything! Usually I felt in control of my life and the things that were going on around me, but at this particular time, I felt like I had control over nothing, and that made me very nervous! I also felt helpless to help those who were hurting or worried. While Andy had the least to be upset or depressed about, he seemed very quiet to me. He did have one joyous event occur. The day after the guys left, as we were on our way home from returning their rented instruments, I had surprised him by swinging by his parents’ house. “Why the Hell are we HERE?” he cried alarmed, when I pulled into their driveway. “To get your pipes back!” I said, looking pointedly at him. “Oh!” was all he said, looking at me with large, somewhat frightened eyes. “Relax,” I said. “Auntie Doreen said she was going to give them back to you. And your father’s not here, and I also don’t see Ian’s car, so… let’s see if your mother’s in. And if she’s not – do you still have your house key?” “Actually, I do,” Andy said, sounding a little surprised, as if he’d just remembered himself that he still had a key to his parents’ house. “OK then, let’s do this!” I said, getting out of the car. Dubiously, Andy followed me. A few seconds after I rang the bell, Andy’s mother opened the door, and seemed shocked to see. “What do you want?” she asked, a little sullenly, her expression a mixure of anger, frustration, and sadness. “How are you Mum?” Andy asked, in a quiet, almost soothing tone. “What do you care?” she asked, the anger beginning to morph more into pain. “I still do love you Mum,” Andy said. “And I’m sorry how things have turned out. Are you alright?” Mrs. MacDoogle’s eyes suddenly looked watery, and her lips began to tremble slightly. Suddenly she remembered though that we were the reason her life was in a mess, and she seemed angry again, and said, “I’d be a lot better off if you two had stayed away after you left! Now me ‘usband’s in bandyman’s land, and I’m left with that no good sod of a brother of yours’, and ‘e’s no help at all! Worse than yer father!” “I’m sorry Mum!” Andy said, looking sadly at her. “Well, I suppose you’re here for yer pipes then, eh?” she said, changing the subject. “Yes Mum,” Andy said politely. “Auntie Doreen said you’d told her I could have them.” “And so I did,” Mrs. MacDoogle said. “They belonged to me Da, and he gave ’em to you! They’re your’s, and you should have them. They need to be with you, as you’re the only one who ever cared about my part of our family! I packed ’em away in the attic to be safe. They’re in the old wooden chest up in the back corner of the house – up over your room. Run on up and get them. Maybe just take the entire trunk while you’re at it, if you can carry it. It has all my family’s old photos, books and such in it. Ian has no interest, and yer Da – he would just burn it all. I don’t need it anymore, and you should have it instead! … I think there might be a few boxes in the opposite corner of MacDoogle family things too – take them too if you want!” “Really?” Andy cried softly in a high-pitched tone, his eyes watering and getting big. “Yes Drew, please take it. It’s safer with you, and I know you really want it – they are your ancestors too after all!” Mrs. MacDoogle said, actually smiling slightly. “Thank you Mum! So much!” Andy cried, and he threw his arms around her and gave her a big hug. Getting emotional, Mrs. MacDoogle actually hugged him back, and to my great surprise, said softly, “I still do love you so much Drew!” Andy burst into tears then, and sobbed both sadly and joyously, as did his mother, as they stood holding each other. As I watched, my eyes began to water too. “Well,” Mrs. MacDoogle said, shaking her head as she pulled herself out of Andy’s arms. “I guess you better hop on up to the attic and get yer stuff, before Ian get’s home. And maybe we’ll have a istanbul travesti few minutes for a quick cuppa and a biscuit. I’ll go put on the water. You can tell me all about your visit with Auntie Doreen, and what you’ve been up to.” I was shocked, as she spun around, eyes twinkling and bustled off to the kitchen, as Andy tried to pull himself back together! “I can’t believe it!” Andy said, grinning at me, his eyes all wet yet. “Me either,” I said, grinning back at him. “I think you’d best dry up, and let’s run up to the attic, and get your stuff, and lock it in the car before Ian comes home and realizes. Then hopefully we can have a quick visit yet with your mum.” “Yes! Come John, let’s hurry!” Andy said, and with that he bolted up the stairs, and I quickly followed. “Oh my God!” Andy cried. “Look at all this stuff!” We were in the attic, and he’d just lifted the lid of a large trunk. “And these are my pipes!” he cried, his eyes welling up again, as he reverently lifted a set of older, but very fancy looking, bag pipes wrapped up in a tartan shawl off the top of the pile. “Oh my God! I cannot wait to go through all this!” “Well, not now, let’s get it safely out of the house now, and you can go through it all at home!” I said, getting nervous that Ian might show up and make a stink, and then his mother might decide not to give the stuff to Andy after all. “Right!” Andy said, and he pulled the trunk out from the corner. Looking around that corner he opened a couple boxes, and grinned and said, “We’ll take these too!” Then he dashed to the opposite corner of the attic, and sure enough after glancing through the boxes over there, pulled four more over to our pile. “OK!” he said grinning at me, “trunk first – it’ll take us both to move it, then we’ll come back for the boxes.” Together we dragged the huge trunk down the stairs and out to my car, and got it in the back seat. I hoped we’d have room in the boot, and on top of the trunk for the other six boxes! As it turned out, we did manage to get them all down and in my car. Then we locked the car, and went back into the house, finding Mrs. MacDoogle pouring three cups of tea, and there was a plate of homemade shortbread sitting in the middle of the table. “OH!” Andy cried happily when he saw the shortbread. “Is that Gran’s recipe?” “It is!” Mrs. MacDoogle said, grinning. “I believe her recipe book is in the trunk with your pipes, so you’ll have all her recipes now too!” “Really?” I said, smiling. “I can’t wait to try some of them!” Mrs. MacDoogle looked surprised for a moment, until Andy explained how I did all the cooking and baking. “Oh!” she said, “Well, I hope you enjoy the recipes, but maybe try and teach Drew here to do some cooking as well, so you don’t get burned out by having to do it all the time yourself!” “Andy helps a lot, and I’m sure we’ll enjoy sharing your family’s recipes very much!” I said, smiling. “Well if ya ‘appen to fine ‘er Grandmum’s Haggis recipe, be sure to copy it and send it to me. It’s the only one I don’t have in my own recipe book, and I do miss it!” she said. I cringed a litted at the thought of Haggis, given what I’d seen of it in Scotland, but we promised to look for it for her, and Andy was hopeful we’d find it, as he recalled it was wonderful. I looked at him surprised. He just grinned and told me I’d like it too – he guaranteed it! “Why?” I asked. “It’s got a lot of Scotch and Ale in it!” Andy said, and chuckling he added “Totally hides the flavors of the rest of it all!” We all chuckled then. For another half hour or so, we drank our tea, and enjoyed Mrs. MacDoogle’s shortbread, as she and Andy got caught up with what each had been doing, and Andy also told her all the news and gossip he’d gotten from Auntie Doreen. Finally, I noticed Mrs. MacDoogle was getting a little antsy, and kept glancing at the clock. “Maybe we’d best get going,” I said, pointedly to Andy, who suddenly looked depressed. “But – ” he started, and I motioned to the clock. Suddenly he understood. “I’m sorry Mum, but we’d best get going, before Ian comes home,” Andy said. “Aye, I’m sorry Lad, but I think it’d be best if you were gone when he arrives,” She said, sadly. “Well, thank you Mum, for everything!” Andy said. And he grabbed her and they hugged again, each saying the loved one another. “I’d say drop in anytime,” she said, after they’d parted, “But maybe it’s best if you call first to make sure he’s not home.” “I’ll do that,” Andy assured her. “Good!” she said. “He’s gone most of the days during the week. I do so hope you’ll come by again soon, and as often as possible! And you too John!” “Thank you Mrs. MacDoogle,” I said, smiling. “We’ll do so Mum,” Andy said. “I love you!” “I love you too!” she said, smiling. We all headed for the front door then, and after another hug good-bye, we quickly left, and got in the car, then headed back to Beaumont Crescent. As we turned the corner at the end of the road, I thought I saw the front of Ian’s car in the rearview, as it turned into Andy’s street a block back. Quickly I hit the gas, and we were gone. “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!” Andy cried, grinning at me, his eyes welling up again. “I simply cannot believe Mum’s changed back to her old self! And she gave me all our family things!” Andy couldn’t stop himself from starting two weep again. Grinning I reached over and gave his lower thigh a squeeze. “No, not just now John,” he said, grinning at me. “Asshole!” I growled, grinning at him. We both laughed then. Shortly, we arrived back at the house, and quickly unloaded the boxes and trunk into the house. “Where in the world will we put all this?” Andy asked then. “For now, in my den, upstairs, and as you go through it, we’ll figure out what stuff gets left out, and what to pack away, and that can go in the attic,” I said. So we dragged it all upstairs and piled it up in the den, between my drum set, which was set up in there, and the far back corner. For the next week or so then, Andy had a complete blast going through all of his family’s belongings! Every so often, he’d come running to show me something. In particular he was happy to have found his Great Great Grandmother’s Haggis recipe in his Grandmother’s recipe kadıköy travesti book. He made a photo copy of it, and dropped it in the mail to his mother, who phoned a few days later, elated to have received it! When I saw the recipe, I had to admit, it actually sounded pretty good, and vowed we’d try it soon! And the icing on the cake for Andy, was having his Grandfather’s pipes back. The first thing he did was unpack them, clean and tune them, then broke into a beautiful song I’d never heard before, that he could play by heart. And I had to admit, the tone of those pipes was special! “I love that song!” I said to Andy, when he finished. “Thanks,” He said smiling. “I wrote it for Grandda some time ago!” “You wrote that?” I cried incredulously. “Yes John, I did,” he said, smiling, and shaking his head a little. “Really! I thought by now you realized, I’m pretty good at piping!” All I could do was grin at him. * * * As August rolled around, Andy and I suddenly both received our ‘A-level’ exam results in the mail. I’d been so busy with yard work, house repairs, and car maintenance since we’d returned from Scotland, during the times Andy was working, and I was busy with him and Jacob otherwise, that I had nearly forgotten they should be coming. We both did very well! And we’d both been accepted at Middlesex University in London, where we’d wanted to go! “We have to go register!” I cried, smiling at Andy. “John!” Andy said. “You go on and register. I won’t be attending.” “What?” I asked. “You know I cannot afford it, and I refuse to take charity, even from you!” he said firmly. “But…” I started, exasperated. “That’s final!” he said. “But, you wanted to study art, and further your bagpiping, and what about wanting to become a counselor?” I asked. “Well, someday, maybe I can take some of the classes necessary,” he said. “But not just now. I’ll continue working at Fletcher’s, and save as much of my money as I can.” “Andy, we’ve discussed this before. I have more than enough money to pay for you to go to school too. And since we’re partners – that’s not charity!” I said. “And I told you I’m not taking it!” Andy said. “Andy! We’re partners! Aren’t we? What’s mine is your’s and what’s your’s is mine!” I said. “Well you certainly got the short end of the stick that time!” Andy said. “I know your dick’s shorter than mine!” I said, grinning. “But what’s that got to do with school?” “Arsehole!” Andy muttered, glaring at me, while I chuckled. “Andy! I can afford to pay for your college, and I want to!” I said. “I cannot accept charity John! That’s why I pay board to Elizabeth!” Andy said. I almost blurted that Elizabeth was depositing the money he gave her into a bank account for him, but bit my tongue in time. Andy was looking seriously at me. “Could you accept a student loan?” I asked, as the idea suddenly hit me. “Well, yes, but no one is going to give me one!” Andy said. “I will,” I said. “What?” Andy asked. “Well, you know I have enough to give you, but you won’t take it. How about if I ‘LOAN’ you the money? You can pay me back after you graduate and are working,” I said. “Oh yes! I’m sure you’d accept my repayments!” Andy said. “If you won’t TAKE the money, but would let me LOAN it to you, I promise, I’ll take your repayments once you’re working and can afford to pay me back!” I said. “You would?” Andy looked at me, studying my eyes carefully. “Yes!” I said. “Even though there’s no need for you to pay me back, if a loan’s the only way I can convince you to do it, then I promise I’ll let you pay me back!” Andy looked at me a moment longer, thinking. Suddenly he smiled and said, “Alright! I accept!” It was my turn to peer questioningly at Andy. “Really? You’ll take my money?” I asked. “NO! I’ll BORROW it!” he said, smiling. I grinned then and handed him the brochures of the two universities who’d written. “We have to go register soon then!” I said, grinning. “Yes, Middlesex is a good school, and quite popular too!” Andy said, looking at the brochure for Middlesex University, that came with his acceptance letter. “It’s one of the top 20 in the UK!” “Good! Because it’s one of the few that’s close to home, that offers all the courses we want to take!” I said. “Excellent! We should go look it over then!” Andy said, scootching over so we could both look at the brochure together. “Tomorrow soon enough?” I asked. “I thinks so,” Andy said, smiling. And so the next day, we went together and registered at Middlesex University. While we were registering, I was made aware by the school’s administration that I would require a student visa to attend there. I’d forgotten that little detail! “I’ll get ahold of my barrister and see what I can do about that,” I said. “Do it quickly please,” the Registrar replied. I assured him I would, and as soon as we’d left the Registrar’s office, I put in a call to Elizabeth’s lawyer, who told me he could help me with that, and I should stop by the next day. Which I did, and he did help me out. Within a few weeks, just before school was to start, I had my Student visa! * * * During the interim between our registering for University, and actually starting classes, Andy and I both took the opportunity to work on our music. He with his pipes, and me on either guitar or piano. One day, I heard Andy playing Paul McCartney and Wings’ “Mull of Kintyre”, and idly, I began playing along with him on the piano. He looked surprised, but didn’t stop, and together we both played it through to the end, just playing by ear together. “That was pretty nice!” Andy said, smiling, and looking a little surprised. I agreed, and said we should work on it together, so we did. By the following Friday, when I was scheduled to play at the Bell & Crown, I asked Andy to come along, and bring his pipes, so we could play it together at the pub. He was reluctant, but finally agreed. After the fact he, and I too, were both very happy we’d tried playing a duet for the pub’s patrons! And, George had absolutely loved it! It was bakırköy travesti his new favorite song! He said Andy should come along and join me whenever he wanted, as long as we played that song together at least once! Grinning, we agreed to his terms! And after that, Andy usually did come along with me, and did bring his pipes, and we always played a couple of songs together, including “Mull of Kintyre”! And ever so occasionally, Andy would also play a solo on his pipes… especially if there was a special occasion going on that lent itself to a specific pipe tune. * * * I also took Andy driving every day, so he could practice. I had to teach him to drive the Anglia as well, which had a stick shift, as in order to get his license and be able to drive a stick shift, he had to take a road test driving a stick shift… otherwise they would’ve just given him a license to drive automatics. After a copule weeks of practicing, Andy was a pro at it, so he took his written “theory” test, then took his road test, using the Anglia, and he was beaming afterward, as he’d passed with flying colors! “JOHN!!!” he cried. “I’m a licensed driver – just like you now!” He couldn’t contain his joy, and as soon as we got home, he told me to “Get out now John! I’m taking a drive alone in my own car!” I was a little suprised, but chuckling, I got out, telling him to be home in an hour, as supper would be ready then. Grinning happily, Andy backed his Anglia out of the driveway, and drove off down the street by himself for the very first time! When he returned an hour later, he was still beaming. I was most happy for him, and made us a celebratory dinner, with Champagne to celebrate. “And I thought we’d celebrate in bed!” he said, looking a little disappointed. I laughed and said, “Isn’t every night we’re in bed together a celebration?” Andy laughed and said, “I guess that’s true!” * * * That night, after Elizabeth had gone to work, and Jack had gone out to pee, and come back in – other than for Jack, we were alone. Jacob was staying over at Harry’s. “So,” I said, grabbing another cold bottle of Champagne out of the refrigerator. “You ready to go celebrate properly then?” Andy grinned, and together we dashed up the stairs. Moments later, having walked into our room, we both began shucking off all our clothes. As soon as we were both naked, I pushed Andy down on his back on the bed, and dropped to my knees at the edge of the bed, pushing his knees apart. Then grinning lewdly up at Andy, who was grinning back at me, I dove forward, scooping up his semi-hardon, and stuffed it in my mouth, and began sucking up and down on it. “Oh yes!” Andy moaned, happily. “Now this is how I like to celebrate!” I almost lost his cock as I started to laugh. Andy laughed then too. A moment later though, I was back at sliding up and down his stiff rod, and his moans became more serious, as his pleasure increased. I reached up with a finger, and slid it along the portion of his ass crack that I could reach, and pressed inward when I was in the region of his anus. Quickly Andy pulled his legs up, and my finger pushed up against his pussy. Gently I pushed against it, and he relaxed, allowing my finger to penetrate him. “OHHHHhhhhh!!!” he groaned, as I rubbed my fingertip over his swollen gland, while I continued sucking on him. Already I could taste his pre-seminal fluid coating my tongue. I began sucking more vigorously up and down his engorged tool, and his hips began to grind up and down a little, as his breathing became heavier and quicker. “Oh God John! I’m going to cum already!” he gasped, and I felt his hands press gently against my skull, as I began pistoning up and down on him. “OHHH!!!” Andy gasped, and he began squirming and his hands clutched my head more strongly, as I tasted more saltiness. “Oooohhhh!!!” Andy groaned, and I felt his sphincter grip my finger a little more tightly. “OOOHHHH!!!!” Andy cried out, as he quickly tensed then, and as his asshole gripped my finger, I felt a wad of hot, jelly-like liquid splatter against the back of my throat, coating my tonsils with Andy’s salty semen! “OHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” he groaned, cumming again just after I swallowed his first load. Quickly I swallowed again, as Andy spasmed a third time, moaning some more. “MMMmmm!!!” Andy moaned happily then, as his orgasm began to fade, and he oozed a bit more jism onto my tongue, which I swirled around happily in my mouth a moment, before swallowing it. “Oh Johnnn!” Andy drawled, smiling down at me, as he released my head. “That was a great celebration!” I pulled off him and chuckled and said, “Well, I hope I’m celebrating the same way soon!” “Most definitely!” Andy said, grinning lewdly at me. I crawled up onto the bed and we both moved up and laid down and Andy rolled over into my arms and we rested a few minutes. Then, having recovered from his exertion, Andy smiled and coyly moved down between my legs, and indeed, gave me a celebration just like I’d given him too! Afterward, Andy crawled back up to me, and into my arms, as I pulled the covers up over us. I turned out the light, and a few minutes later, having rested happily in each other’s arms, each lost in our own thoughts, both of us drifted off to sleep. * * * The next morning, as Andy and I sat at the kitchen table, he drinking some tea, and I coffee, waiting for Elizabeth and Jacob to both return home, Jacob suddenly burst through the Kitchen door, having been dropped off by Mrs. Philips and Harry. Immediately I noticed something was terribly wrong. “What’s happened?” I asked, standing up, guessing ahead of time what the problem might be. His face cracking, he rushed over and threw his arms around me, and broke into heart wrenching sobs. As Andy looked at me, his eyes huge, and filling with tears. My own eyes began to sting as well, I felt so bad for Jacob. “H-Ha-Harry’s m-m-moving t-to New York!” he finally managed to wail pitifully. —————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published as soon as possible… P.S. 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